The Democrats’ plan to target Trump’s family will make your blood boil

Democrats salivated over the prospect of winning the House of Representatives and investigating every aspect of Donald Trump’s life.

This time they went too far.

A top Democrat let it slip the left has a plan to target Trump’s family and it will leave you red with rage.

Democrats are still chasing ghosts of Russian collusion.

And they are convinced that Donald Trump, Jr. lied under oath about a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The Russians never offered any compromising material on Hillary – they lied about that in order to secure the meeting – and instead lobbied the Trump team to loosen sanctions on Russian adoptions if Trump won the Presidency.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee intend to subpoena Trump, Jr. in order to grill him in public in hopes that he slips up so they can demand the FBI arrest him on charges of lying to Congress.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Democrats probing allegations that the Trump presidential campaign worked with Russian operatives to win the 2016 election plan to issue their first subpoena to Donald Trump Jr., according to a top lawmaker.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., a key member of the House Intelligence Committee, asked Tuesday night about whom would be served first by the panel as it reopens the investigation, said, “Donald Trump Jr.”

Democrats on the panel, headed by Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., have long questioned a report written by the previous GOP majority on the affair and believe that those who testified in private, including the president’s son, were not forthcoming.

“There are a number of persons that testified before the committee that I feel were not telling the truth,” said Speier, addressing the Women’s National Democratic Club in Washington.

There is no evidence Trump, Jr. did anything wrong or lied under oath.

Dragging him in front of Congress is nothing more than Presidential harassment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I guess it takes one to know one Betty. so you must be a bastard brat yourself. You should be in good company then.

  2. well the Democrats lie about everything but I haven’t heard a lie coming from Trump so you must be listening to fake news. They misrepresent everything that Trump say and make it out as a lie. Democrats and the media being involved with the lying Obama President don’t know what a lie is after hearing so many from Obama they can’t tell the truth from a lie now.

  3. You know the Democrat and those in congress are al guilty of murder for letting illegals into our country who kill our citizens. That is because they refuse to fix our immigration laws and that includes the border wall that they all agreed on a couple of years ago. Just recently an illegal killed 4 people and they are guilty as he is for those murders. God is going to hold them guilty for that.

  4. Go after Nancy, she is wide open. Last federal bill to increase minimum wages was put on hold until she got an exception for her husbands business, and that is just the start. Remember that the democrats take care of the little guy, right after themselves, their family, and their friends. Not too much left for the little guy.

  5. Already do.. And I’ve drawn down on 3.. One I had to cock back the hammer on my 1889 single action colt 45.. He came within 9 feet of me and one step closer,,,,,,,,,, he’d be !!DEAD !!! this happened in a self serve gas station @ 3AM in Apache Junction, AZ.. “GOD MADE MAN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, COLT MADE US EQUAL”!!!!!

  6. Demorats pushing for a uprising in this country? Then let the real taxpayers, gun owners, the Sleeping bear arise and put the 2nd Amendment into actions…no wonder the DemoRats fear the 2nd Amendment-it would put fear into their flesh knowing that PEOPLE can take action…Just like the American Revolution–the real Constitution is filled with the Name of God all over–history just watered it down so it does not hurt the DemoRats ears… not the true believers…including the Taxpayers…Let the DemoRats NOT get their paychecks–see their whining!!!!All about their paycheck and power…never mind the rest of us “we the people”

  7. well if the Sleeping Bear of the USA woke up and really put their words into action… the DemoRats will shut up period then they will bawl about the 2nd Amendment and try to scratch it out of the original Constitution…well if they really read the “real” Constituion…it is loaded with the Name Of Jesus Christ–really–history just watered it down

  8. Michael, you are just plain IGNORANT, uniformed and jealous. Trump is a person that does not collect a paycheck and has done more for this country than I am sure you could ever imagine because you don’t sound well informed. Why would they have to attack and investigate his family? It is the DEMORATS that are the crooked ones and can’t win a race w/o cheating @ the ballot boxes & polls, then still couldn’t win because of the Electoral votes.

