The FBI is covering up a scandal that could blow the lid off the Deep State

The FBI’s reputation has taken a gigantic hit since the 2016 election.

Each week has seemingly produced new bombshell revelations about former Director James Comey’s anti-Trump bias.

Now one Senator is asking questions about an FBI cover-up that could blow the lid off the Deep State.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is questioning the FBI’s redactions of text messages from anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok.

The FBI claims the redactions are to protect sources and methods, but the Bureau has been exposed as lying on that front.

In one instance the FBI blacked out information that showed former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe spent $70,000 on a table for his office.

Johnson suspects the FBI is concealing embarrassing details as opposed to protecting national security.

The Daily Caller reports:

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee is asking the FBI about “highly questionable” redactions in text messages exchanged between two bureau officials who worked on the Hillary Clinton and Trump campaign investigations.

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson flagged several redactions in text messages, which he said the bureau made “without apparent legitimate reasons.”

Johnson singled out one October 2016 text message that suggested that FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok was locked in a battle with another government official over a secret surveillance warrant. In another July 2016 text, Strzok suggested that the FBI lacked the resources to conduct a thorough investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

The FBI has continually slow-walked document requests from multiple Congressional committees.

That has fueled suspicions they are sitting on explosive information that would vindicate Donald Trump’s allegations that Bureau spied on him for partisan reasons during the 2016 election.

Stay tuned. We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party traitors to America continue to go unpunished! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  2. Shirley Cline,
    That’s because all of the Lib MEDIA & LIbs in govrnmt have become unhinged since HILLARY LOST the 2016 Presidential Election and they have all lost their Nutty Minds. Mueller, Comey,McCabe, Rosenstein, Clapper, Brennon. As Hillary said “If that rich F*** get’s into office we’ll All Hang!”

  3. Shirley Cline,
    That’s because all of the Lib MEDIA & LIbs in govrnmt have become unhinged since HILLARY LOST the 2016 Presidential Election and they have all lost their Nutty Minds. Mueller, Comey,McCabe, Rosenstein, Clapper, Brennon. As Hillary said “If that rich F*** get’s into office we’ll All Hang!”

  4. Hey cliff,
    Director James B. Comey Got his ass fired!
    Along with his partner in crime Andrew McCabe is 2nd in line.
    Thhe Love Byrds Paige and Strock got the AXE too!
    Now, If the DOJ doesnot comply Rod Rosenstein’s ass is fired too!

  5. The Deep State has been in control of US government since they executed JFK. He was the last US president to be elected by the American people. The elections that followed were SELECTIONS by their Apparatchiks. Two sides of the same coin. Domestic enemies/traitors to our country. The Global Media is run by that Cabal of Globalist Criminals. The periodic change in “Party” is just to make it look “legitimate”; but their proposed legislation, voting record and constant manipulation of the truth — shows there’s no diffrence. The majority of politicians are swine, feeding at the public trough. When they finally “retire”, they leave as millionaires, with lifetime benefits, perks, fantastic Healthcare and a “retirement/pension” valued at millions. All this at the expense of the American taxpayer! Corruption will end, when the rules change.

  6. The joke department of justice is really the department of INjustice because the leaders would not know or even care what the law is; the law becomes they want it to be, not what it really says. And of course the leaders feel as they are above law and therefore can do anything they want to do. Just screw the American people. I hope all of the guilty are arrested and charged with high treason!

  7. It looks like Sessions (dishonestly) endeared himself to Trump from the get-go so that he could get a cushy position in Trump’s admin. And now he’s proven that he’s part of the Deep State. What a POS!

  8. OAN (One America News) is exceptionally straight & honest. It’s on the higher tier of cable stations.

  9. And just for that reason alone, Sessions will in no way charge anyone in the deep state with anything since he is an important part of the deep state. I wish he had the balls to do what he needs to do or resign or be fired. i would love to see Rudy or Judge Jeanine (preferably Judge Jeanine) become the new AG. This country has less than 25 years of freedom as we know it, but what language will we have to learn besides English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian? We have met the enemy and the enemy is us, the American people!

