The migrant caravan was greeted by the one surprise they never expected

The migrant caravan’s invasion of the United States is underway.

Thousands of migrants appeared at the U.S.-Mexico border to demand entry into America.

But they were greeted by the one surprise they never expected.

Up to 3,000 migrants are using Tijuana, Mexico as a staging ground for invading America.

They expected to be granted safe passage.

But instead, hundreds of Mexicans are protesting the caravan’s arrival and demanding they return to their home country.

Residents of Tijuana – a city where 2,000 murders were committed this year – are afraid the caravan will bring even more death and destruction to their community.

The Associated Press reports:

On Sunday, displeased Tijuana residents waved Mexican flags, sang the Mexican national anthem and chanted “Out! Out!” in front of a statue of the Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) from the U.S. border. They accused the migrants of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to Tijuana. They also complained about how the caravan forced its way into Mexico, calling it an “invasion.” And they voiced worries that their taxes might be spent to care for the group.

“We don’t want them in Tijuana,” protesters shouted.

Juana Rodriguez, a housewife, said the government needs to conduct background checks on the migrants to make sure they don’t have criminal records.

A woman who gave her name as Paloma lambasted the migrants, who she said came to Mexico in search of handouts. “Let their government take care of them,” she told video reporters covering the protest.

The fake news media tried to frame Donald Trump and his supporters’ opposition to the caravan as a matter of racism.

But the protests in Tijuana prove this is a lie.

No country wants to absorb thousands of another nation’s poorest and most desperate people.

It is a recipe for disaster.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. This is the real reason they come. The Democrats lost their true hold on the true Americans and they need these illegals votes to stay in power! Liberty Headlines) The Obama administration reportedly approved $310 million in contracts providing free legal advice to illegal immigrants despite federal law, which bars the federal government from spending taxpayer dollars to help illegals.

    The Immigration Reform Law Institute issued a new report revealing that under the Obama administration’s direction, the Department of Health and Human Services provided funding to a top legal defense group to help unaccompanied illegal children land a sponsor in the U.S. and avoid deportation.

    The Vera Institute of Justice was one such group the HHS paid, and contracts reviewed by IRLI show that the firm — tied to leftist billionaire George Soros — raked in more than $310 million from the federal government.

    “The contracts require Vera to provide ‘direct legal representation’ to [illegal children], recruit and train pro bono attorneys, and facilitate continued legal representation once [an illegal minor] is released to a sponsor — frequently an illegal alien. So far, the federal grants have paid for legal representation of [illegal minors] in removal proceedings and removal appeals throughout the nation,” IRLI said in its report.

  2. I agree with Frank Norton on here. It’s time for “we the people” to take action. These “political” judges are going to block everything the democrats “DON’T” want. But if the real American Citizen takes up the physical fight at the border where they live there’s nothing these crooked judges can do about it. OH I don’t mean stage a crowd. Just a few experts in the field and begin picking these people off one by one beginning with the dozens of younger men. We have no idea who these people are, where they come from, if they are escaped criminals, or Muslims infiltrating the nation. It’s way past time to stop this.

  3. Should have been met with tear gas, Force them back from the border because we don’t want them and Mexico doesn’t want them so send them packin back to the shit holes they came from to take their own Countries back from their rulers. It wasn’t even 15 years ago Argentina was number 3 in GDP and gross income per capita. Their dictator STOLE all their money and ruined them. Go back there and do your UPRISING, not here in the USA.

    • It is the Democrats that have done this to us!!! They want open borders, so they can control all of government for all time, having their vote!!!

  4. Only the legislative can create/write law, and not the executive or judicial branches of government. The Constitution provides nullification of unconstitutional laws.

    Regarding these invading columins crossing our border, if the military does not act, then there is the 2nd admendment for the citizens to protect our homeland, culture and language !

    • I think it is funny that “Mexicans” are finding the other invasion, exactly that, that their country has been invaded by this group. Don’t want to spend their tax dollars on them. Gee, now they know how Americans feel. I just don’t get why and how these people think they have ANY RIGHT to DEMAND ANYTHING FROM THE US. WE DIDN’T INVITE THEM HERE.