  9. Just look at the picture above of that Speier woman. I always thought people elected to Congress must have at least reasonable intelligence.

    Wow how wrong could I be! Unbelievable that she’d actually say and do the things she says and does. She presents as some kind of INSANE person to actually have such thoughts/ideas!

    And just look at her. Mouth hanging open like she’ll slobber on herself any second.

    No kidding, I truly believe the democrats have “done something” to these pols to ensure their unquestioning support for ANYTHING. These people are NOT NORMAL.

  10. Oh Linda, you are so RIGHT! They can’t even pretend that’s okay to do! Nobody in the world would defend that! They never thought we’d find out. And I will bet they DON’T really stop it. They’ll just wait for it to ‘blow over’ and us forget about it.


  11. And also their OATHS OF OFFICE! That should automatically toss them out. Otherwise, what’s the point of it?

  12. Richard, if you truly believe that Russia was responsible for getting Pres Trump elected, then please tell us EXACTLY HOW IT WAS DONE. Seriously. I am very interested in knowing exactly how Putin convinced or forced about 60 million Americans to vote for Pres Trump.

    Instead of blindly repeating something that is fundamentally & logistically impossible, tell us how it was done.

  13. Did I hear that Mueller JUST HIRED 11 MORE LAWYERS!?!?!?!??!?

    We really need to storm the capitol. Seriously. I believe that’s the only way it’s going to stop.

  14. Oh please. You embarrass yourself by continuing to spout the liberal lunatic mantra; the only sentences they know all contain the word RACIST. That got old long ago and normal people just laugh at it.

    If Pres Trump and his supporters are RACISTS, I wonder why we WELCOME LEGAL IMMIGRANTS to our country…no matter what RACE they are. Wow, it must be that we take issue with INVASION of our country, LAWLESSNESS encouraged by political miscreants, and CRIMES committed against our taxpaying citizens. I realize that’s ABNORMAL to you but not to decent, normal people; and it most assuredly IS NOT RACIST.

    Now let’s examine you and your comrades. Racism, anyone? Not only do you hate Whitey, for the simple fact of our RACE and without regard to the person, you insist that your indoctrinated followers announce regularly how bad Whitey is–while actually standing at a podium IN ALL THEIR GLORIOUS, HATEFUL WHITENESS. Now that about takes the cake–self-hatred on command. That’s what I call some serious brainwashing and RACISM.

    Like all liberals, you are mightily confused. But hey, we understand completely how you’ve gotta use whatever you can think of, since you have no intelligent/cohesive arguments on ANYTHING.

  15. ‘ride on Pelosi/schumer/ ocasio-cortez/ rashida/
    sodomites, Pedo Joe/ diane/betty/jd/ricB/tit ‘backs’ in future.
    See how far you get w/ New Dems that you support.
    Say THANK YOU POTUS/PATRIOTS. You are ‘free’, for now.
    Answer: from POTUS/PATRIOTS = You’re Welcome. For now.

  16. Proof? No answer with straight facts and where you got the proof tells us all we need to know about you treasonous libs. We look to the government judiciary sites to get our proof of the treason dems commit every day. You are complicit in that treason. How do you think that will work out for you and yours?

  17. Evile is Stopped w/ De-capitation.
    That is why ppl (in some countries)
    STILL DO ‘IT’. ___
    (depending on the meaning of what a
    ‘culture’ Thinks is Evile.
    Modern countries fire a ‘bullet’ to
    Heart 0r (back of Head mafia style) boom.

  18. 0u. ‘humping’. Bwar har har.
    fyi: yrs ago,(Before googie google
    ‘Censorship’) > info WAS inked about
    guillotines dragged to usa from Irag.

  19. Rathwer than spend time on solving problems, THE JOB THEY WERE VOTED IN TO DO!!! DemoRATS continue to to hump Trumps leg like a rabid poodle at a cocktail party. Being the MUTTS that they are they continue to waste time and energy on massagign their injured fragile sensibilities and ego to justify their existance. I say bring back the GULLOTINE and start lopping off the heads of a few of em, trust me the rest will fall into place.