  10. If you want to know why Sessions, Gowdy, and the rest are not doing their jobs, check out which personal files Hillary illegally took and read in filegate. Although I think maybe Gowdy and his family were threatened like ” shut up or a convenient accident or suicide can occur.

  11. Typical libtard, you do not listen or read anything but CNN and the NYT. Both of these sources have been proven to lie so much that any truth would be quite accidental. Try some other sources, doesn’t have to be fox.

  12. If only Americans fully realize their power that the elites fear the most a united people against them ,but on the other hand they use the medias to dumb US down with the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all! Too bad America didn’t learn about what the good people of Iceland did to reclaim Their government by ridding the corruption in government! Storming the castles and make citizens arrest from the very top to the very bottom of any guilty of corruption! Daily protest letters to all medias ,and especially their sponsors, politicians at the work place and home, all medias, Hollywood, you name I, it can be done!



  15. The FBI and all the other agencies have a Knouff corruption going on within those agencies at the top that they don’t need to go hunt for any other controversies, as these agencies all were created not for the good of the American people, but for the protection of the Elites! We must as American people a God-fearing nation, must stand up for our representative that we put in office Donald Trump, as when the elitist Globalist go against Trump they are really going against we the people. When they hide stuff from Congress who are investigating, the corruption that’s going on they are hiding it from weed the people who pay the bills in this country and whom the government was created for the people by the people. God bless America and may he shine a light on the good and may he open the eyes of all those who are blinded by the corruption in this country.

  16. I think it is so funny when the Trump White House talks about Comey’s position against Trump when he really helped put him in office.

  17. The redaction issue reminds me if my days in SE Asia (1968-1974). Writing letters Home helped me feel I was remaining in touch with my mom and dad. When I returned to the world between tours I discovered my letters had been so heavily redacted that about all my parents could make out was “Hi Mom, Hi Dad” , I ————- you all.
    After all, anything of substance I may have had to say might have given up troops’ positions, or military strategies. Far fewer letters Home was the result during my second and third re-up. I am still upset by the actions of those censors.

  18. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  19. Appoint a new Special Counsel that can order a FBI raid thru Mueller/Rosenstein offices. It is possible that we may find the evidence of political bias. And yes, that would call for the arrest of these men.

  20. Blow the t op off their secret. About time for some honesty and truth. No more Lies. Go President Trump we know you can take care of it.

  21. No one in the FBI or Justice dept. has ever been fired, they are bullet proof. If you think anyone was fired, just look at what they are getting in dollars!!! if any working person gets fired we get the door, not dollars!!!!!

  22. It will happen when hilLIARy, obeyme and the rest of the Dems are in jail or hung for treason. Looking for a Russia connected group….better look at the above group, they got more money from the red block than any other group aroundz

  23. Steve, I think that AG Sessions is doing a fair job in the Immigration front, jailing and deporting illegals and fighting the rogue cities and States that defy federal Law. But, Sessions has a newer problem, that of cover-up or protecting FBI officials, involved with the Pantsuit. Seems that he knew, or said to have knowledge of e-mail that called out FBI agents, and that was why he recused himself from having anything or matter to do with the Clinton Pantsuit. I would think that he may give thought and resign or Trump will dismiss him…either way it will be a problem for Sessions.

  24. The history of the FBI is emendation, this has been going on for decades and goes back to J. Edgar Hoover. They are above the law and completely in charge of the justice (joke) dept. The congress has been told …”be careful what you say or try to do, the price for going against the Justice Dept is more than you can afford”

  25. Richard Nixon started selling the USA to The People’s Republic of China and our current President Comrade Trump wants to make nice with Vladimir Putin and just had a “suck up Love Fest with Kim Jong Un, the Dictator, Executioner and Nut Job from the DPRK (North Korea)! I wonder when construction will start on the Trump Hotel, Trump Casino and Trump golf course in Pyongyang!

  26. The names of our so-called Party leaders are starting to form a circle jerk of cover-ups, lies and spineless shills. The FBI’s no 1 man, SEssions is now in new question, regarding his recusal as a move to protect, FBI friends. Trey Gowdy lying about the FBI, his reading the charges. Stroszyk and McCabe hiding and fearing memo’s redacted. Sounds like the Clintons and the Husseins actions, are alive and well. Have to throw in that weasel Speaker of the House Ryan, now trying to stab President Trump by bringing out a outrageous bill. called the answer to Immigration, which should be put up his anal cavity and be thrown out of his chair…just saying he is a backstabber along with his bed pardner McConnell, both should be painted “Gone”.

