The Democrats are in a panic over this massive scandal

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison was one of the Democrats’ rising stars.

Ellison expected to cruise to victory this November in the State Attorney General Race and use that as a launching pad for a national career.

But now the Democrats are in a panic over this massive scandal.

Ellison’s cruise control campaign was upended when the son of an ex-girlfriend posted on Facebook that Ellison abused his mother when the two were in a relationship.

The Democrats’ response was to try and smother the scandal in silence.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has elected to remain silent as its deputy chair, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, battles allegations of domestic violence from an ex-girlfriend.

Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan and her son have accused Ellison of physically and emotionally abusing her during their relationship, which is said to have ended in 2016.

Monahan claims to have a video of Ellison dragging her off of a bed and yelling expletives at her. She told CNN that she misplaced the thumb drive with the video on it while moving, but three of her friends (who remained anonymous) said that Monahan told them about the alleged incident in the months after she moved out of his apartment.

Ellison, who is running for Minnesota attorney general and defeated two opponents in Tuesday’s primary, has denied the allegations and said that the video doesn’t exist.

The Democrats and media’s reaction to Ellison being credibly accused of domestic violence stands in stark contrast to the suspicious claims that Roy Moore sexually abused a 14-year-old girl nearly 40 years ago in the Alabama Senate race.

That scandal was given round the clock coverage and Moore was assumed to be guilty.

Ellison’s woes barely merit a mention in the mainstream media and every story leads with his denial.

But make no mistake, the Democrats are panicking.

There are four toss-up house races and any scandal that could depress Democrat turnout could cost them those seats and by extension control of the House of Representatives.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Ok people. All people!!
    The police that was involved in the death of this person have been arrested and will be brought up on manslaughter charges. What more do you want? That should appease you.

  2. Diane, do you know something the media does not know about Trump? I doubt if you know anything you douchebag democrap!

  3. No thumb drive NO Evidence, NO CASE. Just hear say and it doesn’t matter if she told 300 people it is still hearsay.

  4. Elected politicians take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Does that not mean anything or is it just a form? Shouldn’t officials who dishonor their oath be held accountable?

  5. Obama muslim
    keith ellison muslim
    IIhan omar muslim
    All democrats. The muslims are taking over the democratic party.

  6. Koran, Women, 4:34
    Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. God is high, supreme.

  7. Re “it is alright for Muslim men to beat their women”; Yes it is! Reference the Koran, Women, 4:34
    Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. God is high, supreme.

  8. TRUE ,!………it is the Democratic Left that is a threat to future of US…more than any outside country or force.

    Ellison will probably cruise to victory…He represents a huge Muslim community in MN…and Dems. rule the state.

    Very similar to how Khan became mayor of London.

    If there is a tape…it needs to be found.

  9. ,,,well…he’s a muslim, he’s a fascistcrat…what did she think…?…that he would respect her or treat her well…?

  10. From the response of the DNC, I gather they have been contacted about this video….Ellison is a big deal to them so they will circle the wagons and fend off the courts while they try to strike a deal with the party that has this video….The worst part for them is one, the video exist…2 Trump is clearing the decks and new targets for the rule of law cannoneers are now possible, there will be a lot of blood on the decks soon if the D’s cannot grab the handle to close the gate to stop the oncoming mayhem…..the game of subversion and coup are now playing out and the D’s have been out flanked by a unconventional thinker…..MAGA is the goal….America for Americans is a fact….

  11. I hope he fails and fails so bad, he is left sitting at the curb with the weeks garbage for collection to the land fill, but he is trying to fit in OL LOUIES shoes when he croaks.

  12. Allison is no different than the rest of the scumbags in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party, of murderers and thieves and liars and deceivers a rapist. Don’t worry the Communist Party always rallies to the Rhône he will be made to hero before it’s over with in the communist Democrat party!

  13. MDan combo – Oh I see your comforting each other! Sweet! That’s nice that two ignorant dimwits can bring comfort to one another. Gag me. You’re both sorry excuses as human beings, and fake Christians! I’m sure he/she would be very proud of both of you…..oh that’s right, you can do ANYTHING to ANYONE and will be forgiven. How asinine is that?

  14. And you’re about as immature as 45. No wonder you’re a supporters. You’re IQ’s, combined, equals zero.

  15. Dan T., Yes I got on a blog today and saw where that idiot had been doing her usual crap propaganda routine talking points and insults to a whole bunch of serious people blogging. I did it in a reply
    I was sending to you but it all turned on
    her. She doesn’t bother me, I can chew
    up and spit out worse than that
    heathern idiot has in her repertoire so
    she can bring it to me and I laugh her
    off. But today what she was doing did
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    mean angry miserable black racist and
    when you add that to commie Dem lying
    unreasonable liberal she is a raving
    lunatic. Oh, and she is an atheist so she
    has nothing to give her peace and comfort. She is the kind who ends up a suicide and people wonder why. Pathetic empty shell, I wish I could pity her but
    she is so despicable!

