The FBI may have just found the smoking gun that will sink Brett Kavanaugh

The FBI is investigating Brett Kavanaugh’s background.

Democrats and RINO Republicans demanded a one week pause to let the FBI dig into sexual misconduct allegations.

And they may have found the smoking gun that will sink Kavanaugh.

The FBI is investigating Deborah Ramirez’s claim Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party when they were freshmen in college.

Ramirez’s claim is unsubstantiated and Kavanaugh strongly denied it.

But the FBI contacted her for an interview.

And she gave the names of witnesses to the event.

The Daily Caller reports:

Deborah Ramirez, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault in the mid-1980s officially spoke with the FBI Sunday, as the bureau continues its investigation into the allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.

Ramirez, who alleges Kavanaugh exposed himself and thrusted his penis in her face during his freshman year at Yale, reportedly gave the FBI the names of witnesses who were present during the assault.

“She has agreed to cooperate with their investigation,” Ramirez attorney John Clune said in a statement to The Washington Post. “Out of respect for the integrity of the process, we will have no further comment at this time.

The FBI will continue to interview other Kavanugh accusers and witnesses in the one-week time frame.

The New Yorker found no witnesses to corroborate her story.

The New York Times refused to run it because they found no supporting evidence.

So far there have been no witnesses to corroborate any allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh even pointed out that the “witnesses” of the Christine Blasey Ford incident all contradicted Dr. Ford’s testimony, including one of Ford’s longtime friends.

Will the witnesses Ramirez supplied also refute her account?

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I read that she was either stopped or arrested three different times for a criminal reason. the record was not very clear as to the reason but the term criminal was in it. In addition, it further stated that her record was scrubbed clean on either July 6 or 7th of this year. That information was listed on the computer and I have been unable to find it since seeing it last week. Seems strange that that information just disappeared, maybe the proper investigators should look into it.

  2. Ahduh, no aggressuve drunk. You sound like a left wing ding who has to look up the definition of fair & impartial. As for drunk & aggressive, just not there. Doesn’t sound like you are “there” either if you are of the opinion that Judge Kavanaugh is unfair, partial or an aggressive drunk. Get real, look at his record, now 6 FBI investigations…you DO read don’t you??? Then look at the facts about the accusers. Then…SHUT UP!

  3. Brett was drinking? So was Ford, at age 15. Bet her yearbook tells the rep she had but she wisely has barred it from the investigation.

  4. None of these people are up for a lifetime appointment. I want a fair impartial judge not an aggressive drunk.

  5. Thank God not all conservatives are as crude and ignorant as you, Tyrant. Clearly you think cursing wins an argument or you have nothing else to offer.

  6. Not worried at all, Dan. Your group’s 15 minutes is about to run out. Always crucial to take a look at the demographics, Dan . . . white males are becoming a smaller and smaller proportion of the population, and Trump and his cultist followers have alienated most everyone else! Check the numbers.

  7. Ernst:
    I couldn’t agree more ! This garbage site is only interested in keeping the story alive so that they can attract viewers to see their crappy ads.

  8. If this site continues to show such crapdoodle stories, I will discontinue the site. This is a complete waste of time.

  9. Old news today the news is saying that she is not sure if it was Brett. Just more slander coming from the mouth of a woman what to be expected this week. ? More women brown nosing there way in to a good thing. I have no use for any of them except my mother God rest her soul.

  10. Yes, it may well be Revenge, for that foreclosure, of her family home, in Md., back in 1996. She, also, looked and acted, much like someone, who may have been hypnotized??? date, location, how she got there, and back, and it’s also curious, as why she had, her bathing suit on, under her clothing, or ??, she went about 6.5 miles, from where she was swimming, in her wet bathing suit, to a party?? Not remembering, who drove her, how she got home, what time she got home?? So much, that is missing!! The truth may well be, that it never happened, but the Kavanaugh name, rather Judge Kavanaugh, his Mother has that title, stuck in that confused head of hers! She should be prosecuted, for this, for ruining the Judge and his good character, name, and family!

  11. Rape ‘fantasy’ OR her own FATHER…and she’s ‘blocked’! Not even hypnosis could reveal THAT possible truth because she knows JUST how to train her mind!

