The FBI knocked on the door of a Democrat Senator. Then all hell broke loose

If Obamagate wasn’t bad enough, Democrats now have another massive scandal on their hands.

And it involves one of the biggest names in the party.

The FBI knocked on the door of a Democrat Senator. Then all hell broke loose.

Washington, D.C. buzzed about the FBI seizing the cell phone of Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr as part of an investigation into insider trading.

Burr was on a committee that received a classified briefing back in February about the dangers the coronavirus posed to the American economy.

After that briefing, Burr allegedly sold $1.7 million in stock the week before the stock market began a sell off leading to a 10,000 point crash.

But Burr was not the only Senator to execute suspicious stock trades.

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein’s husband also allegedly sold off stock after that briefing, which led to the FBI paying Feinstein a visit.

Democrats are planning to try and turn one of Donald Trump’s strengths – his message to “Drain the Swamp” – into a weakness by launching a smear campaign based on false claims about the President presiding over a culture of corruption.

But Dianne Feinstein – one of the most senior members of the Democrat Party – getting caught up in a FBI investigation over shady stock trades will severely undercut that message.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’m 63 and never voted but I’m voting this time around because even if half of what you here is true I’m disgusted at the democrats for how they’re treating a sitting president especially one that is actually doing what he said he would do even without their help. Hopefully some dems should see how corrupt the party is & see a president that works for your country not like Obama did embarrassing the U.S. like no other president before him. Obama & his wife should keep their mouths shut & let a real president show them how to protect our country & our people.

  2. California must be polluted with spawns from Communist China. All the alleged Democrats are puppets for the Communist party: comrades Feinstein, Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, Newsom. Made in China.

  3. Man that California air must be tremendously polluted. Pelosi, Fienstien, and Harris, pure Con Artists, commies!
    The Governor and those L.A.area mayors and health department facists. Isn’t that state supposed to crack off and float away,but couldn’t get that lucky!

  4. Diane Feinstein might as well be an active member of the Chinese Communist Party. Her driver of 20 years was Chinese, and her voting record supports China in every way. She should be investigated. Check out HER cell phone! Then check out the burner phone she uses to talk to her Chinese handlers.

  5. Feinstein had a Chinese spy as her driver for 20 yrs. and she claimed she did n’t know. Now she has made a fortune on insider trading and blames her husband. How convenient!!!

  6. Feinstein is the bottom of the barrel of lying thieving democrats. She’s got proof she didn’t do anything wrong? What about tipping her husband off about the impending stock losses,so he could sell off before losing a penny?

  7. Kudos to the FBI for pursuing ALL the actors in the insider trading issue. As seen this is nothing to do with the White House, everything to do with greed.

  8. She needs to be put under oath in front of congress. Just like every republican gets to be intoragation when they do something that doesn’t stand with democrats view. And like I said in another article. The husband had to have asked for permission from her to do anything. She is the one that controls the piggy bank. He is just the cosigner.

  9. DIANNE FREAKENSTAIN has has ETHICAL ISSUES BEFORE….the SAN JOSE BEE about 10 years ago reported that when she was head of a subcommittee about Military bases she awarded CONTRACTS to her husband CONSTRUCTION FIRM with nO BIDS…..HOW many Millions went in their BANK ACCOUNTS from TAX PAYERS MONEY??? Well it was the Obama era of CORRUPTION SO …NOTHING HAPENED

  10. Jack Richards, what happened to this country is that the left took over the education system. So facts don’t get taught in schools anymore. And neither does US history or government. So kids only see on TV what their parents watch which also is lefty. Thank you for your service. I have a friend who was severely wounded in Vietnam and he wonders about this country too.

  11. If you don’t Feinstein ran out of her meeting to call her husband yelling the words sell, you are a complete fool. All of them should be treated the ones that did stock sell outs should be treated the same. RESIGN

  12. There is only ONE way to save America. Vote STRAIGHT GOP ticket in November 2020…
    From city council to POTUS. That eliminates every Dem in the DC House nd your state House. Take lotsa leg work by YOU to convince people to do it. Be active, yes YOU.

