The FBI took revenge on a Hillary Clinton critic in one terrible way

Under former FBI Director James Comey, the FBI turned into Hillary Clinton’s political enforcers.

But some things never change.

And the FBI just took revenge on a Hillary Clinton critic in one terrible way.

The FBI used to hide the fact that it operated on behalf of the Clintons and the Democrat Party.

However, these days they just flaunt it openly.

FBI agents stormed into a whistleblower’s house that had documents implicating Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller were involved in the Uranium One scandal.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Justice Department’s inspector general was informed that the documents show that federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, a document reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation alleges.

The delivered documents also show that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to Rosatom and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One, the document reviewed by TheDCNF alleges. Mueller is now the special counsel investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

“The bureau raided my client to seize what he legally gave Congress about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One,” the whistleblower’s lawyer, Michael Socarras, told TheDCNF, noting that he considered the FBI’s raid to be an “outrageous disregard” of whistleblower protections.

The FBI should have treated this whistleblower like a hero.

Instead, they kicked his door and treated him like a mafia boss.

All because he held damaging information on Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. America is in a sad state where people controlled by the spirit of Baal has political clout. Soros and the Clintons along with their lackey Obama have done damage to the fabric of America. But I believe there is a Righteous God that will right the wrong as He did when Elijah did away with the four hundred and fifty Baal profits

    • They are still after Trump and any one that has try ed to help him out! The rhino and dens are afraid that Trump is getting rid of there play house and there dirty money

  2. Obama and Hillary turned the Nations intelligence and criminal justice agencies into weapons of a tyrannical democratic deep state to be used against the citizens when we go against the democrat party or agenda

  3. If this is revenge, it’s a backfire, but it’s not revenge, it’s a CYA. But, the documents have already flown the coop so rousting this legally protected guy was as ham-handed as it gets. This was klutzy.

  4. She has no money or anything to save her as all those in the government will take Bill and Hillary down. I pray that God can rid us such people like the Clinton’s and others. I look forward to her writing her first book titled ” A Grandmother’s Wish from Jail”. I wouldn’t buy it but many will.

  5. If he gave the documents to Congress, WHY would they raid his home/office for the same documents? WHY raid him and not the clinton home and foundation? WHY! WHY! WHY!

  6. America is in deep shit, our justice system may improve during the next four GOP administrations, but the demo vomits drove it down so far, it may take even longer than that!

    • If American is in deep trouble it is due solely to that White Hiuse LYING WORTHLESS WORM & everyone of his Republican Asshole Kissers!

        • Mark, Betty is a paid troll. Betty doesn’t believe what she writes unless, she is a lunatic! Uh-oh, I guess she believes her BS! Betty is not a real human but, is a “pen name” for a liberal nemesis who writes comments under one or more other names. I guess to make more money for being a paid troll(s).

    • I agree, who ordered this raid? The attorney general needs to step up to the plate and have every piece of information and I mean every piece, turned over and now. Heads must roll on this one. Far to many cover ups.

  7. Lock up the clintons obama comey lynch holder and all of the obama administration for treason and corruption against the American people.


  9. Lady justice had her blindness, restored about 20 or 30 years ago. Ever since that time, during the Clinton regime, all this corruption began. It began when he was impeached by Congress and not by the Senate. He knew he could crap on the presidential desk and nothing would be done about it. That is when all this liberal crap started, check back before then, you will see, the Democrats and the Republicans used to work, at coming to an agreement. It hasn’t taken place since that time. I know most of you kids, trying to influence, this country now, were never taught history in your education. That is why so much corruption is repeated time after time, with no correction. These professors are starting to believe their own lies, to the students. It is to bad that our constitution is being trampled on, by the colleges and universities today. Their is no one that is willing to challenge them, because we have essentially lost the freedom of speech, in most Colleges and universities. They only spout liberal leftist views and nothing else. I don’t even want my grand children, to go to college today, they are so corrupted.


      • The unstated resolve of the article and recent news is that if you have damaging information on the clintons or ANY high ranking official is to store it somewhere unknown to the FBI. go to a state forest, dig a hole, put the stuff in a time capsule box, put it in the hole, resore the soil and plant covering. and tell one close friend what to do if you die unexpectedly. An alternative is that plot of desert or remote land that you own but never on your home property. i’m hoping Trump can clean up the FBI and other government agencies.

    • Your points are well taken. I agree with you 100%. What is the solution though? Has it come too far yet? Obviously FBI are the enemy within. Clinton’s and their cronies are being protected. I read that Bill Clinton is the illegitimate son of Rockefeller, who is one of the central bankers. This is a power grab. NWO wants control, they’ll do anything to achieve it, and they’re deeply entrenched in FBI, CIAM, NSA, et al.