  12. Probably even threw his U-trou against the wall! If they STUCK? Time to turn ’em inside OUT! LMAO! Kavanaugh may have THROWN ice! DemonRATS would ABOLISH I.C.E.!

  13. You forgot Sheriff Joe Arpaio…MEANEST SHERIFF IN THE LAND! LMAO! But GOLLY GEE…everyone in Hawai’i complicit in doctoring Obama’s birth certificate met a mysterious and untimely END! JUST LIKE CLINTON WITNESSES SET TO TESTIFY AGAINST HER! Nice jigsaw puzzle…PIECES FIT!


  15. Would love to review their sample group and its size. If you really believe those numbers, then I know of some swamp land for sale and its not in D.C.

  16. More fake news! the FBI has not made any statements as of this writing. They must think the American people are stupid

  17. Its time to remove this task from our elected Senators, since they are spineless (Republicans) and Corrupt (Democrats), and let the American people make the decision to confirm. We can only hope that Judge Kavanaugh will still except the appointment. The American people are fortunate to have such a brilliant mind residing over the Judicial Branch.

  18. It is so obvious that George Soros and the Clintons are the masterminds behind all of this in retaliation for crooked Hillary’s defeat. These accusers need to be put under oath and asked if they are being paid for their allegations, and by whom. Then if they lie, they must be charged with perjury.

  19. Omg he threw ice in college!!! I think we ought to dive into backgrounds of ALL Demoncrats! I’ll bet they did a hell of a lot worse! Disgraceful what is Happening to this Judge and his family! What has this world come to!? If they let these Liars get away with this no Man will be safe they can’t get away with these accusations w/o Evidence that is not how this works Dems! And we need to investigate Keith Ellison who everyone on the left thinks we forgot about maybe even Bill Clinton again!

  20. Thank you ladies, Mary and Betty! Look at the eyes of that woman, Ford (it looks like even her title “Dr.” is questionable) and you’ll see every now and again they are completely unfocused, really the look of someone lost! They, the democRATs, trained her hard. Of course they could not train her on precises data (date, location, other details) because she never had that info, because it never happened. This is her revange on the judge mom/family!

  21. “Credible allegations”? What a curious juxtaposition of two words. The only thing that MIGHT tie them together is that Judge Kavenaugh is MALE and obviously not physically incapacitated (because he has children), so he COULD be guilty of the charges against him. So could almost every other MALE living, dead or yet to be born. “Credible EVIDENCE” are two words that fit together better.

  22. Just left a grocery store talking to a friend about how terrible it is what the Dems are doing to Kavanaugh, other women joined in the discussion.. We all think it’s going to backfire on the Dems..

  23. How much is George Soros/Obummer and Killery paying for this slanderous allegation??? Also is he still paying the FBI???? I hope not!

  24. I agree. This article about that crazy woman’s accusations being found true by the FBI is full of lies. The FBI would never say this. The Democrats keep spreading their lies. Sick of such evil people. CONFIRM JUDGE KAVANAUGH TODAY. VOTE RED IN NOVEMBER AND REMOVE ALL DEMOCRATS.

  25. Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  26. Dan,
    TRUE. I loved the comment that ‘the only way liberals would recognize a gun is if it was up their butt’.

    Thanks for the best laugh today.


  28. Guys,

    If ever I am attacked/assaulted, may it please please be with a bunch of ice cubes.

    With all the real assaults we hear about all the time from the pink hat fools, to the terrorists that have been brainwashed by our liberal colleges, the Black Lives Matter (but white ones don’t), antiTrump, Anti cops, anti anti, I will be delighted to take my bucket of ice.

    And, show me the guy and some females too, that didn’t test the beer waters in their youth. Seems to me to be a rite of passage.

    The man made it and made a fine person of himself. Actually a cut above most of the liberals trying to take him down.

  29. I could date a paper to read 11 14 2035. Phony. Just like the birth certificate produced by the mulatto from Kenya.

  30. They only had a few people vote on this poll. It should be shown where more people could vote. I would vote for Kavanaugh.

  31. Doc I witnessed plenty of fights years ago. The bottom line is you want a libturd on the Supreme Court. What about us that will not comply with commie rule? What then?