  13. This weird FBI asked Dianne Feinstein “basic questions” about her husband’s stock deals. But how could this “honest” senator know about her husband’s fraudulent transactions? But immediately laid out, prepared for this case, a bunch of documents confirming that she did not know, did not hear, did not participate. Will the FBI believe the scammer again?

  14. The Trump death clock is so wrong!!! Is there no laws that prohibits such unruly, ethical slandering lies, especially towards a POTUSA?? Can anyone with money just rent a sign and defamate ANYONE (Especially A President) they don’t like or agree with politically?? Yet, people can be imprisoned and locked up for verbal threats against a president or elected officials!! People funding this sign AND the company owning this sign are Evil & Corrupt and should be arrested and jailed TODAY.!!!!

  15. Jack Richards….THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. I totally agree with you, talk is cheap. This country “HAS TO ACT” on election day to get rid of all these TREASONIST DEMONRATS that only take care of their “SPECIAL INTEREST PROGRAMS”. Late term abortions, $1200 stimulus for undocumented mexicans, and sooo much more!!!! We are in the grips of a pandemic, and sh*t for brains DIPPYLOSI is worrying about another impeachment. Can AMERICA finally show that we will NO LONGER PUT UP with IDIOTS in Washington trashing our BELOVED COUNTRY!!! IT’S “MEN” like Jack Richards that need to be in Congress to help our President fight to clean the swamp!!!

  16. Feinstein is a Crooked Old Bit-h that loves Iran and needs kicked out og Congress. There is no doubt in my mind that she told her husband to sell the stock after what she learned in that meeting

  17. Feinstein was in a briefing. With the information she was privileged to, she knew as anyone would Know that information, that the market was going to tank. Her husband sold off stock after the briefing. FBI visits Feinstein, she says she personally had nothing to do with her husband selling the stocks. Is that about right? My God how stupid these pompous politicians think we are.

  18. The problem the Government will face in trying to prosecute Feinstien will be the California Blind Trust laws, while the owner of the trust is not supposed to have input as to buying and selling , In California it is legal for them to do so. Beside while the Democrats will jump at the chance to try to prosecute someone without proof or any evidence of wrong doing, The Republican Party most of the time will not proceed with charges even when the evidence is overwhelming, hopefully after the election and they no longer have to worry about re-electing the Pres. Those in the judicial departments will grow a set of gonads and go after anyone that was involved ( Husband’s, Wives, Kids, etc )

  19. Another example of Democrat corruption!!!!! Nothing new here!!!!
    Democrats figure they can break any law they with no consequences!!!!!

  20. “A spokesman for Dianne Feinstein says the FBI asked her “basic questions” in April about her husband’s stock trades, and that she provided documents showing she had no involvement.” YET OBVIOUSLY SHE BENEFITS FROM THIS and is also culpable being that she more than likely gave him insider information….

  21. corruption is not corrupt as practised by Democrats; only Republicans bear that onus, even as innocent

  22. Two criminals can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.

    Politicians, are crooks, playing with people, as though they’re chattel.

    Politics is very much like a circus.
    The different acts and shows to amuse.
    In one ring, an amazing act is happening, kerpung the attention focused.
    Meanwhile, the other rings are being staged for another distraction.

    That, is what is going on.
    Don’t believe it?
    Then, set out to create a mass distraction.
    How do you think you’ll be handled?

    Like the rogue elephant or tiger, that grows weary of the same old, same old.
    It lashes out, taking it’s handler and a few others down, along the way.
    Invariably, the crazed animal is put down.
    And, for a short time, there is attention. But the REAL reason the animal snapped to begin with, is always concealed.

    The TRUTH never sees light of of day.

    Welcome to the circus@

    Give them Bread and Circus, and they’ll never Revolt.

  23. People
    Ranting on line is NOT DOING ANYTHING.
    We Need to
    Stand up
    Man up
    And take our country back!
    I shed my blood in Vietnam
    Not for this sorry excuse for a country

  24. Sad, Indeed a Democrat always are treated with respect! Feinstein, gets a heads up on a Chinese spy that worked for her as a staffer, for over 30 years. She fires him?
    Feinstein, tells her Husband to dump the family’s stock and she again acts like a kid blaming others for what she did. Feinstein sets up Judge Kavanaugh, with a letter from a drunker Dr.Basely Ford about a alleged High School Party Rape which supposed to have happened over 40 years ago. (No one witnessed it, she did not know where, when it happened) Yet, all the Democrats said Dr. Ford was credible, truthful and all women suppose to be believed? But when this happened to a Democrat Biden, Democrats say the opposite. Diane Feinstein worked for the Chinese for 30 years as a spy and got away with it, just like she is going to get away with insider trading while Burr gets roasted!

