Texas just found this shocking ally in their border standoff with Joe Biden

Photo by ljv, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Joe Biden opened the southern border allowing in a historic flood of illegal aliens.

The state of Texas finally said enough is enough.

And now Texas just found this shocking ally in their border standoff with Joe Biden.

A Supreme Court ruling allowing the Biden administration to cut down razor wire put up by Texas for border security doesn’t restrict the ability of Texas to put up new razor wire.

But Democrats and the media are so hell-bent on keeping the border open that liberals are now floating the lie that Texas Governor Greg Abbott defied a court ruling by ordering his state’s national guard to put up new razor wire.

Democrats want Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard and arrest any member engaging in any act of border security.

The Border Patrol Union threw cold water in the scheme to keep the border open using the police power of the state.

A post by the Border Patrol Union’s official account declared its members wouldn’t arrest any member of the Texas National Guard carrying out a lawful order.

Since there is no court order preventing Texas from putting up razor wire to secure its border from an influx of illegal aliens, the Border Patrol Union said it had no plans to take any action and thanked the state of Texas for taking the issue of border security seriously.

Fox News Channel reporter Griff Jenkins reported on comments made by a statement from the Border Patrol explaining that anyone up in arms over the crisis at the southern border should direct their ire towards Joe Biden.

“The relationship between Border Patrol, Texas DPS, & TMD remains strong… Bottom line: Border Patrol has no plans to remove infrastructure (c-wire) placed by Texas along the border. Our posture remains the same,” Jenkins reported.

“Rank-and-file BP agents appreciate and respect what TX has been doing to defend their state in the midst of this catastrophe that the Biden Admin has unleashed on America,” Jenkins added.

Joe Biden could solve this problem today.

All Biden has to do is reinstate the immigration policies that Donald Trump put in place – such as the Remain in Mexico protocols and border wall construction – that Joe Biden unilaterally rescinded.

That Joe Biden hasn’t done so is telling.

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