The caravan just crossed this unforgivable line and now Trump is furious

The migrant caravan invasion of America took a drastic turn for the worse.

Migrants did something so horrible that crossed an unforgiveable line.

And now Donald Trump is furious.

Over the weekend, hundreds of migrants broke off from the larger mob and attempted to storm the U.S. border.

They were met by Border Patrol agents who pushed back their invasion attempts by using tear gas.

But the real story was the underhanded tactics of the migrant thugs.

They used women and children as human shields as they threw rocks and other heavy projectiles at the Border Patrol during their attempted invasion.

The Daily Caller reports:

Border Patrol agents revealed in interviews that the migrants storming the U.S.-Mexico border over the weekend were using women and children as human shields as they launched rocks at agents.

Border Patrol unleashed tear gas and pepper balls to disperse the crowd of migrants trying to cross the border in Tijuana, Mexico on Sunday. According to San Diego Chief Border Patrol Agent Rodney Scott, agents did not use dispersion techniques until after migrants had struck several agents with projectiles.

“Several agents were actually struck by rocks,” Scott said, before revealing that the migrants pushed women and children to the front of their group to discourage agents from responding to rock-throwing with force.

“What we saw over and over yesterday was that the group — the caravan, as we call them — would push women and children to the front and then begin, basically, rocking our agents,” Scott asserted.

The battle at the border made one thing perfectly clear.

Congress must fund Trump’s border wall.

These migrants will use any tactic – no matter how underhanded – to get into the country.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The Bush criminal cabal and CIA put Obama in. Not any ‘left’. He has been a sex object and a cocaine dealer for Bush and the CIA’s cocaine business since he was a young teenager and before. The ‘left’ and ‘right’ are a figment of imaginations because the Council on Foreign Relations controlled news media made it up to get people believing this was the battle instead of British criminal syndicates including freemasons murdering our leaders and managing our elections. I repeat: The ‘Left’ and ‘right’ do not exist. Just criminals. Go out and arrest one or two and help get the job done. Thanx for your help.

  2. Dennis, watch the left use Obama in the 2020 elections. I’m betting that either Obama or Michelle will be named as the vice running mate by whoever gets the top candidate democrat position. The goal is to get the jerk back into the white house.

  3. It’s because the Liberal Judges, elected people and the idiots who run the media will protect O’Bummer and his thieves no matter what he did or does. If we can get Trump and more Conservatives elected in 2020, the crap will hit the fan and all of the illegal Liberal nonsense will be out in the open including all the illegal voting that has gone on since Bubba Clinton!! Then we’ll get term limits which will cut off the money train the Elected fools all have flowing to them now.

  4. April, if, you cannot accept the duly elected President Trump, get the hell out of this country. Work 44 years straight, paid my taxes and now I am retired.

  5. Jeff, What a awesome comment! There are tens of millions upon millions of patriotic Americans who agree with you!
    Thank you!

  6. johon, April sounds like a very young immature liberal person. You know how young people are, they live for today and can’t see or imagine the possibility they are wrong. They have no comprehension of the financial cost or danger. Now, I never was as immature as today’s young people are. My parents raised me to be responsible and also realize I had to be prepared to work and handle my own finances. I don’t understand why and how parenting changed but children are not responsible these days. Now there are exceptions but the majority are that way.

  7. April,
    I want to help you out just a little bit more. Teflon Don first kiss President Trump if your a citizen of this country you and everyone else in this country is to ALWAYS AT ALL TIMES ADDRESS OUR PRESIDENT as such period.
    Secondly President Trump is acting on behalf of every American whether you understand that or not.
    Third regardless of party when whomever has been elected to the highest office in the nation we show that person our highest respect and regards at all times all fighting ends when elections are final. We are one nation one people for those of you who don’t like or agree with all the above MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU DO AGREE WITH PERIOD.
    Now for the rest of us we can and will continue to support our President!
    IF OUR PRESIDENT is removed from office for any of these foolish, ignorant demon rats rest assured the uprising of the American people can and will be unstoppable.

