The dirty truth behind the urban elites’ dangerous anti-American policies

Liberal urban elites are waging a policy war against rural Americans.

It’s been fought for years behind the scenes through regulatory policies that drive up consumer prices and favor concentrated living conditions.

Now one former Democrat Congressman just exposed the dirty truth behind one of the left’s most anti-American policies.

President Trump is rolling back Barack Obama’s economy stifling regulations one-by-one.

Liberals were furious when Trump’s EPA announced they were ditching Obama’s required fuel standards increases, which would’ve required automaker’s fleet average to be 45MPG by 2025 (instead, it’ll be roughly 37MPG).

The move was spurred by Obama to force automakers and consumers to invest in electric vehicles.

What’s so dangerous about electric vehicles?

Former Congressman Silvestre Reyes explains:

Consider that the production of EVs requires a substantial amount of rare earth minerals to develop vehicle bodies, engine magnets, and internal batteries. These minerals include lithium, aluminum, and graphite. Three years ago, the only rare earth mineral mine in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy protection, leaving us dependent on other countries to supply these critical materials. Indeed, it was bought by a Chinese-led consortium.

Reyes points out that in 2016, more than 70 percent of rare earth metals imported by the U.S. came from China.

As Reyes notes, China is hardly a reliable trading partner, and it would endanger national security to be so reliant on their resources for America’s automobiles.

Reyes continues:

Another concern with EVs is that they are simply not affordable. According to an auto industry research firm, the average household income for a Tesla driver was $320,000 per year, more than six times the national average.
It’s not a mystery as to why the wealthy buy EVs – it’s because new EVs are expensive and generally only the financially well-off can afford to stay in high-end hotels that offer charging stations.

Lastly, where are the cities and states in this country going to find the resources to provide charging stations for low income residents and those without garages? California’s plan, which the Governor estimated at $2.5 billion, seems like more money than most communities in America can afford.

So when it comes down to it, this “green energy” policy would make us more dependent on China, endangering our national security, and continue to favor liberal urban elites over rural Americans who aren’t located anywhere near electric vehicle charging stations.

What are your thoughts?



  1. If you’re worried about EMP , Maybe it’s time to revive STEAM -powered Cars. With Acetylene-burning Head lamps. No fancy citified E-Lectricty needed , and EMP-proof !They can run on Coal as well as oil, and more coal demand will put more Coal miners back to work, not to mention having to put little firemen aboard the auto-mobiles to shovel the coal, so increasing the Job pool. Yassir – ain’t nothin’ more all-Amerrikan than a Steamer a-chugging down the (Country) road blowing a big stack of black smoke. That’s PROGRESS ! Trump-Style ! I Think it’s about time for Captain Bonespurs, The Draft-Deferment Ace (5 Times!)to force the automakers to do what’s right for Donald, Inc. ….uh…Amerrika….(No Furriners need apply…)

  2. Aw – Hay-ell No. No right-Thinkin’ AMERRIKAN Patriot what lives in the Country drives anything but a Christian ,God-Fearin, Gas-Guzzlin’ PICKUP Truck!! Who needs them Furriners and their fancy “Rare Earth” batteries when we have Ford and GM Road Monsters and RV’s on Big ol’ tires and way-up-thar suspensions so’s we can run them Furrin cars right off the Road ! Be an Amerrikan ! Drive the Biggest truck you can find. If Trump can find one thet runs on COAL, wal so much the better. Clean Air ? Sounds like a Commie Plot !! (hack, cough)…’scuse me while I light up my All-Amerrikan Cigarette….. Damn those Urban E-Lites , anyway….Lotta smog out thar today…..

  3. Well, yes that sounds good, but with all of those oxen pulling carts we’re going to have to put a collection canister on their butts to clect the fart gas that they are claiming is harmful to the environment

  4. And Trump is helping this by his trade tariffs, causing the farmers not be be able to sell many of their crops or make a living. Most farmers are barely showing a profit most years, and have years of loss. The urban areas can buy food from other countries.

    Remember how expensive computers used to be – – and now you can buy one at less than 1/3rd (and much more powerful) of what they used to cost. The price of electric cars will come down as the technology becomes perfected and the market grows. Ask yourself, why is China investing so heavily in electric cars for the future? Beijing was an example of how bad the air can get in cities, unless you change the technology. Do you want to wear an air mask each time you leave the house?

