The hammer is about to fall on this Deep State operative

Trump supporters have been waiting to see criminal Deep State operatives punished for their actions.

So far only Andrew McCabe was fired for leaking classified information to the press.

But the FBI’s latest act suggests the hammer is about to fall on another key Deep State operative.

The texts between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have provided a treasure trove of information establishing the extreme anti-Trump bias within the FBI.

But aside from being removed from Mueller’s team, Peter Strzok was simply reassigned to Human Resources.

Now that could be all about to change as The Hill reports.

[Peter] Strzok, who had a central role in the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as secretary of State, was reportedly escorted from the FBI building on Friday amid an internal review of his conduct.
Last week a report from the Justice Department’s inspector general into the handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server also made public previously undisclosed texts where Strzok told Page they would have to “stop” Trump from becoming president.
Trump has repeatedly bashed Strzok on social media, calling him a “sick loser” on Twitter over the weekend.

“Why was the FBI’s sick loser, Peter Strzok, working on the totally discredited Mueller team of 13 Angry & Conflicted Democrats, when Strzok was giving Crooked Hillary a free pass yet telling his lover, lawyer Lisa Page, that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming President? Witch Hunt!” Trump tweeted Sunday.

Unfortunately other sources are reporting that for the time being Peter Strzok is still on the FBI’s pay roll.

While he should have been fired months ago, it appears the Horowitz report is leading to renewed internal investigations.

When asked to comment by Fox News Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said, “it’s way past time for Peter Strzok to hopefully start to find a different career and restore some credibility to the FBI that most of us love and admire and certainly lady justice has to be someone who wears a blindfold and with Peter Strzok it was obvious with his text messages that that was not the case.”

Will justice ever be done?

Can anything be done to restore the FBI’s reputation with the American people?

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  1. I want to know who suggested the fbi director to Trump because he’s part of the swamp he was connected to mueller and comey before trump ran for president the same with rosenstink who ever sujested these guy’s is for sure against Trump. Sure would like their name or names something tells me it was sessions.

  2. Apparently no name and #41 Bush have already had their military tribunal trials and eradicated. Probably a number of others have also. Go look at those videos of #41 Bush’s funeral and watch the expressions on the faces after they view whatever the message inside those mystery envelopes delivered to the Clintons, Obamas, Jeb & #43 Bush. Looked like Pence got one of those envelopes also. Laura appeared to be gasping for air & Bush#43 appeared to be fighting hard to not throw up and cry.

  3. Wayne, many of these new world order puppets and deep state establishment were working against this nation with the new world order to overthrow our nation, probably some even before the JFK assassination and even more still in the federal government or retired from it and still living – but where murder is involved like OKC and 9/ll/2001. or the fast and furious gun walking program that caused the death of one border patrol agent adn unknown number of Mexicans – there is no statute of limitations on proscuting the new world order puppets or the deep state establishment criminals working with them.

  4. When hillary – obama – lynch – holder – mad max- and a few others in their cabal are brought to justice, incarcerated and sentenced for their crimes and the SWAMP IS DRAINED!!…then and only then will there be some respectability returned to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. GO TRUMP! GO!!! (with Trey Gowdys able assistance.)

  5. We need to c these criminals in jail period!!!! Anything less will be the complete failure legal system. Once we put a few of them in jail they will be selling one another out to save thief own dishonest skins.
    If any of us committed anyone of the many blantant crimes they have we would have been locked up immediately
    We need justice

  6. Good morning Steve, I agree with you 100% on your response to Ron’s reply. My father severed in the Army in 1944-45, and he wouldn’t talk much about his time in the service, however, he did say, that we need to protect our country and citizens in anyway and every way that was possible. Daddy also said, ” If the people in office can’t serve the people like they should, then they need to get their asses out of office and someone that will follow orders, let them serve our country and our citizens. If someone has been find to be crooked and corrupt, then they need to take their asses out of office and let someone better in there that will follow orders.”

