The fake news media just forced a big Trump resignation

The fake news media is on a search and destroy mission regarding the Trump administration.

Any and all supporters must be destroyed at all costs in order force President Trump from office.

And the media is gloating over one big Trump resignation.

Environmental Protection Administrator Scott Pruitt quickly became public enemy number one to left.

Pruitt rejected the fake news junk science the Obama administration peddled about man-made global warning.

The EPA chief effectively and efficiently rolled back Obama’s anti-American environmental agenda.

So “journalists” – who are nothing more than Democratic Party activists in disguise – began a systematic campaign to smear him with overblown “scandals.”

The press kept the drumbeat up for months until Pruitt finally resigned citing a desire to shield his family from ugly and unfair personal attacks.

President Trump announced the move on Twitter.

Liberal activists in the media gloated over claiming the scalp of Trump’s most effective cabinet secretary.

This is a dangerous precedent.

Trump officials now know they can be terrorized in office by leaks from liberal career staffers dedicated to destroying the Trump Presidency.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Time we the people start using are constitutional rights to citizens arrest any news or politicians that threatens or society an force mandatory prison times an fines.

  2. You need to study the history of the democratic party then you shut up an see there criminals that should scare your stupidity straight.

  3. listen a lot to Al Jazeera.
    I find theme more honest than CNN which should be closed down.
    Is it not a wonder that CNN rating are in the dump?

  4. William Brummet. You are the idiot for not seeing the circus that the Demacrats and the press are making this country into. I agree Trump isn’t very professional, but the way the administration is being treated is ridiculous. No other country in the world would allow such outrageous and traitorous behavior from the opposing party and the press.

  5. News medias need to be held to journalistic standards in order to operate as the press. What good does it do the American people when only a handful of media sources repeat proven truths, and the other 85% spew hatred and gossip? I rarely read newspapers anymore because their content is so predictable. When President Trump returned from Helsinki, how many of us KNEW his comments would be scrutinized in a way that no other president in American history has been demonized. There is no such things as “the honorable press” anymore. As a former wannabe journalist, I am ashamed of the relentless, disgusting determination by left wing news to make our country into a circus! I love our country – God bless America and Donald Trump!

  6. William Brummett, in my opinion, you are a moronic, imbecilic idiot! No brains and no couth!

  7. Conservative Reporter, thank you and Amen. The crooked MSM should be strung up and hung for their dastardly BS!

  8. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he can do that in his first term, but could do so in his second, as first priority.

  9. The only idiot this morning worth noting is you! Trump has raised this country up higher than the last 5 presidents could have ever hoped to do. You are the one that needs to wake up. What world are you living in?

  10. Do you not think Obama was a liar? Do you believe all the news? Do you not think that Obama lied about the ACA? Do you not think that Obama lied about the cause of the Benghazi tragedy? You need to start listening to other news outlets to get your thinking straight. Yes Trump sometimes lies. Unfortunately all politicians do.

  11. 4 ‘types’ of ‘R’s
    1) RINO
    2) Establishment/NWO
    3) US Constitutional
    4) X-treme Right

    Now, – You Name ‘types’ in Dem party.
    0r, shall i.

  12. $$$ Misuse BEFORE < EPA. Pruitt Did not Abuse EPA.<< Where & How do we ‘draw the line’ ???
    BEFORE or AFTER an Appointment.

  13. There were a number of (Republican) Congressional investigations going on regarding Pruitt’s mis0use of public dollars.

  14. bummer RR, u did not post really good info ink,
    a moment ago,
    of which i will Not Repeat.
    > this post came thru___ hmm.

  15. PS. &&& WILL NOT LET the LEFT ‘bleed’
    him dry of Life Savings in Defense.
    > A TERRIBLE TACTIC per the ‘Left’.
    > How Many More Will ‘bite the dust’ per
    ‘the Left, MEANWHILE ‘they’
    Walk Free. Not Good, folks.
    > A ‘comeUppance’ Is 0ccurring. But, Not So,
    re the Left Marxists. hmm

  16. all the news you don’t like is fake to you all but the facts are there and the only thing you believe is the lies that the gop feeds you every day. wake up you idiots trump is the biggest liar there is.

  17. I agree! We need to vote LIKE OUR LIVES DEPEND UPON IT, BECAUSE THEY DO DEPEND UPON IT! Unless you’re all ready to be rounded up in Concentration Camps, we’d better get out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

  18. Andre’ Carson is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is in the Intelligence Committee. It is believed he is a major leaker and trouble maker in the administration. Get out the Muslim Brotherhood and you’ll have the problem half solved.

