This Deep State traitor in the White House just got revealed in the most insane way ever

There is a Deep State traitor in the White House.

But now Americans know his name.

And he was exposed in the most unbelievable way ever.

The New York Times ran a bombshell story exposing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The Times reports Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to secretly record Trump and wanted to use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office:

Mr. Rosenstein was just two weeks into his job. He had begun overseeing the Russia investigation and played a key role in the president’s dismissal of Mr. Comey by writing a memo critical of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But Mr. Rosenstein was caught off guard when Mr. Trump cited the memo in the firing, and he began telling people that hefeared he had been used.

Mr. Rosenstein made the remarks about secretly recording Mr. Trump and about the 25th Amendment in meetings and conversations with other Justice Department and F.B.I. officials. Several people described the episodes, insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The people were briefed either on the events themselves or on memos written by F.B.I. officials, including Andrew G. McCabe, then the acting bureau director, that documented Mr. Rosenstein’s actions and comments.

None of Mr. Rosenstein’s proposals apparently came to fruition. It is not clear how determined he was about seeing them through, though he did tell Mr. McCabe that he might be able to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and John F. Kelly, then the secretary of homeland security and now the White House chief of staff, to mount an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Trump supporters already did not trust Rosenstein.

He appointed Robert Mueller to destroy the President.

Now many Trump supporters believe this is the final nail in the coffin.

If Trump fires Rosenstein after this story, Congress will not move to try and impeach him.

Rosenstein’s actions were disloyal at best and treasonous at worst.

What do you think?

Should Trump fire Rosenstein?


  1. And now for another episode of “The Swamp Drains Slowly.” All we can do is vote in Nov. and hope for the best. You would think after all we have been through a few public hangings are in order starting with the Hildabeast.

  2. James, a ‘plan’ is taking place, After Mid-Terms.
    > We’ll see when ‘time’ comes.
    > Solicitor General (next-up) Noel Francisco.
    > Look good? Do Homework.



  5. Roberta dear, Rosentstein etal, have Already
    ‘deemed’ their FATE. __ in Time.
    > Please ‘Notice’ : No More ‘Talk’ of
    ‘russian ‘fake’ Collusion.

  6. I believe Rosenstein is the most reprehensible member of the “Deep State”! He is trying his best to unseat the best President we have had in my lifetime but it isn’t going to work!

  7. Why wait until after the midterms? Fire the jackasses now and it will tell the electorate that you are serious about draining the swamp.

  8. Yahooo!!! That’s rite bae. 0u.
    ‘schnitt’ coming down ‘the road’.
    (better start the ‘stash’).
    Scroll, read post to Dan.T.
    >Can’t find M,or pammyJay akaFoxyLady.
    Where did they Go ??? uh-oh. Later, Teregram.

  9. 0h man,HaHaaa. yowza. ps. Get ‘ready’ for ‘biggee stuff’.
    Noel Francisco. I got more, biggee more. Talk later.
    well, let’s go now, i guess, how would you feel, IFFF POTUS
    Really ‘digs’ to ‘Drain Swamp’ (key names) W/ a Temp,
    Martial Law 0rder, during the ‘process of Arrests’. What do
    ya think, on that one ??? hmm. 0u. ( better ‘stash more snuff’)__

  10. Anjelika, John Lennon was a cultural liberal and the Democrat party is now top heavy with them. We HAVE to remove all of these people from government otherwise nothing will change and they will come back with a vengence. Look at them, they are like wild beasts running amok. There will be no peace until the swamp is drained and it will take a firm hand.

  11. Absolutely right on all counts! That is exactly what needs to happen and I am sure it will. The Prez has had it with that slimy bunch.

  12. Butchy mah Man, the ‘domino cards’ Are Falling. Just
    takes ‘time’& Appears to be in the ‘happ’s. The moron
    ‘dissenters’ on this site (won’t mention names) EAT CROW.
    >BTW: am going to ‘bust’/expose this drJD soon. dr. in terms,
    Means Absolutely Nothing. 0nly a Ph.d. that’s all.
    ♥ U, gonna ‘ditch’ RR soon. & Go’elsewhere’. No time for drjd,
    snott, richard, tonja, latner. & Do NOT Read their posts. Diane
    is a lite-weight, & will respond to her (sometimes). Later,my Man__

  13. LF. Do Not ‘feel sorry’ for Ph.d doc jd. Am going to ‘bust’/expose
    soon.& Take it for what it’s worth. ‘jd’ Is 0n ‘stuff’.

  14. You have to wait till after Nov 6th then fire them all. I’d get Rosenstein first then go after everyone in doubt. You have a WH full of traders clean them out. Clean the swamp, build the wall.

  15. You have to wait till after Nov 6th then fire them all. I’d get Rosenstein first then go after everyone in doubt. You have a WH full of traders clean them out. Clean the swamp, build the wall.

  16. I think that the FBI is operated by the Islamic Muslims and in order to get a small start on making the FBI lean towards being American he needs to go now. And we need to keep it going and take them all out as soon as possible. The job this President has is hugh and it needs to get done and with the communist Democrats and half the republicans communist and the justice departments all of them Islamic muslims he will not get the job done. And we need to neve vote democrat again till we get our country back and stable.