    I am proud of President Trump and his administration working to fix the problems that crooked and corrupted Obama was, to leave such a mess for our President to clean up everything that Obama wouldn’t fix. Obama, did more damage for our country and every citizen in the United States, than what he really tool care of. He and Hilliary Clinton and all of his and her administration were as crooked and corrupt as HELL! We should be glad that she didn’t win the election because, she would have continued pushing everything that Obama had been doing in office for 8 years, and really, he didn’t do a whole lot to help the citizens, he more less was helping his family and his crooked and corrupted cronies in office.

    As long as the Democrats in office and the Deep State can pull every string in tell the President what they want him to do, then, the Democrats are very happy with pushing the President around. Because , the Democrats were pushing Obama around the whole time that he was in office for 8 years.

    If my daddy was living today, he would be raising HELL for the way things have been in the past and how things have been up until 2016, when we elected a new President into office. Daddy one be the first to stand up and YELL that we finally have a President that is doing the right things for America and the American citizens. He would say by letting the illegal aliens into our country, the only thing that we are asking for is A HELL OF A LOT MORE OF TROUBLE than what we already have here at home. He would say, ” There would be more killings now than what we had when we were growing up from 1920-1969.

    I am praying that there is going to be some justice for all of Obama’s administration and Hilliary Clinton’s administration for all of their misdoings while in office. Comey and McCabe also needs to be held accountable for all of their misdoings as well. Then, maybe, things can get moving in the right direction for protecting our borders and our country from all of the enemies that are wanting to take over our country.

  7. No, unfortunately justice will probably not be done as is evidenced by the repeated free passes given those individuals to continue skating along with impunity for their seditious, treasonous transgressions. The MSM is fully complicit in this charade as can be noted that every time something possibly damning to the aforementioned criminals appears, a new, more attention grabbing crisis simultaneously pops up (i.e. separation of immigrant family members) to create a greater distraction. Doesn’t take a degree from M.I.T. to track and follow this.

  8. I hate it that I went years and years without voting or paying attention to what our Govt was doing. Now looking into it I believe it began going rogue when the Clintons emerged and pretty much took over 30 yrs ago. By the time I started noticing the Clinton Machine was in full operation. And it’s NASTY CORRUPT machine!!

  9. Organizations like the FBI are called any number of names in many countries. They are dangerous because of secrecy in which they are run. There is a very very thin line between a police state and an honest investigative organization. We have no idea how many times the FBI has been involved in similar biased operations. This tipping of the scales could get much worse and involve both sides of the political spectrum. A President could use the FBI to eliminate rivals. Wait it has already happened. Obama and Holder have already accomplished that.

  10. lets arrest and indight all the people involved including Hillary now before the time limit expires. Grow some balls and do your job.

  11. Hey Y’all, the “head of the snake” is where you start cutting! Mr. George Soros. He seems to be the “Boss” of the “Open Borders Society”, which funds liberal organizations in over 150 coutries. In the USA over 2,300 liberal organizations are funded by him, those like BLM, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn, etc. Soros “Owns” Hillary, Obama, the Dems, Rinos, etc. He worked for the Nazis in WWII to help round up Jews! And he is a Jew! This is where all these liberals find “A job”! Getting paid to protest, riot, and “Vote Early & Often”. We need to arrest him and turn him over to Russia, where he is a wanted man.

  12. Merely firing the traitors is not going to deter anything! These men acted treasonously and with malice! They used there positions to subvert this country’s laws and our justice system! They, at the very least, should be old men when they leave prison! I feel they ought to face a firing squad! They would have a century ago! Hanging would do! I guess they are lucky I can’t make that decision!

  13. Judy, if you are wondering how many there are (deep state)..I don’t think that this President is safe from his own party. As you can see, you don’t hear the Establishment standing up for him. On the higher side you have the likes of Sen. judas Corker and a good friend of the senate Maj Ldr..McConnell…who would you trust there…Then you have Two faced Paul Ryan…then the closed doors RINO’s that you cannot depend on… Pres. Trump is strong and knows that he is alone… with only the few that cover his back.. but he will succeed. The Left is out for blood and hardly in the light of “trust”.

