The Left-wing outrage mob came for Home Depot’s co-founder but no one saw his response coming

The Left-wing outrage mob tries to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

Or at the very least, silence them out of fear.

But when they came for Home Depot’s co-founder after he voiced his support for President Trump, no one saw his response coming.

Billionaire Home Depot co-founder and philanthropist Bernie Marcus recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he was supporting President Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

Commending the President’s handling of China on trade and the actions he’s taken against Iran, Marcus said the President also deserved credit for the strongest job market in American history.

Leftists went apoplectic.

The outrage mob swung into full-gear to mobilize against Marcus and the company he co-founded, Home Depot.

Economic boycotts are the weapon of choice for today’s outrage mob – that is, when Antifa terrorists aren’t actually clubbing their perceived opponents over the head with make-shift weapons.

And calls for boycotting Home Depot rose to a fever pitch on Twitter.

That’s when 90-year-old Bernie Marcus dropped the hammer on the outrage mob with a single Facebook post:

Negative stories… vicious threats, without cause, to boycott the company that has enabled my foundation to give billions to support autism, medical research, education, heart and neurological issues like stroke, and to help our veterans. The company that I retired from in 2002 and have not had a business relationship with in almost 20 years. A company that has employed more than a half-million people. The people who work there are affiliated with both political parties or no party at all. They are of all religions and all colors and backgrounds. Why would people want to hurt them?

All because I give my voice and some of my money to our President. Am I in China? Argentina? Russia? That’s what it feels like to me.

It saddens me that our country has come to this, where I, as a private citizen, cannot express my feelings. It angers me and it saddens me, but it sure as hell is not going to stop me. If you thought it would, you’ve got the wrong guy.

In the next ten years, God willing, I will accomplish more to save this world than my critics will do even if they had forty lifetimes.

What are your thoughts on how Bernie Marcus responded to the outrage mob?

How would you handle it if you were in a similar position?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. no, it doesn’t. until you prove god I can just as easily claim it was Yonmary’s tears. which is also why the seas are salty.

    • Very easy to prove the reality of God. The origin of all geological features in the world requires the global deluge of Noah’s day to explain them. Never has atheists been able to explain them correctly. Atheists just say “deep time did it” an ignore the observable scientific facts.
      The unique and complex instructions in the DNA in every kind of organism in the world is proof that it was written by an all-powerful Being (God). No part of a DNA could live without the rest of the DNA, Thus each kind of DNA had to be complete from the beginning. This proof cannot be refuted but only ignored.

      • God gave us a written record that contains the only perfect record of our ancient history which you cannot refute. Also That written record contains the original accurate description of the Genesis flood which proves that God saved Noah and his family and the air breathing animals.
        What do you have against accepting reality?

  2. I have to thank you Bernie, Your a good American. I will make sure next time I need a appliance I will go to Home Depot for sure. You can bet that I will vote for Trump too.

    • Thank you for this reply. When did we change from a country of laws for the people and by the people to a group of protestors of violent and aggressive behaviors like several foreign countries I could name. America “Stand up and shout how WE DO THINGS in this country”. not hide behind face scarfs and inteminate others. StandUP Men and Women who believe in the democracy we have before we lose it to wild folks who have no answers.

    • what have you done a fraction of in your life as much as Bernie Marcus has done his whole life?
      being a loser….

    • julio… Was yo momma in much pain when she hung her fat ass over the side of the bathtub AND SHIT YOU OUT? 😀😝😉

  3. this subduing the freedom of speech also extends to criticizing a president. a freedom that trump has had occasion to object to.

  4. which is a noble sentiment that I wished all would abide by. unfortunately regulations and laws are needed to keep those who don’t recognize the rights another might have and tries to control those rights. like a sewer ordinance that prevents one property owner from directing raw sewage from his house into the yard of his neighbor in order to circumvent paying sewage fees (it happened just down the road).

    • Obviously you are uneducated, not because you love Democrats, but because of your pour sentence structure. Mr. Marcus has done much for Americans less fortunate then himself. What has Harris, Pelosi, and the rest every done for anyone but themselves?

    • If everyone would ignored that person, hopefully he would go away. These types of persons just love to hear themselves babble.

