The migrant caravan tried to invade America but what happened next will shock you

Thousands of migrants materialized on the U.S. border weeks ahead of when the fake news media claimed they would.

They expected to pour into America.

But what happened next will shock you.

The Trump administration put into place a new policy forcing migrants to remain in Mexico unless they can establish a credible fear of persecution in Mexico.

The Washington Post reports:

Central Americans who arrive at U.S. border crossings seeking asylum in the United States will have to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed under sweeping new measures the Trump administration is preparing to implement, according to internal planning documents and three Department of Homeland Security officials familiar with the initiative.

According to DHS memos obtained by The Washington Post on Wednesday, Central American asylum seekers who cannot establish a “reasonable fear” of persecution in Mexico will not be allowed to enter the United States and would be turned around at the border.

The plan, called “Remain in Mexico,” amounts to a major break with current screening procedures, which generally allow those who establish a fear of return to their home countries to avoid immediate deportation and remain in the United States until they can get a hearing with an immigration judge. Trump despises this system, which he calls “catch and release,” and has vowed to end it.

This ends “catch and release.”

Previously, if migrants passed the credible fear interview, they were given a court date for an asylum hearing and set loose into America.

At least 25 percent of illegal aliens do not show for their court date.

That lets hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to invade America every year.

Those days are over.

The American people elected Donald Trump to crack down on illegal immigration.

And while liberal judges may issue lawless rulings to stop him, Trump continues to press forward on the job the American people tasked him with.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. According to new news reports over 2000 of the migrants already applied for asylum in Mexico and are getting jobs in the factories in Mexico. They are also getting Assistance with Healthcare and living arrangements. A lot are going to stay there till they can claim asylum here in the USA. If they already have it there then why in the hell should we take them here, let them stay there.

  2. Thank God for president-elect Donald Trump. The media would have you believe that Donald Trump did the worst thing of all by lobbing tear teargas at those innocent invaders. But Mr anti-American kenyan-born ex-president Obama did it nobody cared about it but the truth was he was doing it to the immigrants so he could allow the Muslims into the country illegally and seek political offices.

  3. First let me say I support Mr. Trumph completely. I would like to know how two different parties can be so different in thinking on the same subject (immigration). Like they say there is something (rotten in Denmark).

  4. Democratic heads are exploding over the use of tear gas against invading Illegals but this is all a charade of “FakeNews.”…Eat on these facts you morons! During the Obama administration he authorized tear gas use on the border 26—times in 2012, 27—times in 2013, 15—times in 2014, 8—times in 2015, 3—times in 2016….a mother with what appears as two 5 and 6 year-olds in diapers would have us believe these hypocrites don’t potty train in Honduras or that these children walked 1,500 miles without shoes… the overweight mother dragging these children away from the tear gas looks like she has not missed a meal in a very long time…

  5. Mexico just busted several of them trying to smuggle in cocaine. They were carrying it in their pack packs. They also caught a few MS13 gang members along with some Middle Easterners trying to get in. I figured out why Hollywood and the Democrats really don’t want borders, and that’s because Hollywood is scared it’s going to loose it’s drugs, and the Democrats stand to loose money being involved and active participants with the drug cartels. Also they plan on open borders to stay in power forever, if they win next election.This is why they never wanted the wall in the first place!

  6. 25% don’t appear?

    Bull, I would bet maybe 25% DO show up for their court date.

    Why would they? Once their here they get free benefits. Why take a chance on bring deported when you don’t need yo?

  7. The mentally, morally and spiritually deficient Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology under the cloak of self righteousness! They are fugitives from truth.

