The FBI is in big trouble after what this witness just said

Republicans in Congress found the smoking gun.

Donald Trump and his supporters claimed the Russia investigation is a witch hunt.

And now the FBI is in big trouble after what this witness just said.

FBI lawyer Lisa Page dropped a bombshell.

She testified to Congress that the FBI found no evidence of Russian collusion when Robert Mueller was appointed in 2017.

Fox News reports:

More than nine months after the FBI opened its highly classified counterintelligence investigation into alleged coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, FBI lawyer Lisa Page said investigators still could not say whether there was collusion, according to a transcript of Page’s recent closed-door deposition reviewed by Fox News.

“I think this represents that even as far as May 2017, we still couldn’t answer the question,” Page said.

Page was responding to Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas, who wanted more information about a May 2017 text where Page, and her then colleague and lover FBI agent Peter Strzok discussed the merits of joining Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Page sat for the transcribed interview before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in mid-July as part of a joint congressional investigation into the Justice Department’s handling of the Russia and Clinton email probes.

These text messages are the smoking gun.

They confirm the Mueller investigation is illegitimate.

The FBI used spies and FISA wiretaps against the Trump campaign.

And they turned up no evidence on collusion.



  1. It is doubtful they ever expected to find any evidence of collusion. That was a smokescreen and just an excuse for the investigation. The real intent all along has been to find something (anything) to hand over to the democrats that would justify a “bill of impeachment”. This has not just been an attack on Trump but on the Constitution and the will of the American people as well. It is time to put and end to it and gather evidence of what instigated this fraud. Those guilty of falsifying or creating fake information for these documents must be arrested and tried.

  2. Call it as it really is…the Dem’s are mad and upset and beside themselves. It wouldn’t matter what the POTUS would do or accomplish…there is always a way to turn it around. So, instead of kvetching about it….we should be countering their complaints LOUD and OFTEN…but, I fear we are rather silent except in opinion columns and then we are preaching to the choir. Maybe someonen with gelt…mullah, green stuff – should start a NEW National Paper that does not present Fake News!!
    Some man (witness) who the woman in the news had said was present when the attack took place – (I can’t remember names), back in H.S. 35 years CAME FORWARD WITH AN OFFICAL LETTER denying thaT HE KNOWS ANYTHING. I DIDN’T SEE THAT BLASTED ACROSS THE SCREEN AT 5 pm 7pm 10pm or 11pm NEWS STORIES!!

      • Yes!!! laurie, A Some0ne, >BEGIN A >NEW gulag googie Google Admitted ‘Censors’ re Conservative USA Patriots.
        >SOMECircumvented< 'googie', Butt Not Enough PPL 'KNOW' Where
        To Go. 'WE' WILL Get there -In Time. Stay Strong. #SAVEUSA.

        • RR ‘dropped’ words in post. I SAID: After ‘BEGIN’ = A
          NEW ‘National Paper’ agreeing W/you. Then the rest Is Correct.
          > RR ‘filters words etc or ‘whatever’, IS A Fine Example of
          ‘mis-construing’ Words resulting in a ‘Convoluted Post’.
          > Shame on you, RR..

          • maybe RR is just an arm of the Deep State and they only keep us busy and distracted. Then they change our posts and even don’t let some posts happen.

      • Double AMEN – I agree someone with $$ should start their own newspaper and online paper – giving the entire news, good, bad or indifferent instead of all this bull crap that is fed to the Sheeples without their ever knowing anything different. An investigation should be conducted of the Russia probe baloney and I would contribute to a private company doing so. They are wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Doesn’t any one care about that not, to say that it is fiction! I pray that Pres. Trump will release the unredacted material as soon as possible. We, the People, have a right to read it!

    • I wonder what it is going to take to force Mueller to wind up his failing investigation. We are $20 million down with no report and no results. Who sets a deadline to produce a report and quit spending US dollars with no deadline. Feel like we are being scammed.

      • “THEY” are very adept at spending OUR money…no limits, no accounability, no time frame, no restrictions, nada….Why should they be in a rush to end this…they are getting paid well…to do basically nothing! Why not take forever??? You may actually have to get some work done!! What ISN’T getting donen hile they play this free spend card???

      • Were this taking place in private business it would have been scrapped long ago. This Mueller side show needs to stop. It is producing zero and using taxpayers’ money to fill pockets of participants who are producing NOTHING.

  3. We’ve all known that this witch hunt of President Trump was a fraud to begin with. The DemocRATS just can’t tolerate The Donald beating their Queen Uterus and first female President, Hitlary Clinton and the Clintonistas.
    The hate of The Donald has driven the Left so far left that they just cannot turn off the turn signal and accept President Donald Trump as their POTUS. What’s so funny, is how President Trump has gotten the US economy roaring doubling the GNP of Barry Obozo who was in the White House for one reason, his love of power and hate of white folks.

    • OK…so over and over again it has been confirmed that the whole investigation of collusion was based on false premises. THEREFORE, why the hell is it still going on. It should have been terminated as there was no valid reason to have started it.
      In addition, there shouldn’t even be a report made by Mueller since the premise for it all was false. Just a lot of wasted dollars going into SWAMP pockets. Talk about a travesty.

    • Excuse this off topic ad but there is a great organization to support and help our vets called Vote God bless everyone who has served. There mission is: Started in 2006 and backed by more than 500,000 veterans, military family members and their supporters, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns to give a voice to veterans on matters of national security, veterans’ care, and every day issues that affect the lives of those who served, and their families.

  4. The question of whether or not there was Russian collusion with the Trump campaign cannot be answered by the Democrats because the answer is no and that might sink the Democratic party! The truth will have to wait until after the November election so that the Democrats can line up their illegal aliens, people long dead and various dogs and cats! However, with the way they have been acting the Republicans will run all over them!

    • Let us pray so! The demise of Democrats as they slide further left and die makes room for the GOP to replace them as the reformed “Left.” A “Christian Republican Right” can take the GOP’s slot on the “Right.”