  5. At 81, I recall a certain man who said “If any lie is big enough and told often enough will be believed b anybody.” It’s a shame they don’t teach history anymore. His name? Adolf Hitler. Now it’s here and yes, I am a Christian

  6. Send every State Militia a couple Million dollars to support men & women ready to defend, kill all Anti-American enemies plus foreign enemies till death do we part! God Bless America! Been killing commies & sympathizers since 1969!

    • If they was on his property he should have called the police then had them arrested for trespassing. Who do hey think they are? On my property I live in Texas and we have laws that we can protect our property. Several loads of rock salt in a 12 gauge shot gun shell makes it hard to sit down when you are running away and get shot in the butt.

    • Thank you Mr. Marcus. In 1722, a man by the name of Benjamin Franklin published the following: “Without freedom of thought there could be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing As public liberty. Without freedom of speech, which is the right of every man, As far as By it, He does not hurt or control the right of another; And if this is the only check it ought to suffer and the Bounds it ought to know”

      “This sacred Privilege is so essential to free governments that the security of property and the freedom of speech always go together; and in those wretched Countries where a man cannot call his tongue his own, he can scarce Call anything else his own. Who ever would overthrow the liberty of a Nation, Must begin By subduing the freedom of speech; a thing terrible to PUBLIC TRAITORS.” (My add on – SEMPER FI )

  7. The Left hates. That is what they do. They do not even attempt to come up with solutions to any of the myriad of problems we are faced with.

    They blame Trump and white people for everything. They hate Trump and white people, even though most of them are white! They consider themselves as being more “morally elevated” that us conservative white cretins though.

    They’ve not once done anything good for America since Trump took office. They and their moronic followers are the real deplorables and irredeemables.

    • The only reason white Democrats blame all other whites and call them racist is to con brown & black voters into voting for them. Once in office, will be told to kiss their ass. And everything that has gone wrong with this country can be laid down at the feet of Democrats. Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow laws, School segregation. And Democrats tell everyone to trust them and what they are really saying is “F” You

        • I thought his speech was well put. And straight to the point. We are lucky to have him on our side. I Thank Him. And may God Bless His family and friends.

        • JR Laredodo
          You’re a Moon bat 🌚🦇
          Hey JR, Did you get promoted (advance) to the 4th grade this year?
          The fairies came to you, hahahahaha,
          You’re definitely mentally challenged.
          So you’re mother and father had sex at least once, yah, but not with each other. Did your mother have a failed abortion with you?

  8. I think we realy need to get back to our Constitution and also civil respect of others and stop the slander of good people. The Democrats need to give up the teachings of Saul Alinsky which basically says power at any costs, lie, cheat, steal, slander, kill if you have to to gain power. Barack Obama was a deciple of Saul and Hillary did her thesis on him. Both know his philosophies well and both practice them. And they have influenced the Democratic party to do the same. That’s why the Democrats have pulled out any stops to try to get Trump out of office and power and take the power backto themselves.
    What is happening is really threatening to our Republic and culture and is unacceptable.

    • JRL… you must have has someone read the Bible to you for the things you say could have come from someone who can’t read or write !

  9. just tell me how to hate that which no one can prove is there. it’s like hating melchor for messing up the harmonies.

    • Julio Richard Laredo, you need to go back to the mental hospital, either you stopped you medications or they are no longer in line with your needs. Or did you decide to mix street drugs with your medications, Maybe everyone will get lucky and you overdose, and we will no longer have ton put up with your insanity. As a true supporter of the constitution, I have to make an exception to the 2nd Amendment concerning you, You should not be allowed access to any fire arms. I feel that you might be a mass murderer, just to get your name in the news.

  10. who cares , the way the country is going your all going to burn in hell anyways , you foul mouthed idiots put me to shame , with the garbage yous are spewing

  11. how can I hate that which no one can prove is there? prove god is there THEN I can decide if he is worth my hate.

  12. Betty: Please take an aspirin and try and wake up tomorrow in a more enlightened mood. Your comments about our president and our classy first lady shows you have no idea of what decency really is maybe it is you may have pulled on too much dope and fried your brain that makes it impossible for you to think straight. Please post your qualifications that you consider entitles you to make such comments about our president and his beautiful wife. Is a little jealousy creeping in?

