The CDC just made one game-changing announcement that will put your jaw on the ground

Now that Joe Biden’s poll numbers have tanked and Democrats are in danger of losing the 2022 Midterm elections, the CDC is beginning to tell the truth about the coronavirus.

What was once called a conspiracy theory is now accepted as fact.

And now the CDC just made one game-changing announcement that will put your jaw on the ground.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) finally admitted what those who paid attention to reality and the data have known for two years – namely that natural immunity is the most effective defense against the coronavirus.

A recent CDC study examining reinfection rates in California and New York between May and November 2021, found that unvaccinated Americans caught COVID at lower rates than those who were just vaccinated.

“Prior infection provided better protection than vaccination alone during Delta,” POLITICO was forced to acknowledge.

Not only was natural immunity outperforming vaccines – a shock to the corporate-controlled media – but it also undercut months of lies by Dr. Fauci, other public health dictators, and Joe Biden about how vaccines were more effective than the protection afforded by recovering from a previous infection.

This new study destroyed the rationale for vaccine passports and vaccine mandates.

However, no current vaccine mandate or passport system recognizes the natural immunity possessed by around 150,000,000 Americans.

Of course, this study is only the latest “conspiracy theory” that the CDC now admits is true.

After years of Americans seeing firsthand that coronavirus spreads despite mask mandates, the Biden administration and the TV doctors on CNN admitted that cloth masks were just “facial decorations.”

For years, Americans who claimed natural immunity is superior to just the vaccine, or that cloth masks are ineffective, would find themselves banned from social media and smeared as a conspiracy theorist.

The science hasn’t changed.

The politics have.

And since Joe Biden and the Democrats look like they are going to lose the 2022 Midterm elections, the Centers for Disease Control is beginning to tell the truth about coronavirus.

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