The Deep State and Robert Mueller just found a sickening way to impeach Trump

The Deep State will not let any stone go unturned in their crusade to get rid of Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller and his gang of partisan prosecutors uncorked a new scheme to impeach the President.

And this may be Mueller’s and the Deep State’s most sickening move yet.

Federal prosecutors are now probing to see whether Trump’s inauguration committee improperly spent money or traded access for contributions to fund the event.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating whether President Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee misspent some of the record $107 million it raised from donations, people familiar with the matter said.

The criminal probe by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, which is in its early stages, also is examining whether some of the committee’s top donors gave money in exchange for access to the incoming Trump administration, policy concessions or to influence official administration positions, some of the people said.

Giving money in exchange for political favors could run afoul of federal corruption laws. Diverting funds from the organization, which was registered as a nonprofit, could also violate federal law.

Prosecutors realized they could fabricate these charges against Trump when the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office in April.

That raid came after Robert Mueller referred his findings to prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

The feds are just throwing everything they can at the wall in the hopes that something – anything sticks to Donald Trump.

The Democrats in Congress need grounds for impeachment.

And federal prosecutors will move heaven and earth to fabricate “crimes” Trump and his associates committed.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. When will President Trump release all of the declassified documents showing just how biased and untruthful the Deep State was and still is? I’m sick and tired of all the BS from all the fake news calling for the President’s removal by any means. I’m also sick and tired of paying for all the Democrat lawyers trying to do anything to remove the rightfully elected President. At some point we(the right) will be completely fed up and start taking action. Oh ya. When we see the whites of their eyes………….you fill in the rest.

    • They’re all running scared! Holder has committed crimes that he will pay for Fast and Furios! Weapons sold to our enemies, our soldiers killed! He has some nerve attacking Trump! Mueller is involved in the uranium deal! Both better be careful because I smell GITMO for both of them and the rest!

  2. All the crap we are seeing is pretty clear now. This is no longer politics and fake news. What we have going on in the greatest country ever known to mankind is an absolute assault against the USA by a group of anti-USA communists to take over this country and turn it into another inhumane country like China, Russia and Iran. These people like Obama, Clinton and their follows are not going to stop this coup effort as they are mere puppets for communist leaders like Putin, Soros and Ze. We true Americans must help our great President Trump who exposed this horrible situation defeat these people in whatever way it takes. The devil from hell has been identified and there is no going back. We need to get together a come up with the right strategy to stop this movement NOW! No other country can defeat the USA and it can only be defeated internally which is what is taking place.

    • Gee, let me take a guess … you’re a Demodumb ^&&*%, I mean a Demorat, **&&(( sorry, I meant to say Democrap, or is that Democrat? Yeah, that’s the one, a dumb-assed Democrat! Well, anyway … thanks for your insightful post … Sooooo eloquently put!

  3. Think it’s time to investigate Muller and find out where the$$$$ went to pay for his and killarys dirty dealings with Russia!It Was we the people uranium they sold and bet they kept the$$$$…. How much did they get? Bet it was billions of dollars…. Yet Killary said that she was poor! Sell one of your four mansions witch. Corruption Runs Deep…

    • This Trump thing will never end. Trump will be inaugurated again in 2020. Muller will only be at the halfway point of his investigation at that time

  4. maybe the American should sue Mueller and the democrat party, im sure we could fine corruption and lots of it at best, I think this crap has to stop it’s splitting the country up

  5. Mueller is being careful to not touch any Democrats. Even the situations he is faced with where Democrat wrongdoing is unquestionable, he turns this over to the highly left-leaning New York Attorney General’s office where they would rather eat nails than prosecute a Democrat.

  6. What does this have to do with Russian collusion? Mueller is going everywhere looking for anything. He has become a rogue prosecutor. It might be time to cut him off.