  5. this is all a sideshow brennon and clapper should be tried for treason then hung obama needs to get the same treatment or excile Judge roberts needs to step down and make room for an honest judge. in 2012 when he was the deciding vote approved obamas healthcare scam, I knew then they had blackmaied him.

  6. That statement is as of May 2017 – 16 MONTHS ago ! The Mueller Investigation had just gotten started. How many of Trump’s co-conspirators have been indicted and / or convicted since then on the basis of evidence uncovered SINCE May 2017 ? Instead of just letting the investigation proceed through normal Channels, El Supremo Trump and his spineless cronies in the Congress has obstructed and damned it at every point and as often as he could. “methinks he doth protest too much”.

    • You really mean Obama and his spineless cronies in congress who obstructed and delayed at every point in the investigation into corruption!! Obama’s co-conspirators will be indicted, convicted and executed of treason, sedition, and subversion of the Constitution of the United States!!

      • exactly right-evidence is now revealed for public to see. This is all nonsense on the left. Dont let them worry you! Its done and evidence is out!

    • Exactly, Carl. What Lisa Page said then was appropriate for that time, not after 16 months and six people already found guilty or plead guilty to crimes. this article is a sham, meant to stir up the already pre-conceived biases of the right wingnuts.

      • Sorry Dr. JD,
        But, not one of the people persecuted by Mueller was charged with anything remotely close to collusion in the Trump camp. These are all charges, that you too, could be found guilty of. How about someone shines a light on your past. Is there anything that you have to hide???

        • Sorry no, JC. And, no, I could not have been found guilty of those crimes because I did not commit any of them. As people have said, over and over . . . if you read the original documents of the Russia probe charge, it is NOT LIMITED to just Russia collusion or conspiracy (which we already knew happened) but would include all crimes discovered in the process of the investigation. This is standard practice for special investigators. The Whitewater probe with Kenny Starr found nothing on it with the Clintons, but continued on for over FIVE YEARS and was many times more expensive than the Russia probe.

    • Just another demo libs opinion. Lets wait and see what those documents say that you demo libs don’t want to be opened to the public. Maybe your opinion will change then ???

    • Hey Carl T. Your completely ass backwards. All the Obama madness and all those worthless democrappers are just plain evil people. All of them!~!

    • Carl,

      List even just one of those “indictments” “and/or””convictions” that have anything to do with Donald J Trump, other than the demonrat “guilt by association”.

      Come on Carl, just one that shows then candidate Trump colluding in any way shape or form.

      Where as, Carl, the evidence is public knowledge about the collusion between swillery, the obamanation, lynch, and at least a half dozen others, and russians and foreign agents. Facts that Gestapo leader heir mueller KNOWS, and refuses to act on, as does his lackey rosenstein.

      One would think the koolaid you’re drinking would be stale by now, but I guess it’s just fermenting, causing Trump derangement syndrome.

      • Thanks for the invite Steve, can I answer for Carl? #1. the campaign felonies that Cohen plead guilty to, and where Cohen testified under oath, he did so AT THE DIRECTION OF DONALD J. TRUMP. #2. the Trump Tower meeting June 2016. Don Jr. emails confirm this meeting was with representatives of the Russian government to help Trump, and Don Sr. put at a tweet that admitted that it was for “getting dirt on Hillary.” Opposition research is not illegal UNLESS it involves a foreign government, which it clearly did in this case. Now, Donald conspired with Don Jr. while on Air Force One (with Heather Hicks) to concoct a LIE about the meeting, having Don Jr. testify it was about Russian adoptions — so now we certain have Don Sr. in the conspiracy certainly after the crime or before or both.

    • You must be deaf and blind or some other logical reason. The lack of any collusion evidence has been proven over and over again. Any indictments made were not for collusion but for fake charges of lying to the FBI. Manafort was caught with tax evasion prior to having anything to do with Trump. The Mueller thing was based on information provided by the FBI fabricators so may 2017 has no meaning.

  7. per X-treme Left, Lisa Page Tells All. (big mouth).
    Take heed, Dissenters on this blog.
    > REFUTE HER. &&& Not PPL Here trying to #SAVEUSA.
    Thank you.

  8. to Dr. JD BS! you are just like my economics professor who said fed X would never be a viable business model because nobody ships that much to be profitable. Too much theory and not enough common sense. More proof those that can,” do ” and those that can’t ” teach “. Misery needs company, I guess.

  9. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • the President can’t drain that RAT INFESTED SWAMP BY HIMSELF, I feel before all is said and DONE, at some point he will HAVE TO CALL UPON WE THE PEOPLE FOR HELP.
      i talk to my other Military VETS daily, and we ALL AGREE O THIS.

    • Wow, after that post, it is clear you Trumpons don’t get along with anyone. And, you need to read a history book, the Nazis and commies were enemies but you just mix up any ol’ thing to throw insults. About all you nuts have is insults and conspiracies.

  10. Collusion actually it should be called ‘selling Uranium to Russia’ was HILLIARY CLINTON AND DORKY OBAMA! That happened, Benghazi happened, WhiteWater happened, Fast and Furious happened, etc., with Clintons and Obamas and Biden, ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! NONE OF THEM WERE EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE, EXCEPT THE TRUTH, THAT IS WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS VOTED FOR PRESIDENT AND NOT HILLIARY…… The “We The People” had spoken and voted for Donald Trump, now President Trump and the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS CANNOT ACCEPT IT…. That is why they try but always fail to find crap on their enemies, i.e. DECENT, LEGAL, AMERICAN LOVING PEOPLE!

