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Devin Nunes has the Deep State fearing for their lives with his latest announcement

With the Russia hoax and impeachment scam down in flames, the Deep State is more vulnerable than ever. Republicans finally have the chance to take [Read More >>]


Donald Trump signed one Executive Order about Twitter that had all hell breaking loose

Donald Trump and Twitter are at war. The President called out the social media giant for trying to rig the 2020 election. And now Donald [Read More >>]


Trump gave Minnesota rioters one ultimatum that will leave you speechless

For three days, rioters in Minneapolis torched businesses and destroyed police vehicles. The horrifying images of racially charged riots in a Democrat-run city showed a [Read More >>]


CNN reporter arrested in this jaw dropping video

The racially charged riots in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd are spiraling out of control. But now all hell is breaking loose. And [Read More >>]


Nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back

Polls show Donald Trump has near universal support from Republican voters. But inside Washington, D.C. there are still Never-Trump RINOs looking to sabotage his re-election [Read More >>]


Dr. Fauci went on CNN and contradicted Trump with this jaw-dropping admission

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to skate on thin ice. President Trump and his supporters increasingly became fed up with Fauci’s lockdown disaster. Now Dr. Fauci [Read More >>]


Nancy Pelosi retreated after Donald Trump drew one line in the sand

Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump’s public battle just swung decisively in one direction. The Democrats never saw this coming. And Nancy Pelosi retreated after Donald [Read More >>]


Nancy Pelosi got hit with this lawsuit that threw a giant curveball into 2020

Nancy Pelosi tried to pull off one of the biggest power plays in Washington, D.C. history. But Speaker Pelosi just got some bad news. That’s [Read More >>]


Donald Trump raised one worry about voter fraud. You won’t believe what happened next

The 2020 election is just months away. And already the Democrats got caught in the act trying to rig the process. Donald Trump raised one [Read More >>]


Mike Pence threw a giant curveball into 2020 with one announcement on Fox News

The Presidential election is slowly coming to the forefront of many voters’ minds. Right now, polls show Joe Biden leading President Trump. But then Mike [Read More >>]


Ilhan Omar knew she made this giant mistake. Here is how she tried to save her career

Ilhan Omar stunned the political world with her latest controversy. This latest flare up had the potential to end Omar’s time in Congress. And Ilhan [Read More >>]


One of Joe Biden’s potential VP picks saw their career implode after this interview

Joe Biden is in the process of picking his Vice Presidential running mate. This decision could decide the outcome of the election. Now one of [Read More >>]


Rush Limbaugh gave this update on his health that no one saw coming

In February, Rush Limbaugh shocked America by announcing doctors diagnosed him with advanced stage lung cancer. Listeners waited for word on how his treatment was [Read More >>]


Trey Gowdy asked one question that could bring down the FBI

The Obamagate scandal continues to get worse by the day. Now the FBI is in full damage control mode. And Trey Gowdy asked one question [Read More >>]


Ilhan Omar gave one interview that could end Joe Biden’s campaign

Joe Biden thought he survived the worst of the Tara Reade sexual assault scandal. Biden thought wrong. That’s because Ilhan Omar gave one interview that [Read More >>]


Fox News just attacked Kayleigh McEnany in one way that will leave you red with rage

When Donald Trump named Kayleigh McEnany as his new press secretary, the Fake News Media immediately began a smear campaign to discredit her. But no [Read More >>]


Michelle Obama held one meeting about 2020 that left Democrats jumping for joy

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the most popular Democrat in America. Many on the Left wish she would enter the race for President. Now [Read More >>]


The biggest illegal immigrant caravan ever could be just weeks away because of coronavirus

Illegal immigrant caravans from Central America have become a horrifying reality for Americans. Thankfully, President Donald Trump’s leadership has kept them mostly at bay. But [Read More >>]


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