  8. Pamela,
    Nobody could have said it any better than you did well done. I am a vet and also Republican even more importantly regardless of political party is in stand for the laws of our nation. These crazy demonrats have absolutely no idea or understanding of the true American people what less care about securing our borders. The left is so stupid they really do believe we can’t see how they are stealing our nation’s assets.
    The time is coming soon we the people will gather in a manner that not of them believe will happen in America we can have a civil war or revolution we are not immune nor will we the people continue to allow these criminals to continue raping our nation. Leftist we cannot and will not be prevented from justice hang these fools and stop talking about it before the people take over and do what’s needed to clean our country up and take the trash out NOW

  9. april i hope your happy with your life as is but wait for your future you may not have one think that moron for now later maybe past present no more here what happened they took over your home now what you say

  10. pamela bouchey, Excellent comment, thank you!
    You stirred my patriotism and tugged at the strings of my heart.
    I am sure all the unpatriotic un-American liberals who read our comments will ridicule both of us! Shame on them for not loving the best Country in the world to live and want to preserve it as we do!

  11. April, we all think of the US as a well oiled machine and most of the people well fed. The truth is there are so many here below poverty and living in substandard conditions. Our Government’s first priority is it’s citizens not illegals You have to stand up for the Laws of your Country and meet the needs of taxpaying citizens 1st. Our own people had to enlist and fight on battlefields to preserve our country and our very lives. The people coming in now to not support our rights and way of life. They live off welfare for free for as long as they need it and no incentive to change it. they use our health system, housing, schools, and vouchers for food,yet the people that were born here and contribute to our coffers are shamed for being poor. You don’t carry your Flag waving it proudly into a Country you are entering illegally and storming our border. Stand up and fight for your own Country. When our Government keeps pushing us to support Foreigners and our own are going hungry and without shelter we will draw the line and it won’t be pretty. We are not the the Elites who live in walled Sanctuaries..

  12. Bill,
    Your so right in what your saying.
    Their goal is to make America practice Islam. Their terrorist leaders say so.
    the Muslim sworn in Minnesota was wrapped in a Palestinian flag.I was sick when i saw that.Slowley they are are penetrating our country to try to take over.With G-Ds help that will never happen America will wake up and unite against these evil people.

  13. President Trump gave the order to use tear gas. The left went nuts, stating how deplorable and racist that this was. Obama used tear gas at the border 76 times. 76 TIMES! NO OUTRAGE THERE! DOUBLE STANDARD, DOUBLE STANDARD. THIS WILL REFLECT IN THE 2020 ELECTIONS……………..

  14. April I think you are the April joke You nitwit I live 20 miles from the border we carry we will not be overrun by these scumbags

  15. Because the Catholic Church has always been against birth control. Of course, the Church also condemns sex outside of marriage. I don’t like this Pope, I don’t trust him but aside from abstinence what can he say? Oh wait a minute! I think it was something about abortion not being as sinful as not allowing these migrants to overwhelm our border and take over our country. And before you wonder, yes I am Catholic and a conservative.

  16. Mr. Bell, you’re so RIGHT ‘congress’ IS not doing its job and the ‘senate’ is not far behind. I and my wife who both served our GREAT nation are totally disappointed in the people we all hired to run Washington. No one seems to back our President and that’s one reason I won’t capitalize the titles. I agree that the military has its hands tied behind its back, AS USUAL!!!!! There were times, when and where I served, where my unit could NOT fire our weapons, when “BEING FIRED UPON”, by real rounds, though. Still, the migrants were allowed to tramp right through Mexico ALL the way to our border!!!!!! The Mexican government “DID NOTHING” to STOP them at their border, which I find odd. I blame them just as much as the migrants OWN countries.

  17. April all I ask is for people to explain how democrat governing would be better for America. Not just the same old crap about President Trump and his accusers. I know he sounds off a lot, and I know he must push back on his opponents. As for guns, I exercise all safety rules and always assume any firearm is loaded. Even when checking out a new one in a gun store. Also all my guns are legal. If I sold one, the buyer would meet me at a licensed dealer to get the paperwork Also background check. No sale by no questions asked. In our world today I keep guns loaded and ready, but in high reach. Thanks for the safety advice.

  18. Bill, Thank you for your great comment! So hard to believe some people deny the holocaust ever happened. Such a shame!

  19. Even well trained people have incidents. Many people get too complacent as we hear of far too many casualties by accident. There was one in my part of the country recently where a guy was cleaning his gun and killed his pregnant wife. Such a sad story. I grew up on acreage and live on 15 acres, have hunted squirrels, woodchucks (keep them varmits out of my garden) No rabbit problems, a large fox population keeps them in check. Do have a problem with your name calling and your degrading rhetoric towards me THOUGH!!!!!!