    • They ALL happened and most were lied about, hidden or never discovered in a timely fashion for just those reasons!Therefore, in a true Constitutional Republic, ALL those in any way connected with these FRAUDULENT activities WOULD be indicted, charged, tried and if convicted of the evidence presented; punished to the fullest extent of Constitutional law so obviously ignored disdained and circumvented by the principals and their cohorts in crime and corruption. WE THE PEOPLE BY THE TIME OF THE MID TERMS WILL KNOW EVEN MORE IF THE JUDICIAL WATCH AND OTHERS PURSUE AND RELEASE THE RESULTS OF ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS WHICH HAVE UP TO NOW DISPLAYED HOW LITTLE THE LEFT CAN BE TRUSTED. We as a result, should VOTE all progressive Democrats and long term incumbents in BOTH parties out of office; DEMAND that a binding referendum be placed of the national ballots forcing TERM LIMITS, strictly adhered to upon all levels of government from Municipal to St6ate to Federal! The freedoms, choices futures of progeny, continued Sovereignty and NATIONAL IDENTITY saved by voting so: WILL BE YOUR OWN!

    • Mueller should be given a deadline to produce a report on Russia or shutdown the flow of paychecks. It is wrong not to have parameters set. How much money needs to be spent.

      • Absolutely right, nothing is being done to kept zpresident Trump on his agenda, and all Democrats are spending ALL THEIR TIME on cruzifing President, NEXT BILL SHOULD BE ISSUED TO THE DEMORATS,,”NO WORK NO PAY”

        • Marian
          The Republican party has control of the Senate, Congress and Executive branch. Just thought you should know. So if you want someone to blame look at your own party. Why can’t they get anything done except a tax cut for the wealthy. The Republicans bitch about the deficit when Dems are in charge then spend like hell when in power. Go back and look at the Bush administration who turned a surplus of 160 billion and turned it into a 1.4 trillion deficit in 8 years. I won’t give you a history lesson, it’s too exhausting trying to explain how we got here to someone who has made up their minds sans facts. Oh yeah, your spelling and use of the English language is a minor crime.

          • What about Obama, he blew the deficit out of the water not to mention fast and furious, getting Amercans killed, give Iran cash,sell uranium to Russia and it goes on, so you sick individuals just keep going

          • Dick50 is closer to the truth,but your party is without fail the most corrupt lying party that has one goal…Never Trump….. only one small problem… We the people who voted picked Trump to lead America…. Killary would have been 10 times worse than the half negro Obama from Kenyan!


          • You do know that we may hold the majority but not when it counts to Congress voting on issues. Because of Harry Reid’s deal you canget by with 51 votes but it is nice not to have to fillibuster to get a vote through.

          • Marion you seem to forget Obama doubled the national debt. He spent over one trillion dollars a year and no one can account for it. His personal bank account went up millions and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

          • Dalia, you are ranting like a street homeless person in a large city. Perhaps some one will help you by getting you some meds and help.

          • Slick50,You really need to go get your head out of your Libturd ass. Never seen so many asswipes in my life
            Stupidity runs rampant in the demo_zRats

      • You mean like Ken Starr did with Bill Clinton and everyone involved in the Benghazi investigations? Actually, in case you don’t recall, both went on much much longer than Mueller’s has and resulted in zip.

        • Snott27 the difference is that the clintons are guilty. You just want President Trump to be guilty because you are a libturd. Dream on Alice.

          • Dan – Trump IS guilty. You don’t surround yourself with convicted felons (Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Flynn, Papadopoulos – who ALL plead GUILTY) and come out smelling like a rose. How ignorant are you……oh wait…..

          • Diane, ink your dissent to WH. Thank you.
            Don’t waste your ‘precious’ time here.
            INK your ‘stuff’ to WH / Congress/ Your Reps
            whatever. & That Goes for e’0ne here.
            > & When you do, take note of ‘type’ of Response
            you receive. Generic or ‘personal’.

          • Diane-You have no idea who Trump is because you have been turned into a liberal leftist Robot by the media! Another words Ur’e Nutso!


          • That is totally. completely, not true. Irwin, there is no need to rank just because you can’t accept the facts. Raising your voice or all caps yelling does not make you more correct. Just because you want it to be true, does not make it true. You are just repeating the untrue propaganda of your cult leader, who would lie about the color of the sky = = kind of like his BS that all the dead in Puerto Rico are not dead and the Democrats just inflated the numbers.

          • ‘white lab coat’ Please refer your ‘ink’ TO Yourself.
            You 0bviously ‘lost track’ re Puerto, WHEN it was happening.
            >Instead of spending ‘time’ here, Take a ‘past Review’ re Puerto.
            ie IF gulag googie google hasn’t ‘scrubbed’ TRUE Facts by now.
            ps. your lab coat IS quite ‘stained’ & Needs a Good ‘laundering’
            & of course, w/ proper Detergent. Thank you.

        • Resulted in zip? Actually resulted in Clinton’s impeachment and disbarring. Lying under oath and mortifying the country by being a president with an immoral character. You are obviously dangerously in denial. I would suggest that until you are willing to seek TRUTH, you ZIP IT.

          • Teragram – So only your warped view from Breitbart or Faux AlmostNews are acceptable to you? Everyone else has to “zip it” because they don’t agree with your moronic views?? Wow, just wow! Aren’t you open minded? NOT.

          • Teragram. Kenneth Starr’s investigation did not result in Clinton’s impeachment. Starr was looking at entirely different alleged “corruption.” And please, do you really want to talk about an immoral president when you support a man who cannot go a day without lying, who cheated on three wives before divorce, including when he had a baby at home; and a man who has defrauded many people (Trump University) and continues to steal from you and me?

    • Makes NO difference. The truth is too late to impact the midterm elections and the MSM will not disseminate the information to the public so noone will know. It’s the old question, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a noise?” I fear that the only salcation for the republic must come from the 4th box.

      • Riva. OF COURSE ‘the fallen TREE MAKES A NOISE’. !!!
        > Just depends ‘WHO’ IS There To HEAR IT.
        > 4th box ??? Learn me something on ‘that’ one.
        Come back. edumacate me re 4th ‘box’. thank you.