  20. ALL the Dip shi”””t Democraps Politicians who collect a government / ” We the people ” paycheck should all be investigated and audited by the IRS. I find it very disturbing that on their salaries many of them leave office as millionaire’s?? And when the cowards from the IRS even do their jobs honestly then we need to start investigations into all their lying , cheating personal lives and make it public for ALL TO SEE

  21. You are a moron! Try talking about the countries issues and ways that this government works together to MAGA, instead of this bashing our president and his family. What about all the people,politicians, and
    The nut-cases on TV and actors on how they talk about our president and the people who voted for him. I for one voted for him and will do so again in 2020.

  22. Michael maybe you don’t care that the Democrats waste taxpayers money on political discourse. Voters are sick of it and the Democratic Party must work for voters and be responsible not vindictive.

  23. And Trump wasn’t raised on “hatred”?????? His “old man” was a “racist” and he and his family follows in that mantra…..SO SAD……..

  24. You have a funny way of looking at your country. Any turmoil that dems can inflict on some one is all right with them. Look back at American history and see if any other president has been harassed like this one. Even the justification for the Mueller fiasco was based on exactly no facts, just innuendo. The facts rested with the other party.

  25. Interesting comment from someone who is a follower of someone who acts like a
    school yard bully” If someone has a different point of view than him, what does he do? Same thing a bully does, tries to intimidate people. A question. why is everyone that comes across the border a rapist, murderer, terrorist??? when he has no issue if any of these happen with native born people. There are millions of “bad” USA born hombres walking the streets. His wall is a “waste” of money…..plain and simple…. His wives mission is to stop “bullying”, she should start at HOME…..with the worlds “biggest bully”

  26. Lula You are one hundred percent right.i used to be a democrat but no more. I would never vote for a party or candidate that condones the Killing of innocent unborn Children. they should hang there head’s in shame.

  27. Michael Trump isn’t the dope you are the dope because you are a democrat. if JFK were alive today he would have tear’s in his eye’s to see what his beloved democratic party has turned into.

  28. Obviously you know nothing about the Clinton emails, uranium one, Benghazi, interns under the desk at the oval office, travelgate, etc etc. Billion of our $$ given to terrorists, stoking racial tensions, millions on vacas, IRS scandal, corrupting our Federal law enforcement agencies etc etc. Do some research TROLL

  29. trump is a dope, anything to harass him and other corrupt members of his family can only be good for the future of our country!!

  30. If anyone wants to talk “corrupt” then let’s take a look at the Democrat Party! They all lie right between their teeth and people let them get away with it!!!! If they would work with Trump in office and the Republican’s to come up with solutions to our problems something could be accomplished! They do not care about getting anything done except for seeing that impeachment charges are brought up for Trump, etc. At least I see Trump trying to make changes that would be better for our country instead of being constant road blocks!!! I have to walk away when I see any member of the Democrat Party speaking because I know that they only have one thing on their mind!! I truly hope that Trump stands his ground because they agenda that he has stands up for America and American’s!!

  31. Donald claims he has the goods on quite a few members of the Democratic party maybe it is time he has the DOJ issue subpoenas based on that evidence and cease with doing what the Communist party so often does besides lie and coerce, and that is use blackmail.

  32. If people have to target families in order to get their political way…there is a problem. Sign of a spiritual sickness that eats away the humanity and the outcome will be for the Democrats to remember: your negative and ugly behaviorism will be a payback at the polls come the next voting round–“what goes around will come around”

  33. Yeah aren’t they really really stupid.
    All you stated is so true. I guess when you have you head stuck up your butt you can hear. Right Betty?

  34. Yeah aren’t they really really stupid.
    All you stated is so true. I guess when you have you head stuck up your butt you can hear. Right Betty?

  35. I agree. It’s time Republican’s grow a pair and stand up to the Criminal syndicate known as Demorats.
    They are the deciples of SATAN. Look at Shumer. Does he not a SATAN look about him?

  36. The Trump clan may indeed be the most “corrupt” family in the world. According to Trumpty everyone in the world lies but him and his tribe, now there’s some FAKE news from the Donald.