  20. To “M” and Rosemary: A Jewish Collaborator was a Jew who went to the concentration camps and was allowed to live because they did the dirty clean up work for the NAZI’s cleaning out the ovens, and separating and sorting the clothing jewlery, gold teeth taken from those being gassed, anything of value. Soros and his uncle were this sort of garbage. Many were killed along with the German guards when camps were liberated but some managed to hide until the camps were secured by the allies. I am old and was a child during the war and remember when the war was winding down and the camps were liberated the news was almost appeared as a fairy tale but my relatives who came back talked about what they saw there !

  21. M April thinks people like us are morons ready to shoot 1st and ask questions later. Also she don’t understand that we can’t take in the whole world. Those other must learn to paddle their own boats. That includes entering our country LEGALLY.

  22. April, You are such a dumb $hit! Dan T. is showing his frustration and exasperation at you liberals because we don’t understand how you can support these caravans trying to come to America. The financial burden to this Country would be astronomical. We have people in poverty and homeless people we cannot properly take care of. Our welfare community is draining our Country’s money. Do liberals not understand the more financial drain from taxpayer money, the more everybody is hurt in one way or the other, well no or you don’t care if this Country is drained into a banana republic. Well, conservatives do and we care about America being a sovereign nation with control of our borders and who comes into our Country. If gangs, like MS-13 take over and terrorists start blowing up our cities, because they hate our way of life, what will America look like and be?
    April, I realize liberals are in denial about this happening or maybe you don’t care but again, we do!
    Your, liberals, lack of judgement blows our minds and we cannot understand the lack of patriotism so, we are more than a little outdone with what is supposed to be mature adults with common sense because we are seeing none from the left.
    P.S. America is not responsible for the world. These caravaners should never have come and should go home, now! The need to fix their Country’s problems the way we are constantly doing!

  23. Nelson, he tried and tried to protect our border. Democrat liberal judges block him at every turn. If he attempts to use his Presidential power, some judge rules against him (how the hell??) and the idiots in California cry he’s racist, hitler, etc. I say President Trump is doing a Damn good job considering.

  24. Danny…..Yes, knew YOU couldn’t write a post without attacking, insulting or demonizing people. YOU are just like “Teflon Don” ZERO self control. That can be dangerous when you are “locked and loaded” all the time. Be careful!!!! Accidents do happen!!!!!!

  25. The pope is a damn communist, couldn’t care less what he thinks. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  26. April, don’t you swallow hook line and sinker everything the lying Dems throw at you? I don’t believe you are an independent thinker just another liberal sheep happy to believe what ever the Party throws your way never stopping to find out the truth. You Dems hate Trump so much because he won and Clinton lost, get over it.

  27. I say its time for an uprisong against the dems. They are terrorists just like isis or the invaders of our country. They hate this country and they hate Americans and they must be stopped by any means possible. This is no joke. Our kids future is at stake.

  28. Get the fire trucks there and fire hydrants open, and spray them hard with water. I heard that is what Germany does if gangs try to demonstrate, they blast them back with water. We need to get those gangs in jail. and send the children back on buses they came in. They were used, but what kind of people send off their young with hoodlums? President Trump…. You are in my prayers. You don’t want to hurt them, but to rope them up and send them back in the trucks and buses they came in…..I guess the military, needs to grab them one by one, and tie them to their child, and into a bus seat oh I don’t know.. what a problem…

  29. Perfect. I’m sure we have more tools to use to stop them. Now if we can just have the judges stop stabbing us in the back !!! These “caravan” guys are thugs. They only use women and children as shields and propaganda.

  30. Dan T., aka Danny child, great come back to April, you old reformed Demoncrat. You are very intelligent you learned better!!! You are a rock star!

  31. DAV — Use rubber bullets and paint ball paints to mark those intruders who want to play rough! Or lower the electrical shock so it just bounces them off the wall!

    Something needs to stop them, because they have been “brainwashed” into thinking they can STOMP ON OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION AND GET AWAY WITH IT. NO MORE! Time to make it “sting” a little…any suggestions?

  32. Killing a bunch of them would definitely be a deterrent to future INVADERS!!! I’m all for it!!????????????????????????

  33. too good for someone who said Helping NAZI’s was GREATEST TIME OF LIFE … its on video he should be sent to face justice for his crimes.

  34. i say we take EVERYTHING down to the canal we built & paid for in panama , wipe the earth clean of all opposition cartel , dirty politions , dirty cops , criminal gangs worm food …. they get to be AMERICANS & their narco terrorist state finds peace & prosperity. Jason Bradley

  35. Danny child, just more name calling by YOU. Just your usual, trying to intimidate!!!!!!!! Is it “possible” you could ever write anything without demonizing people????? Don’t think so….. Glad I was raised by my parents and not yours…..