  11. Oh and Hillary and Bill have all assets collected and sold and all accounts frozen for starting all this BS and life in Prison. Along with whom ever signed off on all the FISA applications. That is what the JUDGE should order

  12. Getting a Politician or an Agent to pay for anything would be a miracle. Best off just to sentence them to 100 years each or if you pay your share it will be reduced to 10 years your choice.

  13. All the liberal demorats want to talk about Trumps golf but what about the Obummers taking seperate vacations with 2 air force 1s and double security plus the kids too..just a waste of taxpayers money..

    • I personally don’t care if any president golf as long as he is getting things done. Trump is getting things done, however, Obama never got things done….. why, because Obama didn’t know what he was doing.

      • Hell Obama new exactly what he wanted and gotten it,when he set foot in the white house ,and if you don’t think so,why do you think he wanted to stay in the white house for,was it not so he and his friends with him ,could fly like a king,go to where he wanted and play golf with corporate cronies,on the money that we the people in our country ,that have to break our humps to earn our wages for,and have the I.R.S.collect all that tax money ,so that all of them in the white house like Obama,and all his friends in the white house along with his family and all their friends and doing it with the money we the people in our country had to work for to earn,so that they could get their greedy hands on our money like it was theirs for the taking,AND it has taken all those x presidents to open the door for that kind of hand outs ,being done with the money we all had to work for,and who dose one know of that is a lawyer that worked for only eight years and could retire with the kind of money ,not including all the x presidents that still live.and you say he did not know what he was doing,Hell do you need to bend over to let him show you what he ,and all the others been doing.


  14. This article is about as slanted as they come. It is no “smoking gun” for Lisa Page (who people on this group have called every foul name I have ever seen about a female) to say “FBI found no evidence of Russian collusion when Robert Mueller was appointed in 2017.” The key word that is pivotal is “WHEN”! At that time, the Russian probe was to study the documented attack by Russia/Putin (one in the same . . Putin is another Joseph Stalin dictator), and had no evidence (YET) of collusion. The mandate given to the special counsel was to investigate the Russia attack and any other crimes found in the process of the investigation (read the documents).

    Today, though, we already HAVE knowledge of collusion, or more accurately conspiracy against the USA. We have it before Mueller report is even out, and just because some Trump followers won’t admit it, it is known. Some of this evidence has come from Trump’s foolish words that came from interviews and ill-advised tweets. From Don Jr.s emails, we know that the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting was with representatives of the Russian government. Although Trump participated in crafting a lie (on Air Force One) for Don Jr. to say it was “about adoptions,” a Trump tweet from weeks ago admitted that the Trump Tower meeting was “about getting dirt on Hillary>” Getting oppositional research is not illegal UNLESS it involves a foreign government. Even Nunes was recorded saying that even if it involves Portugal, it is ILLEGAL. So, we know that their was conspiracy to undermine the election, Don Jr and Jared and Manafort were involved with it and will probably be charged.

    This investigation has never been a hoax. We already know their was collusion or conspiracy with the Russian government by the Trump campaign. The only things left to establish is whether Trump knew about it and approved it in advance (Manafort will be essential to prove that), and just HOW many charges will be recommended.

    • The collusion is between Russia and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The DNC would do anything legal or illegal to get Hillary Clinton elected as President. Thank GOD the people of the US say through this mirage of lies and elected a President that gets things done and is for America and the citizens of the U.S. The Russian collusion should be investigated into the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.

    • Dr. you don’t know. Shit. You and the rest of the left has had a hard on for president Trump from day 1. If he had beaten anyone else other than your queen bitch, nothing would have been said. Democrats are as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. And I’m not interested in being civil. You people don’t know the meaning of the word. If you really are a doctor, go check some old man’s asshole, murder a baby ect. Just stick to what you know Which isn’t much.

      • Dan Thyree
        I would like to place myself in your brain for a few minutes to understand why you are such an ass. You spend a lot of time on these sites. I see your comments often. You are a symptom of a disease that currently infects our politics.

      • Wow, Dan, is that all you got?!? Uhh huh, you “don’t know shit” – – another middle school comeback. Along with your profanities, you come back with no factual argument, just your digs at others. Digging at others does not make you correct, it just means you have nothing worthwhile to say.

        You can’t hold a civil argument with anyone, can you? Just a Trumpon bully that likes to snipe at others with sexist and racist slurs. Yes, I do have a doctorate and perhaps if you had more education, perhaps you could hold decent and civil dialogue with others.

        • Dr. I have all the education I need. It’s called the school of hard knocks and life’s expierence. A PHD isn’t worth a DAMN without a J.O.B. Higher education doesn’t crest common sense. Just look at the educated fools in the commiecrat party. I would rather my kids and grandchildren dig ditches or sling hash than become a retarded liberal. I know all colleges aren’t like that. I would suggest Bob Jones, Liberty university, or Hillsdale college.

          • Three colleges involved with indoctrination in conservativism. They don’t even pretend to advance critical thinking, as Jerry Falwell was quoted as saying “we indoctrinate our student in conservative values.” Are these colleges accredited by the Higher Learning Council or just some pseudo-accrediting agency?

            Only those without an education think they have all the education they need. If you are a parent, as I am, you discover that those who know EVERYTHING about parenting are those that don’t have kids! They act like they are the experts and have never spent a rainy week with two kids under five, and they talk how “patient” and excellent they would be. Har! If your kids or grandkids ever were to have a good mind, go on to college and actually not think they way you do, I am sure they would stay far away.

        • Dr.JD
          I’m a fan. Keep screwing with them. You don’t cherry pick facts to lead you to a conclusion. You take in all available facts and make a logical conclusion. I’m a data driven guy myself. What scares me most is climate change and it’s affects on future generations, not those who get their marching orders from Trump or Faux News. Becoming a feudal society is second.

          • If we bocome a feudal society the libs will cause it. People on the left are more dangerous. How was the Democratic Party formed. Someone dropped their pants and squated. What came out was liberals. That’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are.

