The fake news media was caught red-handed spreading a massive lie

America’s mainstream media is more than biased.

Donald Trump recently said 80 percent of the media is fake news.

Proving his point, the fake news media was just caught spreading a massive lie.

Liberal Twitter mobs pounced on Florida’s GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis with cries of racism the day after his primary win.

His crime? According to a liberal activist on Twitter, DeSantis said on Fox News that “FL shouldn’t ‘monkey this up’ by electing Andrew Gillum.”

Gillum is black, so the comment must be a racist dog whistle, according to liberals and their pals in the fake news media.

Except for one thing — that’s not at all what DeSantis said.

DeSantis was talking about the danger posed by his opponent’s socialist policies.

Florida has been experiencing economic growth under the policies of the current Republican governor, Rick Scott.

That’s when DeSantis said:

“Let’s build off the success we’ve had on Governor Scott. The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. That is not gonna work. That is not gonna be good for Florida.”

Cue the left-wing outrage mob on Twitter. And from there, it didn’t take long for the fake news media who lives in the Twitterverse to seize on the faux outrage.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi called it a “shocking comment.”

Headlines declared:

“Florida’s GOP gubernatorial nominee says a vote for his black opponent would ‘monkey this up'” — CNN

“DeSantis under fire for saying Florida shouldn’t ‘monkey this up’ by electing Gillum, who is black” — NBC

“GOP Candidate Criticized After Saying Black Opponent Would ‘Monkey This Up’” — TIME

“Republican Ron DeSantis says electing black opponent Andrew Gillum would “monkey this up”” — Vox

“Ron DeSantis Tells Florida To Not ‘Monkey This Up’ By Electing Andrew Gillum” — HuffPost

HuffPost also dinged DeSantis for calling his opponent “articulate.” As if a white man saying nice things about a black man is a de facto racist comment.

DeSantis’ spokesman called the claims that the remarks were racist “absurd.”

“Ron DeSantis was obviously talking about Florida not making the wrong decision to embrace the socialist policies that Andrew Gillum espouses. To characterize it as anything else is absurd. Florida’s economy has been on the move for the last eight years and the last thing we need is a far-left Democrat trying to stop our success.”

In psychology, the term “projection” is used to describe an instance where someone denies the existence of certain feelings or emotions in themselves and instead attributes them to someone else.

If liberals and their pals in the fake news media see racist connotations behind every little thing conservatives do or say, perhaps they’re the ones who have the problem.

What are your thoughts? Was DeSantis’ comment inappropriate or is the media outright lying in an attempt to undercut his campaign?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. “Main stream media” should have stayed out of politics and posted “just the facts”.
    They wouldn’t have caused a reason to be called out, nor be accused of being “fake news”.
    They brought it on themselves, and are to this very day, doing the same rhetoric.
    Definition of insanity was best said by Einstein. Doing the exact same thing repeatedly and expecting different results…. is the epitome of insanity.
    And my personal quote:
    “He said, “she said” isn’t admissible evidence in court, so why should it be admissible in your mind”?
    Leaves room for thought, doesn’t it !

  2. Absolutely wrong, both Political parties didn’t want Trump for President because it goes against the bureaucracy that was created in 1781 when the federal government was supposed to do only two things from DC, keep us safe and keep the states together but in 1781, the King got his way with European policies making the US more like a democracy than it was ever supposed to be. The States were supposed to take care of themselves and have their own laws, rules, voting system etc.
    Because Trump was an outsider and not part of the DC circus, they all went crazy even the Republicans. Remember, Paul Ryan didn’t even back him for president for a scandal that was made up by the MSM. He’s been fighting to stay president way before the election.

  3. Do you want the word police to win? It seems that you have joined them. We are not responsible for how others misinterpret our words. They are the ones whose comments are not well thought out, just like yours.

  4. Lynne, When you hear “racist” you are being shot at with the race card which is one of the liberals biggest weapons. To be called a racist is supposed to bully us into silence. Works the opposite on me, how about you? I am what I am and it’s not a racist!

