The latest bombshell from Hunter Biden’s laptop is even worse than you can imagine

Hunter Biden is an unending source of scandal and intrigue.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And that’s because the bombshell from Hunter Biden’s laptop is even worse than you can imagine.

In a series of text messages revealed by the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden repeatedly refers to a white lawyer by the name of George Mesires by the “n word”.

The Daily Mail exclusively reported:

Hunter: ‘OMG n***a did you just a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened and my dead brothers unconditional love is what I should rely on and my kids aren’t children George.’

Mesires: ‘My parents love was conditioned.’

Hunter: ‘My penis as of late has been un conditional.’

Mesires: ‘That’s why we are searching.’

Hunter: ‘For my penis.’

Mesires: ‘And we will always be searching.’

Hunter: ‘Its big penis George. They always find it. And I only love you because you’re black.’

Mesires: ‘It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity.’

Hunter: ‘True dat n***a. But I’m done my rant.’

If a news outlet broke a story about Donald Trump, Jr. using racial slurs to refer to another person it would be the lead story with The New York Times, , ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC.

But like the story during the 2020 election about Hunter Biden’s laptop containing possible evidence of illegal conduct, the media is trying to sweep it under the rug.

Many Americans are wondering how long the cover ups for Joe Biden’s family disasters can go on and how many scandals the corporate media can sweep under the rug.

This willful ignorance infuriated Donald Trump and his supporters during the campaign.

And it’s continuing now that Joe Biden is in office.

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