    • I agree the Clintons somehow have tainted the whole damn country? The worse of the two is Hillary she has been the manipulator and chief since her fat backside waddled through the front door of the people’s house! She respects nothing therefore no one respects anything! I have read in the past that the ghosts of Lincoln and others have walked the halls of the Capitol and the White House ? If that is true The Clinton’s and especially the Obama’s should be having visitors! President Trump has a huge ego but he works his ass of and fort that we should be thanking him!

  10. “Tell a Lie a Hundred Times and it Becomes the Truth” was a 1941 propaganda phrase coined by the German Minister of Propaganda, Paul Joseph Goebbels…Hillary Clinton has lived and will die using this vile and disgusting lack of morality. A Pox on her and her former sex pervert husband, may they both rot in Hell! By raiding the home of a “Whistleblower” the FBI already had all of the documents from this whistleblower that implicate Hillary and Mueller about Rosatom, Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation that reveal the real depth of the Shadow Government Cesspool …DONALD TRUMP CONTINUES TO BE RIGHT, OVER AND OVER AGAIN! As a member of the Democratic Party for 40 years in which I was stupid enough to always vote a straight ticket, that ended when my president was receiving regular Blow Jobs and turned the Oval Office into a brothel, I reregistered as an Independent…I did not vote for Trump, but he is beginning to open my eyes to the depth of the Washington Swamp!

      • That is a mere fallacious diversion to prevent any research on to the Clinton Crime Family. A typical trick of the leftists: accuse your enemies of the crimes that you have committed.

        • Better yet, what crimes has he committed that is relevant to the election or the presidency. I have seen that Mueller has investigate to 2006 when Trump was a democrat and possibly may or may not be guilty of an extramarital affair. Hardly against US civil code. i am certain that Mueller may find Trump as a 10 year old may have jaywalked, so what. He needs to have restraints put on his investigation and this could be agreeable to congress.

      • What crimes? Beating killery. His only crime. If not for the secret service, she would have something happen to Trump. That’s 1 evil bitch.

      • If there were any crimes found we would have been hearing lots of leaks – but to date all we have seen or heard is lots of lies and propaganda and criminal activity from Mueller and Rosenstein trying to squeeze friends and aquaintanies of Trump into composing or lying to incriminate. Jerome
        Corsi has stated this quite truthfully after refusing to sign his name to the lie they wanted him to plead guilty to. He has hired a lawyer and filed charges against Mueller.
        Thank God the whistleblower had already given the evidence to Congress before the raid by the FBI.
        Highly suspicious that Rosenstein & Mueller’s fishing expedition/witch hunt was more to get Mueller on the federal payroll in a blocking position in the DOJ to lead a team of others involved in the still ongoing treason against Trump, mostly for the purpose of leading them on a cover their corrupt aZZes as thoroughly as possible by removing, altering or getting rid of every bit of evidence to be found to connect either or them or any other new world order traitor-since all the CIA. FBI, DOJ and Mueller all knew as Strzok said “there is no there there”.
        So this farce of an investigation likely has been a “SOA mission for the CIA, NSA, FBI and DOJ.
        The most ridiculous part of this whole farce is Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller and Wray all blatantly blocking the congressional investigation into the corruption inside their own departments, with the obvious intent of obstructing Justice. THIS IS A CRIME, SO WHY THESE CRIMINALS BEEN FIRED, ARRESTED, INDICTED AND SENT TO Gitmo to await trials for high treason, crimes against humanity, and for all the times they lied to the Congressional Committee for their efforts to withhold information from them. There were many claims of risking national security, but the only security at risk was their own exposure to committing crimes against We the People!

    • Most powerful crime family! I pray the young people who are being brainwashed find out. My ministers daughter was crying because Hillary didn’t win and she wanted the first woman president. I told her not this woman. Evil has gone rampant in modern society and only God can prevail!

          • Gave up on organized religion a long time ago and haven’t seen or heard of any improvement in any of the churches – just most of them getting worse and worse as they slid further down the rabbit hole and further astray from God.
            Has your church adopted the destructive new world order’s political correctness? Does your church have a homosexual pastor or performing same sex coupling which does not match the definition of a marriage or agree with God’s teaching? Do they tell the children and those attending their church that homosexual orientation is normal? No sexual activity between 2 people of the same sex cannot produce a conception that creates another human being, therefore if IS NOT NORMAL AND NEVER WILL BE. However I know some people with the abnormality that I think are basically decent people and I leave any judgement of them up to them and our Creator. Happen to believe in God’s Ten Commandments and the golden rule with fellow human beings and suggest that everyone should. However think we all run across a few people who don’t and seem to not respect theirself or anyone else, but see nothing wrong with avoiding contact with them whenever possible.

