The Deep State spy ring against Trump pulled this dirty trick

Americans were shocked to learn the FBI deployed a spy to infiltrate the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

But the extent of the scheme was worse than anyone imagined.

A blockbuster report revealed the dirty trick the Deep State pulled after Trump won the election.

News reports allege that Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper was the spy dispatched to inform on the Trump campaign.

But Halper’s active measures against Trump continued after the election.

In the summer of 2016, Halper entered the White House grounds to pitch himself for a senior position in the administration.

Axios reports:

“President Trump’s top trade adviser, Peter Navarro, recommended appointing Stefan Halper, an academic and suspected FBI informant on the Trump campaign, to a senior role in the Trump administration, Axios has learned.

Behind the scenes: During the presidential transition Navarro recommended Halper, among other people, for ambassador roles in Asia. A White House official said Halper visited the Eisenhower Executive Office Building last August for a meeting about China.

Context: During the transition everyone involved in Trump’s presidential campaign were asked to submit resumes for administration positions. Halper, who already knew Navarro in the context of being a China scholar and interviewing for his anti-China book and film, pitched himself for an ambassadorship in Asia, according to a source briefed on their interactions. Navarro says he submitted Halper’s name for the Asian ambassadorship — we have not been able to confirm the country — along with around a dozen other people for roles in the region.”

This report raises disturbing questions.

Was Halper freelancing when he attempted to infiltrate the administration?

Or was he ordered by his FBI handlers to spy on the Trump White House from the inside?

And was the FBI working to plant a mole inside the White House?

These questions demand answers.

That’s why Donald Trump ordered the Department of Justice to come clean.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Not surprising Trumps Lie about spy in campaign was false. Can’t believe people believe the Bafoon.

  2. Very ‘weak’/lame reply. Would not score debate points. = 0
    Your answer = guilty until proven innocent. A V. Lame ‘switch’
    from – “innocent until proven guilty”.
    > Who you talkin’ to – ‘comm/marxist/fascist Left???.
    > Wayne, you are akin to illegal immi’s ‘living off the land’
    not only ‘Taking Advantage’ but actively ‘disrupting’/usurping __ So far,You & your ‘comrades’ ARE
    Not the Majority. Just remember what happened to the
    ‘brown shirts’. 0r are you a ‘snowflake’/ millenial age bracket.

  3. I understand draining the swamp has caused a few sink holes to appeare around the capital building!

  4. Sessions one of ‘them’??? Geez, hope not.
    Too many clintonista type threats.
    I have an email article stashed way AWAY,
    Sessions said he would never indict hillary.
    So, i dunno & neither does anyone else.(at this point)
    (but i really think Trumps knows re Sessions)

  5. &&& he is ‘chicken schnitt’ to say in US for
    Very long. What a Coward__ btw: where is ‘michael’
    these days.

  6. Don’t give obama so much credit/ clout ???
    He IS Total ‘puppet’.
    The ‘race’ card Is exposed & can No
    Longer be used. So,what IS the next card ???

  7. your ‘colorful’ ? imagination is prob what gets
    you blocked. RR let you thru this time.
    Sounds like you ink stuff while on a ‘pain patch’.
    Take a walk in the woods/ breath some fresh air, would ya.

  8. Are you serious ??? Go to ‘bomba’ ??? for the Truth??? OMG
    Yikes,the kool-aid is getting stronger. bomba won’t even
    stay in USA for fear of getting ‘nabbed’ or worse.
    > bomba likes ‘pizza’ (may he tell truth) after ‘pizza’ &this
    probably flies right over your head.

  9. You wrote in Kasich??? 0MG. You really
    lack intelligent and/or critical thinking.
    Please move to Sweden. We don’t
    need anymore ‘mud’. Oh, read Breitbart
    “put a spoon in it”.

  10. Raid that Basement turn it upside Down but be careful not Trip over that Truckload of Prayer Rugs they brought from the Rainbow House….!!!!!

  11. I agree he should go to Obama for answers, but he won’t. He is scared of facts, trumps a Coward and 5 time Draft Dodger.

  12. I Wrote in Kasich. I was an early Trump supporter, but the LIES and NARCISISUM didn’t work for Me.

  13. None of this sh#t was pulled on the Obama administration and there has been no one more despicable that Barrack, Michelle nee Michael, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Rice, Holden, Lynch, and the rest. Trump has not been culpable of murder like Hillary in the Benghazi raid. Trump has not raped anyone. Trump has not given gold and cash along with uranium to Iran and to Russia. Trump has not taken money from russia and China. THINK ABOUT IT. WHO IS BEING HOUNDED AND PEOPLE coherest into trying desperately to FIND SOMETHING ON THE PRESIDENT.

  14. Other that posting MININGLESS words….CAN YOU ACTUALLY post FACTS about your MININGLESS ” theory”? or did your now EMPTY head BLOW up on 8 NOV 2016???

  15. Many times in the Bible, we’re focused on “miracles”, and think they won’h happen in modern times. But with enough sincere prayer and work, God listens and ACTS. Nov, 2016! GBA! GBDJT!

  16. It takes time. Unfortunately, the CABAL of Obama, Clinton and Soros is well funded, hidden and involved. But The President will get ’em. ALL of ’em. General Sessions is quietly handing out rope for the CABAL to hang themselves. Nunez has a BIG shovel, and he’s shoveling Schiff right out the door. Gowdy is about to come on board in the Obama investigation, and it gonna be GREAT! Stay tuned. Pray. Watch. GBA! GBDJT!

  17. You are absolutely right. This President may well go down in history as the one who cleaned up all branches of government and Made America Great Again.

