The media was furious when they saw the results of this poll

The fake news media is committed to destroying Donald Trump.

They thought Robert Mueller was the perfect weapon to accomplish this goal.

But a brand new poll just showed they failed in the most miserable way possible.

The media likes to brag about the number of convictions and guilty pleas Robert Mueller racked up.

But Robert Mueller charged no one for collusion with Russia.

That’s why Trump calls the investigation a rigged witch hunt.

And an increasing number of Republicans agree.

Breitbart reports:

Two-thirds of Republicans and a third of independents think special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation should be shut down, according to a new poll.

In addition, an overwhelming amount of Republicans polled–80 percent–agree with President Trump that it is a “witch hunt.”

Furthermore, only a quarter–26 percent–of Republicans polled would find special counsel Robert Mueller’s report credible if it found that any campaign member or associate knew of, encouraged, or helped with Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

An overwhelming 71 percent of Republicans said they would not find it credible.

Trump supporters believe the Mueller investigation is a silent coup against the President.

They see the swamp trying to overturn the 2016 election.

That’s why 71 percent of Republicans do not believe any report Mueller turns in will be credible.

They know there was no collusion with Russia.

If anyone on the Trump campaign colluded with Russia it would have leaked by now.

The Mueller investigation will go down as another much hyped media “bombshell” that is the supposed end of Donald Trump.

But it will fizzle out like all the rest.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The liberals will think the cival war was a walk in the park if they ever try to remove Trump,plus if liberals try to take our guns in the South,they would rather put a noodle up a wildcats ass

      • Keep in mind that in the mid 60’s – 70’s was when many big protests got their starts. I came out of high school and college in that time span and then “played tourist” at government expense in Vietnam.(3 times!)

        She is the same age that my parents would be today and they were both quite active in environmental and political protests.(A few protest actions that began when she was a young adult: anti-war, anti-nuclear proliferation, racial equality, save the whales, equal pay, etc.) She grew up during the depression and WW II. Activism back then wasn’t a throw rocks at police, or smash windows and burn cars activity. It was a culture that used non-violent protests that got noticed because politicians actually tried to do what their constituents wanted, or kissed their political careers good bye.

        You go girl! I didn’t really get involved with activist activities until I had reached my 60’s. (Only because my jobs in the military and federal law enforcement and the oaths I swore for them required me to protect protestors and their rights, rather than joining,or opposing them.)

  2. The Demos have to have a really peculiar mind-set to accuse the Republicans of the very thing that they are guilty of.
    But that is what is happening, with the way the Clinton Foundation brokered the sale of the world’s largest Uranium company to the Russians for 145 Million.
    This was far worse than collusion.
    This was the TREASONOUS sale of a source of a Weapons Fuel to a cold war enemy !
    To lie and be found guilty is one thing.
    But to accuse your opponent that you lost the election to of the crime that everybody knows you committed takes a special kind of criminal !

    but t

    • Will:

      You are absolutely incorrect about uranium one. Hillary had nothing to do with the deal and the majority of the contributions she got was 3 years after the sale. Facts really don’t matter to you. I could go in depth but I would be wasting my time. Hate for the sake of hate, right.

      • Richard Latner, You have been leaving conservative sites for days and days so, when are you really leaving? Inquiring minds want to know. We have decided to have a going away party for you and want to be sure you are really gone before the party starts. So let us know so we can finalize the party plans.

      • Then why did Hillary’s State Department stop it by withholding Muellers and others passports of those who were directly involved and why did Jillary?’s Foundationrecieve millions from Russian companies at the sae time tbe deal was being done yes Hillary was an active member in the deal as were Mueller Comey, and Rosenstien as well.


      • Do you get your “facts” from one of the rags that are trying to rewrite history? Hillary Clinton was promoting this action while Secretary of State while filling her coffers with communist donations for her help and getting more money for Bubba for making illicit speeches to the Oligarchs in Russia. It is sad how easy it was to brainwash all of you sycophants….If you want to lose your freedoms go to Venezuela.

    • Again liberals, democrats, rhinos are proving US right about their double standards and hypocrisy when they are the epitome of what they accuse conservatives of!

    • Exactly what I was thinking! ……it will fizzle out, he says….meanwhile MILLIONS of OUR dollars just keep racking up. Well, I suppose if the DemonRats can’t spend it one way, they will spend it another! Remember their open handed spending when we VOTE, people!