  37. betty don’t know you and from the way you talk don’t care to but the lord jesus christ does and we are not to judge anyone but you judge a person by the fruit they bare and he tells us plainly that eternity in hell is a very very long time god bless

  38. Such delusions you suffer from, Richard. You need to see someone professional.
    You say there’s not enough space to list all PRESIDENT TRUMP’S problems…but I challenge you…name 5.

  39. snark
    JANUARY 10, 2019 AT 8:54 PM
    Hey Betty/diane, ever hear about
    DOX’ing’? Ahem cough-cough.
    You “poor innocent lamb” are not ‘immune’.

  40. yes Sharon…go lady go!!! finally some one will stand up and start the momentum…get some senators and congressman to support this …enough of nancy and chuck and all the nonsense…this whiole garbage is insulting the citizens of USA who chose their leader … stop it now..

  41. Hey Betty/diane, ever hear about
    DOX’ing’? Ahem cough-cough.
    You “poor innocent lamb” are not ‘immune’.

  42. On targeting the trump offspring, well, what else can one expect when one(s) is the Bastard Brats Of The Devil In Human Form?

  43. I would tell the dems to go to hell. I would not give them any information and would not talk to them. tell them to come back when they grow up. just stall for 2 years thats what they do

  44. Your brain still of a 8 year old. Ask yourself why Donald Trump won the presidential election.
    It’s because of his campaign promise, flatfo
    And his agenda. Your collusion theory was fabricated
    by no less than Hillary and her cohorts the DNC. This case is now gradually showing out.Collusion
    of the Obama DOJ, FBI made this fiasco
    More look like genuine but just a HOAX. Expectorant actors to be prosecuted soon might include
    your favorite Obama .

  45. Unfortunate? Are you serious? Both, yes both, of Trump’s sons are complicit in aiding the Russians to get their crooked father elected. The only people being harassed are my fellow American citizens and the thing that is unnecessary is Trump himself. I cannot list in this short space all of the horrors Trump has brought down on our country in the two years he’ been in office. His comeuppance, which is on it’s way, but cannot come soon enough for most of us, will reveal how he colluded with the Russians to get elected and which, if there is justice in the world, will have his name and every evil he’s been responsible for during his illegal stay in our White House stricken for our country’s history before he led away in an orange suit to spend his remaining years in a Federal Prison……..the one out on the Eastern end of Cuba would be a fitting place for him to be confined.

  46. The first Saturday of Feb. Buy yellow vest, make signs,tell all your friends and families, make videos and gather together with as many people as you can, go live Twitter, Facebook with them. Spread he word, and let’s tell them we are not taking this crap no more! And they better leave our President and his family alone! Please get this out to everyone!Lets make this the biggest movement in history across this nation! If we don’t we will loose our country to tyrants! Repost please

  47. You know what I like to see happen to these democracts their salary frozen and given back to the taxpayers. The democracts shouldn’t be getting paid since they don’t work here

  48. These democracts are the ones who should be investigated and being locked up they getting away with alot of wrong in this country. The democracts should not be getting paid since they refuse to work for this country

  49. You really are dumb aren’t you. You must love it when the democracts raise taxes spends millions of dollars to foreign countries but not one dollar to your own country. Americans like you have your priorities mixed up. Hope Americans like you are ready for single payer, and more higher taxes

  50. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” All those people will receive their JUST REWARDS in the FULLNESS OF TIME! This President has done nothing Wrong! Why waisting so much time, energy, and TAX Payers’ Hard earned Cash on GHOST HUNT? BOOOOO…………

  51. Maybe the GOP got a pair of balls and start playing the democract game and go after them and family members who been stealing from taxpayers. The democracts today are so butt hurt that Hillary has lost and they can’t seem to get over it they just waste taxpayers money on bogus stories. To bad the laws around here don’t start locking up these democracts

  52. People it’s time to stand up against the Deep State and put these damn communist in their place. On the first Saturday of February wear yellow vest ,gather together with those you see, your family your friends, tell them all to buy yellow work vest, they are really cheap, if not yellow any green. Gather with as many people as you can in large crowds and video it, make your signs saying we are not taking this anymore! Do it, make a difference, for us, our families, our country! Enough is enough! They are attacking ” Our President” and now his family, like hes nothing, and going against us as American citizens, it’s tyranny! Put on Facebook, Twitter, any where you active, get everyone you know to join in! Let’s do this across the whole country, before we loose her to tyranny! Please do it and let’s start the biggest movement ever done in this country!