  17. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  18. Thank GOD he is gone ( Rosenstein ) Just a shame that all the rest of the traitors don’t join him. Pelosi, Walters, Feinstein, Obama’s Holder. All traitors in my opinion.

  19. President Trump will make the call at exactly the right time, I would agree however that the time is getting closer as the Demorats are in full panic mode, that much is obvious.

  20. Rosenstein and all others involved will receive a fair trial by a jury…. after that the jury decides whether he is guilty/not guilty…. not guilty doesn’t mean one is innocent…. then sentencing… Hopefully, Rosensein will resign…. then Sessions…
    save taxpayers dollars.

  21. Trying to frame a sitting president isn’t a joke… Rosenstein and Sessions need to be fired. Trump needs to start looking for replacements now… I would like to see Judge Pirro to hold one of those positions…. P.S. Mr. President: Go slowly when picking a AG and assistant AG. Most people are good, but that doesn’t mean than can handle the job… look at Sessions…

  22. It’s as plain ad the honk nose on rosenstein face what is going on here yet bender and dr know nothing want to talk otherwise..liberalism is a disease

  23. Rosenstein has been protected by Sessions so he and Sessions need to go NOW. They neither are working on anything that makes a difference. Our county needs to see move on getting rid of the trash in the swamp and taking 2 characters in the coup against is best for our country and our president. DO IT NOW. We need this week in history to been seen as a cleansing for the WH.

  24. He said it was a joke. Well the joke needs to come back & kick him in the ass. Such a lie. Can’t have it both ways. Your fired.

  25. I agree!! there was a time when that would have been carried out..
    Also, fed up with muller spending millions of taxpayers money.

  26. And idea that prison is the solution is nonsense. The first time a Dem gets in the White House, they are pardoned and put back in office. Treason should be a public firing squad the next day. Mr. Soros founded his “Open Borders Society” back in 1985. Has poured over $38 Billion into it since then. That bought him the “European
    Union”. Obama failed to deliver him an “Americas Union”. Hillary was supposed to finish that job. This is TREASON, not shoplifting. Public firing squad is the correct punishment. Within one day of sentencing.

  27. I think that all of those that committ a crime should be charged as the rest of us are……….Are any going to jail for what has happened or just fined not showing a healthy judicial system.

  28. Yah that slimy filthy female deserves a date with the hangman. she’s too disgusting for the simple injection.


  30. I agree. Capitol punishment is actually too good for Rosenstein and his ilk.

    Who do these people think they are? They are not above the law! Rosenstein needs to be made an example of to deter others from thinking they can get away with treasonous acts.

    It’s unfortunate that we no longer use public stockades where a person’s head and hands stick out the front so people passing by can throw rotten tomatos, eggs, dog dung, etc at that person. It is made to not only discipline but humiliate and Rosenstein needs to be put in one for being so self centered and arrogant.

  31. I believe that after the documents are released to the public, there will be a large group of people indicted, charged, and found guilty. Many will go to prison. Just hope it is GITMO. Tick Tock.

  32. INDEED WE THE PEOPLE NEED SOME “ WESTERN JUSTICE “ all these sob’S need to be taught a lesson they will never forget and never b allowed anywhere near a position of authority ever EVEr again

  33. Oh, what the heck LadyLegal… Hit Rosenstein with the whole kit n kaboodle of charges, he deserves them all. We needs to be make an example of and then watch the swamp creatures really get nervous when they see OUR POTUS means business. Been a while since that was really done right.

  34. After almost two years, since before the 2016 election, it was the Dems working thru a disgraced former MI5 agent that colluded with Russians in an attempt to undermine and discredit the Trump campaign/Admin, and they have yet to stop, as the “Investigation” is still ongoing. The proof has been shown many times, so why is it that so many on the Left refuse to see or acknowledge it? I mean come on guys, you are standing in the eye of a hurricane while proclaiming that nothing is happening, WAKE UP already, eh?

  35. get rosenstain in a position of , life or death, and have him flip on obama and clinton, but all factual information, no damn lies, and this he said she said CRAP. Just the facts mr traitor , just the facts

  36. Yup, Brian, sounds like he was referring to that matter very clearly. Demos. don’t look at facts, but change the rules (laws) to support their needs.

  37. NO, that is not the right thing to do. The U.S. is a nation of Laws. First, we MUST give him a fair and honest trial, THEN, and only then do we hang him in an all networks live broadcast, to remind people that like elections, TREASON has consequences.

  38. Direct your bleeding heart sob plea to the lefties. The Republican are tired of their B.S. We are playing hard ball now. So sing of rainbows an unicorns else where. The Dems are as crooked as the hind leg of a dog!

  39. It’s All Good LF. A ‘public’ Apology Is Worth ‘its’
    Weight in Gold. Thank you.
    > USA IS in Deep Deep Serious Trouble. ‘WE’ MUST PROTECT
    0ur Country.