  32. Dr. I’ll bet that caused an orgasm. I know. Just so the commie maggots win. When America becomes commie, you will be a subject. Many of us will be freedom fighters.

  33. It looks like, finally, they’ve found the “criminal activity” that will disqualify Judge Kavanaugh from the Bench.

    It seems that he was caught throwing ice across a bar at someone, sometime during his time at Yale . . . . Will Demented-Dems froth at the mouth over this act?

    Next, in this “investigation” will be the time in the 3rd grade when he sent a Valentine Card to a girl in his classroom and attached a note that said . . . “I really like you”. ????

    This could even land him in jail . . . . the way Irrational-Demented-Dems “think”.

  34. Oct 1 a brand new poll came out that showed New poll by Strategic Research Associates that show Americans OPPOSE the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (48% disapprove to 42% approve). The opposition to Kavanaugh is particular strong among American women, 55% against versus only 37% in favor. The support for Kavanaugh started low even before the sexual assault allegations, but have even decreased over time.

  35. Are you still living in the 4th refrigerator box on the street, Dan? Perhaps it would be smart if you took some of the money Soros is dishing out so you can get a better place to live. And why would “commies” be so supportive a major capitalist like George Soros – – you are mixing up your metaphors, probably from living in that box.

  36. If they come after me the reaction of Kavanaugh is a kid’s Sunday school class compared to my reaction. The best thing anyone can do , if they want to lie on me is to go f–k with someone else.

  37. Yeah I’m getting tired of the click bait headlines….everything in that article has already been said and is no way a “smoking gun”. All this is doing is giving more fake fodder to liberals and weak fence walkers who don’t read past the headline. Get it together Renewed Right….I like ya…but clean it up. Conservative news must be better than that.

  38. Excuse me. I made no comment as to anyone’s mental state. To merely let someone off the hook by saying they are mentally ill is wrong. Especially in this case. This whole charade was very carefully planned and choreographed by the lefties.

    I have never commented on Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Really or the others. I did make a comment on Cosby that I was not surprised because of a firsthand incident. I will repeat it. I was working in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. A military who was outprocessing from the group that contracted for troop entertainment OCONUS. He said, “I am really happy to be leaving and won’t have to arrange women for Cosby any more. He always demands we provide him with women.” I was shocked then, but not when it hit the fan. That military made a believer out of me. He had no axe to grind. He appeared to be a very honest man.

  39. Don’t you know that all materials like that are generally dated and documented by staff. If Dr. Ford were making this up, why would she bring it up years before, to her husband, and even mentioned his name in couples counseling. Dr. Ford said, she waited until K was on the short list because she hoped to avoid coming forward and have scum call her a lying cocktease, a whore and all the others nasty crap from Trumpons. Makes sense.

  40. I think you know nothing of which you speak. Do you have mental health cerification or just, as usual, blowing smoke out your butt. The second accuser knows when, where and how and has witnesses.

  41. How is any of that blurb that has already been talked about A smoking gun nothing more than A so called media source just taking the cooky women’s word for truth without any proof whatsoever just par for the course for them tho.

  42. GOOD question, Dan. It goes to the number of witnesses that are coming forward (over a dozen now) that testify that Kavanaugh lied under oath and had numerous episodes of being drunk, and WORSE, became a belligerent, aggressive drunk. All accusers have said that when Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh drank to excess (which occurred frequently), he became aggressive towards females . . . and probably did everything that was alleged.

  43. I would like to know what a man did 36 yrs ago have to do with his job today? Does this mean that if chosen for the SCOTUS, he is automatically going to turn into a drunken, sex maniac? How about if someone stated that Diane Feinstein wet the bed. Does that mean she is going to mess up the Senate chambers? Give me a break. Get on with what matters.

  44. Marlene, just what are YOUR credentials to assess anyone’s mental state?!? I would say the same think if some leftie said that about Kavanaugh. Remember it was ignorant people like you that said much the same thing of the early accusers of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and so forth. Even President Trump said she was a credible witness. It is no wonder that over 55% of the women oppose Kavanaugh versus only 37% that support him and few women want to be associated with people like you.

