The FBI issued a report that revealed a jaw dropping massive scandal

The FBI has come under fire ever since James Comey turned the Bureau into the spying apparatus of the Democrat Party.

Millions of Americans lost faith in the FBI as an institution.

And now the FBI issued a report that has Americans worried the Bureau stumbled into another awful scandal.

In September 2017, a deranged gunman committed the most deadly mass shooting in American history at a Las Vegas country music festival.

After nearly 18 months, the FBI finally released their report.

And it left many Americans scratching their heads.

The FBI’s report stated that the Bureau could not determine any motive for the shooting.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

The FBI has concluded its investigation into the Las Vegas shooting without determining a motive.

On Tuesday the agency released a three-page summary of its key findings. After nearly 16 months, the agency said it cannot determine why gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured nearly 900 others on Oct. 1, 2017.

“Throughout his life, Paddock went to great lengths to keep his thoughts private, and that extended to his final thinking about this mass murder,” the summary stated. “Active shooters rarely have a singular motive or reason for engaging in a mass homicide.”

The FBI also found no evidence that Paddock’s attack was motivated by any ideological or political beliefs.

This conclusion does not raise the level of confidence many Americans have in the FBI.

After James Comey left the FBI’s reputation in tatters after his politically motivated attack on Donald Trump, this investigation was a prime opportunity for the FBI to regain the trust it had lost.

Do you believe the Las Vegas shooter had a motive?


  1. Number one if you really did your homework Steven paddock is a CIA jet pilot! CIA been running drugs and guns for years! It’s what Benghazi was all about Hillary and Obama supplying guns into Syria! The whole Vegas thing was a distraction! The new prince of Saudi Arabia was in a different Motel it was supposed to be meeting with Trump, CIA was to take out the new Prince from his knowledge on all their past corruption deals with Obama and was at night and what you didnt see was blackhawk helicopters in silent mode flying about buildings, there intentions was to blow the fuel tanks next to the people! While attention was on all that they were to take the prince out!! It didn’t happen, there plan was found out! That same day one of there pilots was shot down on the coast of California by a special ops team aware of Cia’s corruption, they other pilot was to be there fall guy! Steven paddock! Had nothing to do with bump stocks! There were multiple shooters! From different areas!! That was a CIA agent behind the sherriff whispering to stay on track. The whole dam thing was nothing more than a cover up for CIA corruption!!

  2. there were 60+ murders linked to the Clintons and they were all covered up by the FBI .Don’t hear anything about Seth Rich anymore. The FBI are nothing more then Clintons and other high ranking officials hit men. Its time to replace them with U.S. Marshals . Look at the Boston Marathon, the Twin Towers, The Orlando Massacre , San Berdadino and others , What did you hear EXCUSES

  3. I believe he was a hazen on the bud, sweet buddy bud, thats what I say, but really its a cover story, guy was like a patsy selling arms to arabs who had a shoot out, and to cover it all up they shoot at the crowd, da end!

  4. No one said it any better. Thanks!
    On the Muller investigation, if he’s honest the report will show how the FBI tried to over through the President then tried to cover it up with with this rediculas investigation.

  5. It was hard enough for a DEAD Man to shoot off 1100 rounds and only hit a hand full of people, But it is even harder to believe the crooked FBI couldn’t blame it on someone else. And where was Paddocks MAGA hat anyway?

  6. Right on the money. The Islamic connection. Lots of possible motive there. To not investigate that possibility is a crime and likely proof more levels of the FBI need political cleansing. Radical Islam must be put back in the FBI guide book. The politicians runming the FBI have instilled the fear of god into any agent that dares mention Islam.

  7. I totally agree as for President Trump is fighting so hard for America. I stand behind you 100% God Bless You.

  8. Rev Janice
    There is two things that the Law has to prove Motive, and intent. If one can prove one or the other, the other one falls into place. There are either Civil, or Criminal trials under the Law, however under the Law it is “Assigning Blame”. Depending on the crime there are guide lines for sentencing. There are simple crimes, and law will be lienient, but major crime is punishable by either life in prison, or death by lethal injection. Iran has the hangings, remember Sadam Hussian?

