The caravan shut down the border with this crazy attempt to invade America

The migrant caravan’s attempts to invade America are even worse than anyone thought.

Thousands of migrants appeared on the U.S.-Mexican border and demanded entry into the United States.

And now they shut down the border with this crazy stunt.

Thousands of migrants were planning to storm The San Ysidro Port in an attempt to illegally enter America.

As a response, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen announced the government was closing the port.

The Daily Caller reports:

Homeland security officials shut down all northbound lanes at the San Ysidro port of entry early Monday morning, after receiving reports that caravan migrants were planning to rush the border and cross illegally, U.S. officials said.

Port operations were suspended for just over three hours while border authorities, supported by military personnel deployed to the area, carried out “hardening efforts” at the facility, according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

“This AM, all of #SanYsidro Port of Entry’s northbound lanes were temporarily closed to initiate additional port hardening efforts after @CBP officials were notified that a large # of caravan migrants were planning to rush the border in an attempt to gain illegal access to the US,” Nielsen wrote on Twitter.

The closure at San Ysidro, one of the world’s busiest land border crossings, began at 3:15 a.m. Monday and was lifted at 6:25 a.m., according to DHS officials. When northbound traffic resumed, port authorities were operating 15 entry lanes, down from 23 lanes before the temporary suspension.

The San Ysidro port of entry handles 20,000 cases and 70,000 pedestrians crossing the border on a daily basis.

The migrant invaders picked this port of entry as their staging ground because they figured the Border Patrol was already stretched thin.

But Trump and his team foiled this plot by closing down the port of entry before the migrant invaders could execute their plan.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. WYou are right. Look at the cost of the shootings, fires, mud slides, shome invasions, murders drugs. Insurance goes up. Health care for drugs.
    News not reporting how bad the situation at borders. Check every town for shootings.

  2. Our government needs to go after those paying the caravan of illegals to invade America and inciting violence if they don’t get their way. If America doesn’t hold the line it will be one wave after another until they’ve overthrown America. Hahaha…the old Trojan horse/ new Russian pschycology warfare. We have laws, just like their countries do, that must be observed to maintain an orderly society. I’ve read that Mexican citizens don’t like it either, but it should have been stopped at their southern border where it began. Obviously it’s being promoted by corrupt individuals funding this new type of warfare. America can hardly afford to take care of its Veterans, sick and homeless people populations. This is a calculated invasion. God bless our Commander-In-Chief for actually doing his job to protect America for a change!

  3. CNN is even worse. I don’t watch any of it ( or read any of it either. I’m getting tired of hearing about this crap. Somebody needs to do something NOW!

  4. You are a very sick puppy to believe what the communists aka democrats are telling you. It is all a lie brought to you by the communist propaganda machine aka msm. So go home and educate yourself on the truth. If you can’t or won’t do that then pack up your bags and leave.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  5. April, Poor ignorant, misinformed, low information, shallow, immature, child, makes a fool of herself with her old, used up, boring, brain dead, untruthful, Dem lib talking points everytime she writes a comment!
    April, we tried to overlook you and your nonsense but, forget you! We have real serious things like 10,000 people ready to storm our border and invade our Country, and other big things happening also.
    We don’t have time for you and your silly crap! You nor I matter right now but, our Country does so, just hush your little girl mouth!

  6. BRILLIANT????? A person who values “money” over human rights. As Teflon would say “So Sad” and he is a SAD excuse for a human being!!!!

  7. Soros and his horrible anti-American sons, and all associated with him need to be rounded up and tightly tied-up stuffed into boxcars until for a couple of weeks then transferred to a cargo plane and flown directly to Siberia where President Putin can do the right thing to them. All soros money should be used to compensate victims of his satanic devices.

  8. illegals it,s hunting season and we,re all practiced up when it comes to invasion all we see are targets, try if you want but your in americas sights, stop at all means.