  14. BT you are not alone????appeasment has never solved any problem????to fix a problem it must be taken head on????if getting rid of Twinkle Toes (TT)(aka Hillary) and Anti America big O causes a civil or WWIII so be it????after what they did for personality gain no price to get rid of them is to big to pay????the meat is on the chopping block????the kleaver is in the raised hand????let the meat balls fall where they may????big D the wheels of Justice grind slow but they grind fine????the targets are well identified????the ball is bouncing into your court????be bold and swift as you let the kleaver fall????Old Abe’s problems were minor compared to YOURS????just remembered We The People are behind you????we don’t like the situation BUT they did it and OUR country has lost????it’s up to you to right the SHIP????

  15. A civil war will happen ,I don’t see any other way to clean out the vipers nest in D.C. I am a combat vet who says to liberal and communist’s, bring it on. I know how to do war.

  16. Many years ago, it was a well-known fact that “ONE BAD APPLE CAN SPOIL THE BARREL”, and that fact has not changed, if anything, it is more true today than 100 years ago. Just how many “people in important positions” are to be considered, I don’t know, would rather believe that, (AND KEEP FAITH IN THE MAJORITY) the bad “APPLES” are but a FEW!!! I still believe in the America that I have been blessed to have lived in for 78+ years, tho my skin is not as thick as it was 50 years ago. To those that would lie about, cheat for personal gain, and refuse to even hint at living the “GOLDEN RULE”, I only say that it is still rewarding to abide by it. I LOVE AMERICA, ALWAYS HAVE and ALWAYS WILL, BUT THE NAY-SAYERS and DEMOCRAPS are making it more difficult every day! Our President has done more for each and every one of us than the BIG ZERO and SLICK WILLY EVER DID, and did it in less than 2 years! What it will take to make you nay-sayers at least TRY to work in tandem with a POSITIVE THINKING REGIME, I DON”T KNOW, but each item that you delay, each item that you continue to keep a negative attitude with, and every DAY that you refuse to “WORK TOGETHER” you are hindering the forward movement of this country, and I am SICK OF IT!!! GIT YOUR CRAP TOGETHER, and MAKE IT BETTER, CUZ at the rate you are dragging down the USA, WE ARE NEARLY AT A STALEMATE!!! IF YOU WANT TO BE VOTED BACK INTO OFFICE, LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER TO GIT ER DONE!!!!!

  17. The entire nest of vipers needs to be closely examined. As far as I am concerned there is not a straight arrow in the quiver. How much so you want to bet Paul Ryans congress is working with that pit. I think it totally unforgivable to ride the tail coat of the winner just to knife him in the back. Ladies and Gents beware what happens from here on out will be a fight. Congress is throwing up road blocks at every turn. The promise that was made just might take a little longer to get rolling. Hillary and Obama go to prison there is a chance of easier roads, if y’all get my meanin. In fact I would ,if was up to me, get rid of that entire crew and get new people. Y’all remember this FBI was set up by Obama and it’s coming to light that he was no great supporter of the American people! I don’t think he ever was and this entire mess stinks of Iran and Iraq. I’m sorry but those people, well the majority, hate America and all it stands for. Mr. President if I might venture a suggestion don’t play with these people anymore.Can the the entire lot of them. and as an after thought something needs to be done with Mr. Ryan.The top is rotten cut it off! If not all of the rote is gotten rid of it will start infesting again. Like a barrel off apples. Just one little piece of rote is left the entire barrel will rote again.

  18. R”h”inos are endangered by poachers in Africa. Maybe we should invite the poachers here.

  19. If the government is too timid to go after crooks like Hillary and Obama, then it will embolden the next generation of criminals who will act as if they are above the law. If there is tangible evidence of illegal behavior (about a 100% chance of that), then the government has a duty to uphold the law.