  36. Rosemary, I am a conservative and have an answer to your George Soros question. Until somebody gets proof of his breaking the laws of the USA, we are stuck with him! I don’t like it either and am shocked he has not been proven guilty of something. I am confident he has broken laws and hope any minute to hear he has been caught and indicted. He is a despicable disgusting old thing, whoever heard of a Jewish Nazi collaborator? God could and might strike him down at any minute! The bad thing he has a son just like him waiting to step up and continue his practices. It will do no good to simply deport him, he needs be made penniless so, somebody find a reason to freeze and seize all his money, please, please, please!

  37. I heard that Soros, the ACLU and the DNC. are encouraging them, and they provided, food, transportation and medical all along the way. The majority of the group are young, healthy adult males, with a few women and children mixed in. One report said when the invaders were offered rides,they jumped into vehicles leaving the women and children to walk. We can all see how much they care about their children. The Immigration Dept said there are AT LEAST 600 criminals mixed in the group. One man who was interviewed said he was trying to get here to get a pardon. When asked what crime he committed he said it was attempted murder. Just what we want. In one of the groups interviewed prior to this crowd. one man admitted he really didn’t know the child he brought with him. He said they were told if they brought a child they would be allowed in,so they grab a child from someone at home, and if they get in they let the child go to forage for themselves.

  38. Has anyone as out of touch with reality as the Hollyweird crowd ever been anything but rich trash synonymous with career federal politicians especially senators once they are elected into office they will use every contemptible method imaginable to remain in office.

  39. Trump is having to put up with the invaders on one side and the democrats on the other side.The military are not allowed to do their job. First they have to wait until they are physically attacked and then can shoot only tear gas or rubber balls. The best military in the world is reduced to wimps when attacked.

  40. Shoot to kill, how about some Apachee helios with LASER sighting, as for collateral damage place the blame on those responsible which is the Communist party (i.e.) Democrats and Rats alike for being strong supporters for open borders.

  41. Since those in Hollywood are so rich and live in huge mansions and support all this illegal immigration, whey don’t they take some of them into their mansion surrounded by guards and impenetrable walls and have the immigrants live with them. After all there are no threats there only innocent women and children.

  42. When the libturds start being victimized by these wetback scum don’t ft to us. We will be busy fighting for ourselves.

  43. The migrants MUST be stopped. Rubber bullets is a good idea. Also, sharpshooters with REAL bullets and orders to shoot to kill any person that tries to kill border control personnel (a thrown rock or Molotov cocktail, and many other thrown things can kill). Require asylum seekers to apply for asylum at any one of the already established embassies or consulates.

  44. Yes, I read George Soros funded this immigrant caravan through a bank in Venezuela. He’s a top money contributor to the Demoncrat party and behind a lot if chaos here and in other countries as well. Plus, he has children who follow in his footsteps. But, Karma reaches everyone at some point.

  45. Here’s what needs to happen. Every bleeding heart liberal needs to go to the border and stand in front of the ‘migrants’ and act as their shield. Now we start shooting. We can start with the Hollywood elites and work our way down to the rest of the worthless POS democrats.

  46. It is George Soros and all of his DEMONIC DEMON CRAT followers, whom he supports greatly with his filthy blood money on their run for office. Sick, he is sick and
    the DEMON CRATS are sick.

  47. there are between 5000 to 12000 troops on the border and President Trump said he would send more if necessary and close the border. Do you not listen to the news

  48. Sharpshooters with rubber bullets could avoid hitting women and children while targeting the instigators. Ever been hit with a rubber bullet? Pretty discouraging to say the least. If you take one you don’t want to get another. I have also wondered about water cannon, especially as the weather is getting colder. We have much in our arsenal that is effective at discouraging this kind of invader. Unfortunately, the govt seems to be focused on bean bag guns as best like Brian Terry was ‘armed’ with against the cartel.

  49. 25 thousands troops maybe would be enough to defend US border from invaders Because, invaders are animals who don’t understand what is saying our President and what American people say to them not welcome to our house

  50. Who in the Hell is responsible for this invasion of America. I heard that it was George Soros. Who else is involved?

  51. And you can bet your life, George Soros doesn’t care about what happens to the illegal’s children………He has been dismantling everything he could possibly get his hands on………has anyone thought about Soros and his son and a wood chipper? I’m not judging, I’m just sayin’

  52. Who cares how furious Trump claims to be now that these invaders have gotten in? Why wasn’t Trump furious enough to do whatever had to be done to guarantee that none of these invaders got into our country, including ordering our troops to shoot to kill as soon as they started tearing down the fence and/or trying to get in?
    I’m furious that neither Trump, our military, nor our government did what should have been done to stop this invasion!