  5. I laugh out loud at the racist label. What is it based on? A bunch of whiny ass pussys whom cannot win on issues. Just personal attacks. They can all kiss my white ass

  6. Our new word of the week is “Dogwistle”! What new vocabulary word will the liberals add to the list trying to paint all conservatives as racist, which the last time I checked I am not. Also didn’t now being white is suddenly a birth defect!

  7. Dan T., I know and I was just giving you some backup! Blacks and other immigrates just look like more votes to the libs. Dems don’t care about them as human beings. Everybody is waking up to the Dems methods, thank the Lord!

  8. M I was exposing their double standard. I don’t for one second believe the libs care about black people. They court them for the power of their votes.

  9. Dan T., Yes, the fact that the Democrat party birthed the kkk doesn’t fit into their agenda of using the race card against conservatives, especially POTUS. They also hate for people to mention that the Democrat party is the one who fought integration with every fiber of their being, the Republicans were standing with black people. Too bad all this young people didn’t get to see the Dem party shredded when the blacks
    were demanding equality. I am reminding all that the Democrat party has always prided its self as the party of black people, but this like so much of their propanda is a lie! Black people are being educated more and more daily and the tide is turning. Finally they are learning the truth! The Dems are so critical of POTUS personal life to deflect from the fact anything he has or might have done, much worse has been done by the Democrat Presidents, think Clinton, Kennedy, Johnson, etc., With the bias uncovered in the Intel community and the DOJ, we now know the only reason a lot of Dems were not prosecuted is because they were covered for and protected. The Republicans were hung out to dry with all the government agencies working against them. Dan, I could go on and on with this but, it is easy for any logical person with reasonable intelligence to see all of this is true. Young people need to research the situation. Guarantee their eyes will be opened.

  10. When Gillum first came on the scene, I heard on local news, that he was Jacksonville , mayor, It also said that Gillum is under investigation there!!

  11. I have a parrot and I use my local liberal news paper to line the bottom of my parrot’s cage. That is the only good thing about a liberal paper. Our town only has one newspaper and it’s not new’s worthy, but it’s great to catch all Joe’s crap. Joe’s my parrot!

  12. Richard Pierce you are so right! My thought is that the people who are calling DeSantis a racist are racist themselves by indicating that the blacks look like monkeys. If they do, so do whites and other people.

  13. You folks need to stop spinning in frustration. The choice is simple – DO YOU WANT CAPITALISM and SUCCESS with freedom and respect for each individual —– or do you want Nikita Khruschev’s wet dream – COMMUNISM and FASCISM with complete goverment control over every aspect of your life? VOTE in November, for Gosh Sakes!

  14. The MSM will NOT help us, so it’s needless to spin in frustration. The choice is simple – DO YOU WANT CAPITALISM and SUCCESS with freedom and respect for each individual —– or do you want Nikita Khruschev’s wet dream – COMMUNISM and FASCISM with complete goverment control over every aspect of your life? VOTE in November, for Gosh Sakes!

  15. If they were honest and doing honest work they wouldn’t get their feathers in a bunch over the Presidents comments. They are going way out of line to print negative reports. Maybe things would change if they would consider there negative views are harming them. And maybe the president could then stop saying FAKE NEWS.

  16. We’ve got Obama declaring that EVEN Dems “monkey with elections”…Same with Feinstein and Schumer…All three referenced Monkey without it being described as racist….
    When the left has NOTHING, they play the only card they have…The same ol one they’ve been playing since LBJ.

  17. M RicB and dufus Diane fail to mention West Virginia senator Robert Byrd whom was a KKK leader The commiecrats got him elected for many years.

  18. Dan T., You are killing me!
    Not sure about Ric B and Diane. Ya think Ric B is a tranny? I heard Diane is a tranny. I’m just saying……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. James Weeks….wish I could remember where i saw the new video some Trump fan put up……it is one Democrat after another on tape saying the M word and it is hilarious!

