Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a dire warning about the border no one saw coming

Greg Abbott has been leading the charge to secure the southern border while Joe Biden is missing in action.

Now there’s been a surprising new development for border security in Texas. 

And Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a dire warning about the border on one saw coming.

The Rio Grande River is an obstacle for illegal aliens entering Texas

The Rio Grande River meanders the more than 1,200 miles of border that separates Texas and Mexico.

Illegal aliens crossing into Texas have to make it across the river to reach Texas’ shore.

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a surprising warning to would-be illegal aliens on social media who were thinking about trying to enter the Lone State.

He shared a video of an alligator that had been spotted near Eagle Pass, Texas, in the Rio Grande River.

“Alligators are in the Rio Grande. FYI there are warning signs posted in some sectors. Cross at your own risk,” Abbott wrote on X.

He was responding to a video taken of an alligator by a local fisherman.

“Local resident, Luis De La Torre, came across an alligator while fishing this morning at the Rio Grande,” independent journalist Auden B. Cabello wrote. “Previous sightings of alligators have been confirmed by Border Patrol.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said that alligators are found in the eastern third of the state in rivers, swamps, marshes, and bayous.

“As human populations in Texas continue to expand, there have been an increased number of encounters between people and alligators,” The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website states.

Illegal aliens entering Texas that make it across the Rio Grande have to make it through obstacles like razor wire, walls, and shipping containers as part of Abbott’s Operation Lone Star border security mission.

They’ll have to consider the possibility of encountering an alligator crossing the river.

So far, there are no reports that illegal aliens have been attacked, but the Border Patrol has previously expressed their concern about the situation.

Border Patrol agents in Texas told the Washington Examiner that they were concerned about an alligator that had been spotted at a high-traffic area for illegal immigration.

“It’s never snapped at anyone,” National Border Patrol Council Del Rio chapter official Jon Anfinsen said in 2019. “The guys who work boat patrol see it every once and a while, and it checks them out.”

“So far, it hasn’t snapped at anybody or eaten a kid. I imagine if that were to happen, the wardens would go after it,” Anfinsen added.

The biggest threat to illegal aliens attempting to cross the Rio Grande River comes from drowning.

Drownings there have surged as a record number of illegal aliens have entered the country under President Joe Biden.

As part of Operation Lone Star, Texas tried to prevent illegal aliens from crossing the Rio Grande River.

The Texas Military Department placed a 1,000-foot-long string of buoys with circular saw blades in the river to create a floating barrier.

But the Biden administration sued to have them removed, claiming that they violated environmental law, among other claims.

The Rio Grande River has become a battleground in the fight to secure the country’s border.

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