  16. Jesus would NEVER run as a Republican. Republicans only want old white men. I thought Jesus loves everybody; when did he/she switched to just white people?

  17. M/Dan – So being a serial adulterer is okay in your Christian book? Oh, I get it. Rather hypocritical aren’t you IT?

  18. Annette – That’s rich coming from a serial sexual harasser (16 lawsuits filed against him) in the White House and someone who had sex with an adult film “star” after his wife just gave birth!!! Don’t you think you’re being a hypocrite?

  19. Sounds like you know a little about Mr. Soros? I ask you to read about his “Open Borders Society”, and then you will know what the Hell is actually going on!
    Soros founded the “Open Borders Society” back in 1985, and has donated $38 Billion to them since then! I have nothing to do with “Unions”, Democrats, or any of the “Open Borders” groups. So “Pro Sports” is a “No Go” in my opinion.

  20. The reason Soros wants these Democrats to be Attorney Generals is because the Democrats have been going to all the States trying to change each State from following the law of Delegates to decide who is President to them choosing to have the Popular Vote to decide who wins in each State. This is against the Constitution but the Democrats don’t care about the Constitution because they want to win in 2020 even if it’s illegal. So they want the DEMOCRAT Attorney Generals to approve this change in each State. Democrats are such cheaters!!!

  21. This Ellison is known as a hot head and someone that just rants out loud and you can bet he is guilty as all hell!!! He also is one of the worst people that is in our government and his radical muslim background comes through a great deal and his disregard for women is very obvious!!!!

  22. I heard that the George Soros organizations are trying to get Dems elected into the positions of attorney general in as many states as possible this mid term. You must ask why would he want this? The number One reason would be to subvert, by way of these attorney generals filing so many law suits against this administration, to keep any helpful bills to be voted into law. I thing this is especially true regarding immigration, as Soros is for open borders so as to reduce the USA to a third world country. So Ellison running for attorney general, as a muslim, would greatly help the Soros plan, if elected.

  23. Lori, you have been drinking to much liberal cool aid and now your brain is the size of a walnut as well as your other parts, but not your mouth. That has grown to a disproportionate size!

  24. OH OH sounds like Ellison is in big trouble. It didn’t happen a long time ago but in 2016. He abused his girlfriend she and her son say. Can’t have that kind of people in congress. Guess that puts him out of the running.

  25. What panic, what scandal?! He’s gonna win easily and it’s the MN voters’ way of giving decency the middle finger. Meanwhile, the state that gave us Gov. Jesse the Blowhard Ventura and Sen. Al Frankenfake continues to dwindle into a no-go zone riddled caliphate, LOL.

  26. there are no morals panic on the left-you have to have a sense of decency/fairness/justice to ever have a problem with illegal/immoral behavior. That does not exist on the FASCIST/COMMUNIST left

  27. The DEMS think they are so untouchable and so in this case you reap what you sew. With Keith Ellison he has been handling himself as if no one thing could make people change there mind about him. Well he is going to pay a heavy price for the abuse and his name will take politics from ever being possible. I hope the DEMS are panicking as they have always thought that nothing could stop them from running this country. They have used there positions for self enrichment. It is time for them to feel that they have done nothing to give to the voters who supported them. We all need to pray that President Trump continues to give us back our country. Time will tell.

  28. Obviously by your language you are one of those dogs that Trump talks about. And, obviously by your post you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. I will bet that you have no problem with Bill Clinton and his actions while IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

  29. Gotta love Lori and her liberal rantings. Comparing adultury to physical abuse. Is it me or has anyone else not heard a word from libs on economic, immigration or trade policies. Unless you call “no borders, no walls, no USA at all their economic, immigration and trade policies. ????

  30. There should now be no misapprehension as to what will happen if the party of Black Muslim Minister Hakim Muhammad ever gets control of this country again. Women will be raped and beaten with impunity by the grandees of Obammunism. Men will be decapitated, sodomized and dragged through the streets bu jihadis, and it will be open season on the children from pedophiles and pederasts. The party of mohammedans, mestizos and mongrels means to establish a banana republic in this country, and caucasian patriots and normals are to be expropriated to pay for the bananas before they are genocidally exterminated.