    • 0u. Got ‘some words’ in your comm.
      Tell ‘it’ DAV.
      CANNOT G0 ‘Down the Path’ of what Angela
      Merkel DID to Germany, include Sweden etc.
      the ‘Return of Trojan Horse’ in EU WAS,
      for 8 long yrs, Implemented by ‘hussein ‘o’
      & hillary/ NW0 Globalists. Totally Irreversible.
      >’We’ IN a ‘Yuge mess’. Thank Godduh( Maha says)
      For REVIVING ‘ Trying To PROTECT USA & ‘the

  8. Don’t take too much credence what WaPO inks. Check Presidential Policy
    Yourself. Also, Mex. News is Quite diff. Know what is ‘going on’
    in Tiajuana. & btw: They ‘like’ & support POTUS.
    To the ‘trash can clan’ ppl here, Constantly ‘dissing’ POTUS : Do Not
    go to Mex.,& talk your ‘smack’.
    They may put you up in a room you may not like.

  9. How can this POS for a judge make a ruling on a NATIONAL/FEDERAL law or Executive Order which affects the ENTIRE USA? He is attempting to over ride the orders of the Commander in Chief of our armed forces in a situation involving NATIONAL security and the President’s Oath of Office to protect these United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Sanctuary states and cities should lose all federal funding. Politicians elected to federal office from those states/cities should be removed from office as their election was compromised/effected by FOREIGN INTERFERENCE/COLLUSION aided and abetted by tacit, if not active approval of their local elected/appointed officials (who have violated their own Oaths of Office, violating state, federal law as well as the Constitution of The United States. Sedition and treason. Not even going into other election fraud. These “sanctuary states, or sanctuary cities, should forfeit their electoral votes as well as statewide popular votes or popular votes from all precincts of proclaimed sanctuary cities for all federal offices. ALL OF THIS COULD BE DONE NOW BY SIMPLY ENFORCING THE LAWS CURRENTLY ON THE BOOKS

      • I PRAY may GOD be would heme every step of the way what his is

        doing it is a rite ting for all and are GATE country we should be

        fol !!!!!

        Evike hum lived in a Communist Country 85 y o[d no pleace to go

      • Trump is not saving americans money, who do you think is paying for the wall? We are, do you not hear what the representatives are saying? Dems are willing to give a certain amount which will come out of your pocket as well as mine.
        Wake up america!

        • You are such a stupid liberal. There is a budget and the money for the wall would come from that!! What we are paying for is the cost of supporting these illegals. I do NOT want my tax dollars going to them. I say stop this funding and we would have the wall already. They are costing us over $600 million a year to take care of them.

  10. who is paying for the food and all the cost? The DNC,aka, communist more than likely. Our worthless Congress, both parties, will not do anything. In this country it is everyone for their self. One must take of yourself, I will and can do that. Leave me along

    • Worthless Congress is correct! The Repubes want the beaners to work but not vote, the Dems want the to vote but not work. 38 GOP House losers just got reminded that the only thing they have to fear more than their rich fat cat donors is their voters!

      • You are so wrong Carlos! MY Step daughter had to wait 10 years for her to gain entry and a green card to come in the US legally from the Ukraine. This year she will apply for US citizenship. No the word “beaners” you use is disrespectful to all Mexicans who have gained legal citizenship. are you not of Hispanic nationality also? I am a USAF Viet Nam veteran living in Arizona and have relatives of Mexican heritage. Stop raising the racism card as the Democratic Liberals do to avoid the real issues such as “Legal Immigration Policy” under the US Constitution

        • My wife is from Vietnam and I to am a Vietnam Veteran and can also attest to the wait period she had to go thru to come here “LEGALLY”. The thing is if they come by Airplane they have to abide by the “LAWS of this Country” but if they are coming up from the South or the North borders they don’t wait, they just “INVADE”

      • Carlos,
        Interesting in that if they were not here neither party would benefit and we tax payers would not be paying, paying, paying for those who should not be here in the first place.

      • Republicans want immigrants to go thru the legal process to become citizens as it has always been until the demonRATs got themselves into a position where they could bury immigration requirements in hopes of expanding their voter base. Republicans do want people to be able to work and provide for their own families instead of being a burden to the taxpayers.

    • The DNC is probably paying for part of it, the ACLU is involved, and Soros is reportedly paying the majority of the bills. He’s encouraging more and more of these people to come here illegally, because he wants to get rid of all borders.