  7. Please, DNC Party Members, could you try to take a break by give yourselves some BREATHING TIME, before your lack of OXYGIN does you HARM? Be merciful to yourselves, means, to be nice to others! ” As ye sow so shall ye reap.” Gal. 6:7

    • That all applies to the Republican party as well. Gerrymandering and voter suppression…get the picture? Big, permanent tax breaks for the upper 1% and corporations was (according to Trump) free up the economy and make it stronger. Big biz’s like GM, CARRIER,and others used the money to buy back stocks, stimulating the markets short term. Now they are laying off workers, closing plants,and moving out of the country anyway. Markets have dropped 500 points one day, 700 the next, and another 500 just a few days later! Looks like Trump’s economic plans rrally are working, alright…only they’re moving backwards. SMHL

    • I recommend that President Trump Fire the crooked Mueller and his whole team of crooked Democrats and the crooks in the DOJ. Should have done this a year ago.
      The witch hunt never found collusion. That was suppose to be all they were looking for. While you at Mr. President clean out all the upper level FBI crooks. You know who they are.

  8. They had pleasure in unrightousness so God gave them over to a reprobate mind that they might believe a lie and be damned, tell a lie long enough and you will eventually believe it yourself.
    God will not be mocked, whatsoever a man soweth he shall also reap.

    • President Trump is still under the care of the Almighty God, and these demons might as well give up. There are too many people praying for the President.

  9. I gave my donations to Donald Trump to use in anyway that he saw fit to improve this country. So far he has exceeded my expectations. But on the other hand the investigators that are trying every day to attack him are the ones that should be investigated. During the previous administration one of the most respected organizations, the FBI, has been shown to have turned into a partisan organizations that we have.These are the people that need to be investigated in this country. I guarantee that those of us that have voted for Trump, should he be removed from office, will find those that deserve to be punished. The sad thing is that they all have a D after their name.


      • Carol…plagerizing the Bible and inserting Trump in its Holy Word the way you did is blasphemous at best! Trump is about as righteous as Stalin, Hitler, Duterte, Erdogan. And about as religious as a rock!

        • John and you’re so friggin stupid even you can’t believe it.You’re what we call a “brain dead fart” just blowing in the wind

          • RenbNcity, that was perhaps the most pathetic and ignorant post that has been on RR. John, have to agree, Trump tells people he is “christian” but acts more in line of a mafia gangster. He shows little to no compassion for people, even weather victims (“Whose Boat is This?” line after hurricane), people of Puerto Rico or kids coming to America legally who are torn from their parents.

  10. With all the Lawyers who donated to the democrats that Mueller hired, I wonder why he did not pick Eric Holder as one of his team members? Unless President Trump has set a Sting to catch some evil doers with Mueller as it’s head, They should end this Witch Hunt” because those hired lawyers are getting payed out of the taxpayer’s money millions of dollars.

  11. This is crazy. What about Michelle’s friend being given the contract for the software for Obamacare and then it didn’t work and they had to bring someone else in to fix it. What has been happening with the Clinton funds and donations. Obama did it also and most the the politicians. Ever go to a debate and watch how they try to butter up to some of these older women in particular?

    • Look al these deep state shadow gov. Are corrupt politicians criminals they all need rounded up arrested and held in solitary confinement till time for court no visitors only lawyer start with obama, High Treason, clintons same holder same, muller same bloomberg, soros, the queer billionaire, lynch, that crook from the IRS, rayon, polos I, schumer, and many more send in the Federal Marshals and remove them from causing anymore garbage we all know they have Broken the Law and the Constitution as Written then start on the judges that are guilty of not upholding Our Laws and the Constitution it needs to be Treason Traitor not to uphold the Constitution as Written they have been trying for years to get rid of or change the Constitution we need to Demand it be the Top of everything and everyone no changes or twisting it to suit illegal perverted disgraceful behavior that Oath they all take it needs a very hard punishment and very large fine least start with 20 years in prison at hard labor No Deals and lets say $500,000. To start that should give some second thought

        • Seriously, did you really post that? You can’t be that stupid, can you? Yeah sure, ok, … so no graft, corruption, meglomaniacal power-plays, or under the table payouts going on with any of those rightous Domorats huh?? Sooooo, all the Democraps like, Hillary, Bill, Barrack, Chuck, Nancy, etc… all they want is world peace, sweet clean air, and happy, healthy people, animals and trees, on one big happy planet. Right! And then they’ll all hold hands, and sing Kumbaya My Lord Kumbaya!!! Opps, forgot, that most Demodumbs don’t believe in a creator. Ok spanky, time to go back under your rock.