  40. Yeah rite, K. – “those beadie little eyes” etc.
    You See. I See,We See. But some of the ‘free speech’
    KrAAp ‘dissenters’ on this blog, Do NOT have a ‘clue’.

  41. Zee, I apologize for the last sentence of my comment. I may have possibly misunderstood you. But there are still a few rather long rebuttals to “doc jd”, & I was a bit miffed!

  42. Let’s waterboard Rod to extract the truth out of him. Next, put him on trial, if found guilty immediately execute him.

  43. YOU WANT THE TRUTH!!! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Nor can you handle the fact that your debased education has left you devoid of the ability to make a rational decision. It must really suck to have the logic skills of a jackass… no wait you are a liberal, so you are a jackass.

  44. Hey zee, Those posts are before I posted the deep 6…all except for the one posted to scooch..there should be 4 more of my comments…they are still not showing up, so keep your smart ass remarks to yourself…

  45. Wow, you and a bunch of your lunatic leftist demoncrats have already judged Kavanaugh and based on the delusional ravings of another leftist who can’t recall details of an alleged assault. I can see you believe in giving people a fair chance – – like Obama, Clinton, Pocahantas, Pelosi,Feinstein, and any member of the Demoncrat party who have already made their decisions and announced it publicly – – the jury has decided before hearing the case.
    How “Un-American”!

    How does it feel to have your perverted logic thrown back in your face? You liberal idiot, you don’t deserve to breathe the free air of America. You should move to Europe or Canada and wait to be subjugated by the muslim hordes.

  46. Hey Scooch, you are completely correct about “JD”. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen doc on several different story threads, and he is beginning to sound like a broken record. Maybe he needs some of his own psych drugs…oh, wait, maybe that is his problem, his field if “science” deals in psycho babble anyway! He and his ilk, have created a nation of non-critical thinking zombies, the most they can do is spew the mockingbird media cnn,or msnbc. I feel sorry for them actually. But not doc…!

  47. Unfortunately, I see severe civil unrest occurring in the country in the very, very near future. Civility has completely failed, particularly in federal government. People don’t communicate in earnest anymore. They just lash out in the most vile and aggressive manner through social media, and the safeguards are now very few. People will have to form circles of defense with trusted few friends and family soon.

  48. To Diane/ B.S drjd.
    > SHORT TERM ‘Economic Relief’ IS
    Better than ZERO. DUE to ‘Damaging
    Policies’ of the ‘Past’.
    > Hang 0N to Your ‘THREAD’.
    > Slick ‘ink’ Does Not ‘fool’ Eagles
    that Fly HIGH.

  49. I’ve suggested that Blasey-Ford’s bank records be subpoenaed to see how much cash Soros has paid her. I hope they can be subpoenaed, Jim…might reveal a lot.

  50. B/CUZ. ___ for 0bvious ‘reasons’.
    POTUS Must Wait, Tom.
    > i Know, ‘WE’ Demand JUSTICE.
    > these ppl ARE & HAVE ‘buried’
    themselves. The Time Will Come.

  51. What are you talking about, Bender? More and more is coming out about how Hillary and the deep state conspired with Russia and anyone else they could persuade to get that
    worthless twat Hillary into the white house. People who’ve been actually watching what’s going on know who the traitors are…and it isn’t the POTUS.

  52. This act can be resolved with a public hanging. Rotten Rosenstein literally looks like an Adolf Hitler henchman with his beadie little eyes & ugly round glasses. When he speaks, watch his body language. When he’s lying he can’t help but to gulp and he gets defensive beyond normal.
    This piece of garbage would be lucky if all he gets is fired, I’d much rather see him executed and see if his smirk is still on his smug face!

  53. Gotta say bender, you can’t be that uninformed. What kisparrow said is the clear truth if you look at the actual facts. What do you people do, watch one CNN clip and take it as the truth without doing any investigating yourself. You can’t be that blind and stupid

  54. “Maybe you missed all the hateful things said to and about the Obama family.”
    NO scott27, ‘WE’ DID NOT MISS. E’thing SAID IS TRUE. (& sorry to say or
    even Admit). What has been Done IS Done && Must be CORRECTED___
    > Do You et al ‘dissenters’ on this blog’ WANT to Remain ‘FREE’???
    Better think about it. ps. In History, the ‘Brown Shirts’ were the 1st
    to GO, AFTER ‘they’ were ‘USED’. Mussolini called ‘them’ ‘Black Shirts’.
    > You et al & ‘dissenters’ 0n this blog, Appear to be just that.
    > Better WTF up. Thank you.

  55. Keep 0N, LF. read my post to Gwen above. This guy
    drjd. is a 40 yr. ‘white labcoat’ B.S. (behavioral
    scientist) retired. & spewing. Capish, no?

  56. This site certainly seems to deep six a lot of comments.
    I have replied to 5 separate comments of which only 2 are showing.
    JD, Doc,pfft… I’d love to see the look on your face when all these deep staters start dropping like flies. It’s coming, I suggest you prepare yourself.