  27. never happen , or soros , oboma and hillary will be swinging from a tree, our government is as corrupt as any other government in the world , the rich control every thing , until we get real doj , that holds them accountable nothing will change,we will continue to be forced to pay taxes to keep them living their high life style

  28. Hey folks don’t look now, but I’m very afraid that we no longer have any reputable people in our Government who aren’t being bought off BY SOROS or are part of the “DEEP STATE”, OR THE “SHADOW GOVERNMENT”. I may sound like a “Dooms-day Freak” but look around you. No one can say anything good about anything no matter what it is, if it pertains to Trump. This goes beyond dislike, or disappointed, this is full blown TREASON because they are “disrupting the normal business of the day” that should be happening for the good of this Country without interference from outside sources.

  29. Blow the lid sky high and prosecute these commies. They should get jail time for treason or a firing squad and definitely not get a pension on the back if the taxpayers. These jerks work for us,the American people and we demand the truth. This is what you get in 3rd world countries when you have opposition ,just bury the truth and eliminate them. Maybe that’s why the left always wants more of these people to immigrate here. Lots of similarities, just think about it. Sessions needs to do his job and start demanding results or resign so the POTUS can get somebody in there that will demand justice be served on behalf of the american people regardless of party affiliation.

  30. The deep state fascists didn’t dream Hillary could possibly lose the election and figured their game would go on for at least another 8 years while they prepped the next manchurian. Then the people spoke and Pres Trump happened.

  31. These crooks have had ample time to the documents Trump needs to make these crooks turn over the documents to committee, we already know they are covering something up. I believe there might be another snake lying in the grass that people think he’s on Trumps side and he’s helping the stall tactic. We all need to stand with Trump and help him expose these traiters and deal severely with them so justice will be served. I would go ahead and pull an executive order and let the US Marshall go in and not let any DOJ, FBI,and CIA interfere.

  32. Too bad sessions has not done his job. He can arrest everyone in the fbi that is corrupt. Also he can have Obama and his gang held on treason. Sessions is one of the deep state.

  33. And why did Trey Gowdy defend the FBI? Was he threatened or his family threatened? I had such hope that he would be able to convict the crooks but he disappointed the whole USA!!!!

  34. They always use that lame brain reason for the redactions. I don’t buy it because where the information is going, they all have clearances. If I were say Nunes, or Ron DeSantis, and had asked for documents on whatever subject, give them so many days say 30. If in that time frame they don’t receive, then subpoena the documents, then if that doesn’t produce the desired documents, send in the US Marshall’s with boxes and take the documents. Just like they did Cohen and Manafort. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Especially, now with the FBI and the DOJ loosing documents that are vital. Can’t wait until tomorrow when the Horowize report is to be made available.

  35. Is the polls that are being put on most post just plain stupid. The results are always 100% behind President Trump.

  36. Two things, I believe that the FBI WAS A CROOKED COP, BUT NOT THOSE THAT ARE AGENTS, JUST UPPER MANAGEMENT. Produce the redactions to Congress behind closed doors with ALL OF THE CONGRESS SIGNING A NONDECLUSER AGREEMENT. THE SUPREMEN COURT SHOULD ALSO BE INVOLVED. Make sure that everything is done according to the law.

  37. WHEN THE COUNTRIES JUDICIAL COURTS AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AGENCIES WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THE EVIDENCE NEEDED BY CONGRESS TO FIND THE REASONS FOR INVESTIGATIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE…then those agencies are more criminal than any investigated persons…they have become more criminal than the criminals they investigate.

  38. Ain’t a good man in any of the intelligence bureaus. Trump should gather them all, every man jack alive in the intelligence bureaus and give them a two word speech :
    Ya Fiyed!

  39. They are going against their oath to uphold the law and constitution. The commiecrats taught them well. Or threatened them. Probably both.

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