  9. They could have had asylum in Mexico, although I think Tijuana has wised up and they don’t want them either. No, my friends, the only asylum they are seeking is free housing, food, education. health care, and the ability to live off your hard-earned taxes. Oh, and one more thing- a democrat voter registration card.

  10. I’ve got an idea. Round up every one of those “migrants” who’s crying for “asylum”, put them on transport planes and fly them to Argentina or Chile, who’ve said they’ll be happy to take them, and dump them there.

  11. Not only this invasion but all of the years that they have encouraged their undesirables to come here. They’ve been invading us/US for years, but this time they may have over played their hand, I HOPE.

  12. They aren’t crazy, they know if they can get on this side of the border that the Demon-Craps will protect them, feed them, and provide medical care and that there are Judges in place to make sure that they have more rights than any American Citizen has. They will have the protection of our Constitution even though they are criminals and illegally in our country.

  13. The military is one step ahead of these invaders thinking they can just come in with no papers, and demanding us to provide them with food ,lodging and work with no ID. They are crazy.

  14. And they must shoot to kill. We do not want our hospitals to get filled with illegals. Hospitals are overloaded as is to care for citizens.

  15. Once a group is allowed to enter this country, it will show that we accept them with millions more to follow. This can only be stopped by maximum retaliation which may mean shooting.

  16. Why don’t you take your stupid ass and leave this country!! The office of the president should be respected just because of the position, not the man there. Trump was elected president by the majority and if you can’t accept that, then pack your stupid ass up and leave!! He is a BRILLANT man and has did more for this country in two years than ANY PRESIDENT ever has in the entire time they were in office. People like you are either too blind or stupid to see that!! I vote for whom I think is the best person for the job, not because they are a republican or democrat and that is the way it should be. Vote for the good of the people and the country NOT THE PARTY!!!

  17. M you should drive through the Carolinas and Virginia and read the signs that say true believers even “love” there enemies. Teflon Don hates anyone that doesn’t have his same view and that’s when he goes into his “bullying, attack” mode because he believes he is NEVER wrong. He probably truly believes he is god!!!!!!! He is not only toxic to the USA but is toxic to the world!!!!!!

  18. Bama Bill, ROLL TIDE!
    I digress, why in Hades has our confounded Congress, a long time ago, not looked around the world for ideas on new immigration law? They really don’t need to look any further than just across our northern border at Canada, do they! Wow, their laws are g-r-e-a-t!
    Thanks for the super comment!

  19. You can’t immigrate to Canada! A Canadian citizen must sponsor you, and be 100% financially responsible for you the first ten years. You can only apply for a job no Canadian has filled in 90 days. No Govt. benefits of any kind for 10 years. Best part, the money you pay into their Social Insurance they keep! Unless you stay in Canada when you retire. When you are “Out of Country” over 180 days, you lose it!

  20. Some can scream all they care to. But the POSSE COMITATUS ACT does not apply here. The military has the responsibility to protect this nation from any and all enemies. AND this action by these illegals is definitely an INVASION. There has even been shots fired at the border patrol by some of these illegals. So what ever action the military is forced to take is perfectly legal and justified.

  21. With closing the border, it is Mexican business that is most harmed. Mexico is paying a price for allowing and supporting this invasion.

  22. No April, it is now November, 2018. April, 2018 is the time to pay our Federal and State Tax. These invaders are criminals and should be prosecuted, and put them all to jail or send them all back to their country of origin. If, they really want to come to the USA, go to the U.S. Embassy and apply legally.

  23. The people that you named should all be arrested on multiple counts of High Treason and Sedition during Wartime. These are Capital Offenses.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  24. Let ’em in and lead ’em directly to the bus and send them back home. Cheaper than letting them stay in our country. Slow boat would work as well. Oh ya, have a democrat or more on each bus as a tour directors and drop them off with the invaders. Might grab Polsi, Waters, Schumer, Shiff and any other democrats at the same time. They can lead the sing-alongs on the busses. Gonna need a lota busses so we’re gonna need a lot of democrats. The more the merrier.