    • Chief right on, it’s obvious the Democratic push to legalize dope is solely to make them lethargic to everyday life. We are in a dangerous place today with Democratic Communistic politicians pushing LGBTQ perverted policies to be taught to our youngest heads full of mush and the open arms policy that Marijuana is good therefore except it regardless of the negative effects we are seeing opening up our young people to an even bigger high of other drug use as seen in most of our cities of homeless today. God please take pity on us, 2020 is coming and hopefully we’ll see four more years of Trump!

  13. no. you have lost the time and effort of praying to what isn’t there. and, rather than getting off your duff and acting on your own you depend on something not prove to deliver to you what you ask for. like a hand out liberal.
    o. and I hope i’m wrong. if I am then I know my mother and father reside in heaven. but I have no good reason to think they are not in the same kind of oblivion that awaits me.

  14. Bernie is right on the money don’t let children of the Fallen ideals take our rights away for free speech. We the legal citizens of all races in the US are not from or venezula,or Russia as antifa act like a bunch of mob mentality of uneducated people of a third world country. President Trump changing the country back to patriotism of we the legal citizens of all races and creeds which is our Constitution says.

    • Vernon, buddy, have you spoken to someone about this cognitive issue you’re dealing with? Seriously, the incongruity of your statement would lead one to believe that there is some sort of impairment there. You might consider having your cognition tested by a professional.

  15. could just as easily been the creation fairy. or creation pixie. or Ra. or The Presence. or Apollo. the Great Spirit. or…

  16. Folks this blog is silencing several of us. Myself at least 5 times. And are making up comments to stir up conversation which in turn boost this blog. Made up names post comments..can anti e guess which female name and Spanish name here today? Take my lead. Unsubscribe because of the trickery.

  17. which doesn’t answer my question. and I have the exact amount of proof god doesn’t exist as you had that god does. the fairies came to me in a dream and told me no god exists. which is the exact amount of proof you can present.

    • Liberal Lefties are easy to spot… they are the ones with their hands outstretched saying “I WANT MORE FREE STUFF!” FEED ME, CLOTHE ME, GIMME GIMME GIMME.. I hate to work… I’m to DUMB to do anything by myself… I have LOW Self Esteem and HATE those who are Prosperous by their own hard work. Therefore I hate the very hand that FEEDS ME !

    • Let me ask you something Julio. I am a believer. I pray daily to my God and try at all times to be a Christian. I believe in a life eternal, but, what if things are just as you say? When I die, what have I lost? The answer is, I have lost nothing. However, what if things are exactly as I believe and there is a God and He keeps His promises, when you die, what have YOU lost? Think about it.

    • What the hell are you blathering about? A God-hating fool like you needs to read the words of Jesus, which is pretty strange for you, I see. Your ‘fairy’ is a demonic being straight from Hell who’s job it is to cause you hate the One who made you and gave you the option to either be a brain-dead satanic zombie going to the depths of Hell where the worm never dies and the smoke of torment rises forever, or repent and ask Jesus to forgive your sins.

  18. I am as much proof as I was delivered by a stork as made by god. the exact amount of proof. I am certainly proof my parents had sex at least once.

    • Julio, to be a Christian means that you have Faith. To have Faith, one must do two things. First, one must make an intellectual assent to believe in something that cannot be proven to exist.
      Second, one must make an intellectual assent to trust in that which cannot be proven to exist. Not everyone is able to do this. Those who are, have Faith and are promised an eternal life with He who created all we know and trust. Those who can’t or won’t, will face an eternal death. Unfortunately, for those like you, they will not know the truth until it is too late. However, if you are still alive and breathing, there is still time. I hope you can find your way to the truth.

  19. God Bless this man. He has a brain and can think for himself. and he isn’t afraid of the left’s demonic stupidity!!

  20. he went out nearly every weekend? I know of no reliable source that can back up the claim that Obama played more golf.

  21. there are no such facts. none. until you prove god and only god it can be one of a myriad imagined beings.

        • Your comment is nonsense. Our existence proves that we were created since nothing could create itself. The account in Genesis is the only logical possible explanation for our existence. The Bible has been proven to be the most accurate history of ancient history.

        • Thank you for your question, William. The complex code written in the 3 billion base pairs of DNA in six layers, each on top of each other to save space can only have been written by an all-powerful all-knowing God. Adam and Eve could not have lived without their DNA codes being complete in the beginning. Everybody on earth has the exact same anatomy with no evolutionary difference. The amount of each part and system is the only difference and is determined by which combination of the original heterozygous genes and modules that each person received to make us look differently. For everybody to have the same anatomy requires that everybody born between Adam and Eve also had to have the exact same anatomy. This proves that there was no evolution of humans. This is also true for the dog kind, the cat kind, etc. No evolution has ever occurred.