  20. The Democratic propaganda machine media lies all the time. They have been caught in lie after lie and still tries to lie their way out of it. If you believe even half of what they push then you are as stupid as any leftist Looney.

  21. When you know before hand that they already hate you and will do anything to smear you, Donald Trump was very correct in calling out the FAUX news for exactly what they are, he did not pick this fight, they have been after him for decades, you sir are totally effected by the FAUX news. Sorry Ric B you have it all wrong,

  22. Ric B, Everything you write is one of the following: insulting, condescending, sarcastic, arrogant, unfounded, unproven, in your dreams, or a blatant lie. That doesn’t leave any room for the
    truth. You liberals misjudge us, we have heard and seen all you have to offer and we are not interested.

  23. The MSM does get it wrong at times, and becomes more like the rag Enquirer than they should be. But it was a terrible mistake for Trump to attack the MSM media early on before he was even elected and to direct his Trumpon crowds to express hatred and more to reporters. The media will then work extra hard to research and find every bit of flaws in return. Trump’s idea is that you make friends by punching them in the nose right away — and he wonders why both the media AND the intelligence community are fighting him so hard – – you put them in a position by attacking them where they are defending what most of them do for a living!

  24. Thomas, you are right, it was awful having a president who could keep his cool and was not constantly tweeting hateful digs at other people.

  25. Ron, exactly true, just like Fox is NOT about the news, and nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Republican party, and especially for corrupt Donnie, since he talks and gets most of his rotten conspiracy ideas from Hannity. Fox news spins and takes all kinds of things out of context, but what it hilarious, is when Fox interviews throw softball and underhand questions to Trump and he implicates himself in crimes! Ha! The guy should listen to his lawyers and not that ignorant brain, which rarely engages.

  26. I have a solution, Flor . . . quit watching the news, reading newspapers, and giving attention to media by talking about it all the time. Those who read and respect the work of professional journalists will continue to watch, to become better informed, just like we are right now.

  27. Right. Just like Trumpons who CLAIM to represent “the people” are not honest at all that THE people voted for Hillary over Corrupt Donnie. And of course, some of that was the manipulation and violation of election laws, as shown by Cohen’s guilty plea AND
    the way Don Jr. and most likely his Dad, conspired to manipulation the election with the help of a foreign adversary.

  28. main stream media are all liers ! ” so whats new ? ” thats the only way they know how to win !!!!!!! TO ALL LIEING MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA , DO YOU KNOW WHAT CARMA IS ? ” YOURS ARE COMING “

  29. Right, Lanie, I mean Dan T is a racist pig, but not ALL Republicans. Sure their president supports white supremacy and Trump’s father was arrested in NYC as part of a KKK activity, and Trump has said that Mexicans are bad and “rapists” and that Omarosa is a “dog” . . . hey, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck . . . it is not a duck?

  30. Hey Dan T., Your comment is so true! Funny, this lie the MSM spun on DeSantis has backfired on them big time now that people have seen what was actually said. The MSN is being called racist because “they” are the one comparing black people to monkeys, not DeSantis. I say, good enough for them and it needs to happen every time they spin a story into a lie. They will never change but fun to see their unethical behavior blow up in their faces.

  31. Secora, before you call someone a “dumbocraps” you should check what you have written. First, a Dumbo crat would be someone who loves the Disney character “Dumbo”. And second, if you “do not like races” – – which kind of races – – car races, track races, horse races or political races? Yes, what Desantis said is not races, it is maybe be racist, but it has nothing to do with dog or horse or other races.

  32. This is absolutely ridiculous. Mr DeSantis is not nor has ever been a racist. No I don’t live in Florida but I know he isn’t from listening to many speeches he has done. Please liberal media get over it, we MUST get the Republicans in as many offices as we can get to stop the nutsos from trying to ruin our country.

  33. We still need the court action to interfere those that censor conservative views. It’s illegal to oppress the freedom of speech. Liberal universities need to be held accountable. Indeed the social media need to quit censoring, too.