  53. Then be sure to tell your side to agree with our side and we’ll all be happy! Your side is the one that is working AGAINST the United States of America. You seem to think it’s OK for illegal aliens to pour into OUR country, bringing their deadly drugs, diseases, rapists, murderers, thugs who will do ANYTHING to good, decent folks, rape our CHILDREN AND OUR WOMEN. Of course if YOU haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of being raped by one or 5 of them, well, maybe they’ll get to you yet. Why not just post your address on here so they can find you. If you SERIOUSLY do NOT believe that there is a crisis at our borders then you have your head stuck in the sand pretending life is perfect.

  54. Oh, Those POOR LITTLE INNOCENT trump LAMBS. After all, they certainly didn’t ask or desire to be the Spawn Of SATAN!

  55. Unfortunate for the president and his son.

    I hope this stupidity can be resolved soon as possible.

    Perhaps it should be legally filed as a political harassment. Unnecessary.

  56. How about the money they stole from the AMERICAN PEOPLE for there SETTLEMENTS to pay the SEXULAR HARRASMENT SETTLEMENTS PAID WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS.

  57. I agree. Why can’t we threaten to take out and impeach the whole lot of the lying communists because they are all guilty of acts of treason for the things that they are still doing right to this very day. They are blocking the President in things concerning National Security and that is an Act of Treason if there ever was one. So why can’t we start throwing some sh– back at them and see how much they like it. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander they say.

  58. Hmmm…me thinks you drank a couple gallons of the koolaid…one party thinks one way and the other party trashes them, goes after their families, even the kids. That’s OK apparently in your book as long as the other party just smiles, takes the abuse and gives up. All nice and tidy, no fuss, no muss as long as your party wins. That’s called BLINDERS.

  59. They hate Donald for beating Clinton. This s very sick behavior and it will come back to bite them in the butt!

  60. For every question they ask, ask the same one back about whichever dem lied about that same basic question…be sure to name his/her name.

  61. When are the conservative republican’ts going to open an investigation of Nancy Feloozi and all her corrupt dealings while in office? I’m sure there’s a lot to find especially during the time she was bilking the taxpayers by taking a private jet with only herself as passenger to and from Washington DC and her home in California! I’m sure that’s just a drop in the bucket of the wrongdoings she’s been involved in during her career in office!!

  62. Really! History is indeed written by those in power. Because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them hateful they just simply don’t agree with you. G upovernance is something you should look up it should be something we all understand it’s not all or nothing. It’s cooperation and doing what is best for the country

  63. The younger Mr. Trump needs only a few of the tools from the democrat playbook.
    1)I do not recall. 2) I do not remember. 3)I am not sure, I do not have my notes with me on that. 4) My attorney has advised me against answering questions on that topic. Done, done, and done. Every question, same answer.

  64. Are the Demonrats pushing for a uprising in this country? It’s them that need to be investigated! What’s happening in France is surly going to happen here, if they don’t sit down ,do the job they were paid to do and leave our President alone, are we in return will make their damn azzes miserable if they ever win! Pay backs can be hell, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say!

  65. start questioning the democrats about the lying they did during the kavanaugh hearings and the same about the coverup of hillary clinton and obama start pulling everyone of the democrats they can and start pressuring them also get schumer & Pelosi about whats the difference between when they wanted the wall and now

  66. I say turn the tables on these hateful people. Start going after the kids of the elected Democrats. Start looking for anything and everything they can find on the kids. Also, start looking in the past of old Chuckie,crazy Nancy,and Mad Max, and publish anything they find on any and all of them. Until the right starts playing dirty, this crap will continue. Turn up the heat full force on ALL of them!!!!!!!!!

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