  9. The only allegiance any of them have is to their wallets. Our Government stopped being trustworthy when it stopped having term limits on the positions. Payoff’s, bribes, buying people and votes has no place in a Government. And ours has been corrupt for a very, very long time. Pelosi, Schumer, Waters and a whole boat load of others should have been handed their butts and ushered out of there a long time ago. But instead they have entrenched themselves in there as if they owned the place and prance around like they are God’s. They need to start from scratch with the FBI, CIA, IRS, etc. and get some new and honest blood in there and set limits on how long they can serve. It should be a public service appointment with a legitimate job that they have to return to after serving their Country. Service to your Country in Government should not be any different than serving in the military. And all of the extra benefits that the higher muckity mucks in the Government get is ludicrous. Their need to be some serious changes made in order to get some honest people running our Government who aren’t self serving looking to line their own pockets at the expense of the ones who they are supposed to be serving. There’s no wonder we are being infiltrated by hair brains like AOC.

  10. I am with you, Guenther. ‘Old Dog’ doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the simplicity in the way the FBI has revealed their own bias against Republicans. As a #WalkAway Democrat, it is certainly clear to me. I do not have faith in the FBI or the Democrats anymore! They are evil and transparent of that evil. Mr. President @realDonaldTrump, clean that swamp! They have lived off our money long enough!!

  11. What ever happened to the mathematician who provided results there was a second shooter by all the sound wavelengths compiled from all the cell phone videos and camera videos at the time of the shooting, hmmm he just disappeared after offering his help to prove the fact to the FBI, its funny no one remembers this video he gave online, were is he now????? JUst like the 28 yr old girl that had video and was murdered in her apartment, more cover up, cmon ppl, he never killed himself swat did….

  12. Ditto!
    Thank President Trump.

    Could it have been the FBI or CIA doing the killing in Vegas to distract from what was going on in DC?
    Just wondering.

  13. Since FBI leadership were informed of the practice exercise, they knew that Paddock was dead when brought into the hotel and placed in the room.

    Who in the FBI or a related service can -safely- reveal the murderers of sweet, little JonBenet Ramsey?

  14. Rev. Janice, you are correct, however, there are so many idiots against the death because it is Cruell and Unusual Punishment. Those idiots only care about the Sh+t
    that commits the crime and NOT THE VICTIMS. 3 hots, a cot, tv, wifi, free medical and dental and all at taxpayers expense and the victims get dirt in their faces and 15 cents would solve the problem. Some say they will answer to a 3 letter word.
    Well, if that was true the piece SH+T would have dropped dead the very second
    he or she decided to commit the crime, Right?

  15. “This conclusion does not raise the level of confidence many Americans have in the FBI.
    After James Comey left the FBI’s reputation in tatters after his politically motivated attack on Donald Trump, this investigation was a prime opportunity for the FBI to regain the trust it had lost.”

    Well I can unfortunately say that contrary to my hopes with his appointment, Director Wray has NOT engendered any additional confidence in the Bureau from me either. I’ve concluded that all our intelligence agencies appear to be more motivated by politics than they are allegiance to our President and the protection of our country and its citizenry.

  16. Richard – Trump is not the best person to be in that job. But what were the voters supposed to do when the only other likely candidate wa Hillary? When one is presented with a choice between a person that presents no public offcer history and another person with a demonstrated proven criminal past and incompetance? One is, as a public official, a possible crook with no experience as a holder of elective office, and the other had already demonstrated that she uses any office she held to enrich herself at public expense.

  17. Duh?? He broke out the windows, and began shooting, and the security guards cam up to see what was going on…after shooting the hundreds of rounds, killing 58, and injuring 500 then he shot himself…..what were you thinking?

  18. Nazi demon rats…they hate Christians, republicans, men, middle Americans, prolifers, anyone that is good and honest.

  19. I’m glad to see that you are FINALLY writing about a subject that you know everything about … ignorance.

  20. These was a plan that the Demo Craps had planned to eliminate some conservative voters that is the only way they can win is by lying dead vote register as Rep then change and kill voters.

  21. Problem is,the good ones have no balls. There are skeletons in everyone’s closet. So disappointed in our law enforcement agencies. We are in big trouble. After seeing Hillary’s bSneronull and getting away with all that . Look out America. We need to start rebellioning. Where are our Protests? Maybe because we are not getting paid!!!!

  22. Go Trump. At last a republican with gonads. It took the republican 40 years to come up
    With a person with balls. Trump is as American as apple pie. Go Trump. God bless Trump and God bless America.

  23. close the dept. fire everyone from the director to the third shift janitor the vet everyone. if they don,t pass they don,t come back!

  24. I am convinced that Paddock didn’t fire any shots because he was already dead at the hands of the persons he transported to the room for. Why take 20+ guns up there anyway?

