The January 6 Committee just admitted something major about Trump that no one saw coming

Nancy Pelosi created the January 6 Committee to stop Donald Trump from running for President in 2024.

But that plan just backfired.

And the January 6 Committee just admitted something major about Trump that no one saw coming.

In one of the January 6 Committee’s previous hearings, “surprise” witness Cassidy Hutchinson provided hearsay testimony that Donald Trump attacked his Secret Service detail and lunged for the steering wheel of his SUV after agents told him they would not take him to the Capitol on January 6.

The Committee held a primetime hearing on Thursday, where members like RINO traitor Adam Kinzinger said witnesses would corroborate Hutchinson’s claims.

In fact, the exact opposite happened.

D.C. Metro Police Sergeant Mark Robinson – who was in the Presidential motorcade – merely said there was a heated confrontation and an argument between President Trump and his security detail about the agents not taking him to the Capitol.

There was no corroboration that Trump tried to choke an agent or commandeer the steering wheel of the Presidential SUV.

That amounted to a major walk back for the January 6 Committee.

Joel Pollack of Breitbart wrote:

The January 6 Committee’s eighth public hearing Thursday produced testimony that there was a “heated discussion” between then-President Donald Trump and the Secret Service during the Capitol riot — not that Trump tried to seize the wheel of the presidential vehicle…

…Rep. Luria then cited another witness, retired D.C. Metro Police Sergeant Mark Robinson, who was not in the vehicle with Trump but was in the motorcade. Sgt. Robinson — who could only offer hearsay evidence — said on video that he heard that the president was “upset” and that there had been a “heated argument or discussion about going to the Capitol.”

Though Robinson, like all witnesses brought forth by the committee after months of closed-door depositions, was cited as a witness against Trump, his testimony actually contradicted Hutchinson’s testimony and undermined the hearing’s credibility.

The January 6 Committee is one of the biggest flops in American political history.

Its hearings have not drawn the TV audiences Democrats hoped for, and like the Mueller investigation, it’s supposed “bombshells” fizzle once you get past the sensational headlines the Committee’s allies in the Fake News Media cook up.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s debunked testimony being a prime example.

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