  57. I don’t think that will happen. Look at Clinton (Hillary) She still is walking the streets without a worry. She I think is responsible for several murders. And don’t forget selling 20% of our Uranium. And Benghazi, and allowed anyone to read secret documents she sent out on her personal Email server.

  58. Why not throw Hillary Clinton in there too !!! That old bag is still free and the last I heard she still has a security clearance. They are going to wait too long on Hillary and those lousy statute of limitations will run out.

  59. Gwen, i Totally IGNORE reading any post from drjd.
    A bit slick in ink, But Real PPL discern the ‘twisted’
    convoluted ‘smack’. This person is a ‘white lab coat’
    B.S. (behavioral scientist) 40 yrs /retired/ by admission &
    seems like no place to go & found RR blog. this B.S dr is a bit
    akin to this dr’ Blasey Ford ie the Kav SCOTUS vote. Trying
    to ‘teardown’ USA w/ The ‘poison’ Trap. Walk ‘in’ the ‘trap’?
    Why? Don’t Waste your ‘precious’ Time. ‘WE’have ‘other’ Ways
    to Beat these ppl? DOWN. ps. Ford is involved w/ abortion drug
    co’s ie RU486. & administers that ‘drug’ for DEPRESSION. ( & 4 Men?)
    This dr B.S jd. Is Way 0ut there.

  60. He Rosenstein is a traitor of the worst kind. He should be fired immediately and tried for treason. The rotten bastard as he is.

  61. Haha, ‘Sometimes’ NYT is not ‘fake’ &
    Tells the ‘truth’. & Here we go ___
    Rosenstein Meets his ‘fate’.
    > &&& So Will you, for your leftist ‘spew’
    Living ‘free’ in USA . AreYou
    a ‘parasite’? Your ‘time’ to be ‘measured’
    as well.

  62. I have to ask: “WHAT has happened to “Give PEACE a CHANCE” (John Lennon)….If we keep THIS up there will ONLY be DEATH and DESTRUCTION and ALL THAT because of just a FEW…..!!!! CONFIRM Judge Kavanaugh and move on from a “BAD episode of NON-remembrance” to “Give PEACE a CHANCE”, i.e. North Korea, give Trump a CHANCE to make THAT possible instead of EATING everybody ALIVE here in the GOOD OL’ USA…….!!!!

  63. So-called “Dr”. JD, you are so wrong. We, those of us interested around here, have read every word she has said with regard to her so-called “almost rape”. Those of us who have been raped have said from the get go, “No one forgets the details she says are fuzzy…looking at her passed out on the side of a swimming pool(… as an adult I was so not impressed and if she really works (-ed?) for Stanford and the CIA I have no more questions about the quality of their faculty or spies–or whatever. No wonder we as a nation are in such a mess. And if your Doctorate was in Psych you have much to answer for as it is NOT a science and there is no true logic to it.

  64. (POSTED) I think McCabe threw Rosenstein under the truck by giving the information in the recent NYTimes article about some of the “traitorous” acts of Rosenstein. Reason? Probably because McCabe wanted Rosenstein to protect him from prosecution, and Rosenstein denied him. i think the rats are beginning to throw each other overboard. I don’t think this article was any “plot” to get POTUS to fire Rosenstein. POTUS could have done that at any time in the last two years but opted instead to wait until the top ranks of the Deep State begin to devour each other. Trump will finish the extermination process, but if the players begin the process, it behooves POTUS to let them do the “up-front” work. Main thing to remember is – POTUS just shouted that there’s still a real “stench” at the top of the DOJ and FBI — and he will exterminate it – eventually. GO TRUMP !!!!!! We LOVE you.

  65. Amen, and throw away the keys. He should have Comey and McCabe in jail with him.they all committed treason against the President.

  66. Yes, please let reason be the “Ah so!” now. Trump may become a hero to me if he keeps all this up!!

  67. DB, I 2nd the motion. Rosenstein, the crooked bastard, should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY for all the reasons that you listed, charged with TREASON and put into prison for LIFE for making treats to our POTUS.

  68. I agree 100 %. Let them know they will be held accountable for treason.
    the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

  69. The STENCH that is so prominent with this stuff is really SICKENING! We have the possibility to place a judge on the Supreme Court,,,and the candidate most qualified man is the current nominee, and this nominee is forced to answer to an attack by an individual that has never met, nor partied with Mr Kavanagh but swears that she can attest truthfully to the fact that she got drunk and was accosted by this man, who has never seen nor met her in his lifetime…..after all, it was only a single lively party that took place 36 years ago???!!! The three parties that she named have refuted the fact, saying that it NEVER HAPPENED!!! COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THAT THOSE THREE PERSONS COULD BE WRONG????!!!!! We are talking about the reputation of a family man that teaches ball to his daughter’s team,,,that has spent his entire life following in his parents’ footsteps, and under their guidance, became a lawyer, judge, and hopefully, a Supreme Court Justice!!! I suggest that this woman, for whatever reason, is being as cunningly stupid that she is going to find that KARMA is unforgiving,,,,! Personally, I can hardly wait for KARMA to kick-in!!!