  25. Mr President :

    Keep up the good work!
    This is a most interesting time
    to be living!
    I look forward to history treating you very very very well!
    Thank you for devoting part of your life for us!
    And on the behalf of all citizens //// I want to apologize for the all the crap going on!
    🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  26. Everything that Obama and the Democrats touched has been a scandal against Americans. The Democrats are starting to reveal their true Satanic beliefs with their killing on babies after birth. they have become ghouls eating from the flesh of those babies murdered by them.

  27. ” The FBI issued a report that revealed a jaw dropping massive scandal ” – Hell – the FBI IS A MASSIVE SCANDAL.

  28. Another reason to clean house at the FBI. They can’t find their butts with both hands and that is shameful! I think someone knows the real reason he attacked, I think he might be kin to or good friends of someone in the democRATic party. They need to fire the top 5 levels of the FBI and replace with others in that department who really are good hardworking agents.

  29. Richard = RichTvrd!

    Be sure to flush after you add your comments!

    Liberalism IS truly a mental disorder.

  30. If the FBI states the truth, they fear the reprisal of Republicans toward Democrats for the most obvious of reasons. The primary reason is bolstering Republican voter turnout, the secondary reason is physical attacks on Democrats, they fear a war may ensue that would take quite a while to quell. The FBI can play God for only so long, the truth will come out and prices will be paid.

  31. You really need to stop watching MSNBC. They have corrupted your mind. What the Democrats are trying to do to this country is horrific. Trump simply wants to help us help ourselves and get rid of the Deep State.

  32. Why is it you libs always resort to name calling. If someone gives you the truth with verification you get pissed off and start calling names,make accusations of racism or other unfounded comments. This seems to be true of most on the Left as well as those in office.

    stewed in revenge

    getting caught

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  34. I have lost faith in all law enforcement from top to bottom. Remember most of these people at the top are lawyers that should explain a lot.

  35. Richard all that’s on MSNBC is commie propaganda from your asswipe dumbass party. The FBI has never been honorable since being founded by a fag. They catch criminals and stop them , but they step on anyone who gets in their way.

  36. Typical liberal, Richard. You immediately launch into name-calliing and insults, and you are blind to the corruption at the top of the FBI leadership. I include Wray in that. Recent example – someone gave the order to conduct a military style pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home, complete with tipping off CNN so they could sensationalize the entire thing. Then he’s released 4 hours later? The FBI is a mess at the top and needs to be flushed out like a plugged up sink.

  37. everyone should read the book written by Senator Jason Chaffetz and your eyes would be opened to just what is going on in the deep state of the Clintons and Obama the vote here in Wisconson was tainted for sure and if I was Walker I would of contested it. Trump is our only help to unvail and rid the swamp of these under handed people

  38. Haha, you must be a retarded agent. Not all special agents are politically motivated. There are many good FBI SAs but it only takes a few at the top to topple an organization…

  39. Plain and simple: No I do not believe the FBI report. The American people no longer trust anything in the news or put out by the FBI. The FBI (an American version of the KGB) has become the arm of the liberal agenda that protects evil and an enemy to the very people it has sworn to protect. Is there anyone left in the FBI that has the balls to stand up for truth? God will continue to drain the swamp, FBI included.

  40. You are so full of garbage I can smell you through my phone. The reason that the FBI does not want to turn around and list the motive for this guy is because his motive was to kill conservatives. And that would make a flaming left wing liberal the largest mass murderer in history.

  41. Haha, you must be a retarded agent. Not all special agents are politically motivated. There are many good FBI SAs but it only takes a few at the top to topple an organization…

  42. I’d offer a “Penny”for your thoughts dearie but it’s clear your thoughts are not worth even that. You are an idiot and what you should be “ashamed” of is your own ignorance. The FBI is an outstanding crime fighting organization that is admired the world over. Your opinion of the FBI is nothing more than what Trump tells you in his inane self serving tweets. What you should be ashamed of is your president whose moronic slander of the FBI boarders on treason; his insults, which reflect his own short comings and incompetence, make clear just how inept and unqualified he his to hold the most important and revered office in the country and the world. Of all the human beings we could have chosen for president in 2016 we, or at least enough of us, pulled the lever for the worst one of the worst of us. One evening when you are bored with your sorry life you should tune into MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell show t 10:00PM; if nothing else it will open your eyes to the damage that’s been done to all of us by our president.Richard

  43. Very true look what they did with Stone this past week. The guy was NO threat but FBI 0600 at his door with guns drawn and ready to break his door down .This is anti american and this arrest in manner it was accomplished most likely cost tas payers 1 million. Why don’t they go after real criminals? Time for them to be disbanded.

