The head of Obama’s Deep State was criticized by someone he never expected

Former CIA Director John Brennan is finding himself increasingly isolated in his feud with President Trump.

As the head of Obama’s Deep State, Brennan expected them to rally around his cause after Trump stripped his security clearance.

Instead, he was just slammed by the man he least expected.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper slammed Brennan for his extreme rhetorical assaults on the President.

The Washington Times reports:

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Sunday criticized Mr. Brennan’s overheated rhetoric, specifically his description last month of Mr. Trump’s behavior at Helsinki as “nothing short of treasonous.”

“John and his rhetoric have become I think an issue in and of itself,” said Mr. Clapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
“John is sort of like a freight train, and he’s going to say what’s on his mind,” said Mr. Clapper.

Obama’s Deep State appears to be turning on each other.

It’s extremely uncommon for former administration officials to take up positions at CNN, or MSNBC, and act as regular critics of the current administration.

But nothing is common about the way the media seeks to undermine President Trump in an effort to take him down.

Despite near constant negative press coverage throughout his presidency, Trump’s poll numbers are continuing to rise.

As the American people see the effects of President Trump’s tax and regulatory cuts, the media’s anti-Trump narrative is losing all believability.

Obama’s Deep State is showing signs of fracturing, as more of his cronies see their power diminished and their influence wane.

Renewed Right’s readers overwhelmingly agreed that Trump stripping Brennan of his security clearance was long overdue.

In fact, many saw it as a just a good first step.

QUICK POLL: Should President Trump continue cracking down on Obama’s Deep State officials who are viciously attacking and seeking to undermine the administration for personal gain?

A) YES – strip the Deep State’s security clearances
B) NO – the Deep State should keep their security clearances

Answer in the comments below!



  1. YES! Get rid of all of them. If it were possible, I would also get rid of Pelosi and Shumer. It is time to set term limits on Senators and Congressmen and women. Leave the president alone and allow him to do the job that we the people elected him to do.

  2. I vote “A”! They really shouldn’t have it if they are not holding a position in the government any longer. Mine was gone as soon as I was discharged from the USAF.

  3. Hello?
    I never voted for him and I never came close to liking him (he was hard to tolerate). Why call it Obama’s deep state? You’re giving him way too much credit for this highly twisted entity. This has been going on since well before 07-04-1776. Let’s get real. I have much more to add, but I won’t. I’ve actually better things to do than preach to people that will have an attention span of less than two minutes.
    What I will add is that I drive myself to not read drivel. Bye

  4. Why should anyone that is no longer a member of the government still have security clearances?imho they should not regardless of what party they worked

  5. My husband and I BOTH VOTE “A”.

    PS: If EVERYONE stops “noticing” DIANE….she will eventually crawl away; She just LOVES the ATTENTION she gets on these issues and makes me wonder if she has ever really voted in her lifetime.

  6. Security clearances are not a ‘right’ belonging to anyone. It is reasonable to pull security clearances from people who no longer work in the arenas that made those clearances necessary. It would be extremely wise for President Trump to pull the security clearances of anyone who is no longer serving in such positions. Given the current level of ‘crap’ pulled by the DOJ, anyone no longer active in that organization should have their clearances revoked. They have NOT held true to the oaths they gave nor the documents they signed about what they could and couldn’t say.

  7. Diane/jodie/scott27 etc = SO FAR, POTUS /USA (w/0ut google/FB/
    twitty tweets’ ALLOWS << Y’All Still ‘free’ Rite? But don’t Take ‘that’ for granted when SHTF.
    ps.find my post re : Mussolini ‘blackshirt’ mouthpieces/ &then Hitler
    ‘brownshirt’ mouthpieces. >>> WTFU<<< that's all.

  8. Other than a short transition period, 6 weeks or so, security clearances should not be forever. Presidential clearances would be an exception.

    • Yea they should have their clearances removed after A short transition period and it should be the same for the President to I mean just think about what kind of shit obummer could cause if he still had access to all of the secret stuff plus the crooked clinton pair just think how much she could make selling all the stuff she got from corndog.

      • Hate to say this but have their clearances actually been revoked? I personally don’t know if they have been. Would definitely be something that needs to be looked into IMO.

    • I think security clearances should end as soon as the job does.Too many people have access & keeping it forever is ludicrous! Same goes for continued pay and/or benifits for former Presidents and congress..that’s ridiculous too

  9. I think every person that was involved with any aspect of the Obama Administration all the way down to the person task with keeping his shoes shiny should and could be prosecuted for at least the crime of sedition. Most are guilty of far worse crimes, reaching all the way up to murder and treason.