  70. Bender were you talking about Hillary and the dossier,$12M, fusion GPs, Steele, and the Russians with the FBI and DOJ

  71. For people who stand behind a campaign that tried to work with Russia to win an election you throw the word treason and traitor around pretty freely.

  72. their are a lot more that need to be fired to , not only in the doj , but the fbi , irs, and all the other agencies, the kenyan freak has his rats in all the agencies

  73. Have you compared the price of a sufficient quantity and quality of rope with the cost of .22 LR HP?

    Raffle off the tickets to pull the trigger and we can balance the budget, build the wall, deport every illegal alien and anti american moslem and still cut taxes even more.

  74. YES FIRE & INDICT every single person who has associated themselves with either preventing Trump’s election and/or derailing his Presidential win! Show NO MERCY to set a NEW PRECEDENT of following the laws!

  75. Jeanine is a propagandist and the people are NOT behind Trump. Only like 36% at last count and that is falling rapidly. And you don’t know constitutional law, you only want the Trump nominees because you think they support your point of view. Well, Donna, the majority of Americans by 9% do not want Judge K confirmed over those that do. Among real women the gap is larger – – 43% are against him being confirmed compared to only 23% that do.

  76. I am confident once the midterms are past us President Trump will remove this cancerous weasel and others.He will replace them with people he knows share his vision for our country.

  77. LF, what you said was not true — you should listen to Trump’s words in his interview with Lester Holt. He said he decided to fire Comey BEFORE the Rosenstein memo came out and it was “for the Russia probe!” The Rosenstein criticism was mostly about Comey’s handling of the investigation of Hillary, and Trump PRAISED Comey for that. When Comey would not bend to his will and drop the investigation as Trump asked on several occasions, Trump fired him.

  78. Throw this idiot down the toilet in a full out house with no ladders. That would put his Commie ass right where he belongs. Make sure Obama is there with him.

  79. Scum needs to be placed in a toilet and flushed down. Lacking that he should fired, placed on trial, then jailed.

  80. Abolutely. You cultist bleet your simple slogans of “MAGA,” Drain the Swamp” etc. and are failing to see the larger picture. Did you think the Germans saw where Hitler was leading them in the beginning – – to authoritarianism, to attacking the press, to hatred for a selected group of people — that they planned in advance the Final Solution of the extermination of the Jews?

  81. Wow, you and a bunch of your fascist GOPers have already judged Dr. Ford and she has not yet given any testimony. I can see you believe in given people a fair chance – – like Trump, Pence, McConnell and some members of the Judiciary Committee have already made their decisions and announced it publicly – – the jury has decided before hearing the case. How “American”!

  82. Thank you Mr. McClure. My thoughts exactly. These people have railed against the fake news media for months, and especially the New York Times… but based on one story printed there, they are suddenly ready to rack, pillory and hang this guy. Please folks, get a grip.

  83. REALLY???? What has Obozo done so great except put the US in deeper debt??? He came in office with the US in 9 Trillion $$$ in debt and left the office with over $19 Trillion in debt!!!! So, what has your great god done exactly????

  84. Dr. JD,
    Go do your trolling elsewhere. We are well aware of your disdain for POTUS. How could he have obstructed justice, when it was done by Rosensteins recommendation? Trump knew the Russia probe into his campaign was bogus.

  85. So now everybody believes what was written in the Toilet Paper Times Remember over the past couple of weeks they’ve run the Op-ed Steady State piece the Trash Nikki Haley for her Non Purchase of Curtains Piece Why all of sudden did they Publish this Piece. THeir trying to get Trump to flip Rosenstein and use it as ground for impeachment on a Obstruction Because Mueller isn’t Done Yet He can Dump Rosenstein anytime after Muller files his Report.

  86. Will I am 89 and agree with Jim and Gladys. Maybe he will tell Rosenstein to fire Mueller then he can fire Rosenstein. What can the dems say when Mueller is fired and not by President Trump.

  87. Treasion is the crime these low life NAZI Soros stooges have attempted to overtrough a ligeally elected President

    The should be stood up agents a wall and machingunned to death while their loved ones watch

  88. What Rosenstein did was totally illegal as he was operating either on his own or under the direction of another deep state person. At the very least he should be immediately fired, charged with obstruction of justice, making threatens to the POTUS, be changed with treason if he recorded or removed anything from the Oval office. I convicted he should be put in prison for a minimum of a decade.

  89. He should have been fired a long time ago. And the whole Mueller investigative team should be sent packing as well. These people are hurting our once great republic. They are traitors of the worst kind. Thank Heaven for Donald Trump and the wonderful things he is doing to restore confidence & respect in our government. Those obstructing this progress are enemies of America.


  91. The documents must come out first. The NY op-ed was a set up for POTUS, they were hoping he would lose his cool & immediately fire Rosenstein. Thus setting Trump up for an obstruction charge. Wait for declassified of fisagate…

  92. Yes, fire him for conspiring to invoke the 25th Amendment” insubordination and a treasonous wct against our Constitution. Take your pick, but fire him. Hsidesa thorn in our side and untrustworthy.