  22. Thank you Mr Marcus. You are a patriotic american with the will to stand for your own opinions and beliefs. The Democrats just demonstrated again how despicable, hateful, and mob prone they really are. America – wake up and see the Democrats for what they really are. And notice, the media does not bring attention to their tactics or motives. We the people need to support our President and vote to keep America strong and free.

    • 👍👍 Just a quick word about Facebook—if anyone doubts that it censors conservatives views, I can speak from personal censorship by it.
      Keep it up Mr Marcus!!🤗

  23. Sir, first Happy Birthday late. I think you are absolutely correct. Prayers for our President and for our countrymen and women who can demonstrate love of country. Thank you for standing your ground, for not being bullied and for guts to defend your right. Bullies scream out for help, yet most see who is bullying and this was just another example of what Democrats do.

  24. Those people cannot do anything for themselves, they need the government to do it for them. Even wiping themselves.

  25. God bless you Bernie! I know that you are long since retired from Home Depot, but I will shop there first from now on, and I have to say that I didn’t shop Home Depot before. Stay strong Bernie!!!!!!!!!

    • So screw the leftists. Help them get their heads further up their own asses! I’m a disabled Vietnam vet and Home Depot has ALWAYS showed their thanks and respect to we vets by giving us a 10% discount on ANYTHING we buy there. YOU GO SIR! 😁☺😊

    • Go Bernie. I will continue to shop at Home Depot. Anything you have I need I will go out of my way to get my purchases there. God Bless Bernie Marcus

  26. I totally agree with you. It is a shame so many people no longer know how to view things differently respectively! We all have a right to our opinions and beliefs and so does the other person. Respect each other again I pray.

  27. the Demorats are trying ruin everything I served in the military to protect! And we’ll ALL find out if GOD exists when we pass over the great divide. I will pray for your immortal soul that you made the right choice!!

    • Can you prove he doesn’t ? Maybe you should get down on your knees and pray, you may get an answer that tells you “yes, I do exist and am only a pray away”.

  28. God Bless Marcus and his American common sense and Patriotism! He is 1000% right every single one of those SJWs whos biggest contribution to Saving the World is a hashtag and flag-over-pick on FB after a massive terrorist attack and lol most of them don’t have a clue about any of the issues they claim to support. Hate, bias, PCBS, faux virtue signaling, immorality, stealing from one person to give to another who did not earn it, laziness and loud-mouthed-holier-then-thou fake compassion (usually at someone else’s expense) and short-sighted ignorance hailed as being “woke”!!!
    What a JOKE you all Are!

    • Well said Izib, well said indeed. Mr.Marcus is absolutely right. People need to stand up to these leftist idiots and demand that what is really true be the guide of all Americans. If the leftists need to live in a society as they think all of us shoould live in, then by all means, move to Argentina

      • The Democrat party has become the party of partisan bullies who care only about themselves, not their country or its taxpayers. Vote them all out. My. Parents would be ashamed.

  29. Hurray for Bernie Marcus! It delights me when I see someone like him stand up against the insane left wing radicals. It seems they never have an honest response to people like Bernie, invariably resorting to threats and attempts to intimidate or even frighten their opponents rather than come up with a rational response (which apparently they are incapable of).

    • Can’t show you anything but a group of numbers that mean nothing to anyone but you who wrote them. Senseless gibberish. Have noticed your post all seem to be on the negative side and refusal to accept whether God exist or not. My prayers are for you to be enlightened as to His existence before it is eternally too late. Sure hope it is not too late and that God has not turned you over to a reprobate mind.

    • For you it’s hardly able to think since your brain has eroded and now your head is only full of crap since it’s been up your ass for so long.

    • The only violence I have seen at a Trump rally is the democrats attacking Trump supporters. All I see is violence from Antifa and other democrat sponsored groups.

    • Julio: If I were you I would not go there as it has been proven most of that violence was either instigated or supported by the democratic party.
      As for the hate you mention it seems to me most of that comes from across the isle (Democrats).Maybe you should investigate before posting your garbage.