  3. I just want to know if the Puppet Mueller and the Democrat Trump Haters that are pulling his strings will be paying back all the money wasted on this witch hunt. The majority of Americans never wanted this investigation to even begin much less go on and on like an aggressive cancer that cannot be eradicated, but just continues to kill its victim in a very slow and disruptive manner. WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of Mueller, his henchmen and the Democrat Party members and supporters that are tearing down The United States of America using a cartoonish theory of “The Russians and Collusion”. WE DO NOT CARE. If there was collusion, that is water that passed under the bridge over 2 years ago. LET US MOVE ON! PLEASE!!!!!!

      • Have also read re bob taking the big ‘U’ w/his own hands to
        the russians. AN Absolutely Abhorrent, evile, hyprocrite
        Marxist bigot. Un-believable. & to think AG & E’0ne KNOWS.
        >POTUS NEEDS MORE ‘Biggees’ W/him.

      • Francis, that is a GREAT QUESTION. He has a lot of nerve with this witch hunt against TRUMP that we know that Hillary & Soros had concocted that has cost the American taxpayers beyond imagination. He should be be charged with something just by taking the uranium sample to the Russians and Hillary’s ass should be in prison. Could it be that Muller was part of the plan? MY GOD!!!! What is next?

    • Also, why hasn’t any one order a check on Mueller since and there are pictures of him meeting with the man to get the uranium over the Canadian border. And Hillary collects the money! Now, we all know she was supposed to win. So for some reason they want Trump gone. Obama is still sticking his nose in it. There is something big that was supposed happen when she won the dems would take over everything and most of us would have been gone. Usually, when a presidents term is over they leave DC but not him. Somethings coming folks they are using our youngsters to create problems. They tell them rise up we got your backs and we have plenty of money. We need to be prepared to keep our country great.


  4. I wish the Mueller investigation would end already. There is nothing out there that proves Trump has committed any crime or violated the US constitution. Mueller just wants to be thorn in the side of the Trump administration hoping he can stop Trump from succeeding and record the Trump administration as a historic failure. The Mueller investigation looks like nothing more than an attempt to over throw Trump: real Treason. Mueller has wasted nearly 20M in taxpayers money in nearly 2 years. Money that should have been used to help Americans.

    • Alan:

      Mueller is a Republican of impeccable integrity. Why don’t the Republicans pay back the cost of Hillary over the Benghazi probe. Three years that drug on. They had zip,nada. Mueller has dozens of indictments, charges and 6 guilty please. Do you have a long term memory problem.

      • Obviously you don’t know Mueller’s record with the courts. He has been a bully bribing and threatening irreparable harm to innocents and their families. Read about how many times his cases have been thrown out of court. There will be more of them from what he has done now. He has been aligned with the Hillary thugs since the first scandal in Arkansas. Mueller is a member of the Deep State and will get his just due shortly.

    • Zee (high priestess of Crazytown)
      Your like my ex. She’s bi-polar too. Tell me please, who made you a high priestess and a high priestess of what? Some coven, Muslim, Christian, Sikh….what. I’ll bet you would be a fun date. I’ll be seeing you honey.

      • Richard Latner, You are wasting your time trying to put the moves on zee. I know for a fact, she wouldn’t use any part of your anatomy to wipe her feet on. I see your Poor ex-wife had the good sense to leave you. She may be bi-polar but she is obviously in better mental condition than you. You arrogant liberals would drive any spouse to a mentally deranged condition. Richard, are you packed and ready to leave yet? No, what do you mean no???

  5. zee, Judge Pirro video on YouTube, what she said about sessions. It is titled something like: Judge Pirro Blasts Sessions, Resign or be replaced. It was two days, photo of her in white high necked dress. You gotta see it, make take three to five minutes to view.

    • 0k M. damn it, make me ‘baktrak’. IF she said HOUSE/SENATE Approval,
      then, a someone has to Make a ‘correction’. Her 0r Slate.
      > & Thnx for narrowing a ‘baktrak’. ee gads. sheesh__

    • hey, did u scroll thru posts ??? Sept3, what i Said
      re Silicon Valley. 0h, ‘scuse’ Me, didn’t mention
      ADRENOCHROME. Do Your DD ( 0nly IF U want to ‘freak 0ut’
      re some TODAY Truth). & i Do Not take ‘pleasure’ In
      ‘relaying’ this type of ‘particular’ Info.) Later, my Man.
      ‘G’ BLESS & SAVE USA.