  19. Maxine Waters had her daughters help in her office to stuff envelopes, and had the paid each $100,000.00. She’s never been taken to TASK for THAT…EVER!!! Let’s not compare apples to oranges shall we?
    Jesse Jackson owes Millions to the IRS, and never been taken to task for that either!
    Let’s not compare…let’s get the FACTS first, then compare. Pruitt did NOTHING WRONG!
    Would you fly anything but First Class, if your life was in danger? The FACT he even flew commercial should be praised…so what?
    Giving someone a raise? Maybe they deserved it? Ditch the crap from the media. Find out FACTS first.

  20. You don’t know that for certain. Do you have access to accurate information, or just lying media?

  21. Again…Media is Pravda. Pruitt was NOT CORRUPT. Handing a country Billions of our taxpayer dollars to appease them, as in Iran, and also giving weapons to ISIS, is Treason. You got something to say about Pruitt? I got a Million more to say about Obama. Biggest corrupt liar and Muslim Brotherhood enabler the US has ever known. The FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security need to be cleansed of ALL MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD INFILTRATORS.
    That’s who is giving out this fake news to the Media.

  22. We need to be pro-active. This mid-terms is paramount, and we need to not only keep the Senate, but advance it by 7 members, and the House needs to be cleaned but refilled with the BEST! Pray daily for this intention. Volunteer your help if you can.

  23. What abuse of his office? I’ll call it BS! The media are not the ones to decide on abuse of office. The media are Pravda. Don’t believe the lying, scumbag Pravda media.

  24. I would not have resigned if I were Scott Pruitt. They tried to do the same thing to Ben Carson, and others. Pruitt needed to give the media a sharp right hook between the eyes and just stared the down. I am deeply grieved he resigned. Scott…we would have had your back…not fair you resigned…God Bless You Brother!!!

  25. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  26. Separate Mr. Pruit’s abuse of his office from the policies being reformed at the EPA.
    Clearly, Mr. Pruit abused the status provided to him as head of the EPA, and therefore,
    rightly resigned or would have faced some serious charges. The President campaigned on “Draining the Swamp” that has become our Federal Government; if some of his people are adding to the swamp, those people need to be removed and replaced with people that will work for the well being of the country – not their personal pocketbook.

  27. if it comes from Mainstream media it is probably not true-or at least wildly exaggerated-ALL heads of departments spend money-it is the GOVERNMENT, after all.s

  28. The President should stop watching Mainstream News altogether and just focus on his agenda

  29. Diane, what has been corrupt by Trump? A thousand things from last admin, they are the most corrupt that I’ve seen. This past week came out with Obama giving millions of tax payers money to Soros. Used to influence elections in Europe that is collusion.

  30. oh pps. ‘bean brains = lots of
    gas/farts/Air up there & Need
    Probiotics to ‘settle’ that
    particular condition.

  31. Diane = paid.Troll. hmmm 6 ‘responses’
    the ‘other’ one here Is just an ‘idiot’
    & has no place else to go.

  32. Haven’t you noticed how they changed the narrative from “global warming” to “climate change”? Why do you think that is? Maybe, could it be, so that no matter what the weather does, they can blame it on human activity?
    Many real scientists, not climate policy “experts” or celebrity TV “science” personalities, disagree with the whole man-made global warming/climate change narrative. Ethical scientists adjust their models and rethink their hypotheses to fit the data. they do not adjust the data or change methodology to fit their models or preconceptions. The Kyoto protocols and the Paris accords are little more than a global wealth redistribution scheme.
    Here’s some homework for you:
    Look up the Medieval Warm Period. when Greenland was actually green,and the “Little Ice Age”.
    Look up the correlation between global temperatures and solar cycles.
    Look up NASA ocean surface temperature data.
    Finally, look up East Anglia University e-mail leak.

  33. Mark, you et al NEED MORE Info. The ‘meme’ re Global Warming
    WAS BUSTED some Yrs Ago. IE & RE ‘ICE CORES’.
    > Al Gorey Gore has made MEGA$$$ promoting such(crap) &&&
    uneducated ‘followers’. Including ‘box’ scientists.
    “ALL” Scientists Do NOT AGREE. ps. THE REAL Scientists
    ARE Ridiculed/0stracised. CAPISH. Thank you.

  34. The Democrats may be ruined for a time, but the “education” system will be brainwashing a new generation to start it all over again. Just look at history.

  35. Hey KAG, re ppl at fault, not voting 0ut etc
    thru msm media or V. Limited Proper INFO.
    > Sites like RR etc Help to Inform.