    • Sue, I a
      So agree with you, the most of the past Administration, including that old past President, if U know who I mean, they should be brought up on those charges, the dirty Bastards….

  10. EVERYONE who has a security clearance should lose it immediately after they quit, get fired, or get promoted to a different job that does NOT need access to that information. On top of a security clearance of, for instance, secret. You must also have a “need to know”. There is almost nothing that someone NOT in the present administration “needs to know” about.


    • They should all be stripped of them the minute they leave their positions of their jobs and live like normal citizens always did. When people are relieved of their jobs they don’t keep their position or whatever access they have from that job after they are gone. So why should anyone in our government be aloud to keep their security clearances for a job or position they don’t have anymore. They are not thinking about our security anymore but could still be killed for it, if our enemy wants to get over on us all they have to do is kiddnap them and torture them and get all the information they would need or black mail them into helping them and not us.

  11. Diane, You pathetic piece of human waste, what are you doing in here among decent people with your lies, anger, hate, discontent, and generally being the world’s worst jerk? You are not trying to win anybody over to your side, you just think you are mean and nasty. These people don’t care what you think or say. They have more savy and intelligence in their little finger than you have in your head. Your stupid name calling and insults in your pitiful attept to belittle and demean them just rolls off like water from a duck’s back. You are nothing except a commie Dem lib, a big fat zero, useless piece of garbage. Note: Please continue to write all that same old do-do over and over again and again as a constant reminder of what a stupid
    moren you really are! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ha Ha.Ha Ha Ha Ha

    • Hey M, you’re back !!!
      > Now Clapper is ‘whining’ & going Against Brennan,
      just to save his own butt/ & security clearance.
      What a wimpy skinhead ‘coward’.

      • Hey zee, I am just checking in from time to time but will be back soon. Brennan is typical of “the breed” and Clapper is a wishy washy no account. I can’t forgot the first time I saw him, he was lying his behind off to Congress. They are all liars and unamerican traitors. All that crew should have no security clearance or freedom. There is so much going on everybody will be dead and gone before we get to the bottom of this barrel of rotten apples? Take care, more later.

        • Righto ‘M’. Get strong/heal. hope it’s Not R.eye ‘stroke schnitt’
          I know re ‘that ‘stuff’ . Anyway, i guess, no need toget public
          personal. &&& At thispoint, i don’t ‘give a ‘F’ or a rat’s ass.
          > ‘WE’ NEED YOUR + ‘others ‘FIRE’ !!! SAVE USA. PERIOD. ___ NO
          EXCEPTION(s) ♥UAll. & ‘that’s THAT. ps. haha = watch 4 ‘steel’
          U know who.

  12. Still having my fun reading the “post” of left wing dumbasses. The stupid pricks don’t know that they don’t know. Thank God for president Trump!!!!!!!

    • Hey Dan T., You and everybody else are doing a fab job keeping the Dem liberals in cbeck. Diane is being her usual nasty unimportant self. Of course I had to give her a shout out. Her troll pay has got to be pretty large with all the people replying. I’ll be back full time blogging before long. Keep up the good work Blog Buddy!

      • M will do. Diane won’t be around much longer. A mental breakdown will sink that ship. It’s almost there. Diane , Lori , and scott27 are almost done. Whomever is paying them idiots will find out they are changing nobody’s mind. They are viewed as fools just like the rest of the left.

        • No one’s paying me. I may be about done, but it’s only because I can’t believe there could be such a group of even semi-literate adults who could be as sheer stupid and gullible as those on this site. You are a real and present danger to this country and you’re just too ignorant to understand that. How can anyone overlook the constant provable lies, the deception, the buffoonery and think the whole world is mad except for you folks? There seriously must be something deeply missing in your lives for you to seek such depths of BS to fill it. I’m sorry for you Dan. I’m sorry for what you are doing to this country. I’m sorry for what your illiterate manipulative little being is doing to a once great nation. And you won’t realize until it’s too late, if even then. Pathetic little man.

          • Scott27 if you really want to see empty stupid people , attend the next commiecrat convention. Take Diane with you. You two would make a cute couple. Liberals has been the root of most of americas problems. You know what we are for , you know what you are for Which works best. Trump is doing a good job.

          • Hey Scott 27, Name one lie and deception that Trump made. Also I want to tell you that JESUS love you redardless of what you say think or do, all you need to do is ask HIM to come into your life and HE will save you. HE is the hope of the world.Trump has brought this country back to her former glory, America is great again!!! Trump 2020. Republican 2018.