  45. HOG – WASH ! CONspiracy BS. Made up just like this article title. President Obama produced his long form as proof plus the Honolulu newspaper listed his birth – – in next days edition. Only people who keep beating that dead horse are Trumpons. Since Trump was the major proponent of this lie, you think he would have the money to produce such evidence – – the right keeps you in line with its Bulls**t.

  46. With the absolute corruption in the fbi for at least the past 2 years and you really think they are going to do what’s right this week. WOW — I have a mansion in the middle of the Everglades to sell you. This is nothing but more stalling tactics from the demoSCUM and the fbi fits right in. Within this week there will be more $2.00 hookers making all sorts of accusations and the demoSCUM will want the fbi to investigate every one of them Not probably — I think you are very naive.

  47. Yet another clickbait email scam from this source. There is NO smoking gun and you know it! Time to unsubscribe – we get enough of this contradictory stuff from the MSM!

  48. You have to remember this is the party of the Clintons, Obama, Maxine, Feinstein, Harris, Comey, Booker and all the parties leadership who have no sense of morality, being truthful, money laundering and even murder to keep control of their positions. They are dragging Americs down onto the gutter. But in the end they will not succeed. God is still in only

  49. Sounds more like PTSD which would be an insult to vets. Reminds me of Al Gore’s book an inconvenient truth which also turned out to be a lie. She and the news can join Blumenthal, Hillary, Obama, Flake and the rest of the deniers in Hades. Sick of the whole bunch. RVN 68-69

  50. It is good to refrain from speculating about the 1 week investigation. An opinion on last weeks hearing, do it. Guessing what the FBI is doing this week, not good. I certainly hope the FBI is not leaking any part of their fact finding this week. (1 week, for once can it be true. Naive I probably am. Hopefull I remain.

  51. Is this an anonymous article? Must be since there are no witnesses to corroborate it.This sounds like the faker Blumenthal and the phony Rep from Arizona who does nothing for the vets. Losers all. MAGA RVN 68-69

  52. I believe now that she is suffering from false memories. It turns out she was involved in hypnosis to retrieve hidden memories from people who had traumatic things happen to them that they suppressed. I believe that is why she doesn’t know how she got to and from the house and why her story keeps changing.

  53. As a nation we have all last our Good Sense! “Who is without sin may cast the First Stone?” They all left! Is there one person who never did anything wrong from birth to whenever? Let us place everything ln a balancer and see which side out weights the other~ between the Good and the Evil sides? If there was Crime committed and that was ture, why was it not reported then? There must be personal Shame involved!

  54. The headline states that “the smoking gun has been found” and that it may sink Kavenaugh. Of course right at the end it says that neither the New Yorker or the New York Times could find any corroboration witnesses. Another “anonymous witness”?

  55. What does a bar fight from 30 plus years ago have to do with anything. I’ve busted knuckles in my younger days Does that make me a bad person? Sometimes the bouncers let me win.

  56. It is SAD when they believe these women it is SAD to believe that these are putting it out their what a DISGRACE type of women they are. Question for you WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A PROSTITUTE AND WOMEN LIKE THESE WOMEN? JUDGE GOD SPEED! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL!

  57. I am going to unsubscribe from “Renewed Right!” I am tired of the BS headlines. Like “He just shot himself!”

  58. Really sad that the demorats are after a decent guy when they ignore the fact that Obama was born in Kenya. Verified by his Grand Mother, step brother and FBI CIA and MI6 and looks like no one really cares Obama was
    delivered by Dr James O.W. Ang/awa at 7.47PM

  59. this isn’t the first time that they’ve used misleading headlines. I’ve started to unsubscribe to any of these news feeds that are misleading. And yes I’ve unsubscribed here today

  60. He at most, was probably outside the party relieving himself and somebody saw him. If anything at all happened,(which I doubt)! I went to many a college frat party where there was one or two bathrooms and lines of people waiting to use them! It was not unusual to see someone outside relieving themselves outside. However I don’t think I EVER saw someone walking through a party waving his member around!! REDICULOUS that this is even an issue! He has MANY character witnesses, most of which are WOMEN!! Not to mention over 30 years of impeccable service to this country

  61. By using a MISLEADING HEADLINE you are reducing yourselves to CLICKBAIT.
    Keep it up, and I will unsubscribe.

  62. This whole set up with ‘“trashy “ women coming out of the sewer with the help of Rasputin Avenatti has missed the boat!!
    Christine Ford is and has been a mental case. She never was raped by Kavanaugh or anyone else. Her childhood was full of rejections. She fantasized the whole mess, and needs psychiatric treatment before something drastic will happen to her. She will take her own life and you know who would have to take the blame, not Judge Kavanaugh, but the Democrats who threw her under the bus including her lawyer who should be disbarred.

