ESPN has a major problem on their hands

ESPN is in trouble.

Their new President is making major changes.

But is it too little, too late?

Americans are tired of sports mixing with politics.

The NFL has suffered tremendously from this as they enter their third straight season of the anti-American anthem protests.

And ESPN was right in the thick of it.

But their new President, Jimmy Pitaro, is making major changes after realizing the trouble they were in.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told The Hollywood Reporter, “Jimmy felt that the pendulum may have swung a little bit too far away from the field. And I happen to believe he was right.”

Fox News noted:

Author Clay Travis, a frequent critic of ESPN, regularly referred to [Jemele] Hill and Michael Smith’s now-defunct, urban version network’s flagship “Sportscenter” as “WokeCenter” because the show regularly touched on politics.

“They finally have executives in charge of the business who have realized WokeCenter is bad for ESPN’s brands. Sports fans don’t want to see sports and left wing politics mixed ad nauseum,” Travis recently wrote. “The best way to cure a toxic brand? Get rid of the people who made that brand toxic.”

But while Hill was let go, ESPN still employs Max Kellerman, an outspoken liberal and MSNBC star Keith Olbermann.

As Renewed Right noted recently, Kellerman was triggered when Tiger Woods called for people to “respect the office” of the President.

Kellerman ranted:

“I’m angry at what Tiger Woods said. It either holds in contempt the intelligence of people who hear it or else it’s just a stupid thing to say. … To say you must have respect for the office — Tiger, be clear. Are you saying that the office, therefore, confers respect onto its present temporary occupant? No. Having respect for the office means principally, in my view, is the officeholder should have respect for the office.”

With hosts like Max Kellerman and Keith Olbermann still in ESPN’s lineup, it’s not clear that ESPN is totally ready to leave behind all of its toxic political commentary.

What are your thoughts?

Should ESPN tone down the politics and get back to talking about sports?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Oh, really, Kellerman? How ‘bout a couple of fellas named Kennedy and Clinton, both of whom disrespected the office by an inability to keep their flies zipped. And one of them ended up being impeached for lying about it.

  2. I don’t watch the NFL or ESPN any longer. And I am content with what I can get without the liberal bias. Therefore, I’ll likely never go back, even if they repent. Too bad for them… as I know many people who share my sentiments.

  3. ESPN lost its way a couple years ago. I find alternative ways to see my games and generally they are available elsewhere where I do not have to listen to their drivel. I know that I am not alone as ratings keep going down, broadcasters are being changed. If enough broadcasters are fired maybe ESPN will feel the loss. I hope so.

  4. If either one of those self-absorbed morons come on-air,I switch the channel. It’s sports stupid,not politics. You never disrespect your anthem,your flag,of those who give us our freedom every day,so far.

  5. This is the next phase of the lefts Bolshevik movement. It is being orchestrated by the Media. It is meant to demoralize and confuse the people to the point where even with the all the information they still can’t come to a rational conclusion. A weaker America is a step towards globalism, as the best country on earth stumbles downward. The Owners of the Media have always sought to drag down the nations to the lowest common denominator and the left has helped them reduce America to a crumbling empire serving all interests but its own. It also led to the rise ignorance and the loss of American sovereignty. Americans not knowing where to render its adoration the media will drive clueless Americans towards a Bolshevik revolution so that the Chinese and Communists can come storming into America and all of Europe and slaughter us, as they slaughtered Eastern Europeans in the tens of millions in the Twentieth Century.


  7. Tone down? Get rid of. My support won’t go to disrespectful, ignorant,grownups who act like spoil brats. Get’um where it hurts them most…the pocketbook. Players should be fired and executive too. You’re a disgrace.

  8. Purge NFL Network & ESPN alone,m Chap 13 both groups.
    Force changes in both or they “die on the vine”. Avoid NFL Network on cable, satellite TV

  9. They all need to get politics out of sports!! They’ve been told that all along and they have refused to listen. Now we don’t care because we are watching the NFL anymore. I’d rather stare at a blank wall for 3 hours than give them the time of day!

  10. First, ESPN absolutely should get politics out of sports and they should get rid of the announcers and shows most closely associated with politicizing sports. It may be too late, but it is their best hope.

    Second, I was a big fan of football and of ESPN. I no longer watch either. I am not sure I would go back even if they cleaned up their act. Being outside and active is more rewarding than watching the tube.