          • Hey, Slick50, here is the website of a Fox News Anchor that explains the whole conspiracy about the Clintons and Uranium One. It was made up by Breitbart manipulators to sell a book, Clinton Cash. It is entirely Bs.

        • Docjd. You Are a fake & fraud.Along w/slick 0il 50
          which is of No Use to Anyone. & FOOL Not the Patriots.
          >Challenge EaglesFly High. Go for it – you
          Indignant parasitic ‘fools’. Live ‘free’ in USA
          while it lasts as you continue to ‘TearDown’. Your
          Ignorance of History, tells all.

    • You are what is known as a useful fool. Answer me this if you really think Russia wanted President Trump to win. Why wouldn’t want clinton as president when they get the rights to 20% of our uranium while Hillary was SoS? Why would they pay her assaulting mate big money for speaking engagements while this was happening? They had obeyme telling the leader of Russia he could now be more flexible with them now that he was in his second term. The Russians had what they wanted in place….a bunch of idiots. But, you can’t see that can you?

      • Shecky, this isn’t just my opinion or a guess, at Helsinki conference, Putin was asked whether he wanted Trump to win and whether he took steps to make it happen. After the translation, Putin said “yes, I did,” “yes, I did.”

        • You. Sicko ‘white lab coat’ ARE Ignorant of ‘stinky Helsinky’ Summit.
          WHAT DID Putin SAY re 400Million per Browder to Clintons???
          Please ‘refresh’ your ‘brain’. & your recommendation of ‘prevagen’
          (elsewhere,) won’t work.

        • Dr J.D
          I’ve been blocked under Slick50. This may get through but they caught on, I assume they recognized my email address. I’m wasting time even reading the dribble on this site. You are an exception, well there are a couple others. Good luck, but we waste our time on people who are immune to facts and reason. So long, good luck.

          • Slick 50, that has happened to me before, many times, and I just keep finding new ways to get in. I know these people are immune to facts or reason and about all they respond is just insults and calling others stupid or idiots. In the near future, all kinds of things are going to change, with SCOTUS appointment, with mid-terms, with Trump obstruction justice by his firings, and eventually the results of the Russia probe. If these people actually are stupid enough to fight these changes with violence and guns, it will be bad for America and will land them in prison. Trump may never go to prison, but if they violate the law, they will be some one’s prom date in an orange jumpsuit. I predict bad things are going to “go down” in the near future, many of which the Trumpons will hate. The Demographics and their refusal to accept the factual information will put the country into a deeper hole than it is right now. Kind of like in South Africa, the white 10% was dominating 90% of the (black) rest. The change was inevitable, and the more they fought it, the worse it came out for them.

      • Sneaky
        The best explanation of Uranium One was by Shep Smith, on Fox News. You can find it on YouTube. Apparently you have no idea how that went down. Maybe you will believe Fox.

    • Dr JD you’re about the stupidest asswipe I’ve seen post on here.Were you born this way or WORK your whole life to be the dumbest asswipe

      • I have heard middle school students waiting at the neighborhood busstop say smarter things than that RebNcity. You are in middle school, right?

    • Dr. JD;

      Please be kind enough to inform us of your supposed expertise and your affiliated institution. Your writing is extremely slick but I sure as heck don’t want my offspring on the receiving end of your divine guidance.

  15. asking you , when are republicans going to hold democrats accountable for their criminal activity ,it was bad when oboma was in office and now they are out of control

  16. Heads should roll after the American people read all the report the President finally allowed to come out unredacted. Adam Shiff and other Dem operatives are already in a tizzy and calling this long overdue action treasonous! FU, you are the traitors for trying to take out a legitimately elected President!!

    • I pray for the day. It will be extremely exciting to see the rats scurry before they hit the guillotine (Fort Leavenworth prison that us)…the home of all traitors

  17. We American tax payers want to know what the total cost of all ‘this B.S. including these agents payrolls time they put in on this B.S. don’t forget congressional time Lawers , etc, etc. Make sure who’s all involved. Refund all the American people please.

  18. The future of our nation is at risk. We the People need to remove the status quo in our nation’s capitol and replace them with Patriots who will do the will of the People and cast out all evil from within our government and society. Enough is enough already, time for the People to unite and take back our country from professional politicians that are nothing more than vipers looking out for their own interests and the interests of the rich and powerful domestic and foreign entities which own them by voting them all out and replacing them with men and women who can not be bought and will be faithful unto death to God and country.

  19. Mueller’s witch hunt needs to end now, and Mueller and his team need to pay back the tax payers money and then sue the democrats for the same amount of money as a penalty for allowing this to continue and for all the new conspiracies that are doing to stop our president and any republican candidate. They are cheaters, thieves, traitors, non Americans and about another xxxxx words to describe this crooks

    • Can’t help but agree with you. People involved should pay for this complete waste of time and money. It was just a hoax. Mueller will be permanently stained for this…his career over. Time to start the real investigation against the Clintons and Obama administration

    • The money should come from the DNC.. they started this mess…. Trump needs to fire Sessions and Rosenstein and appoint adequate candidates in their positions. Mueller should be fired as there is no collusion between Trump and Russia…

    • Michael and Merridee… Mueller has already recovered, through fines, and what will be tax recovery… significantly more than his investigation has cost. Should we maybe try to recover the expenses of private jets and over-the-top security costs of his cabinet members? Or the cost of golfing every weekend?

        • Dan, that’s just another lie you’ve been told to believe. Do a little research on the facts… not alternative facts… the truth. The current guy has golfed almost as much in a year and a half as was done in 8 years previously. Not to mention he’s profiting personally by traveling to his own golf courses. Sweet deal for him; taxpayers paying for his trips and golf and his resort profits.