  93. Maybe you missed all the hateful things said to and about the Obama family. Maybe you like your tax dollars supporting an oligarch system. Maybe you hate all that America was. Maybe the reason mr. trump’s words are so scrutinized is because he says such dangerous things. I don’t speak of violence. I don’t speak of hatred for the man. I think he needs help. I do hate what has become of this once great nation under this administration.

  94. HELL YES!, President Trump should fire Rosenstein now and not wait until after the midterm election.

    I have said from day one, I did not trust Rosenstein to start with, because, he is as corrupt and crooked as all of the Democrats, and they will not stop at nothing until they can get rid of President Trump.

    President Trump needs to go ahead and release all of the declassified documents, so that every American citizen can see how corrupt and crooked the CIA, FBI, and the DOJ, and it will show that Obama and his corrupt and crooked administration were in on this , along with their favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton and her whole corrupt and crooked campaign were in on it as well, and lets don’t forget Bruce Ohr and his wife, Nellie Ohr.

    Bring all of the declassified documents out front for all of President Trump’s supporters to see all of the evidence. Then arrest everyone involved and prosecute them to the fullest, then lock them up in prison and throw away the keys for life.

  95. The left wants to deny all Trump has accomplished and a lot has been done without congress’s help. That statement seems to say we don’t need congress. Nothing further from the truth , we just don’t need this congress and by that I mean the parties. Trump ran on the Republican ticket because he knew he couldn’t win as an independent, he is not a party president and these fiasco’s created by our party congress can be eliminated by shedding party politics and take the DNC and RNC from power. Everyone should register non affiliated and vote people with integrity into office instead of lying, pandering , not capable of an independent thought politicians that only vote party lines instead of what the people that elected them want. In a 75 -25 election it is the winners obligation to represent the 25% that didn’t vote for them because they are supposed to represent all citizens equally.

  96. Maybe better for you, although I actually doubt that. And just because you’ve sold your soul, doesn’t mean we all should. Truth is… you are blind to what’s really taking place in this nation.

  97. Difference being Brennan is a muslim convert and, possibly, communist as well. In both cases, they DO deserve imprinsonment (long term_.

  98. mar – Very well said. I do not have a social media account but I certainly agree pretty close to verbatim what you just said. I am a Pres. Trump supporter because I believe he loves America, our military, our first responders and all of us patriots. The blatant resistence by the Dems is so outrageous. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. If they ever have power again, we might as well kiss our great country goodbye. I don’t think the Dems have anything that’s a morally or ethically contribution to our society. Do some/most of these morons that believe in the DS think that they will be of any significance to the DS if they win power back? They have been lied to about what the end goal game is all about. Here’s to us patriots that believe in America. MAGA! This is Bob’s wife.

  99. only in the twisted minds of loons ….Trump is the best thing to happen to our country in very many yrs. = saved even your sorry rump , from the true disaster of a hillary win.

  100. So well stated! Thank you for being brave enough to put yourself out there and state the way so many of us feel!

  101. Actually, Diane, Trump has something to do with the economic surge, but not in a good way in the long run. Please see below as to my comment. But I do agree with you that most of these people make the error of looking only in the short term and not what is in the long-term best interests of America.

  102. Rosenstein is an integral part of the coup, the Department of injustice. Fire him and take away his security clearance and prosecute him for crimes against the state. Another self aggrandizing hypocrite with the credibility of Judas. He is the epitome of a presupposing liberal bureaucrat and thus a member of the D.C.sewer that needs to be purged. His actions are treasonous and taxpayers should not be funding his income.

  103. obviously you’ve no grasp of what ‘truth ‘ is… sad that there are still a few -like yourself , that haven’t woken up to our nation getting way better =thanks to M.A.G.A. TRUMP…

  104. You are absolutely right I’ve been through Twelve President’s As Well I’ve Never Seen So Much That this President And His Family has had to Endure The People Of This Country acting So Crazyit Really is Shameful And As you said Enough is Enough

  105. You’ve identified yourself as the real simpleton if you believe your dumb comment. Typical leftist fools who don’t care how corrupt the system is, as long as you think your globalist masters like Soros, and the HO team of Hillary and Obama, will get away with all of their scams. Stupids on the left will believe anything.

  106. No Manny, those are opinions and very refutable. Any surge in the short run is in reversing the policies of Obama to REDUCE the huge deficits caused by Republican W. Bush. Trump is following the exact pattern of Dubya, which led to the Great Recession of 2008. . But here are some realities about our deficit now INCREASING due to Trump that should be a concern for all Americans.

    In 2018, federal spending will be about $4.1 Trillion, but our revenue is only about $3.3 Trillion, a net deficit spending of around $800 billion for ONE YEAR! This will drive the national debt to more than $21 TRILLION. The interest rates in the last decade have been low, but as we borrow more the interest rates are rising and will continue to rise as there is competition for borrowing money we don’t have. By 2020 under current trends, the nation will be spending more on interest payments on our debt than upon it will be spending on the future. This data comes from a retired congressman Jones and former Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

    Under Obama, the deficit spending was decreasing annually. But under Trump the new tax law where over 90% of the benefits go to the richest, we will add ANOTHER $1.5 TRILLION dollars to the deficit. Adding more deficit spending in the short-run will stimulate the economy, but in the long-run will produce extremely damaging results.