    • So you seem to see yourself as an expert, must have attended many Trump Rallies right? Let’s see your SJW videos of said violence, shall we?!
      Because there sure is a whole lot of video evidence of left-wing Dem Violence!
      So put your video where your BS talk is dude or Shut the F up- your TDS is really frying what little brains you ever had!


    • Why is that a surprise since the word HATE with Capital Letters is trump’s Middle Name. Also, judging by his latest totally uncalled for Racial & Sexist Twitter message against those female Democrats, BULLYING HATE is all that Oval Office INSANE ORANGUTAN APE & White House WORTHLESS WORM has toward anybody Who Isn’t Afraid To Stand Up To Him In Defiance, refusing to KISS HIS ASS like His Supporting republican Retards

      • Betty: Just what have you been smoking? The presidents words in most cases is correct he did not mention any names just insinuations and everyone assumed he was talking about the 4 women that are continually criticizing everything American and demanding open borders to the destruction of our country. Lots of people feel the same way you dont like our country feel free to leave it regardless of your color,race,religion or anything else. The disrespect for our anthem our flag our way of life has taken a severe downturn in recent years. It seems no one really likes our freedoms and constantly demonstrate against it. WE are allowed to carry on lots of protest that other nations kill their residents for trying think about your blessings first then if unhappy leave and I do not care how much you disagree that is your right and one of those freedoms we have.

        • So what your saying is that the democrats are allowed to say how much they hate Republicans, and try to bully Trump and you get upset when he takes on the bullies. You lefties really have no idea what you speak of.

  30. The dumbasses that is all they are they keep saying that conservatives are bigots and all the bigotry coming from them I just wonder how they looked in the mirror and keep lying to their selves

    • WTF are you talking about not a single one of your posts make any sense… Typical libtard. Lay off the bong, get out of the basement-get some air clear your head and attend school you might even be able to form a cognitive thought that actually has a beginning middle and end formed in a rational thought out form.

    • Scientific facts have proven that God created everything. The fiction story of evolutionism has now been falsified in thousands of ways scientifically.

        • You are delusional to the extreme. The complex code written in the 3 billion base pairs of DNA in six layers, each on top of each other to save space can only have been written by an all-powerful all-knowing God. Adam and Eve could not have lived without their DNA codes being complete in the beginning. Everybody on earth has the exact same anatomy with no evolutionary difference. The amount of each part and system is the only difference and is determined by which combination of the original heterozygous genes and modules that each person received to make us look differently. For everybody to have the same anatomy requires that everybody born between Adam and Eve also had to have the exact same anatomy. This proves that there was no evolution of humans. This is also true for the dog kind, the cat kind, etc. No evolution has ever occurred.

          • D, You do realize this is a waste of time, right? His mind is not open and you won’t change it. In the case of the DNA, the quick answer is space aliens did it, but if that were true, who created the space aliens. Its just like there are over 250 different things that must exist in ‘near’ space for life to be sustainable, but nobody wants to consider those odds either.

    • I know a vote for trump will accomplish everything I know it will. you see the American dream is a creation of prosperity. Abiding by its laws & following its rules will provide you with favorable credentials for climbing the ladder to success. to vote for trump will allow more time for good common sense people to see the factual evidence of the good that has already been done, compared to the fabricated condemnation that has confirmed only bitterness.

  31. Thanks Marcus for your honesty. I have faith in hope in truth. Americans we must fight for America or we will truly loose our freedoms that we take too much for granted. Make a choice in 2020 and VOTE FOR Donald Trump!!!

    • In terms of logical arguments, you cannot prove a negative. Charlottsville demonstration was initially to protest the removal of historical statues. A wide variety of other groups attached themselves to the gathering – and each seemed to have their own agenda. Unfortunately, the mayor instructed the police to not only “stand down” from stopping violence, as all police are trained to do by separating rival groups and known problems, but actually funneled adversaries head on. I suspect it was choreographed for media ratings. It turned out to be a disgrace that was further edited to look even worse.

    • Simple watch the unedited version of the video before CNN who admitted to doing so later, heavily edited it to look like Trump was supporting the white supremacist when in fact he was talking about the two groups protesting the removal of the statue. But looking it up for yourself and seeing the misleading and outright lies being fed you by the MSM is probably more work then your little snowflake Bernie supporting self can handle, right?

      The saddest part of all- you are no rare breed for the leftwing Dems.

