Ted Cruz told Sean Hannity that Joe Biden did the one thing that should get him impeached

Joe Biden is now a direct threat to American national security.

Every time Biden speaks, he creates a new mess for his staff to clean up.

And Ted Cruz told Sean Hannity that Joe Biden did the one thing that should get him impeached.

Ted Cruz expressed alarm regarding Biden’s repeated string of gaffes about Russia.

During a trip to Europe, Biden announced America would break 100 years of military doctrine by using chemical weapons in response to a Russian bioweapons attack.

Biden then told U.S. troops in Poland they would soon deploy to Ukraine.

Biden also stated he never thought sanctions would deter Russia from invading Ukraine, despite that being the stated position of his administration.

Finally, Biden called for regime change in Russia.

But then Biden made things even worse.

When asked to clarify his comments about deploying U.S. troops to Ukraine – which would put them in the theater of battle with Russian troops – Biden clarified that he meant U.S. troops were training Ukrainian soldiers in Poland.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned Americans that Biden’s pileup of gaffes was the worst performance by any American President on the global stage.

“I’ve got to say, Sean, watching the cascade of blunders from Biden, that’s five gaffes in 48 hours, I don’t recall ever seeing an American President mess things up so badly, from calling for regime change and then calling that back, from suggesting America would launch chemical weapons to walking that back, from suggesting the 82nd Airborne would be sent to Ukraine to calling that back, he also said sanctions never work, despite their talking points having been for months that the threat of sanctions is precisely why he waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2.”

Senator Ted Cruz said the idea that U.S. troops were training Ukrainian soldiers in Poland was news to him, explaining that Biden either made this up or revealed classified information on national television.

Cruz compared Joe Biden – who many believe is in cognitive decline – to having Mr. Magoo as President.

“And I’ve got to say, there’s a fifth gaffe…when Biden was trying to explain all of this, he said, well, the explanation is that Americans are training Ukrainian troops in Poland. What? Okay, if that’s the case, I don’t know about it. But if that’s the case, that is surely classified, and it may be that he’s explaining classified secrets on national television. Sean, this is like Mr. Magoo as President, where every time he explains one thing, it gets worse and worse and worse and we’ve got nuclear weapons pointed at each other. It is incredibly dangerous, this kind of Presidential weakness.”

Tucker Carlson took stock of Biden not being able to control his emotions and constantly forgetting what he said as evidence that Congress and the Cabinet needed to utilize the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office.

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