        • It’s likely that the daughter got more influence from the many years of indoctrination (AKA school). If the parents do feel this way, they’re partly to blame, too.

      • Even sadder than your minister’s daughter crying (poor blind girl) as were others is the so named “Christians”who voted for this evil, wicked woman.
        She said “Christian’s need to come off of their deep seated beliefs about abortion aka murdering babies.
        Yet “Christian’s” voted for her.

        Bill & her are likened to jezebel & Ahab wickedness gone madder. What’s even crazier folk didn’t want President Trump cause he’s “racist, crazy”, (we knew where he was coming from, he is true to form & pulls no punches)yet they vote demoncratic “hillbillary” who is jim crow, kkk racist give handouts aka freebies, keep folk depending on govt.
        President Trump has done more in 2 yrs than the Muslim/ Kenyan fraud did in 8 yrs.

    • No doubt the FBI planted incriminating evidence in the whistleblower’s house to put them under the legal microscope. I hope & pray to God that I get to witness the Clintons sent to prison.

      • Doubt you will ever see that, so suggest you change your statement to I hope and pray that I get to witness the Clintons held accountable for their crimesl You are likely to see that.
        Look up Mark Taylor’s prophecy of President Trump being chosen by God to get this nation back on track. One of his updates on his prophecy was re the 5 past presidents: he said 2 would be taken and 3 would be shaken. The death of the first to be taken was to be watched for as it was a sign the new world order WILL DIE. According to the update God was angry with all 5 for leading his people astray and to worshiping Baal. Mark Taylor also said HE is angry with the churches failure now too.
        So suggest that we all get busy at getting our morals, values, beliefs
        back in line with his teachings and if anyone wants to know why, think this is our last chance to repent get our own lives back in line with
        God’s Universal Laws. He tolerated Sodom and Gomorrah for awhile before warning them. Much of what we do since these last 5 presidents pushing for the new world order makes Sodom & Gomorrah look good. Don’t think that is going to be tolerated much longer.

  11. I don’t wanna hear all this Obozo, Comey, Hillary, Sessions bull$h1t, they’re gone. WTF are Trump and his new AG doing about this??!! Trump had better take down as many of these traitors as he can or he’s gonna be a 1-term Prez!

    • Certainly hope that d. trump is only a 1-term president. Certainly the very last thing America needs is an extra four years under that Oval Office BULLYING, LYING LUNATIC & his current Legalized, Dime A Dozen, Gutter WHORE!

      • Betty prefers to ignore the fact that DT is a saint compared to the
        lying predator Clintons and BHO who was alleged to be a follower of Rev. Jer. Wright and constl law professor, criticized the anthem and
        flag and WJC’s hand up every skirt near him followed by the fraud of
        their foundation. At least DT dallied with pro gals and not victims.

  12. Hrc in an unidicted and unconvicted felon by breaking the nations edpionage laws as a minimum. The fbi knew that snd to illegal actions ehich allowed her to run for president. That strikes me as treasonous. No one in the fbi, the doj ir elsewhere in the govt did or appears to be doing nothing about this. That means iur govt is crooked as well.
    We are going to end up in the crapper as a country.

  13. I don’t know when the FBI became corrupt, but it surely looks like it accelerated with Obama. The DOJ is supposed to be the watchdog…but no longer.
    If you step back and assess what the Federal Government really is…it’s nothing more than another business…a BIG BUSINESS. Why is it that so many wealthy individuals run for election? Because it’s a way to increase their wealth significantly. Others who aren’t wealthy see it as a path to significant wealth. Where in this country can you make $174,000 a year plus expenses, work less than a full year and produce nothing? Ergo…exactly why no one goes to jail unless the Establishment sees it necessary. The other side of the coin is the ignorant, gullible, naive voters put the losers in office. How else would a Cortez or Waters and the like get elected? I could rant on and on. Our Founding Fathers have to be rolling in their graves.

    • Follow up…Sean Hannity broke this and the US Attorney(John Huber) assigned this case has been called before Congress. He has been 13 months delinquent in doing anything about it. And then the FBI breaks the Whistleblowers door down? Where was Jeff Sessions on this? Why didn’t he follow up? More and more Sessions smells bad.