          • Scott27, solid and accurate points. Makes me proud some of these conspiracy wingnuts actually think that you and I and Diane and Maxi are all the same person. Ap reports that Trump has stayed at one of his properties 1 our of 3 days, and have played golf 1 our of 4 days — more than Obama played in 8 years. And all this from Trump who criticized Obama’s golf and said he would not be playing golf – – he would be working all that time. And Scott27 makes a great point – – because of the presidential visits, Trump has substantially increased his membership fees and making HUGE profits at both his resorts and DC hotel – -this is another violation of the emoluments clause, one more violation among meany, of his oath of office.

          • to Snott/drjd. ‘bad’ pyscho meds, dudes. especially re
            ‘behavioral scientist’ ‘white lab coat’ drjd.
            > man ‘o man dude, drjd, you gotta problemmo, in your
            ‘behavioral thinking’.
            psst. Thank your USA ‘freedom’
            for a cpl$$$bucks in your ‘lab coat’ KrAAp. WHY Tear Down
            USA ???

        • Dan
          Trump said he wouldn’t have time to play golf if elected. So far Trump has spent 1/3 of his tenure at one of his properties at a cost of over 92 million to protect him. Hey, if Trump stayed at the Whitehouse we could save enough to pay for Mueller’s investigation. Trump can still watch Fox from there.

          • Or Camp David, which the taxpayer’s have paid for, and is set up to cost nothing for Secret Service or staff to stay there.

          • Slick50 (bad 0il ) oops.
            >Many ‘deals’ Are Made on the Golf Course.
            ps. truthistruth. Camp David = too many ‘bugs'(ahem)
            &&& ‘loaded’ w/ bomba ‘holdovers & Establishment.
            Get it ??? POTUS V. Aware To NOT Go There. hey,
            but Clinton did & had a ‘ball’ (ahem) Capish???

  20. NKB, President Trump has crippled Americans with his war on our Pain Meds. I have a rare disease. My medication is what allows me to even live a 1/3 of my life. I have had my activities of moving, working in my flower beds cut back to about an 1/8 of what I use to be able to do. Sad a President that I voted for never had any of this exposed in his campaighn.

    • He did nothing to make insurance worse Obama did. Your story may have some truth to it, but what about all of us that had insurance that paid and because of Obamacare my insurance went from
      480 a month to 620 a month to 840 s month and I had to drop it after having the same company got 23 years.

      • Fr Tom, part of it is your age, I believe you are over 80 and insurance costs raise dramatically past age 75. But the ACA stopped some insurance companies from screwing many clients by eliminating the “pre-existing conditions” way many got our of paying, especially if you changed jobs. It also allowed parents to cover their children through age 26, when most young people could not buy their own insurance.

        But the biggest part of it was that Republicans fought it all the way, finding ways to make the ACA not work and be more expensive. Hey, the House Republicans voted over 50 times to get rid of the ACA – – talk about beating a dead horse!

    • My wife and I are 77 and 75 years old. We need pain meds for our extreme pain in neck, shoulders, back and knees. We use the meds responsibly. Now because of drug addicts using them to get high we are made to suffer. This is not fair to the elderly

    • With all the problems with drugs coming in from China and the deaths to all the Americans in every state, you don’t have a problem! There are plenty alternatives out there for you to try without bashing President Trump! Some things he is doing will save lives and all you can do is think about yourself.
      I’m quite sure he did not target your condition. How narrow minded you sound!

    • Just a passing comment. Unfortunately we devolved into tribes. We just hate the other side and retreat into our own echo chambers. The wealthy, our elected officials and all our news stations don’t mention that our system favors the wealthy. It’s getting worse. We currently borrow 2 billion a day from China. At the same time cut taxes that benefit the wealthiest in this country while the middle class struggles and continue to spend more and more on our military. Our deficit has doubled in the last two years. We are a consumption society who has bought into the idea more “stuff” is a worthy goal. As a consequence we get deeper in debt. We are referred to as “peasants” and the wealthy don’t give a damn about you! As long as they gain wealth and power they are happy. Our government is bought and paid for.
      THEY LOVE THE FACT WE FIGHT AMONG OURSELVES WHILE THEY RIP US OFF. This is just my humble opinion. Tear me up for not taking a side.

      • Slick50, tear you up with one of the very best posts ever on Renewed Right – – don’t think so. I agree completely – – look who is funding (follow the money) the dividng rhetoric while taking home 90% of the benefits of the new tax bill. Wanted to add some economic realities of deficit spending (economics)”
        Economic Realities
        Most people have not taken or passed economics in college. It’s a tough subject because during my first economics course 26 of 32 students were failing at midterm. But here are some realities about our deficit now INCREASING due to Trump that should be a concern for all Americans.

        In 2018, federal spending will be about $4.1 Trillion, but our revenue is only about $3.3 Trillion, a net deficit spending of around $800 billion for ONE YEAR! This will drive the national debt to more than $21 TRILLION. The interest rates in the last decade have been low, but as we borrow more the interess rates are rising and will continue to rise as there is competition for borrowing money we don’t have. By 2020 under current trends, the nation will be spending more on interest payments on our debt than upon it will be spending on the future. This data comes from a retired congressman Jones and former Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

        Under Obama, the deficit spending was decreasing annually. But under Trump the new tax law where over 90% of the benefits go to the richest, we will add ANOTHER $1.5 TRILLION dollars to the deficit. Adding more deficit spending in the short-run will stimulate the economy, but in the long-run will produce extremely damaging results.

        • Dr. J.D.
          I’ve seen you before. I majored in business and worked 20 years in finance, so I have a decent handle on the economy. I didn’t understand how our economy was working in 2006. In 2008 I realized why, it was a house of cards. Goldman Sachs understood it in June 2006. It’s even worse now and see another deep recession coming. Not sure when but I’m getting the hell out of the stock market. Our Fed rate is so low now and our debt soo high there will be only one place to get the money. The rich will have to pay more, after all they own most of the country.
          Anyway, you are an island of reason. You troll these people with facts. Keep up the good work.

          • Appreciate your words because when I do lay out factual information, the only pathetic responses are uncivil cursing and saying I don’t know what I am talking about with nothing to back up their points. I also appreciate your background – – and I have been trying to tell everyone that Trump is following the SAME type of economic decisions of W. Bush, and it devastated our economy.