      • zee, adrenochrome, saw your post, found it, read, oh Lord I am not sure I wanted to know that. Makes me want to find guilty parties and end them.

        • Do MORE DD. i didn’t want to ‘know’ either. But 0MG, this ‘IS’
          what we have to deal w/. After More DD, take a look at schumer
          face for 1, + others. ‘o’ Is really ‘far gone’ + looks like
          some ‘other stuff’./ bill clinton(wow)/ & hilly Is totally ‘wasted’
          & so ‘propped up’ (makes me vitriolic)&&& just so ya know, clintons heavily Involved w/ ‘red cross’. this, this KrAAp IS Soo V. Badio.
          include popey etc/& Worldwide. (BUTTTNOT Mattis.)
          wow – i could go 0n
          & 0n w/More. (WTF u think anderson cooper is on)Many names. Not here. Would be Improper & unsubstantiated. 0h’G’ make me stop Now. 0nce U really ‘understand’,
          ppl faces = Easy to ‘identify’.
          > Caveat: All ‘info’ given on a ‘need to know’ basis per whatever
          level. Sooo, haha, here ‘i’ AM. __ & NOW U ‘know’ ( just a lil bit)

        • M. re “Makes me want to find guilty parties and end them.”
          ‘THEY’ Are ALL 0ver the World. military. biz. hollywood
          for starters. V. Large # in V.High positions.
          NOT POTUS. i gotta stop now, all this schnitt is tracked
          & categorized. ps. ‘others’ here may think, bunk, Buttt
          Ignorance Abounds. 0nly way to STOP is thru EXPOSURE, then
          After that, X-treme measures would have to be taken.
          oh man , gotta go, ♥u.

    • Oh god M. i accidently deleted this blog, was able to retrieve. whew -wow.
      > viewed Pirro. SAID appoint W/out Senate Approval. ‘THAT’ IS NOT what
      the ‘Vacancies Reform Act’ says. So, i dunno what’s up w/that. &
      Have V. High Regard for Pirro. Review Federal Vacancies Reform Act 1998.
      > President recommends/nominates W/ SENATE CONSENT (210 days). Anyway, looks
      like Lindsey Graham(& perhaps Grassley) ARE 0n Board to Seek New AG (at
      least temp) Graham ‘pulls’ mega (establishment ‘strings’). His comment
      the other day, ‘Tells All’ ie paraphrase – others are qualified to be AG.

    • M

      You and Zee should date. Sounds like a perfect unholy union. Wow, you people are real wingnuts. No filter or respect for facts.

      • Richard Latner, Facts, filter for facts, what the Hades would a empty vacuum headed liberal like you know about facts? You only know what you are told you know and, yes I intended to state what I just said.

  6. There was No Republican collusion, it was all the Demorats. All the Demorats do is lie cheat and steal, I’m to the point I don’t trust any of them and I think that Obama and Hillary made them worse, but they have been caught in their lies and it is about time time to start taking them down.

    • You will see some results after the republicans finish their investigation , on the DOJ , FBI ,ect ,who lied and file false reports . That is one of the reasons the democrats want the Mueller investigation to go on , so they can use it not to answer questions , they say i can not answer any questions about about what we did or did not do because it is an ongoing investigation. They are very scared of what the republicans are finding out, that is why they are trying to get rid of Trump by any means possible ,and need to take over congress to stop the truth from coming out .


  8. Dan.M.& e’0ne. (off topic, oh well) buttt fyi. 2 attorneys HAVE LEFT mueller team. 0nly Quietly b/cuz
    msm Not Reporting. >Info Elsewhere. That’s rite.

      • Mueller and his happy band of demonrats should be tried for sedition and hung. Rosenstein should be fired and tried for sedition and hung. The Hildebeast should be tried for treason and hung. All the other demonrat plotters (McCabe, Ohr, and many , many others should be tried for sedition and hung. It is the only way to restore equal justice for all that is enshrined in the Constitution.