  31. I don’t know if Ellison is guilty of this abuse or not. It was “charged” as occurring years ago. I detest Ellison and everything he stands for.

    But I have to admit that the #Metoo movement involves both Republicans and Democrats, as well as some men who are not guilty and WERE not guilty.

    Democrats: A note of warning: Be careful what you wish for. Turnabout is active whether you like it or not.

  32. That’s acceptable to Muslims.
    “Don’t forget to tell them you’re a filthy scumbag Muslim” Nacy Pulosi

  33. M – you are right. I just don’t understand this fascination with ugly rumors or bad behavior from years ago. Please everybody just let it go. If he abused her, then there are legal ways to deal with it. But does that mean he can’t do a job? That should be the only consideration. If he faces the music for what he has done, if anything, and it is over then move on. If Pres Trump has misbehaved and has paid the price in his personal life, then move on. I want him to do his job for the country and it looks like that is exactly what he is doing. Stop all the nasty women stuff. Who cares whether he hired a hooker or not. Thats all she is – a prostitute who sells sex. He tries to make herself “exotic” but she is just a hooker. That’s between him and his wife. As far as we know he hasn’t been running hookers through the White House or boffing an intern in his office, so we have had a lot worse. Is he doing the job? Yes, and then some. He works harder than any previous President. Let’s concntrate on getting this country moving and making people more prosperous. So much finger pointing and worrying over little crap. There are no perfect politicians. They all sin. We all sin. If they break laws, hold them accountable. If not, let’s move on already. We should be reversing the steps that BHO was pushing on us in his effort to fundamentally change the US into a third world country.

  34. Lori Diane, No Republican has ever upheld President Trump’s shortcomings,
    that is “fake news”. News flash, we all know he is not a perfect person, are you, of course not, none of us are! You and all liberals are suffering DTS and are mentally ill. His morals, accusations that he is a liar and the false Russian allegations seem to be your weapons of choice. In fact, these are your only weapons to fight him. How many times do we have to go over this with you? Okay, I will try one more time. DJT was not elected because ANYBODY thought he was a perfect person. He was elected because this Country absolutely could not survive, as a nation, eight more years of the BHO policies, which is what HRC would have brought. (I won’t even get into the many other criminal things about her, and don’t say “unproven” since Peter Strzok headed up her investigation which says it all and she hasn’t been investigated on many other unlawful things at this point.) But I digress, America was on a fast track to becoming a third world country, which BHO told us to get used to it, it was the new norm. That, with a lot of other liberal agendas, is the reason DJT was elected President. He has been able to accomplish so many policies and wonderful things, having to fight with every step he has taken. One more thing, comparing POTUS to Ellison is comparing apples to oranges, Ellison physical abuser, DJT adulterer, BIG difference! God bless America!

  35. Lori,
    You are talking about the duly elected President of the United States. Give it a rest! Nobody cares and NOTHING can be proven. In America, everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty, not the other way around.

  36. As an American who support the President, I hope that your taxes are lower and that you have more money in your pockets. May this day bring you smiles & happiness!

  37. Keep reading the National Enquirer digital version. NEWS Three Headed Baby born to HRC and Martian. See pictures here!!

  38. Thanks Stormy/rainy for opening the floodgates for the bilking of the rich and/or powerful. This,is just the tip of the iceberg of grabbing attention, making false accusations and displaying tactics that make it difficult for victims rights. The difference in this claim is it is being made by the son.. the problem with all the claims is the length of time elapsed since the “alleged ” incident, screwing women every. Take a bow.

  39. I am sure it is not pc to bring this up however, the Muslim religion does not acknowledge or treat women in the same way we have known all of lives. So, women in America or anywhere should consider this before entering into a relationship with a man of Muslim faith. Ellison’s ex-girlfriend may or may not have this video but, considering what is known about the status quo between men and women with regard to the Muslim faith it is reasonable to assume it may have happened. Will the Musilm faith ever be able to assimilate into the acceptable and lawful American culture? This is a serious question we should ask ourselves before placing someone of Muslim faith in a leadership position in our communities. If they cannot adhere to our culture and commit unacceptable conduct, it could be very embarrassing for the political party and the community. Their view of relationship between men and women should be troubling to everyone since women are held with such high regard in America.

  40. Ellison, an Islamic extremists, just won his primary in Minnesota, proving the wisdom of Minnesota Democrats.lf Jesus Christ were running for President of the United States,as a Republican, and Saten as a Democrat, Democrates would vote for the Devil himself. And “they” say the American people are smart…….Really?

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