The biggest illegal immigrant caravan ever could be just weeks away because of coronavirus

Illegal immigrant caravans from Central America have become a horrifying reality for Americans.

Thankfully, President Donald Trump’s leadership has kept them mostly at bay.

But all of that could change after news that the biggest caravan ever could be just weeks away due to coronavirus.

Due to instability throughout Central America and improving economic conditions in the United States under President Donald Trump, the first three years of Trump’s presidency saw massive influxes of illegal immigrants.

Not only did individual entry explode, we began to see the use of caravans, consisting of thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants trying to overpower border officials.

Trump refused to give in, and prevented them from making their way into the U.S.

But according to a report from the Washington Examiner, further economic problems caused by coronavirus are creating the perfect recipe for an even larger influx of illegal immigrants.

“If there is economic collapse in a given country, it is only natural that there will be migration flows to places where the economy is more robust,” U.S. Agency for International Development acting Administrator John Barsa told the Washington Examiner. “Are we concerned about the economic impacts that this might have, which could lead to migration? Absolutely.”

Another U.S. official told the Examiner just how bad this could get.

“You’re going to have millions and millions of Latin Americans out of jobs, with governments too broke to provide even the meager social safety nets they have,” the official said. U.S. official said. “How do you measure the number of refugees that come out of that level of devastation? You can’t put a number on it, but it’s reasonable to say that it would be completely unprecedented.”

Barsa also spoke about ways to potentially mitigate the number of illegal immigrants who are likely to try to enter the U.S.

“I’m looking to ensure that we don’t just focus on the problem right in front of our noses, which is the global health aspect, because this is absolutely going to challenge us on the economic development aspect,” he said. “The activities we’re doing already address economic development issues. So what we’re seeing with the COVID pandemic, as countries have greater economic challenges, we may have to double down and help them more on an economic development front.”

This is all speculation, but it is clear border officials are concerned.

The last time caravans threatened the security of the U.S border, Democrats did everything in their power to further increase that danger.

If we didn’t have President Trump in power they likely would have succeeded.

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