      • Sharon Dailey: I wholeheartedly agree! Ironic that average Mexican citizens, whose fellow citizens (millions upon millions) have flooded over our borders demanding to stay in the US illegally for years, are now getting just a small taste of what it feels like to be invaded and over-run. At least the invaders and the Mexicans speak the same language. I’m glad to see Mexico getting a taste of their own medicine although I almost feel sorry for the citizens of Tijuana. I suspect the bulk of their businesses have to do with tourism from the US. Don’t back down, Mr. President!!


        • Amen to your comment Linda-in-MA. But Keep in mind…there was over 2000 ( that’s right two thousand} murders in TJ (Tijuana) last year alone. Maybe they don’t want invaders stepping on their drug and human trafficking trade? I live 15 miles north of the Tijuana border. I really do have a grip on the situation.

          • Randy Miller: Agreed and I appreciate what goes on in Tijuana. I’ve never been but I’ve heard plenty from friends in the military who were stationed nearby. I’d like to think some of the residents in Tijuana are good upstanding citizens but I know how the world works. Please stay safe, Randy. May God watch over you and your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

          • Duane Williams: Very, very true. I think Mexico is aware but chooses willful blindness to ignore that all citizens of the US end up paying for their citizens that choose to violate US immigration laws.


  5. Here’s the horrible aftermath. Somebody paid for this trip up to our border for the purpose of screwing over Trump and creating chaos, i.e., buss’s, porta-potties, sandwiches, all those “new-looking” back packs with intermingled payed liars to encourage them along with the promises of the poem on the statue of liberty. That person or persons doesn’t give a rats behind for these people because they are cattle to them nothing more than a tool for an overthrow of our republic, so guess what…they’re not going to finance the trip back. Now there are masses of people in dire straights, literally dumped on our doorstep. Watch for the commie press to start lamenting how mean and stingy we are…particularly our president…don’t fall for it!

  6. I’m not paying another penny in taxes until all illegals are removed. Billions of dollars every year are taken out of the middle class American pockets for something we had shoved down our throats by a previous administration…

    • The problem is all the Democrats. They have encouraged all these people to migrant to USA . Now the judges are going against president Trump and the constitution and giving them more chances to enter in. The whole world has gone crazy. No one cares anymore. There is no more right and wrong. It’s all wrong…

      • Dude, This bad ruling regarding immigration asylum claiming, was of course made in the ninth circuit ultra liberal court, this will soon be appealed by DJT and in front of SCOTUS and they will reverse it just as they did on the travel ban. Just too bad we have to waste all this time and energy to make things right!
        You are correct thinking the world has pretty much gone crazy! But, we care, DJT cares, so chin up and all ahead full steam! All right, go team!

          • Dan T., Oh, how right you are, every election is the most important one because we increase the majority or lose the majority. We have to fight on and never give up! We are fighting to save our sovereign nation and our American way of life. MAGA!

  7. All those in the caravan need to be treated as illegals or criminals which they are so they need not get what they want because they will never do anything but live off of taxpayers dollars and they are not worth it.

  8. The first thing we will see is the left attempting to use the Race and “poor migrant” card on all of USA. When that doesn’t work, they will try shaming this President calling him all kinds of names they already call him. The final leg will be of the caravan folks who were tricked, taking it out on both the locals in Tijuana and the Mexican police force. Waving the flags of their country and demanding entry to the USA, which will get them nowhere.
    When all this is happening, the folks that organized this will be no where to be found. They will have taken their first aid, their water and food trucks and flatbeds and deserted these people and leave them to whomever will step up, free food, free clothes and free healthcare all well either before entering the USA or being paid for by the US and Mexico taxpayer.
    You watch, the two governments will be forced to deal with these folks because they were “PROMISED” by the left of free entry into the USA, but when violence finally does break out, President Trump will be the one to initiate the humanitarian aid within the Tijuana boarders and Mexico will be glad President Trump took the initiative.
    No one is going to force these people back to their homeland as is common sense. Once they were promised something that gave them a better choice and hope, they came in droves. It is really that simple.
    To me the answer is also very simple? Don’t allow them to stay in Tijuana, but rather hire the necessary buses being paid by both Mexico and USA if they have to, and charge it against what we give to the Central American countries. From there we simply bus each and everyone of these migrants back to their home country. No fanfare, no blame game and no more costs other than what it took to put them onto their own border. These caravan folks won’t like it, but the passive ones will go back, which only leaves the violent, hardcore criminal, MS-!3 and these type of young men who demand something for free. The others will go peacefully back to their home country.
    This then allows both the Mexican and US governments to weed out the bad players in all of this and either lock them up, or deport them to Sudan or Sauda Arabia smack dab in the desert. Give them each a canteen and say good luck. This is how you weed out the bad ones. PERIOD!