    By the way, Diane the great denier supports violence.

  34. Although the meaning of what DeSantis said was misinterpreted or misconstrued by others, and the biased media jumped onto it for political gain, the fact remains that it was not a well thought out comment on his part. Everyone, and especially those in the public eye, should THINK before they speak. That way, there would be far less opportunity for the :politically correct” police to have their comments available to use against them or make false claims as to their meaning. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, PEOPLE!! That goes for tweeting too, Mr. President!

  35. It is a shame that the mainstream media doesn’t have any honesty or integrity. They are not only fake news journalists but propaganda idiots. Those who are so quick to tell “racist” are clearly the racist. Now we know exactly what they truly think of Blacks, comparing them to monkeys.

  36. No not racist Media just wants you to think that it is.Media never going to tell the truth so why fight it Won’t matter in the long run. Good job Trump !!

  37. I live in Florida and I voted for desantis and I will again in November I am not a races I don’t think what he said is races only people who are liberals and dumbocraps would find what he said offensive

  38. I guess the Media is racist by referring that Black people and monkeys have something in common
    >>> Same thing I was thinking about it.

  39. They took two words out of context, then changed then complete meanung of what DeSantis stated.This has been ongoing by fake media for quite a while.

  40. Give me a break! That was so not a racist comment. But that is typical to what the media and the Liberal Left like to do, they find one word in a paragraph and then they take it totally out of context with what the person was saying, and then they cry RACISM at the top of their lungs! It is pathetic and petty and for the media they only way they can win is by painting the GOP and the right with the broad base of racism.

  41. Between the Libs and the lamebrain mainstream BIAS LYING media, I don’t know who is the worse, they used to love the word ‘Russian’, now it’s ‘racism’. They turn every word around to mean racism. The Conservatives ARE NOT racists and the President – so far away from being a racist, it’s ridiculous for the LBMSBIASMEDIA and the Libs to even utter the word! But then again, their type knows no better.

  42. it’s called being unpolitically correct . I’m one of the most unpolitically correct men in the United State. I say what I think when I think it to whomever needs to hear it for the they like it or not. the mainstream news media and the Democratic politicians would fall in love with me haha.

  43. It’s very sad that some ppl in this country get a kick by creating chaos in their lit’l pc lives running around w/ their lit’l keyboards waiting for a conservative to say one word and turn it into a racist remark because their narrow thinking will get right to the narrow minded media outlet who will to sound “the sky is falling” horn and before you know it, another conservative mind is a racist or he micro aggressedG me, and the far left, Fake News rallies around by leading off with headlines like they did with RonDeSantis. Fake News will continue until POTUS Trump is out of office. I figure what, 2024? The American Ppl are smart ppl and I think the likes of Comedy News Network will see that by their ratings if they have any by then.

  44. It also was called libelous and usual ended the reporters career and forced a retraction by the organization that printed the libelous story!!!
    It’s too bad that the media is willing to do away with their own integrity in place of getting any story out there regardless of a little thing called truth!!!

  45. I guess the Media is racist by referring that Black people and monkeys have something in common. Black people are homo-sapiens as are white, yellow & red etc.. Monkeys are non-hominoid simians. Smarten up Media.

  46. Additionally, those that report on this crap are also spreading racism and bigotry as well. Ignoring this crap is the BEST thing to do to stop it from spreading, but of course Social Media news has no integrity anyway, so they wouldn’t know integrity if it came up and bit them in the ass!

  47. Media is sick, sick, sick. So only Democrats can use the words, monkeying things up; or use the words Gorilla or Chimp, in the future. If the Republicans ever use those words, they will say they are using dog whistle words. Now we know what Democrats call Black Americans, behind their backs.

  48. I am sick of the media. Ron Desantis would get my vote if I lived in Florida. The people of Florida are for sure not going to pay attention to anything the media said.