  36. That is why states are voting to call
    For a Convention of states to rein in the
    Federal Gorvernment. It’s in our constitution.
    Check to see if your state had voted for it.

  37. I back Brenda from Texas…vote out every Democrat turd we can! And vote out the RINO turds too…The McCains and Flakes have no place in our government.

  38. President Trump IS trying to get the USA back on track, but the pure evil hate from the left is keeping him from performing his job with all the distractions and lies on a daily basis from pussy assed politicians who didn’t get their way, The crooked sickening MSM and all the leftie loonie idiots.

  39. We the people are at fault for not voting out the corrupt/incompt. politicians and the deep state just
    keeps getting bigger and stronger. The deep state has been here for at least 100 yrs. We and washington need
    to do a lot more vetting before we allow someone to run for office in local,state ans federal.

  40. let them resign you either get on board or get out, we come so close to losing everything we hold dear about this country, and God has given us Mr. Trump to take America back, and a bunch of people need to get out of the way, the whole DEMONIC-RATS party need cleaned out along with some Rep. and do what’s best for this Country and God.

  41. I for one voted for and support President Trump. But if half of this stuff is true about Pruitt, then he needed to go. On the flip side, if he was part of the previous administration, it would be business as usual. The MSM would have turned the other way and never reported any of it. Same ole double standard, we can do whatever the hell we want but you can’t. All public servants should be held to the same standard, no matter which party they belong to. So if you want to call out Mr. Pruitt, that’s fine. But you media people ought to call out the Dems like Hillary and Mad Max as well. They have done things that aren’t on the level but you so called journalist never call them out. Do your job and apply the same standards to everyone and quit cherry picking what you want to beat your drum too. That’s why the American people no longer have trust in you, there is no fairness to your reporting. The MSM is just an extension of the communist democrat party and only gives the public the news that suits their agenda.

  42. Not yet I haven’t. I am at odds with the establishment as to why this is allowed to wreak havoc when there are big fish to fry. Clintons are only one of many that need investigating. I am hoping that the overall plan by Trump will do the necessary things to bring all these traitors to justice.

  43. They are already cooking. Just look at Maxipad Waters and brown clown Obunghole. They look well done to me

  44. Wars like the brown clown got us in and wouldn’t let our troops fight without asking allahs permission? Like those wars?

  45. Mark. Get your facts straight. “ALL scientists” do NOT agree on man-made global warming. Moreover, many of those same global warming/cooling/climate change “scientists” have been caught red-handed falsifying evidence. Even some of the main stream media have reported on this.

    In REAL science the free and on-going exchange of ideas, the continuing search for evidence, coupled with on-going research and an open-minded approach are all integral parts of gathering and assessing scientific evidence. And they do not simply say that this or that thing being researched is “settled science” when many of their colleagues DO disagree. They continue to look for, and offer, proof. As do many others not part of the so-called scientific community. The REAL shame, Mark, is using science as yet another political weapon.

  46. To Marvin, Amen bro, there ought to be some charge similar to that of perjury for these fake newsmen.
    The way they spin the events and select the ones that serve them is criminal.
    And I want to ask one more question that you know the answer to, Have you ever known a journalist that wasn’t left wing?

  47. All scientists agree on global warming. But they are just scientists. What do they know. It would be nice if Trump “made America great” Instead he is ruining it, and the World. Bet he has us in a war within a year.

  48. That’s right! And the Dem’s are just digging their hole deeper and deeper. They are all going to fall in it pretty soon!

  49. I pray that every real american vote to have every fake news media to federal prison for treason and terrorism.


  51. GOOD OVER EVIL (demonRATS), OF COURSE GOOD ALWAYS PREVAILS AND THAT IS PRES. DONALD J. TRUMP, A GOD’S GIFT FROM HEAVEN. I still remember, evil persons are always envious & hate a person that are good, kind to people, patriotic and honest. I see Pres. Trump the good one & evil one’s are the resistant that canno accept success of a person. With this said, these demonRATs corrupt, crooked, disgrace, haters, pathological serial liars, fake news, Pelosi, schummer, Schiff, Maxine waters, failed Obama, hitlery will have a special place in hell.

  52. a serious show of WEAKNESS by the President-he should borrow Melania’s I Don’t Care jacket-and WEAR it!

  53. If they gained any thing. The next administrator will not continue the agenda. Other wise it is hypocritical gloat for the left.