  53. Absolutely COrrect!!! These people need to either practice “Self-sex” or “no-sex,,,but they are bringing babies into the world with absolutely NO chance of providing for them properly! Sex Ed is not taught in the countries that are having the worst time feeding and caring for their babies, and the rest of the world is supposed to feel guilty for not doing more. Why doesn’t someone try to teach some proper protection to these other countries???

  54. The so called democrat leaders and the lying liberal main steam media are the real enemies of this Country. The media should have freedom of the press but only if they are telling the real stories. Since they are lying and making up their news, the main stream media are obviously conspiring against this President, along with the democrats, hollywood, most newspapers, rino repubs., never Trumpers and more. This is actually treason in a nutshell. What I don’t think they believe is that President Trump has many, many more Americans on his side than they could ever imagine. Go President Trump MAGA!

  55. So Correct. We send our troops all over the world to protect others and their borders but our own government sit back and talk and do nothing to protect us Americans and our borders. Kick everyone in Congress out of office. This is why I rarely vote for an incumbent. President Trump can only do so much by himself but even he should be doing more to stop these invaders from entering our country illegally.

  56. So the invaders from the caravan were using women and children as shields when they started throwing rocks and other dangerous objects at our troops and border patrol agents? Here’s an easy solution: just shoot through the women and children to get the criminals doing the throwing. After all, if the people doing the throwing cared at all about the women and children, they wouldn’t be using them as shields in the first place. How is it that our troops or our border patrol agents ever thought that these criminal alien invaders were going to play fair and would not go as low as they needed to to get into our country?

  57. Our country is being invaded and no troops are being sent in to stop them with any and all means? Duh what kind of fools are in Washington. Get them going and now. Also don’t send them there with their hands tied let them do what we were trained to do, STOP them….

  58. April,

    Wonder how much it would cost to have “Checked & Balanced”?
    No intimidation or vulgarity, just a simple question……

  59. untill the people protest enough non violently to let hungary or what ever country wants him he will continue to interfere they sent the nazi gaurds an others back to be prosecuted for crimes against the jews he should b no better

  60. Typical left, everything they say is opposite, they make no sense.
    The Party of Hate, Hypocrisy and Hysteria.
    The Party of Crime, Confusion and Chaos.
    The party of Deception, Delusion and Denial.
    The Party of Anarchists, Atheists and A$$holes.

  61. I wonder what the pope approves if not birth control. Abortion?! I hope not. If I do birth control, I will go to hell. If I do abortion, what place will I go to?

  62. It is sad that they are utilizing these tactics and that the dems and liberals are stating that they belong but it just like the Islamic immigration into other countries., Where were the wives and children? It was all young men! The same is happening at our southern border. Mostly men! Why? That is because they are fleeing a country that is NOT killing their own. They are not seeking ASYLUM, just want to get into our country for either better wages and /or to become involved in criminal enterprises because we do have something. Sorry to say this, but obviously they are not taking heed. Start to take a few hundred out and when they have to drag back the bodies of their friends, etc.. maybe they will take us seriously.

  63. I have prayed that God will give President Trump the wisdom to know what to do. I have committed it to the Lord to bring His will to pass. I have been praying also that this Country will get back to being One Nation under God. Thank God for President Trump.

  64. Time to use force against these illegals. How about sending in Puff the Magic Dragon and body bags. End of problem.

  65. The liberals will somehow twist this report and make it seem as though Trump is an awful person, and that he is persecuting these “poor innocent people!” These thugs are making it difficult for those who are legally attempting to come to the united States. They are attempting to invade the U.S. and are using every dirty trick in the book! Build the damned wall!! Close the border until these fools learn that this is NOT their country to ruin!

  66. Unfortunately here in the USA the more kids you have especially as and unwed single mother the more welfare you get for sitting on your ass and opening your legs. Our taxpayer money is used to give these freeloaders a life of luxury (Yes, you should see the cars they drive and the brand new housing they get
    while veterans go homeless, with hundreds of dollars a week rewarded for each illegitimate kid you can squeeze out. So why do you think these illegals want to push their way in…it’s the golden ticket given to them by the DEMONrats. IT HAS TO STOP!

