The FBI just hit Americans with some extremely bad news about the coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is throwing Americans lives into utter chaos.

Life as the public knew it changed this past week.

And now the FBI just hit Americans with some extremely bad news about the coronavirus.

States across the country are restricting business hours and movement as part of “social distancing” measures to halt the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

These draconian measures are not just affecting American employment and leisure activity.

State lockdowns are now delaying firearm sales as the FBI announced that state agencies closing or limiting their hours would slow down National Instant Criminal Background Systems checks that are performed when Americans purchase a firearms from a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

The FBI wrote:

Should a state choose to limit their days of operation or close state offices, this could potentially impact the Brady Transfer Date (BTD) by changing the time in which an FFL can legally transfer a firearm in a delayed status. The NICS Section urges FFLs to be cognizant of the impact this may have to your day-to-day operations, and also to stress the importance of adhering to the BTD that is provided to you at the time a transaction is put into a Delay status. The Brady Act does not federally prohibit an FFL from transferring a firearm after the third business day expires, even if the NICS Section has been unable to provide a proceed response, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 922(t)(1).

These checks are supposed to either approve, reject, or delay the purchase.

If the purchase is delayed there is a three-day period to resolve the issue and this now threatened by state shutdowns over the coronavirus.

This could end up costing American lives.

The city of Philadelphia announced it would no longer arrest individuals for violent crimes such as burglary or car theft.

Police departments in some cities are no longer protecting their citizens.

Now the government is restricting their ability to defend themselves by exercising their second amendment rights.

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