The Deep State just doubled down by launching a new plan to jail Roger Stone

Roger Stone and his supporters can breathe a sigh of relief following President Trump’s commutation of his sentence.

But it is clear the Deep State isn’t done.

And they just doubled down by launching a new plan to jail Roger Stone.

Anybody who has been following the news understands that the Deep State is targeting Roger Stone for one reason.

That’s because he was a vital supporter to President Donald Trump going into the 2016 election.

In fact, Stone had been pushing for Trump to run for President for decades, even running his very short-lived 2000 attempt for the presidency with the Reform Party.

The Deep State succeeded in convicting Stone with seven different charges relating to the provenly false Russia collusion scandal.

If President Donald Trump had not stepped in, Stone would be currently serving a three-year sentence in prison for those charges.

The fact that he isn’t is infuriating to the Deep State, and especially to the prosecutors who worked so hard to ensure he would face that steep sentence.

So naturally, those prosecutors are working to get a second chance at throwing Stone behind bars.

Andrew Weissmann, who was a top prosecutor in Stone’s case, has taken to The New York Times to propose a new idea to force Stone behind bars.

Weissmann alleges that the only reason that Stone didn’t spend any time behind bars is because he didn’t squeal on President Trump, writing, “Mr. Stone was sentenced to spend 40 months in prison until he got his reward for keeping his lips sealed.”

He bases this on Stone publicly stating that he would not “bear false witness” against President Trump, meaning that he would not lie to them in order to get a more lenient sentence.

After all, the Deep State ultimately wanted Stone to implicate Trump in crimes above all, and gave him the sentence he received because he would not do so.

Weissmann states that Stone should face further charges after January, 20 2021, which is the day Trump will leave office if he is not re-elected.

“The president’s commutation does not and could not apply to future crimes by Mr. Stone, including lying under oath to a grand jury,” he wrote, noting that “federal charges need not be lodged until, say, Jan. 20, 2021.”

He also considers the idea of states charging Stone with crimes as well, stating that, “State charges could be brought sooner.”

It is clear that he wants nothing more than Stone to be put behind bars.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that is all based on the fact that Stone supports President Trump.

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