The new host of Rush Limbaugh’s show was the last person anyone ever expected

Rush Limbaugh’s passing in February opened up a giant hole in conservative media and talk radio.

After several months, a new show was put in place.

And the new host of Rush Limbaugh’s show was the last person anyone ever expected.

Premiere Networks announced that Fox News contributor and former CIA officer Buck Sexton and fellow Fox News contributor and host Clay Travis would host a new show in the 12-3PM time slot on the stations that carried Limbaugh’s program.

Both Sexton and Travis are young Trump supporters who built a following standing up to cancel culture and the left’s attempt to seize control of every institution in America.

Travis rose to prominence attacking ESPN’s left-wing turn, opposing national anthem protests and pushing back against the corporate-controlled media’s COVID hysteria.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s program to promote the new show Travis made it clear that he and Sexton did not intend to replace Limbaugh.

“We are not replacements for Rush Limbaugh. Because nobody replaces a legend. But what you can do is continue to fight. You know this because you do it every night. There is so much insanity going on in this country right now,” Travis told Carlson.

Travis added that he intended to speak for Americans who faced social media censorship for their views and were afraid to speak up out of fear of being canceled.

“I’m excited to pick up the sword and be able to swing back every single day that all the ignoramuses and the nincompoops and actually be able to stand up for I think a huge number of people out there who worry every time they get on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and what to share their opinion and then think, is it worth it? […] I think certainly we will speak for a lot of people who don’t feel like they can speak,” Travis added.

Sexton said that he and Travis – who are 39 and 42 years old respectively – would bring their generation’s perspective to talk radio and help define the medium and conservatism going forward.

“The most dominant talk radio hosts have been from one generation; Clay and I represent the next phase. We’re going to bring the perspective of two guys who see a country they’re deeply worried about, and a massive audience that needs people who will speak for them,” Sexton declared.

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