    Third regarding Max Kellerman and his statements: I have great respect for his knowledge of boxing. In other sports he is unimpressive. But he is wrong about what he said to Tiger Woods. If a cop wants me to stop, I stop because of the uniform. I wouldn’t stop for any guy who said stop, but I respect the uniform. In the army, I saluted a higher ranking officer. I may not know him, or I may think he is a jerk, but I give him a salute because I respect the uniform. It is no different with respecting the office of the president of the United States.

  11. Ron:
    You hit the nail on the head. These are NOT heroes ! They are entertainers. Big, hulking, Concussion prone, overpaid, and opinionated entertainers ! Entertainers who are using a medium that doesn’t belong to them to further a bunch of racist propaganda. I don’t need the racist propaganda. Idon

    Donna is right ! Olberman is poison to whatever medium allows him face time.
    He is interested only in his own twisted, liberal, bed wetting agenda.

  12. ESPN needs to get rid of all the libs (have you ever noticed that only libs bring politics where it isn’t necessary) On-air and replace them with people who only want to talk SPORTS.

  13. Kellerman and odderman should be canceled, fired and generally thrown out on their ears. I remember odderman as a local sportscaster many years ago, when he was funny and entertaining. Whoever changed his tampon is to blame for his brain leakage, I guess. Haven’t watched anything on espn in over 10 years and do not intend to.

  14. They need to tone down the political rhetoric. Kellerman and Olbermann are REAL examples of dangerous white guys who need to check their privilege.

    Aside from live games, I haven’t watched anything on ESPN in over 3 and a half yrs.

  15. Wake up to the fact that kale munching Twinkie milleneals are more interested in Park concerts, coffee shops and new weed varietals than sports.

    Season ticket holders are corporations and hard working Americans. Trump voters use to watch sports while Hillary supports watch This is Life. Learn your market as politics do not belong in sports on the field, in the stands or with the commentary.

  16. I now look for, and most frequently find alternative viewing to ESPN. I have long ago grown tired of their “left wing” sublties and comments and programs. When I want negativity and ugly and nasty, I turn to CNN.

  17. To quote your liberal rag, the NY Times
    “As a senator more than two decades ago, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. argued that President George Bush should delay filling a Supreme Court vacancy, should one arise, until the presidential election was over, and that it was “essential” that the Senate refuse to confirm a nominee to the court until then.”

    What goes around comes around. Chickens have come home to roost Richard ?
    Rather than a jock strap Richard, you sir are a hypocritical moron, ignorant of history.

  18. Excellent points!

    I also have left ESPN behind with the NFL. I watch High School and College sports as long as they are not on ESPN.

  19. Mariesa1991 you are a real jock strap, what kind of respect didyou show to President Oboma when he had the right to nominate a judge to the supreme court, “I don’t think he should be allowed to appoint a judge this close to an election” deny ing him his right to make this appointment for almost a year even tho you contolled the Senate and could have blocked any one he nominated. Now you want to demand respect for bone spurs the first because he is the president lol you jock straps are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

  20. Now there’s a thought!! Money is what drives sports, TV, Radio, newspapers. When and if the public stops viewing or reading their trash which affects their bottom line they might get the message.

  21. The bottom line, Mr. Kellerman, is that those of us that voted for President Trump, didn’t much like the last President, at least as much as you don’t like this one, but we were told, “You HAVE to respect the office!” So, now that the shoe is on the other foot, you all don’t like it so much. Well, at least during the 8 years of the last President, we didn’t act a fool like all of you are now. You are worse than Chicken Little with the “Sky is falling!” Get a grip and get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome. If any of us had acted an a$$ during King Obama’s reign, you would have had us all thrown in jail in a heartbeat. Be glad we realize that you have a mental illness (TDS) and you are still free to roam the streets and continue threatening all of us that you disagree with, rather than having a civil conversation.

  22. I went to a to watch Ohio State play Tulane at Ohio State yesterday & Tulane never came out of the locker room until after the National Anthem was played. I hope this Bull Crap has not affected college football. If it has I think the government should cut off funding.

  23. ESPN should get back to doing sports and sports news about the players and games played. Sporting events are no place for political views. I no longer watch NFL games. To many protest and people trying to change my views about things other than what i tuned to that channel for. Keep politics out of my sports channels or i will just take up fishing. No politicans on the water yet.

  24. They need to get rid of those.who brought bad blood to ESPN. Kellerman and Olbermann and doe more damage than ESPN can repair but I persoally do not like the leadership or the arrogant, spoiled and overpaid football players who slap our military and flag in the face of their disrespectfulness. We are done with the NFL and NBA and we have found other things worth our time.