  12. I feel sorry for all those that believe the Democrats because they have been lied to and will not prepare for the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM and will starve or freeze to death. The Democrats tell them lies to control them but the Party is so dumb they will cause their believers to starve or freeze to death. Those who want to survive this next 70 or more years need to look at

    • Both parties have been lying their collective asses off merely to get elected for as long as we’ve had political activities in this country. The biggest problem is that neither side, nor its contituents, will agree to sit down and work on compromises that benefit the masses for a long time, now! This country was built on compromise. We need to stop being politically divided as Dems, Reps, Inds, and get back to being Americans first and foremost. No one side of the political arm, and no one person, has/have ALL the right solutions. Without compromises being made, this country is doomed!

  13. These fools will never learn! They are out to get Trump no matter the cost, and no matter how! This country is so divided that it will crumble. The hatred and mean-spiritedness is unbelievable. These fools actually are supposed to work for us, the American people; however, this is not the case! They will pay a heavy price at the judgment!

    • I, sent $25, to the Trump Campaign! Did I get any ‘Political Favors’? THESE, ‘People’, who are ‘determined’, to hurt & harrass, OUR PRESIDENT, MUST BE STOPPED! Everyone knows, this ‘entire’ FIASCO, is ALL, because “Illary’, had been’, Promised’ the 2016 election, after she was ‘begged’, to ‘step aside, for Bamy! Well, Gee, the American People, were ‘Not in on that Promise’! This entire, ‘disgusting’ period, since the elction, has been nothing more than REVENGE & attempts to ‘Rectify’ the election! The ‘smear’s, threat’s, lying Articles, etc.-Investigations, by ‘nefarious’ agencies-all designed, to ‘Get Rid of Trump! Well, SORRY! We, the People, of the United States, VOTED FOR THAT MAN & WE, STILL WANT HIM! EVIL, ‘Evaporates, when CLEAN WATER, iS “POURED ON IT! I, hope that a Tsunami, hits them!

    • They may impeach the president but it will be tried in the senate and it takes a 2/3rd vote there to convict him. They cannot even come up with impeachable offenses because there are not any that he has done.

  14. Build the wall with whatever it takes and set up a special prosecutor to go after the so-called special prosecutor illegally going after Trump. Include in the prosecution, all the criminals such as Hillary, and those surrounding and those a part of the deep state, New World Order types currently running loose in the swamp!

  15. I have tried to COMMENT on this issue 3 times and asked that it be posted of facebook. Each time it disappeared. There is no foundation for these actions you are determined to go forward with. If you want to use the actions of a President then Obama must be tried and found guilty of every possible thing listed in the laws of this country. We the people voted, CONTINUE TO SUPPORT, and RESPECT our President Trump. 2019 would be a great time to send Waters and PELOSI for an extensive mental and physical examination by an impartial physician so they will be out of the picture. Stop putting Obama,his wife, Hillary and her husband’s faces out every minute. They are old news. Gather our President and several people each from ages 20 to 100 and round table for as long as it takes with no fighting, name calling, putting each other down and bickering. Just let the PRESIDENT lead, ask questions and allow you to elaborate on the future of our country. Take people from all walks of life except NO CEOs or any rich head of corporations who do not know the price of a gallon of milk or gasoline. Listen to blue collar workers, small business owners, those just starting out and those who have worked and are ready to retire. The future of our nation is at stake and the Democrates have shown they can’t handle it so let’s get we the people and the President, a few governor’s, Congress and Senate, and some outstanding law enforcement leaders and workers and especially some young and some old soldiers who have seen combat. That’s about it. Time for America to move on. Time for reality to help create new and bigger dreams. Start writing a new history for our AMERICA 🇱🇷🇱🇷❤️❤️

  16. I am getting sick over these stupid allegations against our great leader and the president we elected to be in the WH. He is the only in the government that has cared for the working people of this beautiful land. Muller and any other idiot who try to impeach our President will not be able to do it. They did not elect the president but we did. WE STAND BY OUR HARD WORKING PRESIDENT TRUMP. Mueller and the other idiots can go fly a kite.