          • scott27, Serious DTS, critical care needed immediately. May be too late to recover. Shock treatments followed by massive doses of opioid is only hope! Needs same treatment Diane is receiving. Oh woe is me!

        • Dan,BUTCHY etc = KEEP 0N. This scott27 IS yet Another ____ eegads.
          >0ne Day, ‘they’ will suffer the effects of their ‘spew’ &&&
          Willbe the 1st (useless mouthpieces)to G0. HISTORY TELLS US S0. __
          ( Apparently’ they’ Do NOT KNOW HISTORY). hmm, Sad. __
          > IE: Mussolini/’blackshirts’ &&& Hitler’s ‘brownshirts’.
          > REPLY to ‘them’ AT TOP of PAGE. (unless U wish to$ ‘them’) Your
          Choice. Whatever.

    • Strip them all of their security clearances. They are all Obama hold overs and they can do us no good. They just want to line their own pockets. Bite the hand that feeds you, only a dumb ass democrat would do that and then complain.

  13. A) YES – Strip the Deep State’s security clearances.
    The Deep State having there Treasonous Anti-American agenda to overthrow our Government should be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

  14. It should be a No Brainer… If anyone no longer works in a position that requires a security clearance, it should just automatically be revoked. They have no need for it… this should be a security concern for everyone.

    • I read somewhere today that the lifetime appointments of security clearances was by executive order in 1995 by Bill Clinton. Another two tiered system where the elite are catered to, and the rest of us LOSE our clearances once we leave the job we needed it for.

      • Then Trump should over ride Clinton’s 1995 ruling and install a new ruling where all lose their security clearance as soon as they leave their position regardless whether they are Democrat or Republican.

        • ABSOLUTELY – NO Q ABOUT IT. POTUS IS ‘getting ‘it’ 0NE Step
          at a time. As ‘we’ Know, he Is Not in the ‘beltwave’ NW0 Establishment.
          0nce ‘he’ Really Gets ‘BRAVE’ W/BACK-UP , well then, U/’WE’ Know
          ‘the rest’. &&& AMEN. SAVE USA. that’s all.

  15. “A” definitely. Take everyone of these deep state American backstabbing Obama loving traitors security clearances. That’s the least that should happen. Next they need to be put on trial and if found guilty either jail or shot. Democrat politicians are the only politicians on this planet willing to sell out their own family members for the sake of politics. Demon rat Democrats are the biggest bunch of devils on god’s Green earth.

    • Very well said Van!strip the treasonous scum of any security clearance and any benefits of any kind, a sentence of treason like that have exhibited should earn them a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay!

  16. A for sure. Would you expect to keep the keys and alarm codes when you leave a job? How is this any different, just on a different scale?

    • A, yes. Why do these people think they should keep their clearances. They have no more right to keep theirs than I did to keep mine after I finished working @ Savannah Nuclear Facility. When my work was finished, my clearance was revoked. I know why they want to keep, to make millions. All government officials should lose theirs when the quit, get fired. We pay the sorry pieces of crap way more than they are worth. They don’t deserve to make fortunes off what we paid them to do.

  17. My vote is “A”. Strip everyone of their security rights. The left is not going to use it to benefit this country. They are going to use it to tear this country down.

  18. A person no longer serving they should no longer have security clearance. If at a later date the person’s clearance could be re-activated if their service is needed.

  19. I love to read the media indicating President Trump has taken away Brennan’s freedom of speech. Since when was a security clearance revocation a denial of one’s right to speak their mind? Brennan just crossed the line and should not have access to issues of
    National Security if he cannot keep himself under control, which he aptly demonstrates he cannot!

    • Agreed! The people that try and say it has to do with free speech are morons. It has to do with a security clearance no longer needed. Even Fox Chris Wallace has it all wrong. Pretty sad but half of Fox is left leaning. It reminds me of Hitler controlling the media in Germany. Liberal left has deep grip on media. How do we break it. ??

  20. I believe the Mid-Terms, will be Terminal for the DNC! Their message is Hate, Violence, and Treason!
    That Ain’t What We Are About!
    Drain That Damn Swamp?

    • Absolutely correct Rob, plus these crooked politicians should be in prison,from Obama on down for their crimes against the American people. No one is above the law.