  25. I quit watching ESPN as soon as they started mixing politics with sports. If I want politics, I’ll watch the political shows of MY CHOICE, not political crap spouted by people that are supposed to be hosting a sports show. ESPN is now dead to me, and I won’t go back no matter what.

    Phil in TX


  27. I agree. You never talk politics or religion even with friends or relatives. To be told what you are supposed to think by liberals is revolting. I cut my cable years ago. To have Colin K wear socks saying “off the pigs” meaning “kill the cops”, is completely unacceptable. The media makes heroes out of bums!

  28. It is amazing how much better my life has been since I quit watching sports on tv. Instead of sitting in my recliner drinking beer I get out and do stuff with my family and friends.
    On top of that, I have a lot of extra money because I no longer buy all the nfl crap.
    The nfl and espn did me a great favor when they started mixing politics with sports.

  29. Liberals are not educated. They are the ones wanting hard working Americans to hand out their money to people who are lazy or don’t belong. I don’t want to take care of people who won’t take care of themselves. I won’t pay for someone to sit on their couch and not help society. And standing in hateful & desctuctive mobs is NOT helping society. None of the lefties will spend their own money helping other lefts, they expect everyone else to do it for them. Sorry, not happening.

  30. Liberals are not educated. They are the ones wanting hard working Americans to hand out their money to people who are lazy or don’t belong. I don’t want to take care of people who won’t take care of themselves. I won’t pay for someone to sit on their couch and not help society. And standing in hateful & desctuctive mobs is NOT helping society. None of the lefties will spend their own money helping other lefts, they expect everyone else to do it for them. Sorry, not happening.

  31. I never watched ESPN even before anything political was added, other than if a game was on their channel. I have better things to do than watch hours if idiots analyzing spirts and hyping games. I sure as hell won’t watch them or the NFL now.

  32. I am through with both the NFL and the Loser ESPN. They need to be a full house cleaning and that means the directors and the people on the air. Then I might watch.

  33. Sports and Politics are just like water and oil they can’t be mixed. We like to go to a sport event or watch one on TV to get away from the garbage of Politics.
    Thanks to ESPN thats not possible.

  34. personally I could care less what ESPN does have not watched since the first time they made bad reference to the PRESIDENT an they stood behind the kneeling of football players an not or country.

  35. Olberman has been fired every place he’s been and for good reason. He’s arrogant, disrespectful of those who differ and a total horse’s a_s.
    He’s only good for one thing with me, he’s great at getting me in the surfing mood to see what else is on when he’s running his arrogant mouth. Who needs obnoxious hosts like that guy.

  36. Kellerman and Olberman do not belong in any position in the sports field. Why? Because they are racists, toxic, vicious and disrespectful of ESPN’s clientele as they express their liberal bias. Kellerman caused me to leave ESPN boxing because of his loud mouth and lack of knowledge in the field of prize fighting. He was also biased to those who were expected to win. I just left the fight game wherever he was involved.

  37. Ha Donna . . . that is the classic flat earth Trumpette response – – get rid of all people who don’t think like we do . . . run them off and include independents (roughly 42% of the voting public) Democrats, RINOs, neo-cons, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, minorities of all forms, and then with about 30% of Americans left, we will fight amongst ourselves as to whom is the “PURE cult followers.”

  38. Butchy, you are another of those Trump flat earth people that like to feel you might be OK by finding people who you PRETEND to be better than. You don’t know about liberals, and the fact most of them are more educated and use their brains far more than you do.

  39. Fester, whine and complain. Donald, if Starbucks and Nike and movies are losing all this money, and their bottom line is profit, why did they make that decision and why are their stockholders supporting them? Because . . . it is not true! Trumpettes are not their primary or target audience – – most of you are old, white males that only whine and complain, that that crusty old complainer down the street when you grew up and that everybody pretty much avoided. That old geezer would complain about his ‘rhoids, the noisey kids who’s frisbee fell in their yards, how the newspaper is not close to their porch, and how everything sucks.

  40. Perhaps Mr. Kellerman should respect his position with the company that pays for the food on his table, and keep his personal opinions out of the work place? He criticizes the President for doing his job, for Tiger Woods for having an opinion, and then offers up his own similar opinion as if it has any more importance than the others? Could be that most people at high levels in their own fields of expertise should keep their opinions to themselves and stick to their own subject matter? In short, let the politicians discuss political matters and the participants discuss sports!

  41. fester, fester, FESTER. Whine and complain. First it is MSM, then go to Hillary, then Democrats, then ESPN, then Google, then immigrants, then RINOs, then celebrities that don’t agree with you . . . and the list could go on because you have to fill up your days whining and complaining. How about Roseanne Barr, Rosey O’Donnell? How the Clintons are bad so let’s not focus on Trump’s crimes?