            Those regulations are mostly there for a reason. Now I am not saying all regs are good, and in some cases the need for them is gone or questionable. But generally we arrive at regs after some serious crime or damage has been done. Take environmental regs – -many of them came from massive poisonings of toxins by companies which lead to health problems, if not deaths to large numbers of people. The regs that followed the massive mistake of the Flint city water supply could have saved millions $$$ and prevented a ton of medical bills, not to mention, misery on many citizens.

          • Diane, those 2 (luvbirds) HAVE BEEN
            part of baloney bull in the past & reap ‘benefits’
            now (& that’s ok).
            But to ink ‘smack’ (in retirement)
            Is Not coolio N0r Beneficial in Correctional Policies
            by POTUS.

          • To DrJD. Don’t Even Talk re Flint MI. YOU KNOW NOTHING
            re that. NOT Even Close. Soo, i hate to be crude, but
            STFU. that’s all.

    • NKB, while the President is responsible for all things whitin his administration, it’s not the President but the deep state swamp causing our problems. I am a 20yr veteran who they have refused to do surgery on 8 times, offering me only medication as a treatment and now they take that away!!! The deep state needed untraceable funding and so they sold the story of opioid abuse at the same time they flooded the country with heroin. Ready made customers with a synthetic heroin addiction all made addicts through legal prescriptions. I have a very close personal friend on the volunteer fire department who has only been on one OD call in the last year. We have Special Forces troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, and at the same time they force reduction of our prescriptions we have heroin appearing all over the country that couldn’t be supplied in the quantity required to do this even if every illegal immigrant carried a 200 lb sack on their back. It’s all about untracable money so our government can continue illegal operations while maintaining some deniability, sell and arm ISIS arms and ammunition while we are supposedly at war with them and they are our enemy. President Trump is being lied to about the epidemic, just like the rest of America. The deep state doesn’t want the border closed because they use the open border as their plausible deniability. Last but not least many very sick people use opioids for deadly underlying causes and even if they die from cancer, if they are taking an opioid at the time of death they list it as the cause when they were going to die anyway!!! President Trump is guilty of believing the lies from intelligence agencies who are manipulating the facts. You would think he would learn these agencies can’t be trusted after how he was done by them and he probably believes they changed their actions after getting caught, and they bank upon His blindness to lie some more.

      • Ed

        I studied the evolution of ISIS very closely and consulted a good number of reliable sources. Essentially Bush/Cheney ignored the CIA’s recommendations and we wound up creating ISIS by mistake on their part. Obama did not create or assist ISIS! Read a few books on a subject will you before writing on topics you have no knowledge of. Sheeesssh!

        • The four who died in Bengazi was Obamma and Clinton arming ISIS. But you can ignore the truth all you want, doesn’t change what your government is out doing and lying about it.

  21. Is anyone surprised? The way that whole appointment went down was suspect and shady and still is. I felt like Mueller’s appointment was predetermined and then orchestrated by Rosenstein and company.

  22. All that being said, nothing will happen except the song goes on and on and on. I think all of those involved with this show should ALL loose their pensions, those that were the heavy hitters should have their trial and if/when convicted should do their jail time. If they had knowledge and did nothing about it, that means they nare guilty. Being politicians and Democrats, the Republicans will turn their cheek and say well, lets go forward and move on. Will they, if rebuilt, go after the Clintons and Obama, I doubt it. Would just be another pony show that will cost millions of tax payer dollars. They not get away with it but, it would drag on for years, most likely die of old age and the citizens need the money for America. Now IF the Justice Department could somehow get funded by the loosers, OK, get a lawyer team to go after them, let it drag on for years and suck the Obama/Clinton well go dry. How much money left in the Clinton foundation and any other sources?

  23. If Lisa Page made this statement, then why was and is this investigation on going??? Around 20 million dollars so far has been spent on this witch hunt to try and remove a duly elected president from office….if that is not communism, then what is….the investigation was illegal to begin with and is illegal as it continues…Congress should shut this down and do it immediately.

  24. “Thank you, Obama” he spews with unadulterated hubris when taking credit for TRUMP’s accomplishments! Only credits himself with the GREAT stuff! When it was HIS administration that created THIS scandal…STARTING with HIM, his AG Loretta LYNCH, and HER minion COMEY! Deputy AG Rod-O Rosenstein writes the letter signing OFF on Comey’s FIRING…and Trump FINISHES the job! Dirty clever segue to slip in MUELLER! THEREIN lies the CORRUPTION! NO EVIDENCE IN SEARCH OF A CRIME! And 🎵the beat goes on…🎵

  25. it’s funny that the left only wants liers and crooks to run our government but we have a Great President Donald Trump this is a witch hunt lock up the clintons obama comey lynch all the old administration of obama is a traitor to the American people.

  26. I am from Al and Jeff Session is a joke kick him out and don’t send him back to Al we don’t need him. Maybe he could still do smoothing but he needs to do it now.

  27. Never, ever again vote any Democ “RATS” candidates in any level of government in every states in the United States. These people are crooks, started with “Obamba and Biden”, they should be investigated and if, found guilty, they should go to jail for a long, long time. Hi, Mr. Mueller, why don’t you switch your investigation to Obamba and Biden or if you don’t, we the American People demand to return all expenses incurred during your “Witch Hunt investigation of President Donald Trump.

    • This whole investigation was started on hear say and no kind of facts ! That in its self should be enough to end this witch hunt and make the democrats pay back the 20 million wasted . Now we are finding out there never was any evidence to start with other than a bunch of treaous FBI managers , and they should be charged for treason .

    • Arturo D Santos, Thank you for your comment!
      #WalkAway to the Republican party,
      we want and need all of you

      • why would they come from the ranks of females, minorities, RINOs and the young, when you spend so much time insulting and criticizing them. As Trump continues to attack those HE PICKED (like Sessions, Tillerson, Cohen, Manafort, Gates etc.), and stab people in their backs, is just too dangerous join your group.