  9. Seems like True American Patriots are not going to accept anything less than Truth, Justice & The American Way. If the left keeps pushing, they’re gonna get more than they bargained for. They have all forgotten who they truly work for, WE THE PEOPLE. Contrary to popular belief, they do not work for HRC, although it does look as though she & her goons have perpetrated much of this. Even people that don’t necessarily consider themselves religious can see the EVIL that is raging war against our Country & our Democracy.

  10. Humans can many times be judged by the company they keep. Using this yard stick would help make us aware of the real character of recent and current leaders.

  11. ONLY covers Reublicans. For all adult Americans the latest poll shows: 49% of Americans back Trump’s impeachment, opposed 46%; Trump’s popularity plummeting, with 36% approving of the job he’s doing compared with the 60% who disapprove; 63% support Mueller’s investigation, with 52% strongly supporting it; and Trump’s Mueller smear campaign is backfiring, as 53% of Americans say Trump has tried to obstruct justice by meddling in Mueller’s investigation.

      • Very good question and my answer would not be from a country but from a birdcage of incessantly raucous macaws, one of which escaped.

    • HEY EVERYBODY! Ric B doesn’t bother to tell you “his” poll is the ABC/Washington Post very far left liberal poll. Liberal polls are weighted, biased, adjusted as needed, and polled in liberal areas so, what would one expect? Of course, they always make President Trump look bad. You will have to look elsewhere to get a truthful poll.

      • G, it was the ABC/Wash.Post commissioned poll, they do not take it themselves. But G also failed to mention that includes ALL polls taken, and the numbers agree fairly closely with this poll commissioned by ABC. 538 also includes polls from conservatives and also polls from universities, which do not have a vested interest in the GOP or Democrat parties.

        • Ric if you believe the ABC/Wash Post then you can bet by the time it went out to be published it was changed to make Trump as having major problems. The polls will never make sense and you can take that to the bank. It is taking everything CNN, MSNBC,NBC,ABC and all the publications to keep the negative going. Please don’t fall for what they put out.

      • G, one thing that is hypocritical here is that you guys tout the results of this poll and claim it has the Dems all upset, while downplaying polls that you don’t like. You also downplay how many Democrats have been winning special elections, like the new Democratic Senator Doug Jones.

          • I am not talking about a poll of people who just read this blog. A SCIENTIFIC poll (oops, I did not mean to use a word that might upset a bunch of you . . . sorry) taken with a representative sample, one that is demographically consistent with the nation.

        • Ric look for the Rasmussen Poll and they will give you maybe what you want. I can’t figure if you are RNC or DNC but that’s up to you and I hope if it is the DEMS you have received good things for your support. God Bless YOU

        • Ric B, Blah, blah, blah, Those liberal polls swing any way you folks need them
          to. You are so funny, you think you are the only one on this site with any intelligence. Hey, I have an novel idea, why do you run on off and find people you think can keep up with you, Turkey

      • G. ‘E’0ne ‘knows'(well almost) a so-called ‘commissioned’ (by whom) poll Means
        Absolutely Nothing. The ‘brainwashing’ to some, is Quite remarkable.
        > Many Brothers/Sisters/ Hispanics ‘know’ The Real Deal & took
        #Walk Away. ___ AMEN & SAVE USA.

    • AND IF U ALL didn’t already know is the polls are basically Bull Shit. taken by a bunch of liberal hacks or Trump haters. Then the #’s r changed to make us believe that there is some credibility to this load of 💩💩💩. BECAUSE MR.MAGOO MULLER AIN’t GOT JACK SH-T AND IF HE DID HE WOULD have already brought to the table.
      WHERE IS IT !!!! WHERE IS IT ??????

      • OK, Danny, put up or shut up. Go look who ABC/WaPo used or hired to do the poll and how they drew their sample. You are obviously not educated on the methodology and science of polls, are you? And if you were an honest person, go visit the combination of all polls, at When ALL polls are combined, the bottom line is that 14% more Americans hold an UNFAVORABLE VIEW OF TRUMP THAN FAVORABLE. But I bet you are going to pretend you know better, right?

