Ted Cruz shut down Chris Wallace with this devastating reality check

Chris Wallace symbolizes Fox News Channel’s leftward drift over the last several weeks.

But now Wallace’s bias is out of control.

And Ted Cruz shut down Chris Wallace with this devastating reality check.

Ted Cruz defended President Trump contesting the results in several states alleging voter fraud and other irregularities.

Chris Wallace unfavorably compared Cruz defending the sanctity of the democratic process to RINOs like Mitt Romney and Pat Toomey who endorsed Joe Biden as the winner of the election.

“It would seem to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill have a role to play in this. A very few of them have said, look, you pursue your legal options, but, you know, damn down the rhetoric, like Mitt Romney, like Pat Toomey,” Wallace began.

“There are a lot who are just silent. And then there are some – I mentioned Ted Cruz – you know who are like the Japanese soldiers who come out 30 years after the war – out of the jungle – and say, ‘Is the fight still going on?’” Wallace concluded.

Ted Cruz shot back by ripping Wallace for his horrendous performance as debate moderator and pointed out how absurd it was for Wallace to maintain that counting every vote would “undermine democracy.”

“Chris Wallace, who beclowned himself with a shamefully biased debate performance – universally panned – continues to demonstrate his rank partisanship. Urging that we follow the law & that election recounts be actually completed is not somehow undermining democracy,” Cruz stated.

Many Fox News viewers are getting fed up with the anti-Trump bias that creeped into the network’s programming.

It began – as Senator Cruz noted – with Wallace’s hatred of President Trump clouding Fox’s News coverage.

The media does not decide the winners of an election.

That only happens when states certify the results after an official counting of all the legal votes.

And that has not happened.

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