The Deep State spy ring against Trump pulled this dirty trick

Americans were shocked to learn the FBI deployed a spy to infiltrate the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

But the extent of the scheme was worse than anyone imagined.

A blockbuster report revealed the dirty trick the Deep State pulled after Trump won the election.

News reports allege that Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper was the spy dispatched to inform on the Trump campaign.

But Halper’s active measures against Trump continued after the election.

In the summer of 2016, Halper entered the White House grounds to pitch himself for a senior position in the administration.

Axios reports:

“President Trump’s top trade adviser, Peter Navarro, recommended appointing Stefan Halper, an academic and suspected FBI informant on the Trump campaign, to a senior role in the Trump administration, Axios has learned.

Behind the scenes: During the presidential transition Navarro recommended Halper, among other people, for ambassador roles in Asia. A White House official said Halper visited the Eisenhower Executive Office Building last August for a meeting about China.

Context: During the transition everyone involved in Trump’s presidential campaign were asked to submit resumes for administration positions. Halper, who already knew Navarro in the context of being a China scholar and interviewing for his anti-China book and film, pitched himself for an ambassadorship in Asia, according to a source briefed on their interactions. Navarro says he submitted Halper’s name for the Asian ambassadorship — we have not been able to confirm the country — along with around a dozen other people for roles in the region.”

This report raises disturbing questions.

Was Halper freelancing when he attempted to infiltrate the administration?

Or was he ordered by his FBI handlers to spy on the Trump White House from the inside?

And was the FBI working to plant a mole inside the White House?

These questions demand answers.

That’s why Donald Trump ordered the Department of Justice to come clean.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.