    • BTaylor etc. ‘Who’ Is “paying” ? etc
      > George SOROS. 18 Big Fat BILLION $’s worth.
      All his $$$ Filterinf down & Distributed E’WHERE !
      You should ‘know’ That by Now. IF you did not,
      well Then, NOW You ‘KNOW. FACTOID.

  11. These “immigrants” made that trip awfully quickly! Where did they eat? Where did they rest? Where did they get medical aid? Where did they poop? Who helped them? Something is terribly wrong with this picture!

      • More likely George Soros who I believe is trying to profit from an overthrow of the US Government and a Currency Crisis he is trying to create.

      • Let us look at what is happening in the third world to add a bit of perspective to the argument. I live in South Africa and am white. Now why would a white want to leave and come to USA. They are killing whites in numbers and you can’t get official figures because they will not release in the x100,000, but rest assured it is way too high. White people are prevented from getting jobs at an incredible rate. Now they are enacting an amendment to the constitution so that they can take our property without paying for it. Because we are white, we want to do things legally. With all the red tape, no chance. Those in the caravan have a much better chance. So, what to do?

    • These caravans are set up by the UN Human Rights Commission and UNICEF, and a Latin American group People Without Borders. They are transported by tour busses and given police escort.

    • Trucks were provided,for them to ride in, they had a food truck coming with them, to keep them fed and a medical team to treat any illnesses along the way. The story is that Soros is providing these services. The UN and ACLU are encouraging them to come here. If they aren’t stopped, the illegals will continue coming, at greater numbers than ever. Soros is said to be providing large amounts of money. These groups want to push the US to open all borders.

    • the courts or government – the local law enforcement needs to fine soros and I know he has the money – he needs to have the citizenship he gained here revoked – we’ve got all the locally grown hazards we need =

    • Wyomingman, Better to keep them inside Mexico until they are vetted because the Mexican authorities will have to deal with any criminal acts on the migrant’s part & illegals can’t disappear inside our country.

      HOORAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP CHANGING THE “CATCH & RELEASE” PROGRAM! Just cuz they want to live in the U.S. doesn’t mean we have to accept them!

    • just do what Ike did…load them all onto freighters and ship them back where they belong….it was called Operation wetback and Ike did it so our returning veterans would be able to get jobs!

  12. That loud-mouthed axehole, Obama, did nothing but talk. He never had a plan to deal with anything. He thought he could always extemporaneously fool the American people into thinking he was a genius with a plan while, in fact, he was never anything better than a nitwit puppet.

  13. That’s a good reason for electing President Trump and for KEEPING President Trump. He ACCOMPLISHES WHAT HE PROMISES…..and that is what voters LIKE.

  14. The illegal invaders should be used for experimenting medicines at clinical trials. Or test birth control methods. Start with a shaft knife.

    • These are families, many women and children, whose lives are unbearable in Central American countries where there has been so much
      danger to them and too little food or medical help. I don’t know what to do about their influx to the US but I do know they don’t deserve to be badly treated.

      • Paula, “You don’t know what to do with the influx of them pouring into “OUR” Country”? REALLY? You’re probably one of them by the way you sound & BIG clue, Your Name! To answer your Stupid & obvious question to “What to do” is, YOU STOP ALLOWING IT PERIOD!!! And about the comment of “Most of them are Families of Women & Children”?, Where have you been, have you seen the pictures? Mostly young men & criminals trying to invade us is the truth! And even if it WAS mostly Women & children , WE OWE THEM NOTHING!! FIX YOUR OWN D_MN COUNTRY & STOP HAVING 20 FLIPPIN KIDS!! Do these STUPID, IGNORANT Women NOT KNOW what causes that?!?! I say if they are so D_MN Stupid & weak that they can’t say “NO” then guess what, YOU pay the price for your OWN bad decisions! When did this Country (& World) become totally responsible for other Idiots Bad decisions & more importantly OWE IT TO THEM!! That IS EXACTLY what’s wrong with THIS Country ( Liberal IMBICILES) & Worlds way of thinking ( lack of!) that WE OWE EVERYONE EVERYTHING just because they’re Breathing! Nobody footed the bill for me & my kids & guess what, somehow we managed to make it and that’s how it should be! So here a Novel thought, Stop the Invasion of OUR Country, Stop supporting & stop ALL incentives to the FREELOADING MOOCHERS, send them ALL home, Including DACA freeloader’s, and let them stand up for once & take care of themselves for once in their lives & change their OWN COUNTRY & how about YOU taking a hike with them! (PS I am willing as a US Taxpayer to donate $$ for birth control pills for these lack of common sense idiots!)

