The Governor of Georgia went on Fox News and made this stunning election admission

Georgia is ground zero for American politics right now.

President Trump’s claims of voter fraud focus on Georgia and the state is holding two Senate runoff elections that could decide control of government in 2021.

And now the Governor of Georgia went on Fox News and made this stunning election admission.

Republicans are worried about voter fraud in the Georgia runoff election.

Trump supporters contend Stacey Abrams manipulated drop boxes and unsecure mail-in voting to engage in illegal ballot harvesting and steal the state for Joe Biden.

Governor Brian Kemp – who certified the controversial results in Georgia and became the target of the President’s anger – alarmed Trump supporters when he went on TV and proclaimed that there would be transparency in the January 6 runoff elections.

“I certainly believe there is going to be transparency in the runoff election,” Kemp told Fox News.

“There are a lot of people that have volunteered. We’ve encouraged folks to do that. The party is engaged. I think with the focus that we’ve had in Georgia, that’s absolutely going to be the case. But the fact of the matter is, Shannon, we’ve had over 2 million people that have already voted in this election during the early voting period, so my message to people is the same one the president had when he was here the other day as people need to get out and vote for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to stop socialism, stop handing the keys to Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie, AOC, and the others. I mean, we are literally the red wall here in Georgia, so we got to have high turnout, and I believe people will do that.”

Trump supporters wonder how that can be when Kemp did not call a special session of the legislature to tighten the rules on mail-in voting or enact tougher signature verification rules.

And these Trump supporters are worried that January 6 will be a repeat of November 3.

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