  67. It is not about the caravan, kids, or thugs. IT IS ABOUT GEORGE SOROS. WHY is he still in this country and not in a hole in some jail? Without funding there would be NONe of this. Lay all of this at feet of a subversive allowed to keep on being subversive by our congress. Throw him out. stop the bandaide-ing

  68. The responsibility for the boarder security and immigration fiasco fall squarely on congress’s inept actions. This country has had over 200 years to secure our border and implement reasonable immigration policy. The current situation is totally unacceptable. Congress has lost the faith and support of the American people, this situation must be corrected soon or this country is doomed. Congress, get you crap together.

  69. Catholic Pope wants no birth control. He says you will go to hell if you stop having babies. spanish are 95% catholic and have one after another and then another and now we have to feed them

  70. April what was vulger? Your mind is in the gutter. You swallow when you eat don’t you? I question your raising. How did you become a supporter of queer lovers and baby killers. Probably indoctrinated by a libturd college. I graduated from college without turning communist.

  71. Just another typical Danny response, just like your cult leader. Vulgarity, demonizing and trying to intimidate. Remember as you parents taught (hopefully they did) that sooner or later you will get caught in your own lies and in Teflon’s case that time will come. Finally beginning next your he will have some “checks and balances”

  72. That’s what Trump throws at YOU and you swallow it hook, line and sinker. Funny today Trump is “trashing” Jay Powell in typical Trumpty Dumpty fashion. When something goes well Teflon is right there in the limelight and when something takes a down turn then well, it’s someone elses “fault” The downturn in the market and GM of course has “nothing” to do with his policies but of course Mr. Powell is his scapegoat on these issues. Teflon in his mind, is NEVER wrong. Unfortunately he would NEVER admit HE made an error. That would be below him, the egotistical maniac!!!!!!

  73. Be firm. Be firm. I talked to a liberal today that agreed that this caravan went too far. She even agreed that a poor family should not have many kids in the first place. If it is the culture thing, I beg to differ. Each illegal alien couple have the responsibility to see if they can afford a kid. I have seen many couples waddling around with too many kids at the store. I know that their dual income do not permit this extended number. Why must we the taxpayers pay for their food and housing if they can’t afford it?

    With that being said, even some liberals support Trump’s wall. Put some sense in their head. Not too late.

    Build the wall now! End the abuses.

  74. Somebody should pay them %100 for every liberal idiot they bump off and for every 25 they will get full citizenship, A Soros tactic used against them.

  75. This woman does not deserve to use the word mother she is nothing more than an illegal invader. Deport her and her children. Build the wall.

  76. We sign an oath to enter the military to defend our people and constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I live up to that. Bush41, Bush43, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama should hang. What is your point?

  77. A good sniper is what’s needed on the border. The sniper can target the leaders and cowards, while not injuring the children. Take out the violent leaders and the revolt will simmer down.

  78. Having soldiers bombing innocent people in foreign lands is as morally disgusting as using women and children as shields. The morons who voted in the Bush/Clinton/Obama cabalists have hell to pay.

  79. Enough already. Use lethal force if required. Trump was right all along(But we all knew that from the get go). They are an invading army. When will these LIBTARDS take their heads out of their asses? This one world nonsense needs to stop. Internment camps for all LIBTARDS.

  80. Who would put women and children first? Gang members? Thugs? criminals? Not hard working honest people. If your child gets hurt, don’t blame us, blame yourself. You drag them across God awful country to cross into a country that you were already told you couldn’t come into and blame us. I don’t know who paid you to do this, but it’s you who sold your children to those people. There is more into that caravan then any of you want to admit and your asking for what you get. It’s our presidents job to help us protect our children. Go home and take care of your children and families. The democrats of this country don’t care if you get hurt, they are so full of hate for the republicans and our President that they start trouble all over our country, and it’s not their families that are suffering, it’s yours.

  81. The border agents should be using lethal force against them. It’s an invasion of our country, believe They will be using lethal force against United States citizens if they manage to break through. People need to wake up, this is war. Invasion of our homeland by a foreign enemy attack.

  82. Block all immigration that is not legally applied for…only process legally applicants…take children from any parent that uses children in illegal entry. Separate them or deport them.

  83. They probably were high on Bush cocaine and Lindsay meth. They probably had not read Avro Manhattan’s ‘The Vatican, Moscow, Washington Alliance’ which includes the Vatican led campaign to get their over populated south and central American citizens to sacrifice their children for free stuff in the U.S.. Please read this book. It is an eye opener from a Vatican cardinal who was in on the meetings.

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