    • I agree with most you say but the one thing that we have to block most of what the try in our control of the Senate. So I look forward to watch what the Senate and Pres.Trump
      will do to make the DEMS know they only can control or maybe not the House. Time will tell all is not lost yet. They are going to put up a BIG fight.

  9. I would think that they were paid well enough to have some left over for the bus ride back home again! Clean up your country and make a good life for yourself and family!

  10. Just waiting for the call to go defend the boarder. See as citizens defending our boarder we can shoot to kill…man woman or child. We the people can not be charged with crimes against humanitarian rights as our government can. If we have to kill a few hundred or thousands then I can guarantee they will get the picture. I’ve no problem shedding blood again for my country. It’s time we stop being spineless and start addressing our problems home and abroad. Let me and my brothers and sisters go and dispatch these vile disease infested scum. If their country don’t want them then we sure as hell don’t. You will never see an American refugee, if shit starts hitting the fan we don’t run…we dust our guns off n we deal with the problem. Go back to your own country and fight for your land. Don’t expect to come n get some of mine.
    Eliminate the intruders

    • Oh my God I loved your post that is true time to put a stop to it to put all the illegals already have 22 million of them living here why aren’t they be into boarded because they have anchor babies! Bullshit their kids are not citizens because there are illegals so the kids are really going to be glad when Trump changes all of that

  11. The Demoncrats want these these immigrants in America so they can vote for the Demoncrats! The Demoncrats are not doing this out of milk of human kindness!

    • There are a few people, with lots of money, that think their opinions and thought processes are better than anyone else, and they are going to RUIN America as we have grown up to love it! The DEMOCRAPS are a group of NO-GOODERS that are going to be the ruination of America, if not stopped! We saw a good example of this with the JUSTICE KAVANAUGH hearing. “DR” FORD was a total liar, an embarrassment to herself, and no doubt PAID by SOROS or some other STUPID IDIOT! She is pictured with George SOROS at a party when she was much younger and prettier! Her performance at the hearing was believable to the point of her “COERCED” lies about JUSTICE KAVANAUGH being the person that “Molested” her,,,,,The total lack of ANY WITNESSES that could verify her alligations, and the fact that she had “NO KNOWLEDGE” of how she got to the party, where the party was, How she got home, ASO, ASO, ASO!!! And the way that MS. FEINSTEIN “ERRED” in how she leaked the letter, (OR SOMEONE IN HER PARTY DID) and TOTALLY SCREWED UP THE HEARING WAS THE MOST RIDICULOUS STAGING OF ANY SITUATION I’VE EVER SEEN!!! SHE SHOULD WALK HOME IN DISGRACE FOR HER IGNORANCE AND OBVIOUS ATTEMPT TO SWAY THE PANEL!!! THAT ALONG WITH THE FACT THAT NONE OF HER “WITNESSES” WERE ACCURATE OR BELIEVABLE, AND BOOKER SAYING THAT “ALL ACCUSERS MUST BE BELIEVED” and then was ACCUSED BY A MAN OF MAKING AN OBSCENE REQUEST IN A MENS ROOM,,,,,HEY BOOKER, DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT ALL ACCUSERS MUST BE BELIEVED?????? LIVE WITH IT, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT SAID IT, “NATIONWIDE”!!!

  12. Mexico is finding out that it didn’t pay to let the smaller groups of illegals flaunt their immigration laws when entrance into the U.S. was all but guaranteed by the Black Motha Fvcher that was in office north of their border. Understand Now, Do You?!

  13. Many of these people in these caravans just seem to be looking for a fight. If they want to fight so bad why didn’t they fight for their own country?

  14. Mexican Government has everything They have Mexican border, Military, Policeman, a lot of fabrics from US If the caravan want to get a job and documents If the caravan refused Mexican help they should go back to their origin country Simple logic!

