The jury may convict Kyle Rittenhouse after this jaw-dropping video went public

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for his life.

The trial just took a surprising turn.

And the jury may convict Kyle Rittenhouse after this jaw-dropping video went public.

The prosecution rested its case in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

By all accounts, the prosecution imploded by calling multiple witnesses – including one of the Black Lives Matter rioters Rittenhouse allegedly shot – who all testified to the fact that the individuals Rittenhouse allegedly shot either chased him, attacked him, or pointed a gun at him.

That should be enough to ensure the jury acquits Rittenhouse of the murder charges that could send him to jail for the rest of his life.

But then a video surfaced on social media of a man named Cortez Rice – who was identified as George Floyd’s nephew – boasting that someone was photographing the jurors in an effort to intimidate them into convicting Rittenhouse or else face the wrath of the Black Lives Matter mob.

Jury intimidation is a serious crime.

The American criminal justice system only works if jurors feel free to consider the evidence on its merits and offer a fair verdict.

Mob justice is not justice.

But as the prosecution’s case collapses and the evidence clearly shows Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, it is now clear that the prosecution only charged Rittenhouse to prevent Black Lives Matter riots.

And the only way a jury would ever convict Rittenhouse is if they believe their physical safety is in danger.

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