  20. But they are quirky and the names that the DOJ and FBI won’t unmask has NOTHING to do with National Security. Because it will show the entire past administrations FALSE information with their Media butt kissers alleging take Russia interference! They sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia.

  21. There are many great FBI agents (hopefully). Subpoena all to find out who needs to go..
    There will never be justice because
    everyone feels if we touch Hillary or Obama,it would lead to civil war.
    I don’t want that..but so be it if it fixes the problem. Any honest person knows that Obama and Hillary belong in
    in federal prison. I don’t know what is,wrong with people for not seeing
    the truth.
    A bandaid won’t fix the problem. Yes McCabe…Comey..and others need to go to jail..but what does it fix if Obama and Hillary are free.. Nothing will happen to them because too many crooked politicians have their hands in the cookie jar.
    Obama did more to set race,relations back than anyone. I hope blacks..hispanics..asians and others wake up to the fact.
    Trump with help will bring us to greatness..But only after the Eric Holders etc go to jail for their roles in meddling where they have no business.
    Nobody will ever trust anyone in politics if the swamp doesn’t get drained COMPLETELY.

  22. I’m still waiting on “Lock her up!” Loretta Lynch, Obummer, and comet … and they need to really chow down on Mueller…. Just do SOMETHING!!!! Enough is enough! Replace the whole justice department and go after them all… Gee, I wonder how many exactly is there in our justice department who are up to their eyeballs in the Deep State as well????!!!!

  23. Hey Ron, thanks for your service and I agree with your post 100%. I too am an Air Force vet and though its been 30 years since I took that oath, I do remember something in there about defending our nation from enimies both foreign and Domestic. So we need to continue to support our great President and drain the swamp. Cut the heads off of the snakes that are running it. Republicans have the majority in both chambers, they should start acting like it. Support the constitution, the people and the president. If that’s not what your going to do, then pack your bags with the RINO’S and Democommies. The people spoke in 2016, we want our country back and we want borders and we want justice when there are laws broken. Drain the swamp and convict the law breakers, no matter who they are.

  24. Anybody left over from Obama must be removed. That is first and foremost. They cannot in any way be trusted. And that especially extends to the secret service and staff. These people are extremely dangerous to our President and his family. Just listening to these rabid democrats on television convinces me they are severely unstable and are filled with so much hate it’s dangerous.

  25. Have you ever heard a decmorat turning against another democrate???I l haven’t. I believe OUR PRESIDENT NEEDS to FIRE ALL left over administration from Obama, then stand back and see who is still stinking up the swamp, and then fire them also. Also fire all the demorats from house, senate that are leftg over Obama’s administration, also judges, congress etc, every department from the top to the bottom. NO aTHESE PEOPLE AY NOT TRANSFER TO ANOTHER DEPARTMENT, OR EVERY HOLD ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT JOB, AT ANY LEFT, STATE, COUNTRY, CITY ETC. THEY ARE DONE. Mueller is a thief, evil witch hunter, and so is Rosenstein, and SESSON needs to do something about it, even thou he did not do his job right with HILLARY the crooked women, treason woman traitor woman, he needs to see she is arrested and put out of her misery one less criminal walking upon earth, let her go to her master satan, we don’t want her and don’t like her. We also need to give Obama the same rope, for lies, corruption he cause as President He promised to make the transition for our President Trump and easy one…BULL he has his spies, rats, crooked people causing problems all the way, they need to go, and Obama
    needs to be held accountable for all the damage he did the America and citizens. The judicial branches and all the legislative branches have become untrustworthy. THE INVESTIGATIVE EXECUTIVE BRANCHES BOSS. AT THE REQUEST OF CONGRESS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SHOULD USE HIS EXECUTIVE POWER TO PUNISH ANY AGENCY OR INDIVIDUALS DEFYING the rule of LAW and they need to be held responsible for any and all the damages that have been done toe AMERICA and all her citizens. JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED HONESTLY no longer different rules and laws for the parties, they should all be under the same law.