        • Ric B. This comment to Dan T. in which you call him Danny is a perfect example of why I think you and Diane are one in the same liberal. Smells exactly like Diane! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Everything Mueller and his band of merry crooks have thrown at President Trump has gone nowhere! Why? Because they’re ALL LIES!! The biggest lie being the bogus witch Hunt and the phone polls initiated by left wing media outlets like C.N.N. and M.S.N.B.C. all liberal leaning pieces of cow dung!!! You want to talk about hiding the real facts that 36 percent of black and Hispanic people who are now in favor of President Trump. Even many gay & lesbian people who have formed the WALK AWAY movement who were once hard core Democrats are now becoming Independents due to the extreme violence and lies purportrated by the digesting leftist liberals.Judgement day is here. You and your ilk are nothing but unAmerican parasites which must be erradicated!!!

      • Wanna Really KNOW ‘someting ??? Well, msm,googie,Fb, twitty,Tubey
        FROM Silicon Valley ARE ( Factoid) 0N 1/15 LSD, micro ‘shrooms’
        & DARE i Say (elites 0u, did i say that??? Do Your DD. &&& 4 All the ‘pitiful’ trolls
        here, Better be V.V. ‘careful’ re ‘getting sucked in’ by Devastating
        Seditious Propaganda.
        > Take ‘a break trolls’ &&& Do Serious DD. Whether or not U ‘know it’,
        Your Life Is at stake, along w/ e’0ne Else. CHOOSE your Side V.

        • ps. Silicon Valley Says: (re what i mentioned above)
          paraphrase: ‘it’ keeps us alert’ etc.
          > Yah 0k, i’m sure it does +More. (pedo)

    • Mueller is a hired assassin,,Sessions is as dirty as Comey, Hillary & Obama. $20,000,000.00 of tax payer money has been wasted on Mueller!

  12. if you all can remember the night hillary lost to trump and throwing her fit she let it slip and said {we are all going to hang} that tells me all were corupt and in this together.

    • Oh, there are bigger fish out there – ones with names like Clinton, Obama, and Holder. But Mueller does not seem to be interested in catching them.

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  13. I’ve been saying,” if you go way back to 2016 just after POTUS announced his candidacy Maxine Waters immediately said were going to impeach him, Chuck schumer ” We will do what ever we have to do to block or slow walk him if he gets elected! There were a lot of angry Dem.’s saying basically the same thing. Other’s including ant-Trump Republicans moched and laughed at the idea of Trump even being Pres. All this the impeachment and resisting and blocking had been already decided before he even won! They thought no one was paying attention. These people said what they were going to do to keep Trump from being president!if he won and every one knows he won’t win. Yea! Tell me that again.

    • Bruce, good comment and you are spot on regarding everyone you mentioned. We will win again and the DEMS are going to find they are incapable of changing their mind set and their attitudes. With President Trump at the helm they will have no chance but losing. They are dropping like flies. Good luck to one and all of us.

      • Kara W. Check out YouTube for #WalkAway and prove to everybody your statement is correct. Dems are leaving their party and coming to Republicans by the thousands. The movement is getting together a October march in Washington to prove the movement is real. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need all of you!

    • You all do understand that trump, his so called charity, his corporations, his children, his enablers are also being investigated by at least six other legal entities for corruption and federal and state illegalities, right? Do you ever read any history or unbiased reviews of current events? You may someday see him for what he is. He is not honorable or worthy to be the 45th president of America.

      • You are so right on the money! I’m not 100% sure they can prove the collusion (although I believe it was at least attempted), but I do see other charges being filed that would be just as damning. Trump will go down in the style of Al Capone and other mob bosses. Through tax evasion and money laundering

      • ke, you have no idea how strong this family is and when he decided to run the DEMS should have found all your bad news up front but here we are and thanks to President Trump he has achieved more than any other in history. You can fight or you can see how wrong and EVIL the DEMS are. Good luck to you cause you are going to need it.

      • ….and what do we really know about O’dummy. All his records are sealed. WHY??? What is he hiding? You voted for someone you knew nothing about Twice and you want America to believe Trump is guilty of collusion? Just go away and look for your brain.

        • Dennis, I didn’t vote for Obama either time. I did work with someone who had a relative who worked for Obama during the 1st election, she was so proud of him. Then when things went South she denied ever voting for him

      • ke. you DO Understand, for EX: the ‘Charity stuff’ Was long
        in Existence BEFORE ‘T’ . Convoluting Factoid ‘lacking’ CHRONOLOGICAL
        ORDER, displays a ‘type’ of misconstrued Ignorance, of which
        Can Be ‘corrected’.