  5. Ernst you will! who guarantees you that not another Obumer like idiot gets elected that will all of us make use ox wagons again! Sunlight is free!

  6. I have a totally different Idea. Why not use as much desert space as possible for generating electricity via photo voltaic (solar panels)? Use the electricity to split WATER into O² and H²? Use the H² to drive either direct in internal combustion engines (most could be adapted) or with a fuel cell electric motors. In both cases only water comes out of the exhaust! The oxygen generated can be blown into the atmosphere to reduce the CO² content! Possible additional benefit, the water from all the exhausts would increase likelihood for rain! No need for rare earth from China or heavy metals pollution!

  7. I totally agree an all powered by electric is very dangerous! Not only for the environment, but what is it doing to the human body of those driving these ‘nutso’ vehicles? What evidence is there about electrical storms, thunderstorms with lightning? Also, static electricity is also dangerous, and it causes problems to the human body and inside homes. It is the same crazy ‘nutso’ pseudo-science that solar energy has…. what happens to solar energy and electric energy in parts of America that don’t get much sunshine in the fall and winter ? Solar doesn’t charge and you need more electricity when it is dark out. Again, it is pseudo-science and truly a demon-rats conspiracy to continue to hurt America. Definitely DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMONCRAT IN NOVEMBER!

    Make enough to live on, but don’t be excessive… then you will be the happiest of all human nature… less taxes to pay with less pay, less noticeable when you have a mediocre vehicle, less maintenance when you don’t have a fancy big house, also less noticeable too…. to NOT be noticed prevents you from being a victim from criminals and the biggest criminal of all, corrupt govt….. be dependent on yourself and you WILL GO MUCH FARTHER IN LIFE… NEVER depend on the govt. any govt. to make you happy in your every day life. You have to live with yourself every minute of every day…so improve that and you will improve your life.

    The difference between Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans, govt. involvement.
    Liberals LOVE BIG & MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL… Conservatives prove success by LESS & SMALLER GOVT. CONTROL. Smaller govt. == less corruption, less taxes, less money to operate smaller govt.

  8. It’s quiet obvious. That the average American will not be able to afford these electric car’s. He makes his point? That it only keeps America on the crap list if the Chinese and the continuing downfall and destruction of America!These Eliet Rich Traitor’s just are the lowest forms in the planet! Their Globslization program is an epic failure! They have now been exposed! Here’s another thing? Those car’s are so ugly! Even if I could afford one? I wouldn’t be cought dead in one!I’d be embarrassed as anyone could be. They can keep their ugly car’s!

  9. You are lucky in the US! Here in Germany stupid greens have put through legislation that forces cities to ban Diesels because of Nox output! Nobody has thought to convert oil fired heating (80%) to gas or Electric. Oil fired heating generates far more pollutant than cars do in cities. I use 4000l (1056gal)to heat and not use more than 150 gal for all the city driving I do in a year) The driving public is always the cow the politicians can milk.

  10. I agree with the gentleman above. I prefer gasoline engines, and wouldn’t want to wait to charge a car. The point of all those batteries is a valid one. Plus you have to buy more when they die, so how much do they cost? I am sure they are a lot more than regular batteries. The whole thing is a scam and it’s time for facts not made up lies.

  11. The electric cars of the early 1900’s got mileage as good as the electric vehicles of today. I you are supposed to get 100 miles to the charge after having the lights, radio air conditioning and all of the other accessories on, you are lucky to get 37 miles to the charge. If one gets into an accident in an Electric car the Paramedics will not touch it till it has been De-energized aget

  12. Oh Thom…ye of little faith! A ’55 Chevy is a CLASSIC! And she had fun fun FUN til her daddy took the T-bird away!

  13. Electric? I’m paranormalNOIA over totally computerized that can be and IS hacked! Perhaps, a return to original ‘horse’ power! ha! I trust Trump to put AMERICA FIRST…and anything having to do with CHINA is mighty risky. Worse than Russia when it comes to world damnation domination…AND they maintain DOG FARMS with unmerciful slaughter for human consumption! TARIFFS ON CHINA! And buy nothing MADE IN CHINA!

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