  25. The fact that President Trump may be over weight has little or no business in our Government matters; however the fact that Pelosi often is totally out of her mind has everything to do with our Government. Just how long will we The People have to wait until a competent person is in that office? The future of America is on the shoulder of these people who have not one brain between them.

  26. Why is this site so cowardly
    To delete all my posts
    Calling people to stand up and

  27. GOP senators were handcuffed and paraded to jail by the Federal Bureau of Idiocy
    Feinstein was “respectfully interviewed “

  28. I don’t care how many notes or documents I show the FBI if I knew Stocks were failing & I mentioned it to my spouse , by word of mouth,after my CONGRESSENAL MEETING, there would be no DOCUMENTS ,””DUH”” REALLY FEINSTINE!!! Speaking of crooked Congress people PEE PEE PELOSI newest IDIOT comments TRUMP has “dog poo poo on his shoes ” WOW !!! We know her SHOES will never get dirty as SHE DOES NOTHING for us REAL AMERICANS ,or her State, or her City TRUMP actually gets out & gets all things DONE ,even while being “”POO POO ED”” on by ALL DEMO–C–RATS, OOPS !!! more DEMO–C–RAT POO POO !!!

  29. Senators Birr and Feinstein as well as any other wether there spouse has stocks and any of these Senators dumped stock or there spouse dumped stocks after they had a briefing on CV19 and what parts of the economy was going to be shut down should face severe penalties with suspensions and heavy fines this is insider trading and the law is very clear on this issue of dumping. Feinstein has managed to avoid a lot of wrong doing with some fancy footwork as have almost every California politician because of the corrupt culture in that state .

  30. John A…..must stand for Asshole or never Trumper coxsucker. You obviously are wanting him to take his investment portfolio, which is managed by a blind trust, And do something unethical like yourself.

  31. For those who are a bit confused. There was a briefing during the late January to the Senators about the Covid-19 outbreak and coming pandemic. Somehow Trump did not get that briefing. But shortly after, three senators, 2 republican and one democratic either sold stock in industries that would be adversely affected or their spouses did.
    Right now it looks as if only Senator Burr is in trouble. But . . . its still early days.
    If the senators used this information, the briefing would have to be fairly specific. Wonder why Donald J. Trump the master businessman did not get the briefing.

  32. You have to believe that Dianne told her Husband about what was discussed in the Senate meeting. You can bet she ran right to the phone and called him. He sure didn’t take long to unload his stocks. The problem is, the stocks are most likely in her name also.

  33. Old bag Crooked Iran Loving Feinstein is lying. Yo can Bet she told her husband to sell the stocks

  34. Nothing will be done to these Democrats
    They are above the law
    And we all just keep allowing it
    What happened to this country?!

  35. Burr and Feinstein need to face the music! For Kelly Loeffler, she’s too hot for jail and I’d give her an alternative sentence! The punishment for Loeffler should be that any guy who wants to take her panties off and boink her will be allowed to do so, 1-on-1! Each lucky guy would get 30-60 minutes (logistics to be worked out)! I’d sign up right away because I want to take Kelly Loeffler’s panties off and boink her!

  36. Isn’t it just massively convenient that Ms. Feinstein had documentation to prove that she had nothing to do with her husband’s stock sell off? When are the FBI going to start an actual investigation into the actions of these rats? It was too convenient! Figure it out, fools. The police and justice rule systems should not be one set for the republicans and a look-the-other-way set for the democrats.

  37. AAAAh Feinstein who had a chinese driver and aid for over a decade, and “didn’t have a clue” that this man was a CCP agent and spy. Now she “doesn’t have a clue about her stocks! Yeah and water isn’t wet! She is just a lying crook like the rest of the democrats.

  38. It’s about time that prune faced dimocrat hag and anti-American traitor got a knock on her door by the FBI. We all know she’s a Chinese agent.