  42. The Executives approve of the commentators, they know full well& are in approval of the Political bashing agendas that that we have to listen to on a sports show. It is sad how you have to put up with how the sports show has become just another one sided liberal outlet. LETS SAY You favor 1 team & the entire game as they are having great success ESPN bashes their every play & the players on the team.Is that the BIAS show you pay to watch

  43. We love sports!!! However, on the last couple of years, it’s just easier to leave it off. ESPN and some network sports have ruined it for us. I was VERY PROUD of Tiger Woods coming forward.

  44. What is ESPN, the NFL or the NBA? Simply put, the LEFT can shove their collectivist ideology from sports through entertainment. I have The SCORE app only. #CrimsonTideNovember2018????????????????????????????

  45. I no longer watch ANY NFL games, and as little other as possible that ESPN carries. Politics is NOT the game we want to see. Most people go to sports to not have to hear about politics

  46. I have not intentionally watched ESPN for years now. Their Left Wing politics and outright Racist attitudes turned me away from it. If I wanted to see Liberal propaganda and racially slanted crap I would just watch MSNBC, CNN and the other fake news rags.

  47. I haven’t watched ESPN or CNN for years now. Have no intention of changing that, they’ve burnt my bridge to a crisp. I watch sports to be entertained by the game not watch some idiots disrespect our service men and women. Movies with Robert De Niro and other actors and actresses I can’t even watch anymore because of their rhetoric. Bottom line, I think President Trump threatens career politicians way of life. I believe that the silent majority will make their voices heard at midterms.

  48. ESPN = “exceptionally stupid people’s network” Politics and sports do not mix well. If we want politics we go to conservative talk radio or to late night liberals, when we go to sports we are only concerned with the sport and the entertainment. If they can’t keep them separated due to their own political bias then they do not need to be on air. Keep your BS opinions to yourself and just focus on the game!

  49. I used to watch Mike & Mike faithfully every morning. Since Kapernick took a knee and ESPN took a left, I have not watched the NFL or ESPN and do not intend to. On top of that I don’t miss either so probably will not go back it regardless of what they do. “MAGA”

  50. Please tell Mr. Trump that “espn” stands for exceptionally stupid people’s network. Those airheads don’t deserve to exist or broadcast their hatred

  51. Until politics and disrespect are left out of sports the N.F.L ratings will continue to plunge.I have been watching college football and am starting to like it more .Ice hockey season is starting also.GO FLYERS.

  52. Right on, i quit watching 3 years ago and don’t miss it at all!!!They have to fire those 2 imbeciles if they want to survive!!

  53. I don’t watch ESPN because nothing is being done with the unamerican players that don’t respect our flag which is a symbol of America. These players would be nothing without being football players! Go to another Country and see how they treat them and how much money they will make!

  54. I don’t understand why these CEO can’t put in their contact that if they speck about any kind of politics they will be fired.

  55. ESPN is dead like the NFL. The new president will not be able to turn it around while they still have loud mouth liberal announcers.
    Bye-Bye ESPN

  56. I used to watch ESPN to view sports,not theie political bias and ignorance.I haven’t watched in 3 years and don’t expect to go back any time soon.

  57. On the big list of stuff that MATTERS, sports(entertainment) AIN’T there.
    NONE of the “people” involved with sports matter either.
    Modern day gladiators and spectators. Nothing more.

  58. Any CEO who is ignorant enough to alienate over half their viewers should suffer for their ignorance ”Olberman is a left wing idiot;; FIRE HIM.

  59. I quit watching ESPN when they fired Curt Shilling for making a comment about trans whatever they are . Sold my Disney stock too
    They are nothing but racist and extreme left liberals.
    Wearing my MAGA tee shirt today.
    Quit watchig NFL games also.

  60. I go along with both Kenneth and John leave the politics to Fox, CNN and MSNBC. ESPN should only be a SPORTS STATION! All of the hosts need to check their political attitudes at the door upon entering the building. I watched them for sports not their thoughts on anything political. I truly wish that ESPN would go back to their original format of covering sporting events and stay away from “ALL” the talk shows. I for one do not need the “BULLPOOP” that has been put upon us. If we wanted to watch talk shows there are millions of them with people who are very knowledgeable about their subject matter and they leave the sports to the Sports announcer’s.

  61. I so agree with dropping Overbearingman. He is the spoiled BRAT who ruins the team. . Nasty is mild to tag him. Visous evil has his picture by them in the dictionary.