  17. Like CRAZY donald & d for DUMB trump’s live action TV Childish, Emotionally Inmature, Hissy Fit over not getting his way about his Insane border idea. What a way for an American president to act, like a 2 year Spoiled, Whiny Brat instead of an Adult! Certainly, CLASSY Hilary would never act that way

    • Gee if you think Trump is emotionally immature take a close look at Schummer and Pelosi and Bill and Hillary are corrupt and crooked to the core. Money and power are all these creeps want. They do not care about what is good for our country and the people. It is all about them!

      • Jeanni, Betty is a stupid TROLL, being paid each time we reply to her and I don’t want her to be paid even one more penny, do you?
        Betty’s message is always the same. She accuses President Trump what her own problems are. That is what commie liberals do.
        One thing for sure Betty is emotionally immature, dumb, ignorant, low class, low IQ, and her comments are a hysterical rant and rage. She is totally deranged and probably should be euthanized to get her out of her misery.

    • You mean Killary?She is part of the Deep State,she will pay and the rest of her cronies,Good always Prevails over Evil!!Trump is our Savior ,that God put him where he needs to be.

    • You dont pay attention to Hillary or democraps they been throw a fit every day all day because they dont have power you just a fool following idiots

    • Betty, Jenni is correct. President Trump was not having a Hissy Fit as you state, he was speaking for the People who voted to put him in that Office to _Protect them and resolve the problems at the Southern Border from a possible Invasion by Illegal aliens.


  19. Those losers need only to look into their own closet to see who the criminals are!! Such a waste of our tax dollars, dollars that could be used anywhere else but trying to get our “LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT” out of office!!
    There are a boat load of DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS that need to be behind bars with a nifty orange jump suit for a uniform!!

    • Michael, Absolutely right about wasting tax payers money on non sense.
      I feel like there is really going to be a Problem in this country if these crazy liberal not cases get there way on our duly elected president!

        • Well betty, the insane lunatic is still angry that she wasn’t elected. she swindled bernie in the worst way but what difference does it make? Neither one won.

        • There is a book written by a well established and highly thought of Psychiatrist that has defined the psychiatric problems of the radical liberals and leftist activist like Betty. She needs to get some psychiatric help before she harms herself or others. It is sad to see someone whose life may be ended in around 12 years from freezing or starvation because they have screwed up thinking and beliefs. She will not be alone for around 140,000,000 will be with her.

          • There are dozens written about cultists and also right-wing hate groups. Like the right-wing idiot who took his gun into a restaurant supposedly the site of Hillary keeping kids prisoners. Or the guy who sent pipe bombs to Democrats.

  20. Donors giving money for access??? How about the Clinton Foundation and Ms Killary Secretary of State. Hmmmm. Guess that doesn’t count.

  21. A fake coup to create an investigation into Russian Collusion, $25 million dollars and two plus years later and what do we have, the possibility of Trump jay walking in NY City, what a bunch Political Horse Shit! Close the government down we as citizens would be a lot better off without these nuts in Congress or in any agencies, or in the deep state. Then move the rest out to a small town in the center of the country, kick CA, WA and HI out of the Union and start all over again. That makes a lot more sense then what is transpiring right now. Hello out there, this is a COUP to over throw our elected POTUS. Like him or not it is a COUP.

  22. Did you read how many time the article called for prosecutors to fabricate information to get rid of our President. Is there anyone left that is honest. They can try but so far they have not been able to do it. I wish that all this stuff is not true but when Mueller, Rod, Obama and all the others makeup evidence for them to win. They are all liars, thieves, crooked to the bone, disgusting pawn scums and their families should be ashamed to even go out in public.