  39. After these editors get done with their slime censoring, I get more info watching Looney tunes.

  40. WHO in the H3LL is Kelly Loeffler in this article and what does she have to do with this??? Article is supposed be regarding evil corrupt Diane Feinstein??? California, Please Vote Your Obviously Corrupt evil, Anti American politicians OUT of Office in November 2020 election!! You are making Good progress, keep on working to return Respect for your used to be Great State!! Vote Straight GOP (Except Rinos) November 2020!!! God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  41. The democrat have be a culture of corruption for ever. They use to be run by the KKK until byrd died. Now they are rin by Soros, Streyer and Bloomberg. The Clinton’s were totally corrupt and now we are finding out that obama and biden are totally corrupt.

    The Kennedys were corrupt. Jfkennedy had sex with three women in the White House while his wife was there. He made his brother AG to protect JFK and the two of them protected drunken woman killer Ted from Prosecution.

    Johnson dramatically expanded the vietnam war to increase his stocks value.

    Yup democrats have always been corrupt and they always will be corrupt.

    You have to be stupid to vote democrat.

  42. But notice this is just more fake news as it doesn’t actually say that Senator Feinstein’s house was raided or that her cell phone was taken. It just gives their opinion of what might happen.

  43. What goes round comes round, what you sow you reap, you cannot hide your evil deeds, from God. He sees all & knows all, & you will answer for your sins & your crimes.

  44. Mel it’s not just the bullet train. Lying Diane got her husband the deal to sell $80 billion dollars of excess post office property. This was a no bid deal she made. Tells you how corrupt this woman is.
    When my father worked for the Federal government, if you had a relative they could not bid on any government contracts. It shows you how corrupt these people have become. These rules were in place to eliminate the possibility of corruption. Now we’re seeing how corrupt these jerks are!

  45. A spokesman for Dianne Feinstein says … that she provided documents showing she had no involvement. What? She says to her husband, “Better sell your stocks, honey. The market’s gonna crash”. That creates no documents.

  46. Susan Stamper you can blame the commiecrats for the political division. Help vote the fools out and things will be better for everyone.

  47. I’m so sick of the political game, can it just be about people nothing else!!!!!!! Keep it real someone,anyone?it makes me ill when I wake up and all I hear is smear campaigns!!!!!!!,it you know what I care about all the lives lost and they all mattered that are gone,now that is real!!!!!?!.

  48. Dianne Feinstein is a liar and a crook who is beholden to China. Because she attended a meeting earlier this year in which she received privileged information about what stocks to sell, she turned around and sold said stock using the lame excuse that her husband did it. Since he is not a member of congress his only access to that privileged info was through lyin’ Di. Thus she is guilty. Not to mention her Chinese chauffeur of 20 years who gleaned valuable info from her and used it against us. This old hag is past her expiration date and should retire immediately. Where is the media when you need them?

  49. Why is it the people who make the laws for me to follow (and I pay these jerks paychecks) don’t have to follow the law. Jail the old crow.

  50. They can fire him up with a little Thorazine Dan, he’ll be alright in no time.

  51. Par for the course, once a liar always a liar. Where are the big shot DemoRats that were in the middle of the impeachment debacle, why haven’t they gone after Feinstein and her husband for what THEY have done, look what they did to Martha Stewart, yes she didn’t spend much time in jail, but she STILL went to jail. The double standard for the DemoRats is working again and will always work in their favor because they’re in charge of the house, this is why we have to get them out of the house, KEEP the Presidency, and KEEP the Senate, so we can stop this BS from going on, and on, and on!

  52. Californians have known for years that Feinstein is CORRUPT!! Her husband got the bid for the BULLET TRAIN TO NOWHERE bid, over a billion dollars…Now Feinstein and her HUISBAND pull a INSIDE STOCK TRADE…Martha Stewart went to PRISON FOR THE SAME THING…DEMOCRATS ARE CORRUPT AND SUCK

  53. Who is this asswipe monty jackson, is he part of the jackson five? No, he’s just another lying twerp with his head up his you know what.
    Burr is going down. So should Feinstein and piglosi and the other woman. They all cheat, lie and mislead us. We can’t trust them, we should all vote to get them out of office in Nov. Vote straight GOP ticket across America and flush the commie demoncraps.