  18. You are absolutely right. This President may well go down in history as the one who cleaned up all branches of government and Made America Great Again.

  19. Wayne S.: Which of the SEVERAL accusations candidate Trump and then President Trump made have proven to be FALSE?

  20. I think it was, but the Deep State was so carefully protected by the media, all pointing fingers at the Pres. that it has taken tame to start the unraveling. I believe that the Pres., while trying to fend off his attackers, has been true to his word about draining the swamp. Problem is, he had to discover who were his friends and who were his enemies among the Republicans. I think he has done a fabulous job while constantly dodging the grenades.

  21. Trump is playing this Spy thing just like He did with the Birther movement. SADly He has those certain Birther Republican Trolls doing his dirty work for Him. Trump loves a good Conspiracy. Sessions recused himself for a reason, He knows the truth.

  22. Trump should go right to obama for answers. First, appeal to him nicely for answers. Then, go after him hard, like mueller does to Manafort and Flynn. Arrest obama for treason and sedition.
    The swamp would drain immediately.

  23. WET DREAM – Obama hanging upside down from his shiny, laced designer shoes, next to Hillary hanging upside down by the leg hems of her polyester pants suit. CAPTION: A Pair Made In HELL !!!!!!


  24. Can you imagine what would of happened if that nasty killary Clinton would of won,omg,thank God President Trump won!

  25. AS the ONION is getting PEELED , it seems that Hipocrisy , Derangemnet the TDS among the (D) party Communists is reaching Higher levels…. They want the TRUTH but do not show up for a Closed door meeting on the Voting issue…..Go figure these inductees in the (STUOID HALL OF FAME” and still Greene the CHIMP and Maxi the Urangutang SCREAM INPECH IMPEACH ….and Da Schmuck nad Pelosi scream SWAMP SWAMP!!! Sounds like DESPERATION LEVELS are getting HIGHER !!!

  26. Perhaps Sessions should now take charge of the Justice Department since the Russia collusion was a sham. He should unrecuse himself, fire Rosentein and Mueller, and then prosecute the whole bunch to the fullest letter of the law…including that joke of a ex-president Obummer!

  27. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  28. Bet the whole conspiracy was on Hillary’s server. Communication by deleted emails or secret meetings on say planes parked on the tarmac or ft marcy park. Comey Brennan and Clapper are running scared. Better put them on suicide watch.

  29. I’m surprised that the democrats who are leaking nfo to Trump have not made the Clinton suicide list yet.

  30. Losing steam or backing off waiting for another chance? Communists never go away until they die.
    The mid term elections will decide if America goes communist, the vote fight will be between the young democrat voters and the elderly republican couch potatoes, who had better get up, get out, and get the vote.

  31. They talk about partnership, what Americans may not understand is partnership amounts to a one party system, like communist countries have. Two or more political parties are supposed to fight for their citizens positions and the majority is the deciding factor. America needs politicians who understand the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and that America is a Constitutional Republic, NOT some 3rd world dictatorship.

  32. RINOS need to be recognized as they really are, DRINOS, DumboRAT–Republicans in name only. When running for reelection they should run as DumboRATS. Or be voted out of office.

  33. It is now clear that the miscegenated coke-snorting pothead marxist who tried for 8 years to make himself dictator planned and attempted to rig the 2016 election to install as his puppet the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke he kept out of prison. When that failed, he orchestrated a coup d’etat of the type he observed growing up in Kenya and attending madrassah in Indonesia. The coup has now failed, and we need to do to the plotters what The Mongrel’s tyrant homies did to unsuccessful coup plotters back on the dark continent. Obongo or Obama or Soetoro or Soebarakh or whatever his name really is, along with communist muslim chief spy Brennan, perjurious secret police head Clapper, dirty cop Comey and uranium bagman and head leaker Mueller, should get the sort of treatment that Idi Amin or Emperor Bokassa dished out – they cooked and ate the perpetrators of unsuccessful coups.

  34. The deep state is not a college prank club, they are serious about a coup on America. It is past time the Republicans stop being “nice”, and understand they are being attacked by a deadly snake that wants to kill, and kill it will. President Trump, get rid of the Obama holdovers, promote a lower person in each dept. effected as an acting dept. head.
    Then, forget political correctness, news media and party line and set your sights to kill this snake, by any means.

  35. The Democrat Party and the GOP were once similar in many ways before Trump was elected … it should not be.

    Trump helped exposing the real GOP problem: … RINOs.

    Yes, it was the RINOs that keep attempting to slow the MAGA agenda. They seem to be horrified at Trump’s finger-pointing blame on Obama’s for many wrongs such as Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal, Paris Accord, Chinese trade issues, military transgendered ban, border wall, etc, and etc.

    Keep in mind that we already have the control of three Houses, but the RINOs aren’t making it easier. Paul Ryan sucks. Mitch McConnell sucks too. Jeff Session is not making things easier. Hillary is still a free bird. Seem that they are waiting out Trump’s term.

    McCain and Flake should be ousted by now.

    We have to keep the ball still rolling.

    Trump 2020!

  36. The Deep State spy ring against Trump pulled this dirty trick


  37. WHEN THE COUNTRIES JUDICIAL COURTS AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AGENCIES WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THE EVIDENCE NEEDED BY CONGRESS TO FIND THE REASONS FOR INVESTIGATIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE…then those agencies are more criminal than any investigated persons…they have become more criminal than the criminals they investigate.

  38. The members of the Deep State are already afraid of being discovered and being arrested by the sheriffs, I believe that soon they will be taken to court so that they can be tried for treason against the American constitution.

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