      • You are so full of shit that it is ridiculous and you know nothing because you’re a dumbass Democrats and liberals you won’t win and you can’t win because you don’t know how to act and help the American people we will win again thank God for President Trump

  14. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News! Communist Network News. AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News! The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, please!

  15. The so called main stream media will always focus on what Trump says and ignore what he does. It was just the opposite with obama and killery. Also with rapist Bill Clinton.

  16. Diane, Diane, I said DIANE! Now, here is a real poll. We all know it’s the real deal because all you Dem libs are mad as Hades! Tell you something else stooge, you had better hope Mueller ends this corrupt, biased, investigation soon and without charges against President Trump. Anything else will be taken as a declaration of civil conflict, you remember the civil war don’t you, sure you do. True American patriots are not about to go back when this entire thing has been about taking the duly elected President down in order to complete what the last corrupt administration began. We want our Country, we don’t want to be part of any one government world. You and your kind want it, you can have it but take your butts away, far far away and leave America alone. I
    have said enough for now.

  17. FOX host Judge Pirro perfectly described Mueller as “the cleaner”. I couldn’t think of a better description of him than Pirro. I am positively sure that what Mueller is. He’s that bad. Yep.

    I don’t know what Sessions were up to. He recused himself …

    Trump must fire him soon. If he did after the election, he would speed up draining the swamp. That includes some of the elected RINOs that were responsible for being silent on constant illegal migration for more 30 years.

    It’s time to re-define the Republican Party. A party that never go along with the ultra leftists again.

    Trump 2020!

  18. If Trump wouldn’t put a stop to the Mueller, “Dog & Pony Show”, then our Corrupt congress should have taken action to do it. All they’ve allowed Mueller to do is to waste 19 million + and counting of our money, not theirs like they always seem to think. Our government/Congress/Judicial is a waste. O’BWAMA has made it pretty impossible to make everything right again, he’s made it possible for failure of the United States, way into Trumps Presidency. And Americas’ unamerican ingrates are still allowed to run loose. #1 he O’BWAMAS, #2 Hillary & family(all of them).

  19. Diane: I’ve read your narrow minded, culpably ignorant and predominantly ill-informed comments on another article and here.
    What would prompt anyone with your biases to read “Renewed Right?” I suspect it’s to function as a rabble-rouser. Most of us who are regular readers and commenters find you mildly irritating, like a housefly buzzing around a picnic–pesky but of little consequence.

    • Dr – If you really are……I could care less if you find me irritating. Most of these nitwits on this site do. I have never seen so many misinformed and ignorant people in my life that have blinders on about this corrupt moron in the Oval Office. The walls are closing in on 45 and I can’t wait!

        • As Reagan would have said, “there you go again” little Dan Tyree with your name calling and trying to bully a female. Obviously, you cannot hold your own in a real discussion of issues – – never finished college, did you? Dan if you are SO superior, then perhaps you might act like it in your postings. Yours seem on the level of a middle school student.

          • Dr.J.D., The “D” in your name is the first letter of your given name, DIANE! You goof ball, you are so stupid! These comments Dr. J.D. smell like you, Diane! 🙂 🙂

          • M/Dan. now we have Dr.’s on this site. 0h Doctor, Dr.
            Tell me the ‘truth’. BWAR HAR HAR. Hey DR’s. Do you
            ‘suffer fools’ ??? 0h, & please include the [holy] Fathers
            (what’s his name? father tom whatever) et al. 0mg. gak___ charlatans E’where.

      • Diane…….Too much CNN, CBS, NBC, NTY and WP are hurting your little brain (well..
        ……if any)…..a visit to the veterinary to get the rabbies shot may help you
        to slow-down the hatred is sickening you.

      • If Mueller would prosecute all the dirty people who work for him, including himself,
        and the so called justice dept FBI, the USA and all us nitwits could make America be whole again.

      • Your description of others shows the clinical PROOF that you are one of the poor academic styled fools who thinks they are smarter than the rest, that you “know” a lot. The punishment that is meted out for that is the fact that in feeling so you expose your ignorance and incompetence for all with open eyes to see, poor fool that you are.