  23. Even the worst & most sicking action on impeaching & dumping d. trump cannot possibly be Sickening enough for CRAZY donald with his Insane, Sickco Mind & Diseased Brain. Thank GOD that the American people are finally realizing the Horrible Truth about that Oval Office Manic!


    • Betty, you MUST be talking about Hussein Obama or Bill Clinton. Even a stupid Democrat can see what their party is and what they are trying to pull off. I’ll bet you are one of them.

    • your dumb as the day is long and thats putting it mildly, yeah the American people finally realized that knee grow Ohomo and his stench permeated the FBI, DOJ, IRS, And Trump is finally purging those offices of the left over stench named Ohomo.

    • You must love someone else telling how to fix your coffee in the morning. If you had a brain of your own you would see what the dumbocrats are trying to do to this great country that I put my life on the line for. this is not the same place anymore. I will not let it happen as long as I can fight.

  24. Actually it was Hillary that once stated that the Democrat voters are stupid. She dared to crap on Bernie voters during Democratic National Convention that led to a scandal, actually one of many scandals. Yet Hillary supporters were choked on this one. Big time. You know the Clinton Foundation story. It ain’t pretty either. Well, you Democrat voters can have her.

    Trump is clean. He won the election … clean.

    I know that Obama tried to jinx the election. Unfortunately, he got busted too. Now the Dem House of Reps are up to something. Be careful what you Dems ask for.

    • If the Democrats are so “ stupid”? Then how come it’s the Idiot Republicans who are doing the current Asshole Kissing of that Oval Office Lying Lunatic?

    • You are living in your own fantasy cult world if you think the 2016 was clean. ALL our intel agencies reported Russian involvement to sway the election Trump’s way – – and why not (?) – – Putin had Trump compromised by the Trump Moscow deal and TRUMP LIED ABOUT IT, and the Russians knew. Trump was also compromised in other ways from Russian intel on money laundering from Russia mob bosses or oligarchs.

  25. All the things they are looking for can be found on the Communists side. Go after everyone from the last administration,they are all guilty. If they need help I’m sure we citizens can give them plenty as we were the ones that were affected by their corrupt actions.

    • You are the only person who has really, really told it like it is. And, if WE THE PEOPLE don’ stand up and demand justice, we will never see it because their are as many crooked bastards in the Republican party who will side with the Communists (the Dems), and Trump is surrounded with traitors like John McCain, Bob Corker, Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake and on and on.

  26. Donkey Jack asss face Mueller should be in prison most of the FBI are the most corrupted in the world pure garbage.They will never remove Trump from office dream on you FBI criminals

  27. …on and on…and on and on……on and on…and on and on……on and on…and on and on……on and on…and on and on……on and on…and on and on… Until they cam find ANY WAY to remove this uber-successful POTUS!

      • You must be talking about the black piece of trash who trashed the white house when he was there. The most corrupt POS to ever be in the white house.

      • YOU ARE STUPID in believing that the earth is warming because will not prepare for Global freezing and will start to starve in a few years and be dead by 2029. President Trump is trying to help you and you are too stupid to listen. I hope it will not be your family with you to pass away. It is sad to see innocent children die for having stupid parents. Starving is not a good way to go. Look up GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM and realize you have been lied to about everything.

      • Hey, Scott27, did you see where Guilianni again said something that shows Trump lied to American people about stopping the deal for Trump Moscow!?! On ABC’s “This Week,” Giuliani seemed to reference Trump’s written responses to special counsel Robert Mueller, saying the conversations about the proposed Moscow project went as far as the tail end of the general election period. “According to the answer that he gave, it would have covered all the way up to November of — covered all the way up to November 2016,” Giuliani said.

    • No, Don, they use the term demonrats and multiple others because they are juvenile name-callers who can’t think of anything more astute or adult to say.

      • And GOPers live to vilify others or “demonize others” to make themselves APPEAR to be virtuous. It is a common tactic of fascist authoritarians and cultists. Once they have demonized others, then they wonder why those they demonize don’t vote their way. The Trumpers are radicals who also demonize other Republicans if show ANY thinking that varies from Trumper cult propaganda.

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