  21. Your article is incorrect, the number of top intel officials have rallied around Brennan in unprecedented numbers. As to your “Deep State” attacks, you should go to the source, which is the conservative nutcakes who made up the whole BS, like was done about Obama being born in Kenya. Where is ANY evidence of a “deep state” – – is it like a ghost “deep state”? There is tons of scientific evidence and it grows daily for climate change and yet Trump denies it. Where is any evidence, besides in your conspiracy oriented brains, that this evens exists?

      • Problem is, that is exactly what this is… a show. A supposed reality show; only like most of the fake ones on television, this is anything BUT reality. Just watched some very sane and learned people talking about trumps propensity to lie… morning, noon and night and personal things, public and political things, about everything. That’s troubling enough but what is scary is the number of people that believe those lies. I wonder how any even semi-literate adult can buy that stuff.

    • truth is truth… Are you Al Sharpton…you sound just like that squirrel storing nuggets of laughs…. Like Al,, you are incapable of having a brain…must be the Truth Drinks you Clowns drink.. makes you laughable…

    • truthistruth is another liberal wacko clearly brain washed by the liberal media !! these type of nutcases have the intelligence of an egg plant and have to be told,everyday,how to think and when to think !! they so desperately want to look smart and come off so ignorant talking without a clue of what’s reality and what’s fantasy !! everyone that reads his comment knows he’s a liberal which means,like all liberals,they live in a fantasy world all their own

      • wow. Pot, meet Kettle. I’d venture to say truthistruth would not have been one to buy snake oil from a traveling salesman; unlike so many on this site who not only buy it but drink it because they so desperately need something.. not sure what it is you people need; but many of you seem willing to cast off any semblance of common sense to believe lie after lie after lie.

    • Come to know JESUS and HE will open your eyes to TRUTH. Jesus said”I am the way thye truth and the life, and no man can come to the Father but by ME”. Jesus Is God manifest in the flesh. Ask Him into your life and HE will save you from your sins!!!!!

    • You are a blind moron…blind little mouse the evidence is everywere…you just must open your eyes…you see the Deep State in the open more than ever before..just research..they rely on morons like you to just keep following along as they take more..gain more control and control all you do…you are an idiot

  22. Glad Trump is finally taking steps to reduce any power that remains of the Obama corruption. There will never be any cooperation or help from the deep state because there is only intense hatred of Donald Trump and the Obama deep state has drained all patriotism and love of country so long as they can damage Trump.

  23. Yes steip the clearances I don’t believe we need them for anything. After all they new about Russia’s trying to meddle in the election and did nothing. Perhaps that was their backup plan.

  24. We are done with the Treasonous Left, done with Soros, done with Obama, done with the Clintons, done with the Criminal Organization DNC! Drain That Damn Swamp! President Trump, You Tha Man!

    • As soon as the democratically pushed Muller investigations grind to a halt Trump should name a few special investigators/counsels to investigate Hillary Clinton, William A. Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Deep State. After announcing that, a very secure area should be cleared around Trump, at all times, to prevent the Deep State from killing him. If Obama could have a special one then Trump needs one especially now considering the number of Deep State members.

  25. Glad Trump is finally taking steps to reduce any power that remains of the Obama corruption. There will never be any cooperation or help from the deep state because there is only intense hatred of Donald Trump and the Obama deep state has drained all patriotism and love of country so long as they can damage Trumpw

    • Why give security clearance to people who you know are trying to topple your administration? Have you lost your common sense? What gives them the right to retain their clearance just because they had it before? It is supposed to be a privilege, not a right.

  26. We Are “The Official Swamp Drainers of America” Be Proud of this, it’s as historical, as the Boston Tea Party, and the Woodstock, Ga. Tea Party!

    • The good news is that things have improved over 73% since Trump got in office. This is proof that Trump is a GOOD president! I voted for Republican Trump twice and hopefully, he will get the 8 years that he deserves instead of the corrupt evil democrats asking for his impeachment and accusing him of making up stories for his personal gain.

  27. Ashton Kutcher, dude you were in the right place, when you went to DC for help with your very noble cause, you got smartass John MCCain and that was the end of that! You were in the right location! Give Bill Clinton a call, he knows all about the child sex process in America!

  28. The answer is A) yes President Trump must continue to remove the cancer Obama started in our government. The only way to defeat cancer is to remove it completely.

    • President Trump should do this in one fell swoop! Anyone that had Security Clearance from any PREVIOUS administration should have their clearance removed in the same day!! Starting tomorrow morning @ 8:00 A.M. Eastern time!!

