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You won’t believe how Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi just betrayed the military

Joe Biden’s first few days in office were a master class in bungling and incompetence. But the low point came on Thursday night. And you [Read More >>]

Democrats were left stunned by this brand new article of impeachment

The impeachment debate was just turned on its head. All of Washington, D.C. was surprised. And Democrats were left stunned by this brand new article [Read More >>]

Antifa just turned on Joe Biden in an explosive way he didn’t see coming

For years, Antifa has been causing chaos across the country. Despite this, during his first Presidential debate, Joe Biden defended the group. But he will [Read More >>]

Chris Wallace may end up at CNN after what he just said about Sean Hannity

Fox News Channel’s ratings are down 40 percent since the election because of anti-Trump bias. It only got worse on Inauguration Day. And Chris Wallace [Read More >>]

Mitch McConnell’s support for impeachment backfired in one big way he never saw coming

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Donald Trump’s scalp. McConnell thinks impeachment is the vehicle to eject Trump and his supporters from the Republican Party. [Read More >>]

Joe Biden was caught on video doing one thing that caused a scandal on Day One

Joe Biden’s first day in office ended in scandal and embarrassment. This was not how things were supposed to go. But Joe Biden was caught [Read More >>]

Mitch McConnell’s new anti-Trump lie will leave your jaw on the floor

Mitch McConnell was happy to ride the wave of wins under President Trump. But now that he isn’t in office, he has fully turned on [Read More >>]

This one piece of paper could end Liz Cheney’s career in Congress

Liz Cheney is hoping for the RINO wing of the GOP to take back power from Donald Trump and his Make American Again agenda. But [Read More >>]

Sean Hannity had one warning for Mitch McConnell that left jaws on the ground in Washington, D.C

There is a civil war brewing in the Republican Party. Establishment RINOs have been waiting for Donald Trump to depart to launch their counterattack on [Read More >>]

Joe Biden gave the military one order that changes everything for Trump supporters

Joe Biden is off to a disastrous start as President. It’s every bit the nightmare the Americans who voted for President Trump feared. And Joe [Read More >>]

The Supreme Court just threw Donald Trump this big impeachment curveball

At some point soon, the Senate impeachment trial for Donald Trump will commence. But even before it begins, the President is already facing some bad [Read More >>]

Rush Limbaugh surprised everyone by explaining this was the biggest failure of the Trump era

Donald Trump’s time in office is over and Americans are taking stock of his Presidency. Rush Limbaugh was one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters over [Read More >>]

A Congressman made one jaw-dropping claim about the military removing Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s inauguration capped off the most tense transition period in any American’s lifetime. Americans were unsettled by riots, Big Tech censorship, and corporate America [Read More >>]

Fox News made a confession in court that no one saw coming

Liberals thought they finally had the magic bullet that would take down Fox News. One lawsuit working its way through the court system threatened some [Read More >>]

Mike Pence made a phone call to Kamala Harris that took Donald Trump by surprise

Donald Trump has not been happy with Vice President Mike Pence for weeks. Now their relationship may reach a breaking point. And that’s because Mike [Read More >>]

Joe Biden just sent this disturbing message to the illegal alien caravan

A caravan of thousands of illegal aliens is stampeding through Central America on their way to America’s southern border. They are marching toward America on [Read More >>]

Kamala Harris is scrambling to hide her horrifying ties to Black Lives Matter violence

Most of 2020 was scarred by Black Lives Matter violence. Over $2 billion in damage came of their riots, with at least 30 deaths being [Read More >>]

A former Trump official just accused Trump of a sick crime you won’t believe

President Donald Trump has had intense trouble finding loyalty from his allies. They have turned on him under pressure time and time again. And a [Read More >>]

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