The last Republican the Left expected just shut down critical race theory in the military

Even the U.S. military is indoctrinating soldiers with critical race theory.

Woke generals are trying to turn the armed forces into a leftwing institution.

But the last Republican the Left expected just shut down critical race theory in the military.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley outraged Americans when, during Congressional testimony, Milley claimed bombarding troops with critical race theory was key to understanding America’s racist past and the “white rage” that led to the events of January 6.

Republicans were appalled at Milley sounding more like a campus activist than a general tasked with defending America.

On Laura Ingraham’s show, Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds – who is black – attacked critical race theory in the military as a “joke.”

“That is ridiculous, that is a joke,” Donalds told Ingraham.

Donalds added that critical race theory is not an objective view of U.S. history.

Critical race theory is meant to spread an ideology that teaches America was founded on white supremacists institutions and that Americans should view every interaction they have out in society through the prism of race.

“If you want to study the history of the nation, study the history of the nation. But let’s be very clear, critical race theory is a subjective lens to view the history of the country, not an objective study of the history of the United States,” Donalds added.

Donalds explained critical race theory was dangerous in an institution like the military – that depends on cohesion and everyone working towards the same goal as one – because it teaches that some Americans should feel ashamed of their race and pits Americans against one another.

Donalds concluded, “CRT is going to split our military ranks like it splits our young children in schools. It has no place there, it has no place in K-12 education, and the United States government should not be funding that. If academics want to theorize in the halls of academia, it’s a free country, God bless you, go do it, but we shouldn’t be funding it in our military in our schools.”

The country’s future is already in peril with the Left’s domination of so many institutions of American life today.

Now the Left is using “wokeness” to march on the United States military and it threatens to tear the nation apart.

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