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    • excellent idea when I retired both times I left all authority behind worked part time until 74 when I left only a stupid fool thinks he should retain his intelligence clearance

  29. A, definitely! You don’t work for the government, retired or terminated, security clearances should be revoked.
    This should also include former Presidents.Eric Holder also…

  30. YES! Everyone should have their security clearance revoked on the day they leave the job that they had the clearance for. IF they get another job that they need security clearance, they can reapply!!! Including past Presidents, past VPs, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

  31. The DNC played they’re cards, they chose power over Country and they lost! Now we must make an example out of them, public execution via Satellite from Gitmo! Parental guidance!

  32. Security clearance has nothing to do with the first amendment I had code name clearance way above top secret clearance mine was removed the day I retired!

  33. I answer YES (A) , strip them clean , if they are not on the payroll , fired or what ever, they need to turn in their clearence pass and have their name scrubbed from the list, put the back in civies.

    • Clapper is “clapping” to the middle as he’s almost as involved in mueller’s bogus Inquisition as is Brennan.

    • All these an Obama lovers need to be stripped. They have no reasons other than to undermine the current president. Bunch of losing assholes..They all have to go.

  34. By all means, strip every security clearance from ALL the fraudbama colluders; that should include fraudbama, hitlery and everyone else in that team, that can be identified.

    • I have had a clearance and know how important info can be for private industries as well as the US government. What Brennan and others have done to our President is not acceptable the liberals on left have gone berserk. Hillary is soooooo guilty. Still awaiting for the Clinton’s to serveprison team it’s long over due

    • IT MAKES NO SENSE to have all these “ citizens “ running around the globe with this type of access to secure information. Especially since they can meet with whoever they want and sell US OUT
      as has happened in the past.

    • Ditto Jerry… Only mine was just 37 years… As a matter of fact we would lose our driving privileges inside the gate for traffic violations, thus rendering our clearances unusable for anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks… Hillary wouldn’t even be qualified to mop our floors considering her violations

  35. Yes President Donald Trump should take all the security clearances of all of obamas administration these trash talkers need to shut up.

  36. NO ONE is above the law. A security clearance is meant to protect the SECURITY of the NATION, not the security of a privileged few. STRIP the security clearance of those who have no right to security…if they are insecure then they LOSE it. SIMPLE. President Trump is protecting the NATION and he has legislated and mandated POWER to STRIP out those who oppose freedom. Use your power Mr. President and rid us of these usurpers!

  37. YES!, President Trump should continue with revoking every ones clearances, which, include James Clapper, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch,and Hillary Clinton’s and Bill Clinton’s, even though Bill Clinton wasn’t in former Obama’s administration or on his staff. None of these people need or should be able to continue to have their Government Clearances AT ALL!!!!!!

    These people that I have mentioned, has NO RIGHT to be talking with anybody from the CIA, FBI, or even the DOJ’s administration.

    President Trump needs to fire Rosenstein AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! also, because, Rosenstein is the one who appointed Muller as the Special Counsel for this totally, wicked ” WITCH HUNT!”


  38. My daily laughs is from them commie idiots. Such thin skin!! They are not true Americans. I’m retired, but these fools are probably sitting on their lazy asses on the taxpayer’s money. Just sucking the blood out of our country They should go get them jobs Trump created. But obuma taught them well. What a waste of human flesh!!!!

  39. The question is not if they should lose their clearance but how quickly can it be done. Upon the loss of their job everyone should lose their clearance regardless of their position.

  40. Strip all their security clearances and all of their privileges. They do not respect the office of the presidentcy or America’s national security.

          • But…you lost…So how does that math add up Diane? Quit ur bitchin’ and get onboard the Trump train baby!!

          • FedUp – The only reason the orange fat slob is in the Oval Office is because of Russian interference………period. The PEOPLE didn’t put him there. They saw what a misogynistic, racist bigot he truly is. He’s also incompetent and a total embarrassment for the world to see! I will NEVER join you morons on the Trump train. I despise this man.

          • Come to know JESUS Dianne and hE will save you. The Bible says in Romans 5:8 ” But GOD commended HIS love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” that is you and me and all who will receive HIM as LORD of their lives. Just ask HIM to come into your life. HE will change your life, let HIM open your eyes. JESUS LOVES YOU and cares for you Dianne, ask HIM into your life, HE is coming again.

          • Diane,
            You already admitted in a post on another issue that this is OUR country. Why don’t you leave? Oh, wait… Perhaps you wrote that because you’re not really in this country anyway, but in another country?