  54. Burr ought to wear a mask. Not so he can breathe, rather,so he can keep the authorities from arresting him for his ILLEGAL activities on behalf of HIMSELF.

  55. Q: Out of curiosity, since Feinstein and Ford had Stanford connections, did they have any association with Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos who has been charged with massive fraud and awaiting a 2021 trial? (Holmes dropped out of Stanford, but continued those ties, raised monies for Hillary, and, associated with Obama.)

  56. Carol Ann Schields — your comment was enlightening. Wish the media would provide such facts, but unfortunately, they publicize only rumors and anti-Trump twisted gossip. Reading science fiction novels is infinitely more entertaining.

  57. Just like she didn’t know that her DRIVER for 20yrs was a Chinese SPY. Didn’t remember the details of Christine Blasey Ford letter? Now, she gets information about a pending financial problem for the entire COUNTRY and without HER sharing this with her HUSBAND, he makes this perfectly timed stock sell-off.

    I AM SHOCKED, that anyone finds this odd…what they continuously say YOU’RE doing, it ALWAYS ends up that they’re the ones doing it.

  58. CONGRATULATIONS, MONTY RERUBLITHUG/FASCIST, drink some more of their Kool-Aid, you most likely went to a dumbed down liberal university too.

  59. Feinstein & Democrats: do as I say, not what I do; they forget that actions speak louder than words. Highest hypocrisy. Democrats permit lying, cheating, immoral actions so long as they win. Win at any cost. A sociopathic approach to life. Applause for the integrity, truth, and, honor of authentic Americans. GO TRUMP!

  60. In the words of INSANE PELOSI, No one is above the law. INDICT THE BUNCH and do it soon, before a Democrat should become POTUS, our country could be headed for DOOM!!!

  61. What is good for the goose it is good for the gander if the present administration is accusing the previous government then they need to turn over all in formation connected to all the unmasking that has been don’t in their term

  62. Of course this PIG (politician In Government)wrote herself a NOTE or one of her conspirators wrote the bloody note as they all attempt to cover each others butts!

    Yes, they all told their families, friends and campaign DONORS. WTH; why else would major campaign donors even give them a damn dime!

    These PIGS all need to be investigated all the time! Now we know why they are so against TRUMP.

    They are all turning CHEAP TRICKS while selling their country and fellow citizens out for small gains. Our President has a TON OF HIS OWN CASH and need not go for the low hanging fruit these PIGS chase after.

    Trump is looking for that CHOICE FRUIT that benefits U.S. all

  63. Dianne Feinstein is a Vry big LIAR and she is also Very Crooked and has been that way her entire time in Congress. She needs to leave. She loves Iran and supports Iran and is a good example wht there should be term limits.

  64. SCRUTINY begets Cleanliness and Openness. If we demand Clean and Fair government then all politicians must be all investigated all the time. Especially in the current time when we see corruption as plan as we do now! We give an inch and we loose a mile!!!

    Of course she told her husband and many donors, too! Information to her her DONORS is the very reason they donate to her campaign. Are we collectively so naïve (ignorant/stupid) to realize what IS going on before our very eyes. OMG, one is no more than HUMANOID (beast) if these truths escapes!

    POLITIANS: Poly (many) Ticks (blood suckers). PIGS (Politicians In Government Service)

  65. The more flak Trump gets the closer he is to the target. Monty Jackson and julio richard laredo are just more flakers.

  66. Copy of paper proving her innocence-
    Note to FBI- “Diane is a good girl and didn’t do nothin wrong.”
    Love always- Feinsteins Mom.