  25. AMEN I agree with you.I am so sick of those people invading our country and then demanding they get to stay.I say make a television announcement asking all illegals to go home or they will be rounded up and sent home.For all those on our border find out who got this started then arrest whom ever while telling the invaders that they will be shot.That we will defend our country.This is serious.We are under attack.

  26. That’s exactly what it will take for them to stop trying to get in here. If I knew i would be shot trying to enter illegally, I would not try to.

  27. I really don’t care.Invaders should be killed regardless of sex, age, race, creed or any other irrelevant consideration. Invaders are just invaders.

  28. Did you read the latest about that Caravan?
    1.) The majority of that Caravan is young strong men, NOT WOMEN AND CHILDREN LIKE THE DEMS ARE TELLING EVERYONE!

    Soooooo, according to our U.S. Constitution, those young men ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ASYLUM BECAUSE THEIR LIVES ARE NOT IN DANGER!

    Caio Caravaners! Hope you like your walk back to where you came from! America is closed to you dudes!

  29. Right on! I agree with you 100% If these people try to force entry they are invading our country and should be shot on sight. What gives them the right to decide to live in our country illegally and with out proper vetting. I don’t want a bunch of criminals here and I also don’t want a bunch of uneducated people going on welfare and costing me money in taxes that I could use to support my family. Congress had better address this issue because we the people have had about enough.

  30. The Army has a weapon that uses sound and some sort of extremely heavy vibrations, It does NOT cause blood shed but is very effective for riot control, Would definitely disperse crowds, Supposedly this weapon is on station and will be used if Nec.

  31. Very good !! I too am sick of supporting people coming into this country with nothing to offer except a sad look on their face
    My tax money could be better spent.

  32. I agree with all of you!! Suck and tired of all these illegals forcing or sneaking their way in to the USA!

  33. Thank you, I agree. I don’t object to the surveys, just being duped into reading articles that have nothing to do with the lead in question.

  34. April, God has chosen Donald Trump for such a time as this. God raises up rulers and puts down rulers. He would have chosen Donald Trump to run for president in 2012, but the American people were not ready. We had to suffer through another four years of Obama’s actions to get us ready for someone like Donald Trump. Donald Trump won the 2016 election when all the polls thought that Hillary would win. He won because he is God’s anointed and he is doing God’s will in all that he has done!

  35. What needs to happen is simple, if they try to enter illegally, inform them that they will be shot on site. Invasion of any country is illegal nd there are consequences. Wouldn’t bother me a bit to defend my country from Mexicans or anyone else. I would also suggest that andemocrat that criticizes President Trump’s order should be charged with treason and all those two bit judges should be disbarred from the profession.

  36. I’d say de-nut all males caught sneaking through the border and then send them back to Mexico. They might think twice before loosing their balls.

  37. Can the people at at least make their insipid “poll” questions relevant to the article you are addressing?

  38. You and your commie friends should hide your real souls and go down on the border and help stop the invaders. After we stop the invasion we’re coming for you quasi-Americans next.

  39. Where the heck do these immigrants get off DEMANDING to be let into the USA. I wouldn’t be upset if the border patrol showed them the business end of a gun and if need be use it.

  40. True but in the mean time these people are released in to the country to only be seen again at polling places and crime scenes. They cost our country in lives and money. If they want asylum let them apply at the US Consulate in their country. Ship them home in a slow boat with only bread and water.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  41. Oh April, You are such a liberal child. You don’t have any idea of what is really going on here, do you?
    God is God in my mind and heart. If you put your hope, faith, and trust, in “any” human, guaranteed you will be devastated sooner or later!
    It is not for you or anyone to say DJT is going to hell, each person’s faith and judgement is between all of us and God. DJT is a person just like the rest of humanity.
    If you knew much about God’s grace, forgiveness, and salvation you would know the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy against God.
    The real phony and greatest liar is Satan. He has put in you this doubt, anger, and has blinded your mind to the real truth of what the liberal end goal for America really is.