  44. Several agencies should be eliminated all together, others combined. The corruption and waste are overwhelming the system, just like Dems wanted, per Alinsky.

  45. I have heard speculation that Ginsburg has possibly passed and they are hiding it. Now that is a conspiracy theory. But none the less stranger things have happened. Look at the strange death of Scalia.

  46. Paddock is dead, he’s not talking to anyone. He was found dead in his hotel suite from a self-inflicted gun shot an hour after the shooting. He fired 1100 rounds in 10 minutes. According to Wikipedia

    he sent down orders
    To do what ever it took!
    /////// HELLO ///////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  48. Steff, i have to agree with you for the most part! The FBI has been corrupted during Obama by Liberalism. Director Wray May be weak but I don’t think he is doing more damage. How could he when the entire leadership was so corrupt and under Mueller’s influence acted exactly like Hitler’s SS. I just can’t describe the fear I have for my adopted Country when they can drag people out of their homes and raid them in the dark. I would like to add that there are many honorable agents in the Intelligence Services but they have stayed quiet too long!

  49. They are passive when it comes to going after the lefties and the likes of you but when it comes to conservatives they go after them like bootlegged thugs? This is corruption at its highest level !

  50. You very well may have hit on what is closer to the truth then anything else I have heard. What you said makes more sense to me then everything else I have heard or read on the tragedy! I am with you that I no longer have any faith or trust in our FBI or DOJ. They appear to be bootlegged thugs who’s only objective is to go after conservatives and falsely accuse them when they can get by with it !!
    The complete justice system is just about as bad but Trump is making some head way on this, however it is so corrupt that he will not be able to completely correct it in the time he has even if he gets the second term (which I hope he does and believe that he will).


  52. I
    am so ashamed of the FBI. they are trying to deceive the american people,they do not know how to tell the truth,or they just want to in fear of exposing them selfs,so why do they still have a job?

  53. You are correct. Hanging on the town square for all killings and rapes. Would cut this stuff down if not out. The chamber must be put into action as much as I hate to say it.

  54. The corrupt FBI couldn’t come up with a motive , because just like the raid last Friday by the jack boot thugs of Hitler, so it was with Mueller (a not elected above the law terrorist group to take done a duelyb elected prisident)and his abuse of power an Attack to scare conservative in to not bringing into light how corrupt the communist Democrats are with scads of hard core evidence against them! This lad Vegas thing was a setbip by the whores of the democrat/ communist party to get mass people killed so the could use the photo op of guns scattered around the room to be used in the controlled media to scare the American people into giving up
    Their weapons . 1st off the guy couldn’t have expended that many weapons or bullets himself before being taken down, and next who took the photo op of the room where the guns were staged for a photo nip for the media , when supposedly no one was allowed in the room from the media’s? The next thing if you listened to the audio of the shooting this was a fully automatic weapon( was their one recovered?) and next there from the sounds heard by many more than one shooter! Holder and Obama was engulfed on the boarder with supplying arms to the drug cartels for the hopeful same result so the controlled media’s could beat the gun drum!


  56. Yes, I believe Stephen Paddock had some kind of motive and reason for doing what he did, however, I believe that if he does not wish to reveal it, there is no way anyone is going to pry it out of him, despite the efforts of the best in the FBI. But God knows, and He will deal with it when the time comes. While we may feel the need to know the rationale and reason for his actions, will our knowing in any way alter the outcome? Take comfort in knowing God will administer justice in His time.

  57. I agree with Lunchladie – Hillary & her crew are given a ‘look the other way’ for acts/deeds/lies they have accrued — what other departments are there to give justice — ? None.

  58. Since Oblammer the FBI has become the FUMBLING BUREAUCRATIC IDIOTS!! It is a real shame we have gone BACK to the HOOVER days of corruption!!

  59. Don’t worry about what Putin & Trump said in a 15 Min. meeting, Hillary met with a China Rep. during the campaign & made a deal & got millions for her “fund”, never hear CNN talk about that. Like Loretta & Clinton, Putin & Trump were talking about “golf & grandkids”. Obama & Hillary, you need to tell America if there was a deal you made with the Bin Laden deal & our Embassay.