  67. Keep draining the swamp, Pres. Trump. You’re hated because you don’t play along. I can recall when Feinstein was super anti gay UNTIL she decided to run for office and realized she needed to play nice. To judge begets being judged! In this case, I find it very difficult for her not to know her husband was doing this.
    Might as well check out the Clintons and the Obamas while they’re at it. Don’t trust them at all

  68. Exactly what paper work did she show the fbi to prove she was not involved in the sale????????? wtf?”?

  69. I would care less if I read in the paper that Dianne Feinstein caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Add AOC, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Rashida Tlaib, and a few others in Congress to the list…

  70. We must all recall the lies of Christine Ford and Feinstein at the Kavanaugh hearings under OATH.. Said they did not know each other and the letter from Ford just happen to and in Feinstein’s office. FACT CK Ford and Feinstein’s husband are CURRENT colleagues at Stanford U and have been for years. Feinstein did NOT find poor little For an attorney. That attorney marched in anti Trump marches with Ford, Feinstein, and her husband.
    BTW… Ford’s brother was an attorney in the law firm that represented Nellie Ohr and her company.
    No Feinstein needs to be investigated as well and.
    BTW Ford did NOT have a doctorate and when Stanford saw it on TV they went to her office and took the DR. CHRISTIEN FORD sign down off her door.

  71. Let’s be real, most politicians or people who chose to become politicians either already have considerable wealth or obtain condiderable wealth while and after they are in political office, and although many might start out as grassroots people – people once they have attained a level of comfort and respect in there political positions, they could give a rats ass about you the common citizen, all you are to them at that point is a potential vote, donation, or campaign story/ photo op! Other than that we are just wayward sheep, deplorables, rebels, malcontents and certainly not somebody that they ever really consider beyond that! The reality is that most people couldn’t even achieve a higher level office without a strong financial personal base or generous backing, when was the last time you that you can remember a poor or even middle income citizen holding amy kind of political office, it doesn’t matter which party you are affiliated with or support! The only way that we can ever have a real for the people, by the people form of goverment that was originally expressed in our constitution and founding documents is to fundamentally and lawfully change the form and rules of goverment, this means a real multiple political party’s as part of choice system, and not the same two party tennis match that we have been watching for the last two hundred plus years, strict term limits with no more career politicians, monumental campaign finance reform, with strict upper end financial limits on who can be allowed to run for political office to begin with! Then adding another extremely important piece two the government system pie, in the form of new branch which would be something akin to a civilian advisory board with highly revolving postings that can only be made by non – politicians civilians who vote in individuals on a non- partisan basis and taken from an extreme cross section of our society, but this new branch should be given the ability to have almost as much, if not more than final say as the president does in not all but most governing matters. While this is just a rough cut of how things would have to change, it is the beggining of what would need to be accomplished in order for us to ever truly have a goverment for the people by the people!

  72. Any body BELIEVEING that Finstien didn’t tell her husband, after meeting, to sell stocks ,that would also hurt her,has to be a TRUE DEMO–C–RAT!!! LIE & HIDE BEHIND THAT LIE with another LIE & HURT inocent people “WHO CARES” !!! There is a RECKONING coming NOVEMBER 2020 & 2022 !!! DEMO–C–RATS you can get on the PATH to being TRUE AMERICANS if you REALLY CARE & don’t want to take OUR U.S.A. down the path of S O C I A L I S M !!! Power sounds great !!! But that’s not what our FOUNDING FATHERS had in mind !!! EARN what you work HARD for !!! “REMEMBER NOVEMBER 2020” !!!

  73. There’s no way to edit the messages you send on here so I have to repeat the same message with this edited version:

    Is Diane Feinstein guilty of inside trading? Does the Earth turn on its axis? Does water flow down hill? Does the sun rise in the East and go down in the West? Does sh!t stink? The answer to all these questions is YES. Diane Feinstein is guilty as sin.


  75. Yep..feensteen has been a corrupt political money scammer from the citizens of the USA for years. It’s high time that she face the music as she is thrown in prison.

  76. Is Diane Feinstein guilty of inside trading? Does the Earth turn on its axis? Does water flow down hill? Does the sun rise in the east and go down in the east? Does sh!t stink? The answer to all these questions is YES. Diane Feinstein is guilty as sin.

  77. MJ’s a commie, democrap a**wipe troll…..ignore him! He gets paid for every comment he can drag out of you! Starve the jerko**!!!

