The border crisis will spiral out of control after this Republican betrayal

The situation at the southern border is a powder keg waiting to explode.

And now it’s about to get worse.

That’s because the border crisis will spiral out of control after this Republican betrayal.

Pro-amnesty RINO Lindsey Graham is all set to collaborate with Democrats on creating a new magnet to attract another wave of millions of illegal aliens.

Graham is working with open borders fanatics and the second ranking Democrat in the Senate Illinois’ Dick Durbin on an amnesty bill for millions of illegal aliens that arrived in America as children.

Durbin boasted that the amnesty bill could be introduced as soon as this week.

“If we can reach an agreement soon, very soon, we will have the base bill reintroduced and then that will be our starting point to build support as well as consider any additions, too,” Durbin stated.

Durbin added that he hoped to ram this bill through Congress as quickly as humanly possible.

“My hope is . . . that we can through the Judiciary Committee move on an expedited basis the highest priorities and I’m working to build a group that might be able to do that,” Durbin added.

Illegal aliens are already forming caravans believing they have 100 days to get into the country after Joe Biden paused virtually deportations.

A promise of amnesty to illegal aliens who may now be in their 30s because they were brought here as children could add to the building crisis by creating a new wave of unaccompanied minors flooding the border like in 2014.

They may not make the cut for this amnesty, but illegal aliens would rightly believe that since Joe Biden isn’t deporting illegal aliens they can wait around in the country for the next round of amnesty.

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