  42. M, it’s gods job to judge, then why does Teflon Don judge???? Is he god in your mind????? HE will rot in hell when his time on earth ends and he is judged by god for his doings over his lifetime while on earth. The individual is a TOTAL PHONY!!!!!!

  43. Thank-you. This is for both Dan and M. They should go to our consulate in their own country, apply there, and then wait their turn.Invaders go home or get shot. We have the right to defend ourselves. To the communists, all 30+ million of you, get out or go to GITMO for the rest of your lives. This goes for the 2 or 3 million muslims.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  44. Yep, for even a small 1KT tactical device would kill a lot of innocent people in the US and Mexico. Not good. Mexico needs to take these invaders in to custody and send them home. A slow boat down the West coast would be the way to do it. No airplanes or buses.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  45. April, Judge not, not your place, God’s job.
    You are just an angry liberal on here showing how ignorant you are! Go away liberal brat! Come back when you mature.

  46. Lock her up!!!! Lock her up!!!!!!! Ivanka that is…..Not hearing that cry from Trump. On second thought, lock the whole group of Trump “bandits” They may be the most “dishonest” family in the entire world. Teflon Don was taught this by his “old” man and has passed this “dishonest” behavior down to the next generation. As Teflon would say……SO SAD!!!!!!!!

  47. We can’t back down.

    We must enforce the border security measures. Get the stick ready. If they choose to become violent, so shall we elevate to their level. It is the law.

    We act. The world would know that it is not okay anymore.

    Show them our flag ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  48. These people are breaking the law, yet the judge (appointed by obama) says that we can’t stop them from seeking asylum. I suppose if there was only a few persons who take asylum applications for the whole dang bunch that they would be stuck in Mexico for many many weeks, maybe months. There should be a way of designating these illegals to be sponsored by those who “want” them here. Why the heck should our government to divert monies from our own needy people, especially our vets, to take care of uninvited and mostly unworthy illegals?

  49. How is it against the Constitution to keep these people out? The President can keep out anybody he wants to keep out, per the Constitution!

  50. ””””””””””” REMEMBER ”””””””’ALAMO REPEL AT ALL COST’S……………………………223 LEAD ”””LUNCH””””””’

  51. Start with hardened rubber bullets, if they proceed to throw rocks. If that doesn’t work, lock and load and aim for center mass with the real thing.

  52. With the leftis in control of the House of Representatives don’t hold your breath.
    These people lied when taking the oath of office
    They have no respect for our Bill Of Rights and Constitution and no respect for
    Rule Of Law.

  53. Stop these caravans of invaders using any and all force available, if necessary, to protect the sovereignty of our Country! It is wrong for these people to think it is okay to overrun our border as an army. If the do, they are an invading army and our military should do what they do better than anyone else!

  54. Invading our country is NO different than an attack. These people should be dealt with accordingly. They are making themselves enemies of the state.

  55. I agree. I don’t care what the News says, I really don’t care that its against the Constitution to keep these people out of the USA. I don’t feel sorry for them. They just want what is free and they are being paid by Soros. So If we can use non-lethal force, good. if not then live fire. If anyone that is an American disagrees with this then they need go down on the Border and they need to hire a bus and take all these people back to their home Country and then they need to stay there and see that they are not hurt or maimed by their so called Leader. I am sick to death of Soros and I think he needs to be on the Bus out of here the Frog Faced mess.

  56. Judicial action by judges wanting to create OPINIONS rather than follow legal laws will screw up the process. CONGRESS NEEDS TO ACT.

  57. At this point it’s reasonable to use non-lethal force against these migrant criminals-tear gas, rubber bullets, dogs, water cannons and if they endanger our troops, live fire.

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