  28. This has been a known fact for at least 9 months but the cowardly repubs don’t have the guys to do anything about it. The dirtbag demoSCUM has been holding the repubs prisoners for so long that they just slide under a rock everytime there is any kind of confrontation. I’ll bet 99% of the people who post on these sites have been saying the whole so-called investigation is a farce for many months.

    • You are 100% right , all they want is to collect there pay checks, and what ever bribes , The Whole Congress is corrupt, Term limits, no retirement benefits, 25% if there time is all that is needed to run the country.

    • You said it, wish the Republicans would get as dirty as the Dems, but then they would be liars, crooks, and cheaters too. No wnt them honest but with a great deal more backbone!!!!

  29. Like I’ve said before: Mueller is the smartest person in D.C. because the Democrats have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for him to do nothing but waste taxpayer’s money.

      • Yes but what would you expect when the Rino’s did very little to stop him. And now when they can fix a lot the bad stuff they refuse to do what they promised. So they are also crooked and are liars.

    • How about Millions of dollars. He is the biggest cheat in DC. He should be serving time not Manaford for the thief he has committed to the American people because his Hillary didn’t win. He has stolen millions and smiles as he’s doing it. I hope OUR PRESIDENT go after you when you conclude there is no collusion. GO to hell mueller.

    • The “government” is NOT the crook. What we really have is usurpers who PRETEND to be our government, and are NOT. It is a deception put over in the Act of 1781, only 5 years after we won the Revolutionary War, and the corp[oration that poses as our government, named THE UNITED STATES is NOT the country, and, being a fictitious entity, HAS NO SOVEREIGNTY nor power, except that we believed them and obeyed. That is about to change FOREVER. One twist most do not realize is, DC is under European Law, and they put them over (illegitimately) on US, since they actually have jurisdiction ONLY IN THEIR 10 mile square of municipality. The DC police are CORPORATE police, NOT real police, which is why they obey the whims of the corporate officers, the “Senators” and “Representatives” that are ONLY officers of “THE UNITED STATES. The Presidents are CEOs of the corporation, but Trump is OUR President — so the ENTIRE CORPORATE STRUCTURE is against him (and US AS WELL). It would be a JOKE, save for how sickening and deceitful DC is. TRUMP had no idea it would be this bad, was blindsided by their multiple levels of treachery, but he has one limitation that WILL MAKE HIM WIN FOR US. He REFUSES to use unConstitutional measures with which to fight these crooks, as IF HE DID, HE WOULD BECOME THEM. Thjat was what happened to the Mafia when it used the Moslem methodology (terrorism) to push them out of Italy when they invaded Europe in the 6th and 7th centuries. So when they won in that, they were now a criminal organization just as perverted as the Moslems themselves. If Our President Donald J. Trump were stupid enough to use the illegal and immoral methods of the Democrats who ARE CROOKS, he would BE them himself — so he refuses.

    • The FBI, CIA, NSA — in fact ALL of our so-called “intelligence” agencies have been suborned and used as tools of the Democrats AGAINST We The People. That was finalized in Obama’s illegitimate and fraudulent reign as our 44th President (until it is addressed and Trump is the 44th) In reality, Obama never even existed, he was Barry Soetoro an Indonesian Moslem with an Indonesian passport who, along with his mother, renounced any US citizenship when his mother married the Indonesian Moslem and Barry was adopted as his son. He WAS born in Kenya, and that birthj certificate he came up with was so stupidly obvious they EVEN LEFT IT IN PHOTOSHOP LAYERS! If he had merely merged the layers it would have been harder to figure out, but the original was found as a result of the forger using an edited template of a lady born in Hawaii at the time Barry was born, and NOT understanding that two HAND STAMPS on the document are in the exact same locations and angles of ONLY ONE document on file. They COULD have added the stamps individually and altered placement and angles, if they had had a nickel’s worth of intelligence. Like the name of the institution he was “born in”, where two institutions merged years after his birth, AND CHANGED THEIR MERGED NAME TO THE ONE ON THE DOCUMENT. They really believe that WE ARE AS STUPID AS THEY ARE! Funny, if he had only adjusted a few things and done a nickel’s worth of research, and THEN MERGED THE LAYERS of his Photo-shopped document, it would have been a LOT harder to prove. It STILL could be with close examination of the pixels, but we would probably NOT be able to actually know WHOSE birth certificate had been used as a template. Using a layer with BOTH hand stamps on it together and with no adjustments made it EASY to find the original and to PROVE beyond ANY DOUBT that Barry was NOT born in Hawaii at all. Kinda goes with his tour of the 57 states. I actually believe that was not an accident, but was a deliberate statement to his buds in the Middle East, as there ARE 57 MOSLEM STATES, that he visited using his Indonesian passport.


      • No need, he feels like any American who hates bullshit democrats and their supporters! Anyone who agree with these racist KKK democrats are subject to be the same type of racist they are! Why do you think democrats hate conservative black women and black men? You are only a good negro when you believe and accept their ideology. A black man or woman say anything negative about homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, abortion, or illegal aliens, they will be considered a “N” by democrats! I use to be a black democrat and I know this personally. Democrats are godless people as evidenced by them throwing God out of their DNC in 2012. Obama’s party at that time!

    • an expensive dog and pony show that WE are paying for. Pretty bad, especially when we’re Trump supporters in the first place and knew it for what it was.

      Meanwhile, still nothing being done. Except, of course, the show goes on.

    • Greg, speaking of Joe Biden, how could he manage to keep in distance from this scandal? How much does he know? He’s so good at it. Have you notice that he had never been in trouble with anything that happened around him? Hmm.

    • Speaking of Joe Biden, how could he manage to keep in distance from this scandal? How much does he know? He’s so good at it. Have you notice that he had never been in trouble with anything that happened around him? Hmm.

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