  15. Tijuana residents understand the onset problems that an invading hord of illegal invader/aliens bring with them. Cost to their country, violence, death, murder and countless crimes. The same exact reason we don’t want them either. KEEP OUT TRESPASSERS WILL BE DEPORTED. That’s the message they need to hear

  16. Mad Dog, you have a good start.
    If you would only get out those water cannons and blow them off that wall and out of the water on the Colorado & Rio Grande.

  17. Let the caravan eat all their food. Lol. A very good example why a massive migration is not a good idea. Not a racist bone to turn them back.

  18. FedUp and Richard P.,
    Richard if you were not serious, I apologize. You sounded serious. If you were serious, I take my apology back.
    Thank you FedUp!
    Okay? Okay!

  19. I agree, sarcasm and done very well. Otherwise it would be crazy, and the writing is much too lucid. It is not incumbent on us to fulfill their dreams, but think back, did they all wake up one day and decide to march? Or have they been funded and told what to do? Anybody else see Soros’ fingerprints?

  20. Maybe NOW Mexico will understand what it’s like to be “invaded”. They have been invading our country for many years. I wonder why they think WE should open our arms to THEM if THEY don’t want to open THEIR arms to THEIR invaders? Just sayin.

    • Troops should stay at borders. If they can’t use guns unless it’s self defense- why not smoke bombs? Asylum is for POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS REFUGEES! Why should they expect preferential treatment that other refugees worked for, a tual eligibility, documents, cooperation and procedures? ENFORCE THE LAWS!!

      • There are really great new crowd control weapons. Nonlethal. They do reduce the crowd to helplessness. Some cause seizures. Some rattle the nerves. Some temporarily blind and/or stop hearing ability. I like the DAZZLER, blinds and disorients. Aim them at the ones sitting on the wall and watch them topple. DO NOT SIT ON OUR FENCE. YOU are warned. Climbing the wall is an act of aggression. They must be stopped. One DAZZLE should be convincing.

        And, any seeking asylum should be given asylum in Europe. Those countries have had low birthrates for over 2 decades. THEY NEED PEOPLE. America does not.

        A military transport flight and they are not our problem any longer, Those countries owe America for providing their defense for over 70 years now.

        Those countries will let the illegals work legally, chain migration, and anchor babies. Crank ’em out. They are a leg up from the muslims they already let invade them.

        It’s a win win. No longer bleeding America to death.

  21. That caravan was well funded by someone or group. The authorties need to follow the money. Find out who footed the bill to get these people fed and moved so quickly. That person or group then need to be confronted for assembling a threat to invade our country.

    • Those damn racists. Mexico is a country built on immigration. They need to accept any person wanting to enter their country.

      • Richard Pierce, What do you use to think with, it’s sure not brains!
        You just made one of the craziest statements I have ever seen. NO country on earth should accept anyone who wants to come! Is your IQ high enough to understand that would include gangs, murderers, other criminals and worst of all terrorists! Also, no country is equipped financially to let in an endless number of good people. This all costs a lot of money and countries can’t afford it.
        Also, who in Hades wants all this foreign baggage coming in to drain their welfare system and drain taxpayer money that supports the govt.
        People with a welfare mentality thinks money grows on trees, that is if you think at all.

        • he just said what democrats have been saying in these united states and what we our selves have been told as if anyone has the right to tell an American what they can and can not do

        • M- your freakin lousy family was an immigrant family at one time doofus. When you’re buying a $10 tomato be happy because you will be the cause of it.


            James Cerullo, Get some mental health counseling for your anger issues before it’s too late!
            My family has been in America since the 1500’s. When they boarded the ship they knew they would be welcomed. They did not come off the ship demanding anything. There was no welfare system (no free stuff) so they found whatever honest hard labor they could to feed and cloth themselves until they could do better. Totally different times today, right?
            The caravans have 500 est. really bad people embedded. They pose a danger to family and loved ones, majority are young to middle aged men not families, to say different is a lie. Many videos of caravans online, view them. Even liberal Mexico is demanding they go home. America cannot afford the financial burden, think about the depletion to govt. operating money (taxpayer money) plus many other things.
            Google is doing it’s usual censorship of conservatives so it will not allow me to say what really needs to be written here to remind liberal young people about what happens when people flood a country. Man oh man, I have read through all the comments on this one article and there lots worse stuff than what they delete my comments for???????

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