      • Diane . . . shame on you, you are getting all these Trumpons all riled and stressed out. You should know how you upset them . . . they cannot handle anyone who might disagree with them slightly. Like all those people Trump has picked and said they were the BEST PEOPLE are now terrible people and should be driven from America. Like Sessions, and Bannon and Omarosa and Tillerson and Mueller and 50+ members of Trump’s staff who are no longer there.

  20. The Democrats have a wonderful chance to prevent Russians from interfering with our elections by demanding that every voter present valid identification – driver’s license; passport; birth certificate and utility bill for home in this precinct. This is their best opportunity to stopping all those Russians who bought up voter cards of the dead, and go to 3, 4, even 5 precincts to cast votes for Trump.

    While this is going on, Mueller will keep proving Russian interference, and

    • For some reason, this system has erased my post once, then cut me off above.

      This is their best opportunity to stopping all those Russians who bought up voter cards of the dead, and go to 3, 4, even 5 precincts to cast votes for Trump.
      In the meantime, Mueller can march on getting concrete evidence of Trump colluding with, even participating in eating and digesting Russian dressing.

    Trump stands in the way…therefore Trump must go. That is the plan.

    • A plan for President Trump.
      Fire Sessions, try to hire Trey Gowdy to replace Sessions. Have Mr. Gowdy fire Mueller, clean up the FBI and DOJ. Special investigation of the Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Holder and any one else, because there is such a long list. Like the IRS,

      Then let Mr. Gowdy retire

      • I agree David – Great Comment. Go Trump 2020.
        As for DIANE – She should find another Country to live in, and all of the other Anti-Trump, Liberals, Democrats and Soros. Let’s help Trump clean the SWAMP…

  22. Bruce Ohr testified that in 2016 he kept Andrew Weismann – currently Mueller’s deputy and chief prosecutor – aka “Mueller’s Pit Bull” in the loop about the Steele dossier being fake. Now if Weismann knew about it – How the hell did Mueller NOT KNOW about it too? This phony “investigation” has been a scam from day 1 and the American taxpayers have been footing the bill for this dog and pony show. It is time to fire Mueller and reverse the roles where Mueller is NOW the “investigated” not the “investigator”.


      • Dan – You’re an idiot. It will end with 45 resigning and Donnie Jr. and Kushner indicted. It’s coming together, NOT unraveling.

          • There you go again, Dan T, acting like a middle school child in an argument that ends in “oh yeah!” Perhaps you need to read a book on civil discourse. Don’t you have anything going on in your personal life? By in large, Diane is right that Donnie threw Don Jr. and Jared under the bus when he tweeted that the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting was “to get dirt on Hillary.” Once that meeting was approved with known Russia agents (all this in the Don. Jr. emails), it was a conspiracy to undermine our election process, involving our foreign adversary.

        • Diane you are just like a spoiled snowflake. Whining over an election. My candidates lost many times and the sun still shined. Get help.

          • Dan……the problem with Diane is that she needs to remove ASAP the roll of
            foul smelling toilet paper she has in her head instead of a brain.

          • Dr. J.D./aka Diane, Diane, there is not a doctor in the entire world who would have the undertones theses pseudo comments have. You are not intelligent enough to realize it, stooge! 🙂 🙂

        • Drinking the koolaid again. Donald Trump is not going anywhere. Go have yourself another tantrum. Just accept the American people are on to the democratic scrum bags. MAGA 2020!

        • You commies STILL trying to overthrow the DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. How pathetic you creatures are. Americans are now aware of your FAILED coup attempt and frame job. There will NEVER BE ANOTHER LIBERAL COMMUNIST IN GOVERNMENT. Americans will root ALL of you communist creatures out of the shadows and remove you from American society.

          • No Kep, the commie advocate here is Corrupt Trump, who has been compromised by Putin quite awhile ago and even Putin admitted he interfered in our election to get Trump elected. Putin is old KGB, he is not going to put someone in power in America who will stand up to him. So, be sure to root out Corrupt Don, because he is doing more for Putin than for America.

        • It SHOULD end with 45 being re-designated as 44, with the imposter wiped from history except as an example of a criminal act. All because your Pelosi said he was legitimate and to get on with it — like when she said we had to pass his “Obamacare Bill to see what was in it. Classic criminal stupidity.

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