  63. Don. I never thought of that! You have asked a very good question. I would love to hear her answer. I’m 77 years old and am learning new things every day!

  64. This is the same woman that admitted to being stone drunk and kept going to these parties ten times. And she is mixed up with Avenati. That is a sure sign of some kind of scam.

  65. How do get off this site’s e-mail list? This headline is a lie. I will rely on Americn Thinker; Johathan Garthwaite “Town Hall”; and The Federalist sites in the future.

  66. So far all i have seen is people make accusations , no proof from any of them . But the one thing i have notice from all of them , is they can not explain , when ,where ,how ect. I truly think these people are ( schizothymia ) and i believe if they were checked we would find out it is true , they do have a mental problem .

  67. K you are 100% correct. I will not read such trash again. The headlines are totally deceiving. What has become of our America?

  68. Exactly… they made it sound as if “he was caught” and the so-called piece of paper clearly convicted him. There is no longer an ounce of credibility on any MSM or print news.

  69. They only smoking gun the opposition has is against them, their lie will thell the truth about them, that they are lying scumbagger, and ramirez,s lawyer, a 2 for 1 joke, I love this quote ” “She has agreed to cooperate with their investigation,” Ramirez attorney John Clune said in a statement to The Washington Post. “Out of respect for the integrity of the process, we will have no further comment at this time. Out of RESPECT , they know nothing of respect all they know is soros money and what to say scriped by the dnc wapo an soros-obama-clinton corrupt foundation.

  70. I would not be surprised if they found a paid witness to collaborate the story. They did the same thing to Jesus.

  71. Hog wash! This is the same Ramirez that admitted to being trashed drunk & could not even be sure it was Judge Kavanaughwho offended her.
    I’m not a fan of tattoos but I’m thinking that every man way want to have a distinguishing tat in the genital region. If an assault occurs, compel the accuser to describe said tat.

  72. To give such a title to this piece is deceitful and irresponsible. I am new to this site and if I ever see this done again, I will be done. Do you not understand that many readers never get beyond the headline and base their misinformed opinions on trash like this. It’s exactly what the leftists count on and it’s been working for years.

  73. I believe it’s the Global Initiative that George Soros is involved with. Yes he wants to bring America down. He’s been kicked out of 5 countries for causing mayhem. He’s the puppet master that got Obama into office, funding the media, protestors and the Democrat party. Don’t vote democrat ever again!!!!
    We need to pray to God to stop this evil!

  74. So far, every person that I have heard that has come against Brett with accusations are Democrat related! Does this not tell you something? Also, George Soros should not be asked to leave the country but escorted out of the country. It has been proven that he is actively involved with the protestors. I do not remember the name of the group, unfortunately, but I knew all along that he had to be involved. Again, I say, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE…..and remember how the Dems are trying to deceive ALL of us right now!!!!

  75. they have nothing, the drunkard was stole cold drunk and did not now anything , if this ever happened, which i doubt very much. jut another dermonrat scam lie.

  76. It’s been said that the Ford “woman” turned her letter over to Feinstein before judge kavanaugh was nominated. I don’t believe that. All we have is the word of a lying cocktease and an old California prune.

  77. Clickbait! What smoking gun??? Ramirez merely gave the names of witnesses to the FBI. What a crock!

  78. HOW about an FBI investigation of two USELESS SEnators… a liar the other a GROPER…..BLUMENTHAL nad hOOKER

  79. MAY be the FBI can spend time INVESTIGATION Blumenthal LIES about VN service, Corey Hooker “GROPING ” confession nad get more DEFINITE RESULTS for EXPELLING those TWO “PU$$IES” from the SENATE

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