  107. he should have been fired a long time it has been very clear as to what he was upto he as most of the rest are as distonceas he is they will never help trump. and they do not care about trump or america and the american people. fire him .

  108. I think Sessions has gotten a bad rap. Heard that when he walked iinto DOJ, it was such a mess that it was not operating. Wonder who thrashed it and left it in that condition? There was no order, files could not be found , personnel were not or could not function, no organization, etc. it took him a long time to get the department up and runnng, and probably still hasn’t rooted out all the Deep State people. Investigations take a long time, and especially if their is no routine and trained people to run them.

  109. Well written. But, is not one of the cardinal values and rules for a president that he respect the rule of law and that NO ONE, not even the president is above the law?!? So, now we are seeing, thankfully, there have been at least SIX (6) criminals in the Trump people so far, and that Trump first Comey by admission “for the Russian probe,” which is an on-going investigation, so Trump has violated the law by Obstruction of Justice at least once, then it is the job of Americans to stand up to criminal behavior.

  110. Amen brother, very articulate and well presented. I spent 20 yrs in the Navy defending our nation against enemies foreign and domestic. Its the domestic enemies that are the ones need to be removed.


  112. Right Kathleen! I mean there have been governments that had the courage to sort out dissidents like this and move them out, one by one to make things more pure. Of course this was in Nazi Germany and in fascist Italy under Mussolini, but hey, let’s eliminate people we don’t agree with and maybe we need some Gulags that seem to work very well for dissidents in Putin’s Russia. I am sure Putin will have Trump enact this soon.

  113. Rosenstein should be fired. He is a snake in the grass. First he advises Trump to fire Comey, then appoints Mueller to investigate Trump for “obstruction of justice” because he fired Comey! Classic frame up!

  114. Mr Trump knows how this should work, all in good time.Expose them, let them wallow in that limelight, then fire their treasonous asses.

    Sept 23-2018 17:28 hours

  115. AMEN to that he keeps holding up material from the investigation that mauler is runing as President Trump has said this is nothing but a Witch Hunt and counting the Country a lot of Money that could be spent elsewhere I hope that the President fires him if the President can hire hem he can fire him. The President has went thru enough as it is with all the false media and leftist liberals and Dumb A— Democrats are issueing out about President Trump I hope thay all go HELL Saten will be eating for them along with Diane he will be eating for you to.

  116. I believe you hit the nail on the head. Nearing 75 years of age and having served 28 years in the Air Force, I too have lived and served during the life time of several presidents. None have been disrespected and treated in the manner of President Trump. I hope and pray we retain a Republican majority in the house and senate and President Trump is reelected in 2020.

  117. Ask for his resignation? He should be arrested and tried as a TRAITOR along with the rest of the “Deep State” Garbage!!!!

  118. Great! We already know of more like the foreign exchange student and killary and kerry and schumer etc. Get these pieces of S–t in the hot seat. Quit p;laying around! Sessions get your ass in gear and do your JOB!!!!!!!

  119. A friend just posted this to Facebook. If we follow suit, we might begin a trend – provided that Facebook allows it!

    I offer no apology for what I am posting. For this is truly how I feel. Please know this is my opinion and not open for debate. If you disagree, or find my position offensive, we can agree to disagree!
    I have personally lived through 12 United States Presidents starting with President Kennedy—prior to our current President Trump. In my lifetime, I have neither seen, nor heard of a President scrutinized over every word he speaks, humiliated by the public to the point of disgrace, slandered, ridiculed, insulted, lied to and about beyond common logic, threatened with death, his wife, our beautiful First Lady disrespected and threatened with rape, and his children also insulted and humiliated.
    I am truly ashamed of the people of MY country who commit these acts. I am ashamed of the ruthless, cruel, Trump haters who flaunt their beliefs and show themselves as having no pride, morals, ethics nor values in our country’s traditions. Our elders taught us 30, 40 and more years ago to respect our President, whether we voted for him or not, and yet many news stations and reporters lack integrity and feel they have the right to carry on with lies (fake news) and say the things they do for a good story line. Every other President before he was elected was left alone, wasn’t on the news 24/7, scrutinized for his every word, ALWAYS BEING PRESSURED to do this or that and never given the time to take care of the important work this country really needs.
    ENOUGH is ENOUGH is ENOUGH, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB ! He was elected because so many Americans voted AGAINST his opponent! None of the other Presidents in their times were spotless or perfect either!
    Now is not the time for stonewalling and partisanship that will create stagnation in our country and in our Congress. Congress needs a spirit of cooperation and compromise in order to pass much-needed legislation for concerns such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and jobs. This is vital to protect all low- and middle-income Americans who have been suffering more and more, year after year.
    If you agree, copy and paste this to your timeline and put your name under here:

    Would be interesting to see what Facebook does.