  78. The democrats should be treated the same as the FBI treats any Republican, and do not request the democrats to sit down for TEA.aka “KIDS GLOVES”

  79. Monty..your statements don’t make any sense, you are obviously stuck on stupid, jealous of other people’s smarts (including Trump’s), you probably live in your mommy’s basement and still breastfeed. I’m will to bet You ride the short bus and licked the windows and you still fart in the bath tub and bite the bubbles…your ignorant opinions are as irrelevant as your ignorant azz

  80. Monty Jackson you’re the same idiot that posted as MJ. Is your stupid son still playing soldier?

  81. Sure Frankenstein , you had NO involvement. You just TOLD your hubby to…”SELL, SELL, SELL!

  82. Yeah Monty were the ones that build this country, while you sit around running you’re head and want everything for free because you’re to da_n lazy to work, but not run your mouth…Your not Pro-Active, your Re-Active. American model citizen, your far from it amigo…

  83. Don’t tell me MR. Diane Feinstein did that without telling that old reprobate wife of his. She is one of the BIG RATS in the Senate swamp. The DemonRats are so greedy and want MONEY AND POWER, they DO NOT DO ANYTHING ABOVE BOARD BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO BE HONEST AND WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. SHE NEEDS TO VACATE HER SEAT!

  84. Feed it to we, really…Learn how to make a sentence, you show your stupidity every time you post. Did you not call the Social Workers Hotline???

  85. James 75th Regiment that is not a logical statement why would he find Rat Poison you probably would like to feed it to we know you don’t like anyone who does not bow down to your GOD/KING tRUMP and worship him you can’t stand. Actually it’s sad.

  86. Statesman Patriot, Hmm…I’ve had comments that did not post but I never had one disappear yet

  87. There are probably a lot of people in D.C. on both sides of the aisle that are fearing that knock on the door. All those multi-millionaire “career” politicians did not get that rich on their salaries.

  88. Julio is like the blind squirrel that found a acorn, one of these days it’s going to be rat poison.

  89. All politicians must be able to pass the citizenship test, if fail, out of government for ever!

  90. Washington, D.C. buzzed about the FBI seizing the cell phone of Republican Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr as part of an investigation into insider trading.

  91. The mayor of San Fransicko for 10 years, and a senator for 28 years.
    She’s a crooked career politician that has nothing to worry about.
    The idiot voters will keep voting her back into office.

  92. Either she’s dumb as a box of rocks or as corrupt as Maxie Waters, personally I think both. Lady rides around for three years with a Communist Chinese chauffeur and states she didn’t know. Another prime case of the FBI doing their job right???

  93. When justice starts being handed out to career dem criminals, let us know! I’ll be the one dancing in the street!

  94. As we know, longtime senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had an alleged Chinese spy on her staff for about 20 years who was listed as an “office director” on payroll records and who served as her driver when she was in San Francisco, all while reporting to China’s Ministry of State Security through Beijing’s San Francisco Consulate. Besides driving her around when she was in California, he also served as “gofer” in her San Francisco office and as a liaison to the Asian American community, even attending Chinese Consulate functions as her proxy.

    During her time in the Senate, Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum has grown extremely wealthy. Should we not be suspicious of the $25 billion deal the FDIC struck with Blum’s real estate company during the housing crash of 2009? Should we not investigate why as chair of the Military Appropriations Subcommittee, Feinstein approved millions in contracts benefiting her husband’s firm? Should we not demand close legal scrutiny as to how Blum managed to land a $108 million contract to sell post offices in California? As popularized in “All the President’s Men” and used in the Trump campaign to call out the highly corrupt Clinton foundation, should the authorities not once more “Follow the money?”

    And Dems want to jail General Flynn & publish the President’s tax records? I ask them “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?” — Matthew 7.3 (NIV)

  95. Note that this fact has not made any mainstream news stories! This is not the first time good ole Dianne has had a little trouble (long time driver a Chinese spy, husbands behind the scenes deals with restricted technology sales to China, under Bill Clinton.) She has many skeletons in her closet and has been well protected over the years by corrupt media and government officials.

  96. Not the only ones! PELOSI husband sold his too! Did she tell him too? Same question to Diana did you tell your husband to get rip of the stock?

  97. Democrats and their projections, want to know what they are up to? Look at what they are accusing others of doing and you will find your answer.

  98. Feinstein is one of the most corrupt senators in the corrupt Democrat anti American party. She is a career politician who considers herself a “public servant” but is there to get herself wealthy at our expense.

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