  60. This was FF he is veideo woman March when Pres was sworn in.Every time intelligent agents have drills CITIZENS DIE.BROWARD SCHOOL.JEWISH CHURCH SANDY HOOK.THEY WANT YOUR GUNS

  61. Immediately after this happened there was a massive push for gun control by the Liberals. Then, suddenly, this entire story was nearly buried completely. What took away this golden opportunity to finally disarm the American public?

    What if: the shooter was a fully committed Democrat who supported Bernie, made campaign contributions, AND was an illegal arms dealer? Could the Democrats disarm us, IF one of their own was the shooter?

  62. I agree. And evidence that indicated another shooter quickly vanished. My friend was there and luckily escape being hit. But in the pandemonium and chaos I doubt anyone was able to really take notice. They were too busy running for their lives. It has even been questioned if he was actually the shooter or just a scapegoat.

  63. The FBI and DOJ should hit Restart, It might help. There in sad shape, President Trump is right, Back to school. As far as theolddog, Well, you can”t teach them
    new tricks. Lost cause

  64. I don’t believe the story for a second. Mainly because our local news gave a different report. So I find it odd. And there really is NO reason to be rude.

  65. The FBI is having too many mental and moral issues to function properly! They should have been honest and just said the guy was a damn nut case! Or, perhaps they are covering up for so more of their cronies….hmmmm.

  66. Spot On. The sound in the video came from a belt fed automatic gun which he didn’t have in his room, on top of that many witnesses said there was gunfire coming from several directions.

    Nothing here folks, just another JFK scene.

  67. Apparently the old dog’s mind is leaving him. Correction, the most radical, rabid, racist people are solely residing in the Democrat party. So I guess that makes you one as well, huh? Just cause you say something is true does not make it true.


  69. Hey righties,
    Just yesterday, your Liege Lord T Rump told you that the FBI was passive and that its agents should “go back to school.”
    Can any of you radical, rabid, racist righties tell us why you believe this story?
    Didn’t think so.

  70. Whatever happened to transparency, honesty, and integrity? Is Obama responsible for these disappearing in our DOJ/FBI? I can understand National Security when that is really the case, but so many of the security personnel including the top in Obama’s staff turns out to be corrupt and members of the Deep State. Our once proud and mighty FBI has been infested with a malignancy that is difficult to root out. Director Wray is too weak and too political to do any good. The DOJ is riddled with corrupt deep state operatives and have a loose cannon as special prosecutor. They are bound and determined to have a coup to unseat our duly elected president regardless of the constitution and laws. We must ready ourselves for the war that will be waged very soon over the treason being committed.

  71. Killers of People Do Not Have To Have A motive, but the Murdering of Human Beings is against the Law, and all who murders People is guilty and should be put to death! Bring back the Law that states “Anyone who Murders another Human Being, Kidnaps another Human Being, or Rapes another Human Being Shall Be Put to death by hanging until they are dead”! It deterred Killing of People in Kansas and as soon as the Traitors of that Law got it stopped the Killings
    Jumped Sky High and increased and so many Families have suffered because of it being done away with! The Traitors in every Rhelm of Crimes against Americans should be done away with!


  73. I think the F.B.I. needs to clean house of the bad guys who have degraded it from its reputation of trust by the public. I do know there are good guys and gals who serve with integrity.

  74. I have a friend who is very much involved in National Security. On the morning after that massacre I asked him what he thought about it. He said it was some kind of government “sting” operation that went terribly wrong. Not unlike “Fast and Furious”. I have been wondering about the silence about this – it has been a long time since it has even been mentioned. There is so much other government corruption that keeps stealing the focus away from the present issue. When you look at Robert Mueller’s career – he has been involved in one cover-up after another. In another report this morning they are saying that it has been 55 days since anyone has publicly seen Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They say that is the reason Pelosi keeps stopping the State of the Union address – because the seat that Ginsburg should occupy will be vacant – pushing further speculation that her health is much worse than the democrats are letting on. If she is forced to retire that will give President Trump the opportunity to seat 3 justices in 3 years. In reality it may be 4 – as Justice Clarence Thomas is talking about retiring. He will retire early so President Trump will have the opportunity to replace him too. This is something Obama begged Ginsburg to do – but she refused.

  75. “Still Federal Bureau of Idiots and it all started with Comic Comey and continues with Muller.”

    Good job radical rightie.
    Disparage American institutions and help pave the way for the right wing coup you so desperately long for.

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