  120. Pure Patriot . . . . . Excellent analysis . . . I had never thought of this, but Session’s year+ long lunch break may be a real plus in exposing all the crooks . . . Excellent!

    Thank you for your service . . . . . . from an old Vietnam Vet (USN VF-151)

  121. Idiot, you want to give credit to an anti-capitalist that not only established uncountable regulations to stop economic growth but actually forecast that it couldn’t get done unless one had a magic wand. You have the right to your stupid opinion but you can’t have your own set of facts.

  122. Sounds to me that the country…(the decent ones) are all out FOR TRUMP. HE TRULY

  123. Manny – You show just what a moron you are……Trump has nothing yet to do with the economy. You obviously don’t know how it works, but that’s no surprise. Morons don’t. Obama set the agenda for the current economy as Trump is riding that wave. He’s done NOTHING since he’s been in office other to embarrass the hell out of the majority of citizens and support child molesters, abusers and rapists. He’s an unstable lunatic and unfit for the office he (currently) holds.

  124. Yes, I agree 110%. I made the mistake one time to question Our Presidents decision to sign the first spending bill. But it turns out he knew what he was doing. We are getting the wall despite the criminal democrat’s. God Bless the President and our USA

  125. That’s a bingo! NY Slimes now wants Trump to fire Rosenstein? Yer KILLIN me. Thanks NYS, for all your help. — NO SALE!

  126. This is another bull$hit story by lying, fakes at NYT. They hoped to piss off President Trump so he would fire Rosenstein and a $hit storm would have happened. President Trump is to smart to fall for this.

  127. I don’t think has set in yet in the minds of TRAITORS like Rosenstein – Mueller – Comey – Lynch – Holder – Strzok – Page – McCabe – Wray – Bath House Barry – whoever the hell he really is – even the Clintons that the trap was set and they took it hook line and sinker. They are fast running out of wiggle room.

  128. I’m totally perplexed as to how the weasel Rosenstein was not removed sooner. Not only is Sessions at fault for recusing himself…it was he who appointed Rosenstein the slime ball. One need not be an intellectual giant to have seen that Rosenstein was rotten to the core. TOTAL DISGUST!

  129. I always felt that Rosenstain was a DEEP STATER like Brennan , and KOMRADS ….BUT to me the BIGGEST betrayer is Session for reclusing himself and allowing RosenSTAIN to get the MULEface MUELLER to run the CIRCUS to NOWHERE as a DEEP STATE DETRACTION

  130. Rather than a break you need an electric shock to shake your leftist stupidity out of your primitive and atrophied brain. Trump is doing the best job any US president has ever made as the economy shows And he has gotten back the respect lost by his 4 predecessors in front of the world. Regardless of idiotic opinions. Those are irrefutable facts.

  131. That little weasly worm!!
    I knew he was crooked. His butt buddy, Magoo, isn’t going to be very happy. Rot R. & Magoo are best friends. Magoo has already said before if Rot was let go that he would resign..
    Them 2 had dinner together the very same night that the first set of Strokz & Paige texts came out.
    This is AWFUL….GOOD GOD! What has created itself in DC is so sickening that you need many words to describe how sick this is. Pulling a COUP right in our faces!
    Rot R. needs taken to the guillotine. I will gladly pull the rope. And then there’s a dozen or so more that we’r know of that needs dealt with.

  132. That definitely should be one of the things President Trump should do right after the midterm elections, however, the Republicans need to stand with President Trump with getting President trump’s agenda put forward. However, on the other hand, if the Republicans lose the House this midterm, then President Trump is for a long process with working with the Democrats on anything.

    Everybody needs to get out this midterm election and vote to keep the Republicans in the House, so that President Trump’s agenda can get put forward. Once the midterm election is over and we NO for sure that the Republicans are able to keep the HOUSE floor, then, the very first thing that President Trump needs to do, is fire Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions, and then hopefully, President trump will have some new candidates to work with in the SENATE floor and the HOUSE floor to continue his agenda. Then hopefully, President Trump will have someone working with the Attorney General, that will help with firing Muller on this stupid ” DAMN WITCH HUNT!”

    From day one,I have never trusted Rosenstein once Rosenstein took over because, Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, so, I am hoping and praying that President Trump will be able to fire Rosenstein, as long as the Republicans can win this midterm election, and keep the HOUSE floor, then President Trump will be able to hopefully get some decent people to work with on the other side of the aisle.

    Rosenstein, is just as corrupt and crooked as all of the Democrats are right now!!!

    President Trump, I am with you 5,000,000% to finish draining the swamp ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  134. fire that ant eater now dopey from the seven dwarfs sessions out and lurch mueller end the witchunt get rid of him to and all the rest of the swamp its going to come out the head of the snake that gave all the orders and that is bombout wait and see god bless the usa and god bless our president trump love him get out and vote

  135. Yes, TERMINATE him and then prosecute him to the full extent of the law!
    He is not above the law of our Nation either.

  136. I have been saying all along that Rosenstein is a traitor to not only our President but this country. Fire him President Trump and have him bag up Sessions too.

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