  54. That would have been a great start…but they didn’t – they SHOULD have, but they DIDN’T. So who in the hell do you trust? Not a clue. And I think some of the closest advisers could be in question. But HOW would Trump find out? If HRC can literally and absolutely get away with what…treason? being the most incapable, STUPID, ARROGANT, GREEDY, CLUELESS Head of State…and the FBI and DOJ nearly identical…WITH IMPUNITY! then I suppose anything is possible. It makes me want to break down and cry when I think of what’s in store for my grandchildren.

  55. Diane your obviously one of the Dumb ass. Libtards.most corrupt govt ever under Obama.. where have you been. Let me guess head up your ass

  56. Diane, you need to go to jail. For talking badly about our beloved president. Any and all people that try to hurt our president should all be jailed. It should be a crime to attack the leader of our country.

  57. The Democrats can’t get rid of Trump, so they are going after everyone who works for him. They are the most evil people and they show us that side of them everyday.

  58. These anti-Trump, fake Republicans are bad mouthing Trump. These fake Republicans are going to end up giving the Presidency to some Demoncrat! They are not Republicans.

  59. Sharon. He was the swamp. I don’t understand you. You love Trump. Trump loves Pruitt. Therefore I must love Pruitt no matter how many wrong things he does? And that’s being a patriotic American? Twelve congressional investigation. Republicans control congress completely. This is not about Democrats. This is about a guy who thinks he can do whatever he damn well pleases no matter what the law says. That it took this long to get rid of him is the real tragedy.

  60. Fire all Obama supporters in all government offices! These leaks are causing massive harm to innocent people.

  61. Fake news media? Wow. Even beloved FOX had enough with this guy. Even Republicans who back Trump were saying this guy is the big swamp creature. How about the fact that he did stuff he wasn’t supposed to do and was spending OUR money to do it. This isn’t fake news when you have 12 congressional investigations going on about you at once.

  62. Diane you are misinformed about the potus. The Dumbocrats are the ones taking America down. Stop being a snowflake and read up on the history of America then maybe just maybe you’ll see the truth.

  63. You must be one of those Hillary supporters brain washed brain dead idiots she sold the whole usa out

  64. Yes, there is proof that he was using his position for his own gain so how could anyone disagree with him leaving. Is he going to pay us back? And the telephone booth, how Rediculous. WHAT DRUGS. ARE YOU ALL ON??

  65. You are correct. I back President Trump 100 BUT this time the
    Critics are correct. Pruitt is the swamp.All swamp must go!

  66. You are dumb as a box of rocks! Demoncrats are the most corrupt lying hateful domestic terrorist group in the US!

  67. We the people should dig up demoncrat corruption and have it published every day of the week! Demoncrats are so evil and we must roll over them with their own corruption until they are gone! I will resist all demoncrat bs!

  68. Get you head out of you ass, Sharon. There has been no more corrupt administration than Trump’s. Hope they all get indicted and go to jail.

  69. Liberals are the meanest, most unethical, mean-spirited, people I have ever witnessed in my 83 years. I voted once for a Democrat – JFK and they did him in – his own party I do believe. Go get ’em President Trump.

  70. The whole Democrated party are corrupt! Their leaders are the dam Clinton’s and the American people and their tax dollars are their victims! May they all go straight to hell where they belong! Clean that SWAMP! Sharon

  71. the fake media, new some fake news pour on them about them, dig deep in to their kinky life, and ya know there has to be some some where.

  72. Pruitt has done many improper – at least unethical things, spending taxpayer dollars for 1st class transportation, hotels, etc. He also fired several people who told him that he couldn’t give raises to several of his top people (per the White House’s policies) and he improperly gave those raises. He was an ethical embarrassment to the administration.

  73. We Americans need to be sure and vote in November. Let’s ruin the democrat party once and for all. America does not need any thing the radical left proposes if they are in power. President Trump is doing great and liberals are running scared.


  75. President Trump needs to drain his administration of people leaking information out to the news outlets. I believe there are still some of former Obama’s holdovers planted inside the administration.

    President Trump needs to double check some of his staff, and replace whoever is not really there to help him fulfill his agenda for every American citizen.

    I am proud of how President Trump and his administration are handling every situation that gets thrown in their face.

    PLEASE CONTINUE THE GOOD AND HARD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Yes and No. Pruitt dug his own grave. IMHO
    Also, his response to the mother holding a child should have been more…instead of just looking at her. I think Donald might have been disappointed by it.
    Then there are the Liberal Lifers. As far as I’m concerned…there should be no lifers in Washington. Trump should assign someone to identifying them and then getting them removed.

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