  62. ESPN,the NFL and CNN all just need to go away. All are loosing their audience and deserve to. They are traitors to our country and more people are seeing it. This is what is great about our country. You can shoot yourself in the foot anytime you want,but don’t expect anyone to help you.

  63. I don’t give a s*** what ESPN does I’m done with them and football you can’t stand up for the flag that represents the veterans who died for it you’re a disgrace to this country and should leave it and shut down all the media that goes against this country and for what it stands

  64. I turn on espn to watch sports. When they start talking politics I change the channel and make sure I do not watch the idiot who does not understand he works for a sports program. I few more times of mixing sports and politics and they are gone for me

  65. They should go. Get rid of them. Politics are politics and sports are sports. America loves their sports but we need good politics best for our countSry.

  66. I believe that the NFL, not unlike the “New Coke” decision, will cause permanent damage. I changed from Coke to other colas, never to return. I have learned to find other things for Sunday entertainment, and have lost intrest.

  67. You are exactly correct james. Don’t know why others haven’t come to this conclusion, it’s not brain surgery.

  68. WHO CARE,S about ESPN. I sure do not, I would like all 4 stations taken off my DISH program selection list, I,d rather watch mexican stations an read the close caption. But FOOD CHANNEL and TRAVEL CHANNEL and FOOD NET WORK and DIY and NATIONAL GEO, has espn beat by a country mile, nothing but fools on espn, telling everyone else who messed up the game and lost it for their team. Who needs that ???? the whole show is all about PAST TENSE.


  70. Donna Miller
    I’m with you! Keith Olbermann is a disgusting person. I stopped watching when he was on our local news years ago. I can’t believe ANY network would allow him to spout his venom. He needs to be off the air yesterday!

  71. Until ESPN gets rid of Kellerman and Olberman and any sign of politicts at all and becomes ESPN sports network once again they don’t even deserve to be called part of ABC and the Disney family.

  72. Me either. I stopped watching ESPN years ago. And now I stopped watching sports, award shows, talk shows, etc. If I turn on the tv it’s for entertainment not to have politics shoved down my throat.

  73. I’m disgusted at ESPN. It’s a shame they have to ruin everything by injecting their political views when all we want is entertainment. Besides, many MANY of us disagree with their political views. Don’t they see the amount of people that go to Trump rally’s?

  74. I do not watch ESPN at all any more as they seem to feel I am interested in their liberal political views.
    We get to see enough of politics on the news twenty four hours a day.

  75. so what part of tiger’s comment was black or thai? he’s too smart for all you liberal idiots.when max is on I changed the channel!iv’e watched golf for over 60 years and never saw someone so great and refusing to get involved in stupid politics!

  76. You can change the collar, but this is still the same old dog.
    Sports is supposed to be about competition, played with rules and respect for the game. Politics is about domination, and it is not played with any rules, and there is no longer any respect in that game.
    Sports and politics do not mix, and as long as ESPN wants to be a political channel, it will lose all of us sports fans as viewers.
    If ESPN stopped televising the kneelers, the kneeling would stop the next day. Nothing more would be said about it. As long as a television camera is putting activities on the air, no matter how stupid, there will be somebody else out there doing it. As soon as it is no longer being televised, it will stop. Remember streaking, remember the wave? No more TV time, no more streaking, no more wave. Stop televising the kneelers, it,too, will go away.
    It is not that these players are that political, but in their world, visibility, ie TV time, is valuable. More air time means more money. If they can’t get air time for playing, they’ll take it for kneeling time. If they want to be political, let them run for office.

  77. Keith Olbermann is enough to ruin the whole ball of wax. WHO ON EARTH WOULD EVEN

  78. Yeah, both Kellerman and Olbermann must go. Get rid of every host that spoke ill of our president. The new ESPN president must know this.

  79. Screw ESPN they should have fired all of those liberal political hacks years ago . The only time I watch ESPN it’s when there’s a game plan that I can’t watch on any other channel .

  80. The “P” in ESPN doesn’t stand for politics. Go back to sports broadcasting and sports narrative.

    When, where and how did people think that their audiences were interested in their personal political positions? Most of us are not!

  81. KELLERMAN MUST GO! These Libs can say anything they want at any time. They infuse their ‘PERSONAL OPINION’ of which I can care less what they say, they are normally 98% wrong every time that they shoot off their mouths! If they SUPPORT anyone disrespecting our flag, our anthem is disrespectful to our VETERANS and also to me as a VETERAN.

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