The bizarre thing Bill Gates just said about Jeffrey Epstein could destroy his life

Bill Gates wants nothing more than for people to stop asking him about Jeffrey Epstein.

But that isn’t happening.

And the bizarre thing Bill Gates just said about Jeffrey Epstein could destroy his life.

Throughout his life, Jeffrey Epstein had a lot of powerful friends.

But most of them cut him off after he was arrested for child sex trafficking in 2008.

Donald Trump banned him from his Mar-a-Lago club long before that when Trump had heard of accusations about Epstein he believed credible.

But Bill Gates is a different story.

Gates had no relationship with Epstein until after he was fully-exposed as a pedophile.

The billionaire Microsoft founder had multiple documented meetings with Epstein, even flying on the private plane that Epstein used for sex trafficking.

Gates claims the meetings were an attempt to score funding for his global philanthropy efforts, but admitted that Epstein never actually supported those efforts financially and that he stopped meeting with him for that reason.

Despite attempts to bury stories about his relationship with Epstein, Gates continues to get questions about it, especially following recent news that his ex-wife divorced him over his friendship with Epstein.

Most recently he was asked about his and Epstein’s relationship during an interview with PBS NewsHour.

Gates tried to downplay the pair’s friendship.

But when host Judy Woodruff asked him, “do you draw any lessons from the mistakes you made with Jeffrey Epstein?” Gates gave a bizarre answer.

Gates responded, “Well, he’s dead. So in general, you always have to be careful.”

He doesn’t further elaborate, and was never asked any followup questions about it.

The question clearly made him uncomfortable, causing many to speculate whether Gates could be complicit in the crimes of Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein was known to pursue relationships with powerful figures in order to enrich himself, and likely got leniency for his crimes because of his powerful pals.

Following his 2008 arrest, he was given a much-reduced sentence, serving very little time in prison for charges that could have put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

And now, with Epstein “deceased,” his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell faces charges relating to Epstein’s crimes and many powerful people could become implicated.

Along with Gates, Epstein was well known to be close with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.