        • James, Nothing is impossible in Jesus Christ however, Diane is probably the biggest challange you will ever face. You have seen her spirit laid bare on these blogs. I have written to her about faith and prayer also. She told me she does not believe in heaven or hell. She is an athesit and has been very sarcastic in her comments such as, “you can do anything you want and a God will forgive you, how asinine is that”. She made fun of me for wasting time praying for her. I occasionally light into her for abusing good people in these blogs. It does not help Diane or me but, my flesh takes hold. God bless you for sharing your faith with people and sowing seeds.

          • M, my guess is that Diane is really a 20 something male with acne that has few, if any friends. He is unable to talk face to face with people. He hides out in his mom’s basement trolling conservative sites so he can spew out all his frustrations with all his hateful posts. It is best to just ignore him from now on.

        • Hey FedUp, Now that is some picture of a sad miserable unhappy creature you have given to me. I would not be one bit surprised if you were spot on with your image. I can handle anything anybody says to me and chew it up then spit it out. As I have said, so many times, what finally makes me address the situation is
          abuse and harassment of good people just trying to share opinions and thoughts in a civil manner. Then here comes some idiotic troll causing problems. You are correct in that we SHOULD ignore the moron!

    • This whole “Deep State” is another conspiracy theory made up by the ignorant right. It’s just a bunch of crap for Trump not taking responsibility for anything he says or does and you’re too ignorant to realize that. Must be nice to live in an alternative universe like you morons do.

      • Big problem for Obama and his underhanded Chicago tactics ,they never counted on losing the election. They thought they Crooked Hillary in so she could cover their rotten asses..It’s alk going to blow up in there sorry asses.. and I hope someone has the guts to put them all in jail where they belong

      • The citizens of this nation are considering Trump responsible for what he’s done. That’s why his popularity keeps going up.

      • Diane shut up you stupid c–t. Go prostitute somewhere Might be someone grow a bag over your head and give you $1.50. As long as they don’t smell you. Then the pay would be .50.


    • Dan – Oh that’s rich from a guy who has the biggest Liar-In-Chief sitting in the Oval Office! The man couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it! Hahahahaha You’re simply a moron, Dan.

          • Hmmmm, you call Dan a moron, but then you get called ill-bred & say that is name calling. But then, hypocrisy and race baiting is really all you Libtards have as your platform. Being you must really suck.

          • Dan IS a moron. WHO was race baiting? Sorry, snowflake, I’m very comfortable in my skin and I’ll take my side over yours any day of the week! Hahahahaha

        • DD, I have been watching Diane for some time now and this is the scenario. Person makes a comment, very nice, no personal attack on a liberal. Diane enters to reply, guns blazing, with all kinds of insults, demeaning comments, NAME CALLING etc.! She/he/it (doggone if I know) claims Republicans have no facts and resorts instead to name calling! Excuse me, Diane has described herself to a T. Let’s consider the source and put Diane on “ignore”. We’re having fun! 🙂

  42. Just drain the swamp. Be over with it. Yes, revoke their security clearance.

    And not only to revoke their security clearance, but also to indict them for a mile-long rap sheet of federal criminal charges.

    Revoke Obama’s, too. Maybe he will move back to Chicago to replace Rahm.

    • Man From Grey,
      Hey! Forget it!
      I’m a chicagoan. And I didn’t vote for O’Dumbo either. Always voted republican with out wavering. A Gold Water Republican Too I might add! Just like my mom.
      Let him Obama go back to Africa where in fact he was born in.
      And let him take all of his deep state crooks with him & Hillary too!
      We had a silent revolution in America. And the DEEP STATE & fake Media were Stunned into silence. 68 million people voted for Trump & dsaid hell no! to Hillary! She got a well deserved Slap in the Face and it was high time too!

  43. Absolutely strip all the deep state who are undermining president Trump’s agenda . I don’t understand why it’s taken this long . He should have done it on his Inauguration Day .

  44. Klapper and kommie Brennan, with direct approval from Valerie Jarrett (obama), started the take down tactics on Trump as soon as it was obvious that Trump would be the nominee. They thought it would be easy, but as Trump ascended, Kommie Klapper and muslim Brennan stepped up the efforts to include every intelligence bureau. Under Valerie Jarrett’s approval (obama), of course.
    They are all scrambling now to cover their own schumers.
    Treason and sedition aren’t petty crimes.

    • I’m ready to see them all go down. What they did was EVIL and treason and they need to pay the price. Maybe that would put some fear in some of these young people that have been brain-washed. What some of the schools are doing is criminal.

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