      • really Paua ? We cannot continue to take on the problems of all these third world countries. Let them stay in their country and get themselves organized to work together in finding solutions for their problems like we did over 200 years ago. Dept. of homeland security just released a report that there is over 500 known criminals including MS13 gang members mixed in with this crowd. and that’s just the ones they know about and I am sure there are many many more.

      • 90% are men 18 to 40 and that’s documented unless you’re watch the Demon Rat news better know as MSLSD or the Criminal News Network!!!

      • They should not have had those children knowing the end result. Now does this become our responsibility. Are we to be the care takers of the world until we become like one of them. I’m tired of these bleeding hearts. Just think of what this country will become over time. No sympathy, we should be thinking of ourselves, children and the future of this country. What will happen to the world when this country is also lost from poverty and becomes a third world country .Common sense!

    • NO ‘mon’. NO experimental Kraap. Adolf Did ‘it’.
      & ‘continues’Today w/ vacc’s etc.] in US.
      Ex: ‘Agent 0range’ FROSTS me.

  15. God bless our President and his administration for having the strength to finally address a problem that has been on-going for years! The current caravan situation is, in my opinion, the fault of Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy (who should NEVER have been named Speaker!). They did nothing but obstruct this President’s agenda for two years. Had they funded the border wall, our President, our military, and our border patrol people would not be in danger. Neither would the innocent migrants who have been traumatized at the hands of the corrupt in their midst. We’re finally getting rid of Ryan and we get McCarthy and Romney in his place. Totally disgusted!

    Invite all the Militia groups to come to the border. When they are in place, give them permission to defend our border by any means necessary. Let them know how close they must be to the fence to be on US soil.Withdraw our military and let them do their job. Problem solved.

    • Richard, Exactly!!!! The bottom line is “Don’t let them touch USA soil!!!” At that point, they are Mexico’s problem. This is only right, as Mexico allowed them into thier country… does not mean we must allow them in ours!!!!

  17. The Democrats keep talking about what all the imigrants have done for this country, as if illegal immigration should be allowed. They talk about them paying taxes and doing jobs Americans will not do. This is garbage.
    In the first place most of them don’t pay taxes. They are not American citizens so they are not on the tax rolls. As far as doing jobs Americans wont do, thats garbage also. You can hire 3 or 4 illegals for what you have to pay an American citizen who pays taxes and takes care of their families as well. They are not doing the jobs because they can not live on what the illegals are being paid. What usually happensis is they live on welfare because of the illegals taking the jobs. The illegals that are working and not on welfare are causing American citizens to have to go on welfare to live.
    We need the wall and we need to support the Border Patrol and ICE 100% in what they are doing. This crap about the Democrats wanting to abolish ICE is insane and needs to be treated as such.

    • I hate to say it but if the shoe were on the other foot, if these immigrants voted strictly republican, the republicans would be wanting them in and the democrats would want the wall. What really needs to be done is to really crack down on the companies that hire illegals. They’re the ones funding the party that wants open borders. Politicians on both sides are being bought off. When you see a republican voting against building a wall or fixing the immigration laws, find out who’s contributing to his or her campaign.

    • It is funny that back in 1993 and more recent, the dementocraps were sounding like President Trump about immigration. Even the hildabeast was saying we need a “barrier” to turn around illegals. Snakes…everyone of them! They speak with forked tongue.