  32. I thank God for people like you, sir, and who stand by that document that gives us the freedoms we have, The Constitution. Of course our rights and freedoms come from God but I am thankful we have a government that has been supporting those freedoms. We citizens need to stand up and put these despots in their place. Thank you for your encouraging stand!
    William L. Whitehead

  33. Of everyone that posts on renewed right,I take pride in being the most hated by the libturds that spread their crap on here. And maybe some of the so called conservatives.

  34. What a refreshing comment from this wonderful human being. That’s right, I said human. It’s about time we read more comments like this, so that we, the public, feel the American spirit that is certainly not dead. Hooray, for speaking the truth and your mind. Speak loudly, so these Deathocrats get the message. They will never trash this country, because there are more decent human beings than them. Gruess Gott

  35. I make it a point to shop at Home Depot even if it is out of my way. I will not have left wing nuts dictate to me!

  36. Thank you, Sir, for your courage and willingness to speak out. Now that you have the President’s ear, could you impress upon him the need for legislation to make it illegal to wear a mask at a Protest, or to carry a weapon of any kind. ARREST & PROSECUTE the cowardly DEMS. KUDOS to you, Sir. –Capt. Calvin Pitts

  37. Thank you for doing all the good you have done and in advance for what you intend to do.
    Regardless of any action or non-action taken by the leftist thugs they’re just going to confirm their hypocrisy.

  38. Congratulations Mr. Marcus for all you have done and continue to do. I am glad you put these left wing weenies in their place. Personally, I would not have been as nice. I just wish that our congressional members on the right would stop being silent and stop capitulating.

  39. When ANTIFA is declared a terrorist organization, does that mean we can shoot those cowardly masked MFers on sight? If it does, their organization will ‘disappear’ very quickly.

    • NO Dr. Dave just wait for the ” Second Night Of The Long Knives ” Just like The VherrMount Germany in the 1930s when A. Hitler sent out the Gestapo to murder them all for they had out liver their usefulness . . . He did so because they were GAY, LESBIAN, DRUNKS, DRUG ADDICTS, & GENERAL RIFF RAFF GOOD FOR NOTHING so they will have to GO ! ! ! I see ANTIFA as G. Souris paid, & Former POTUS B.H.O. Private Army, Just As Well Funded, Just As Big, Just As Armed, & Better Paid Than The Entire U.S. MILITARY . . . As B.H.O. stated That He Will Bild & He Did ! ! !

  40. We see how they treat us now. If they were to get back in power we will have to fight a civil war. They would lock up anyone whom opposes them. I’m not going to live like that. I saw an article today that over 2million gun background checks were conducted in the last 2 months. We’re ready.

  41. Thanks, Sir you are a true American and God Bless and Keep, I shop a great deal at Home Depot and will continue, especially, now that I know your Feelings about America and our President TRUMP:.

  42. These people that hate our President so badly that will go after anyone thst supports him are despicable. This is supposed to be a country of
    free choice to support who ever we want to. I don’t believe I have ever seen anything this h
    Orrible before.

  43. Thank You sir for what you have done and what you will continue to do for this great country. All it really takes is for people in general to treat one an other with kindness and respect Those who can help financially usually do and for that they incur the wrath of the uninformed and those who never think they have enough or are entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labor

  44. We are in a country that upholds self-defense and the right to bear arms. We are also in a country that house domestic terrorists with agendas to collapse the moral fabric this country was created on. May the best team from God’s point of view win.

    • Wrong, dianna. With d. trump as president, it’s more truthful to say GOD Save America from SUCH TRASH as mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

      • Betty, you are a perfect example of democrat stupidity. Donald Trump may not be the perfect person, but neither are you. President Trump has done more for this country in two years than your Obama did in eight. President Trump supports Americans, your Obama hatred them and still does, just listen to his BS; It is about as bad as yours. And as for The presidents wife, being a whore, you sound just like all of the other jealous, low self esteem female democrats, that would make such a stupid statement. Try comparing your IQ to Ms. Trump’s. Idiots like you are disgusting. Further swapping of insults with you would only fuel your stupidity. By the way, God Bless America and God Bless President Trump and his family.

      • If you want to see a real whore, Betty, take a look in a mirror and see the face of a political whore, the worst kind of whore because it’s all about accumulating political power and nothing to do with benefitting others in any way.

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