  49. The real problem is that there are still voters out there who will believe the lame media and take this BS as truth. Pitiful and pathetic.

  50. I am sick of hearing the word ‘racist’ being used for every comment liberials don’t like or want hear.

  51. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News! Communist Network News. AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News! The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, please!

  52. I see the media reporters seeing a keyword and deciding to spin the comment into something that has sensationalism and immediate headlines in order to scoop everyone else.
    It does not seem to matter to said reporter that he has just changed the context of the whole comment and article cuz he can Target the audience that will see this in the worst light.
    In the old days before labeling this type of Journalism as fake news, we would call it a lack of integrity, honesty and moral turpitude.

  53. Actually, using the term “monkey things up” sounds a lot more acceptable than using the term “screw things up”!

  54. This is the kind of nonsense we expect from the fake news media. It’s racist to interpret everything that a white man says about the campaign of a black man as racist, when there is no clear reason for that interpretation.

  55. every thing that is said. Is racist. Maybe all the fake news that jump on this. Are trying to spread racism.

  56. properly said would be let’s not monkey around with what we got going. Like not taking a monkey wrench when a screw driver will do.

  57. that’s all the media is doing is spinning lies twisting the words that are spoken. I don’t watch any of the news outlets anymore why waste your time. dropped cable tv. its all crap!!!

  58. What needs to be understood is the MSN is NOT about news! They are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the radical left, aka the Demorat Party, just as Pravda was the propaganda arm of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party! Absolutely no difference! All news must be filtered, spun, or processed out of context to fit the left’s narrative! If that can’t be done, it is either ignored or outright lied about!

  59. OH I AM SURE THE LEFT WING NUT CASES AND THEIR MSM MORONS will b starting in on his family and friends by Monday once they “ cook up “ a bunch lies over the weekend.

  60. President Trump knew what he was saying when he called it the “fake news”. If they can find any way to turn what someone says all the way around and make it sound bad, then they jump on it with both cloven hooves and their split tails.

  61. Oh yes those ignorant Dems hate trump so bad they will believe anything george soro says. They truly are losers who do not study anything because their self importance is far greater than the truth.

  62. I told a friend about the 4 young men taken from us in NY. She said will the whites are taking people here as if the ones taking people by border crossers is ok.

  63. The Dem liberals know they cannot win this Florida post on a level playing field especially with this candidate who did a poor job as mayor of Tallahassee. If you have not seen a clip of what Ron
    DeSantis said please find and view it. People should expect to see and hear this sort of thing at every opportunity the liberals have. They have a few accusations they have weaponized. This is one instance and is definitely untrue, you decide.

    WHILE all mainstream media allows unsubstantiated accusation without actual proof to be broadcast as fact…they know the sensationalism created is far more damaging that a 30 second retraction a month later.


  65. Thay do not know how to tell the truth if it bit them in the A— all the left Democrats And left wing liberalism media do not know how to tell the truth. Thay are just like SATEN and he is not called the FATHER OF LIES so thay fit right in with HEM. I guess we Republicans and right wing Liberals will just not believe anything thay say and believe the Real Media’s who are Reporting the NEWS from RADIO and NEWSPAPERS tilling is the TRUTH of what is going on in the World and the Good Old U S A of America. GOD WILLING and believe that this is the Greatest Country in the World we RED Voters and will make it even better when we go to the POLES in November and in2020 and vote RED clear across the BOARD. AMEN and AMEN

  66. I’m outraged that the liberal media immediately think of blacks when they hear the word monkey. How racist on their part.

  67. We are seeing more and more of the fake news exposed and with that they are exposing their lies and deceit! I do not like to be lied to and manipulated. Neither should you! The entire issue is going to devalue the news industry. Ripping at their credibility all together. They are only hurting themselves! We are on to them now! No one is going to listen to them now or ever again. We will always be skeptical of their reports! Liar Liar pants on fire! Burn for your lies! Cannot cry “wolf” anymore! We want and deserve the truth! No more propaganda!

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