      • Sessions was gone when this recent bust-in took place, Trump’s new AG is as big a joke! The real problem here is the ENTIRE DC cabal wants Trump gone, including most of the RINOs who survived this Nov. The Freedom Caucus had better man up and do something to at least expose this. Trump is also to blame if he does nothing to clean house. F**k the backlash and news BS stories, none of them are gonna vote for him, anyway, only his base will and we’re getting f***ing fed up with the inaction!!!

  14. All of these many DNC membership folks ties to the Russians were going on during, and before, the obozo administration. If the Russians were involved in meddling with the 2016 elections, obozo and down were no doubt very aware of it as they were so deeply involved with the Russians at so many levels and in so many different ventures. Hell, look at the dealings of the podesta brothers and their group. Look at the fact that a partner of a podesta, who is a republican, has been dragged through the mud, but not even a splatter of mud on either podesta. Look at the high ranking fbi and doj folks with close ties to all that was going on. Look at the close ties between some folks at fusion and the doj. ALL of the folks involved in the Russian ties at so many levels were serving under obozo. There is no way a man as power hungry, and as jealous of his power, as obozo, had folks under him doing all these various money, power and influence grabs without his knowledge. I have recently heard there is actually an investigation going on that has, thus far, produced 65,000 sealed indictments. I lack the ability to verify the claim, but have not been previously mislead by the source for this claim. I hope it is true. Otherwise I see the only viable resolution to all this government corruption being placed squarely on the shoulders of the American Patriots. Government has amassed so much power over we the people, any resolution will require violence and one helluva lot of it. I hope we are not forced into that corner. I hope that under President Trump, we will see good men and women in government step up and take on the machine.

    • Exactly. Your post and the first post here, need to be put together in an op-ed at the NYT. Try Breitbart or Drudge or WND instead though.

      • The reason nobody can do anything about Hilary is entirely because CLASSY Hilary has not done anything wrong or unlawful which certainly cannot be said about CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump.

    • Man From Grey, That is just a good place to start. Everyone needs to be purged from government if they cannot perform in a apolitical way. Many need to be prosecuted as well.

    • We need to shut down the FBI and DOJ – have the military take over with the OSI – CID – JAG – NCIS until honest non corrupt non political people can replace them. They FBI and DOJ have made a habit out of going after anyone who opposes the Clintons or Obama. Anyone who cannot see how corrupted the FBI and DOJ have become is either wearing blinders or in denial.

    • Yeah, and it’s sure as hell NOT gonna be Whitaker! As much as Trump’s tendency to not be limited by the usual snail’s pace and red tape of DC, his political inexperience is showing badly here with his refusal to clean house from the get go. The man who loves to say “you’re fired!” is awful scared of saying it and doing it when it comes to weak cabinet and advisers.

  15. The FBI has been a bed partner of the DumboRATS for at least the past decade if no longer. The reputation that the FBI has had seems to only be a cover up for similar organization in other countries. KGB foe example. Now it appears to be a corrupt police agency.

  16. Does this not show collusion between muleface and killery? This would be a great reason for Trump to kick his ass off the investigation The bastard is one of her minions. He’s probably doing the bitch

  17. The corrupt FBI and DOJ need to be shut down immediately. Have the military take over with the OSI – CID and JAG to run both until HONEST, LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL who are not politically motivated are able to take their place.

    • This is what you get when you elect the likes of the Clinton’s and Obama’s. Do you see the link? We have a country where half the voters have their heads up their anal cavity. We will be in deep yogurt when the scales tip in their favor and we become powerless.

      • If you have never heard of a little cult called SUBUD – you should look it up. For starters the Hawaiian official that certified Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy – was a member of this little cult. Stanley Ann Dunham – Barry’s momma was also a member of this little cult. The cult originated in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. Oprah Winfreyu teaches SUBUD and Georges Soros has been funding SUBUD for decades. When you add that Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros’ nephew Mark Mezvinsky the picture gets even clearer. Ever ask why if Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – is really from Hawaii as he claims – he would be the first president ever from Hawaii – so why is he building his presidential center in Chicago? One of – if not the most corrupt city in the country, which has already had a number of presidents? Hillary Clinton is also from the Chicago area. When Rahm Emanuel left the White House as Obama’s advisor – he went to work for a financial institution that paid him $450,000 per month – even though he has no formal training in the financial sector – his job? To introduce them to “people” – aka get them access to pay for play.

    • Totally agree with you… Let’s see if our President has the guts to just do it. Problem is that the Dems would retaliate and make our President’s life hell. Not to mention what they could do to his family.

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