The last person you would ever expect just called for Jeff Sessions to be fired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has attracted his fair share of critics.

Critics believe the Mueller investigation was only possible because Sessions didn’t have the resolve to stand up to the media pressure campaign to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

The political world was blindsided when the last person anyone ever expected called for Sessions to be fired.

Brad Parscale was the Trump campaign’s digital guru in 2016.

And the President tapped him to manage his 2020 re-election effort.

In the wake of the Inspector General report which makes it clear high ranking FBI officials’ extreme anti-Trump bias affected parts of the investigation into the campaign, Parscale twteeted that the only way to stop Mueller was to fire Sessions and install a new Attorney General who would shut Mueller’s politically motivated probe down.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Sessions on social media for his handling of the Russia investigation.

The President has stated that Sessions should have told him he was going to recuse himself before Trump selected him.

That would have allowed Trump to select a different Attorney General.

Someone else running the Justice Department would have not have recused themselves and Deep State loyalist Rod Rosenstein would have not have taken over the Russia investigation.

Which means Robert Mueller never would have been appointed.

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