The Left just smacked Roger Stone with news that could ruin any attempt at a pardon

Roger Stone is just days away from reporting to prison.

Unless President Trump does something, he will likely die in prison.

And the Left just smacked Roger Stone with news that could ruin any attempt at a pardon.

Roger Stone was railroaded by the Deep State, pure and simple.

He was brought up on charges that anybody with half a brain knows that people like Hillary Clinton and James Comey were able to get away with.

But because he was a vital ally to President Trump during the 2016 election, he is the enemy, and deserves to be thrown in prison.

The only thing that can stop him from being forced to report to prison on July 14th is a pardon from President Trump.

Stone has been gathering support for his pardon on social media.

He was previously banned on Twitter, so he has been using Facebook and Instagram, even spending $308,000 on advertisements for the cause.

But this week, Facebook took down every account related to Stone, including on Instagram, which the Big Tech company also owns.

They claim that it was for “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

But spending over $300,000 on their platform seems like an odd thing to do while breaking their rules.

Around 260,000 accounts followed the accounts that were purged by the Big Tech giant.

In the same press release, but in separate investigations, Facebook also targeted accounts affiliated with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for similar reasons.

Bolsonaro has been the most outspoken foreign leader in support of President Trump.

While Trump is pushing for America First policies, Bolsonaro is a hero for Brazil First, and has pushed many policies the Left hates, like one order to purge communists from government posts.

It is clear that Facebook, and Big Tech in general is targeting right-wing populists.

They almost exclusively target right-wing voices on their platforms.

Stone’s targeting is even more despicable considering he is currently fighting for his life, with social media platforms being practically the only place he can put out his message just days before being forced to jail.

Hopefully, President Trump does the right thing.

He has Tweeted past support for Stone, and even went so far as to state that Stone can sleep comfortably at night.

Many expect a pardon for Stone in the coming days.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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