  26. Justice could be done, but most of us doubt that it ever will be. There are too
    many crooks and hypocrites in D.C. No one has the balls to throw them in prison.
    Start with Hillary, Obama, Comey, and many, many more.

  27. The infestation of Me First..I’m With Her agents at the DoJ and every other agency especially the IRS is deep. Interfering, rigging a presidential election, refusing to indict Hillary for 18 felonies and Uranium 1 are treason. Hanging them all would be justified and a warning to others..

  28. It is about time. now it will prove that a democrats can go to jail, just think the party may disappear since very few will be left. You commit the crime you do the time

  29. The REAL questions are IF and HOW LONG it will take to disabuse us of the two-tiered legal system. President Trump will get impeached for sneezing without a Kleenex.

    The Dems can do WHATEVER they want and they have a system in place to avoid responsibility for it.

    I caution the Democrats on the “Star Chamber Rules”

    The Star Chamber was used during the French Revolution. It was a system of “denouncements.” Denouncements, with or without evidence would SEND you to the Guillotine.

    The “judges” on the Star Chamber and their audience would CHEER as each victim was arrested.

    The PROBLEM with the Star Chamber is that the SAME lack of rules could and would apply against the “judges” themselves.

    Look out Democrats, if you allow this…YOU may be next in some undefined future.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  30. The only that will e er happen is,President Trump needs to fire everyone that department and hire some new agents, or get rid of the bad apples in that department, and then start looking for some new blood to come in to help with running that department. The FBI will always have trouble with getting people to believe and to trust the FBI again.

    President Trump has the power to fire everyone that is a disgrace to that department. President Trump needs to have some new FBI agents in there that will do their jobs in the manners that they learned when they went to Law School.

    President Trump needs to drain that swamp all the way down to the bottom, and start with new people, then maybe American citizens can trust the FBI again, that will be the only way that can come true.

    President Trump has some very good and trusted adviser’s in his administration that can help him with all of that.

  31. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  32. I totally agree with Ronnie Pecinovsky….our government is failing fast…it seems determined to NOT DO ITS PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS JOB, no matter what. Will I ever trust it again? I seriously doubt it because I do not believe it will ever right itself…..too many fools in high office, and they LOVE WIELDING POWER.

  33. Strzdck needs prosecutin, but what needs to be done is to fire Rosenstein, Sessions, Wray, and that milquetoast Inspector Horowitz. They are all complicit in the cover ups of every treason committed by obama and hilliar and Comey and Lynch and Mueller etc.
    Until then, the seditious traitors are free to act.

  34. There is only one way to restore the FBI’s
    Reputation is to clean it out. And you know who all the bad ones are. They were always looked up to by the American people but not any more.

  35. I have no faith in the FBI as a DOJ investigative organization. When it stinks at the top, it filters down to the rank and file. It is the same for the CIA who are notorious as an extension of the Bush Family agenda to become the One World Order. There are swamp monsters in every alpha bet agency in the US government. My question is this: is there any good ones left in any of these agencies that are doing the right legal things they are supposed to do? The bottom must support the top in order for the top to become marginalized and distorted in their running of the agency. Same with the Military – except for the Marines – the Air Force being the worst, followed by the Navy. As an Officer, their oath to defend the constitution is sorely wanting. I am an ex Air Force and Army Pilot.

  36. IF the DOJ finally rediscovers the RULE OF LAW and Indicts Comey and Mc Cabe and then Practices the principles that the lAW IS EQUAL for Everyone including POLITICINS nad GOES seriously after Clinton, Lynch< holder and Obama, Rice, Huma and POWERS including Brennan and Clapper…. sESSION just might have rendered CONFIDEMCE in out DOJ…..

  37. WHEN THE COUNTRIES JUDICIAL COURTS AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AGENCIES WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THE EVIDENCE NEEDED BY CONGRESS TO FIND THE REASONS FOR INVESTIGATIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE…then those agencies are more criminal than any investigated persons…they have become more criminal than the criminals they investigate.

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