  18. why cant we get the list of these judges and start firing hate mail and restaurant meetings with them for not defending people that put them there to do so …the liberals would and are all over us for this lets fight back !!

    • You will be too late unless you live within 30 min of the border. They don’t hang around. They board busses, trains, planes, and even steal vehicles to take them as far from the border as fast as possible.

      They are coming to your neighborhood. Many are already there.


      • No Give every Liberal Democrat a pat on the Back!!!! This is the only way these corrupt Bastards stay in Office. A Democrat will put his own brother in Jail if they thought it would get them a few votes! Yes sir you are proud these Illegals are here stealing benefits which belong to US Citizens. Yes, Go ahead and pat yourself on the back and praise yourself. Democrat Lawyers were in Florida trying to get the Illegals vote to count and that’s what you are bragging about! Which make you the same as Colin Kaepernick. You do not belong in America, follow the Hollywood, Actors to another Country, since you hate the one you live in, thinking its funny Illegals belong here using up, Welfare, Medicaid, Housing, even in California Liberal Democrats have given Illegals 60% of the HUD houses. Think about that and brag a little more!

    • Dwight, I agree and they should be met with force on our side. What other countries would do in this situation I’m just not sure. But our borders are being infringed upon and that is a definition of “invasion”.

  19. thank god we finally have a real president mr donald trump greatest president this country has ever had, please keep up the great work your doing mr trump. and keep the shit out of our country even if you have to send them home in a bag.the last four presidents were nothing more than shit under americas feet.

  20. Watch the activist judges. They need to understand the existing laws. A law is a law. The president is also responsible to enforce the laws.

    • A President swears to protect and defend the Constitution which means We the People! Any judge is required by his own oath to support the President unless there is clear violation of Constitutional principles. Foreigners have NO RIGHTS under the US Constitution. American Citizens have a right to protection under the Constitution. Judges who support liberal agenda which means Marxism and Alinskyism should pack up and leave the USA.

  21. The caravan is here earlier than expected because they were transported by trucks. After such a long walk, do you think that they would have the strength and stamina that they are showing? Come on people, think!!!

  22. About time we had a President with the testicular fortitude to say enough is enough. You waqnt to come here, do so in the legal prescribed manner

    • Devil, my immigrant wife followed the legally prescribed manner and now she’s a fellow-citizen. Voted for the first time in November election. This caravan “shite” is for the birds!! These people should all be halted at the border, no further. Those seeking asylum shld have applied at our embassy in their respective countries

    • History will show that president Trump will go down as the greatest president
      that this country has ever had . God bless him.
      I wish he could run for the rest of his life as president.

  23. This invasion has been going on for years–votes for dems and cheap labor–especially for those of us in border states. We are sick of it and have been hearing promises of “border security” for 40 years–at least since Reagan was in office. The truth is–OUR LIVES DON’T MATTER to our politicians who want these people to come in. UNTIL PEOPLE IN WISCONSIN and NY, ETC experience this violence, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! sORRY ny! gUESS YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH WHAT WE’VE BEEN DEALING WITH IN NM AND TX AND AZ FOR YEARS! violence–horrible intimidation. I have experienced it here in NM since our family moved here in 1962. Our votes mean nothing here. I’ve given up on my country. One of my best friends–a 60 year old lady–was beaten to death by a Mexican gang. What does it take! Nobody cares. Politicians are guilty and the media has blood on their hands!

      • Unfortunately, there are a lot of republicans that don’t want to stop the invasion because corporations that depend on cheap labor lobby and support politicians on both sides. These are the ones that won’t vote to fund the wall. When corporations hire illegals it takes away a job for an American and we should all be outraged over that. Stupid people need to stop listening to the bleeding heart media because they’re also being funded by these same corporations in the way of advertising dollars. Plus, these companies know that by inflating the population they may very well increase their customer base giving them even more money to fund this invasion. This is not an issue that can be decided through feelings but through common sense and it’s up to us to stop it.

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