The New York Times just got caught spreading fake news about Nikki Haley

Trump has repeatedly called out The New York Times as fake news.

The media always circles the wagons to fight back against the accusations.

But time and again they get caught red-handed spreading fake news stories like this one.

The New York Times published a piece their State Department reporter Gardiner Harris wrote slamming U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

The headline and lede paragraph strongly implying Haley was responsible for her official residence in New York City having extravagantly priced $52,701 curtains.

But for patient readers who didn’t rage-close the article (or who actually bothered to try reading it in the first place instead of just parroting the headline), you come across this factoid buried under five lengthy paragraphs and an ad:

A spokesman for Ms. Haley said plans to buy the curtains were made in 2016, during the Obama administration. Ms. Haley had no say in the purchase, he said.

In other words, the whole article is nothing more than a misleading setup to attack a member of the Trump administration.

Seems like pertinent information that probably should’ve changed the headline and landed a little closer to paragraph one — if “the failing New York Times” (as President Trump calls it) had any journalistic integrity.

Other Times‘ reporters and outlets quickly jumped at the opportunity to bash another Trump administration official for extravagant spending.

The “State Dept official” Times‘ reporter Sheryl Stolberg references below was actually Obama’s top management official at the State Department…

David Hogg ignorantly jumped into the fray calling on Haley to “resign immediately.”

The bottom line here is, there’s a reason the American people don’t trust the mainstream media — because they shamelessly parrot fake news stories like this one started by The New York Times.

Do you think President Trump is right about “the failing New York Times” and the rest of the fake news media?

Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: The New York Times was forced to retract their story, publishing this embarrassing editor’s note.

An earlier version of this article and headline created an unfair impression about who was responsible for the purchase in question. While Nikki R. Haley is the current ambassador to the United Nations, the decision on leasing the ambassador’s residence and purchasing the curtains was made during the Obama administration, according to current and former officials. The article should not have focused on Ms. Haley, nor should a picture of her have been used. The article and headline have now been edited to reflect those concerns, and the picture has been removed.

While a number of the tweets above have since been deleted, you can view cached versions here, here, and here.


  1. Why are these news people getting away in reporting false news??
    If they are and are caught…to me that is a very serious unlawful thing or things they are doing and getting away with???
    If its false and degrading to anyone….they should be arrested and dealt with….not just a slap on the hand and only made to rewrite the truth.!!!!
    That is slander in a big way…last I heard….slander has not been wrote off the book of right and wrongs!!!
    Do something about it now…like if anyone American would be punished!!!….stop wrong doi gs!!!

  2. Dan T., Funny don’t you think that Dr. a$$ just used Diane’s favorite word, “pathetic” on you, hmmmm could be it came from the same big lips and empty sewer maggot head! I’m just sayin’.


  4. Do you see the similarities between those communists who you survived, and America’s liberal commies? Personally, I think they are exactly the same creatures.

  5. I am glad. But that also should show that when the newspapers and media gets it wrong, they are pressed to retract the story. Trump never retracts his falsehoods and lies, like the 3000 that died in Puerto Rico as a result of the storm, are not fully dead. Maybe Trump thinks they are zombies.

    Did you know that Trump heard about some Russian propaganda, and having no control he tweeted it out as if it was REAL. He did not tweet it out as “Russian propaganda” but as real, and his advisers tried to tell him, “no, you tweeted out Russian propaganda, not something we want to get out.” Trump never retracted it, but his administration leaks like a noodle drainer.

  6. Talk about STUPID, for you to think that I am Diane or Scott27 or anyone else just shows your cerebral limits. Has your brain been eaten up by the cultist Kool Aid? Jesus, M, perhaps your should try some Prevagen, which is supposed to help your brain. I think most of us realize that talking to someone like YOU is useless, but I certainly don’t believe all conservatives have closed minds. I grew up with great conservative leaders, and the ultra smart Buckley, and one of my favorite congressmen was Bob Dole (thankfully I was honored to meet him once). I still think that most of us have things we share – – a love of this great country, of the principles of the rule of law, and that the Constitution was divinely inspired. And I have always found that what makes an intelligent, educated person is their ability to listen and learn. Not you of course, but perhaps others.

  7. Let Hogg continue to act like he’s some messiah. Everytime he opens his mouth, he steps in it and continues to look like a fool. He is a paid protester/activist wanna-be. Does he actually think he would have enough votes to win ANY public office? I actually think he should run for whatever office he might be campaigning. That should open the eyes of the non-dead. Keep talking David Hogg and thank you for more conservative votes.

  8. No longer the paper of record. It is now the paper of lies. The NYT has become a beyond the reach of reason “persona” of a left wing whacko, fully devoid of journalistic ethics.

  9. Would somebody, anybody, please tell Diane also known as Dr. J. D. also known as Scott27 that I am totally done communicating directly with any of those multiple personality disorder alter
    egos. They are deaf dumb blind and stupid and are on these conservative sites to belittle and argue with us. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the a$$! I will talk about them anytime I
    choose but, am done addressing them.

  10. Trump is ???? % correct the media is the ENEMY OF THE PEOLE ESPECIALLY THE NEW YORK TIMES. They only report what fits there narrative. They gave no time or credit to the 50+ dead soldiers that were brought back from North Korea That speaks for itself right there ????????

  11. Actually, lots of others besides Trumpons are having a bad time. Look at all the Puerto Ricans and how many people died there from lack of assistance (3000 or more), lack of electricity for 11 months. lack of clean water – – left on the dock because Trump response uncoordinated so people get sick drinking polluted water. Think of all the damage that will be done to the environment and people poisoned. And, every month of Trump presidency, the world gets further behind in properly responding to climate change. Future generations will curse the mistakes of Trump and climate change consequences get more severe.

  12. Good lord, M! use some sense will you? A BROmance is between two guys, and anyone who has to overcompensate like you have just done should be more than a little concerned. Instead of wasting time calling people names like juvenile things like “human excrement” why don’t you put your brains together and answer the question I asked before to MAGAgots: “when did America STOP being GREAT because since WWII we have been the #1 superpower and super-economy? Try to give a thoughtful and reasonable answer, not some stupid quip like “when liberals got elected” or something else pathetic like that. Let me know WHEN we stopped being great and why you repeat that same stupid slogan over and over!?!

  13. it took this former refugee from a communist hell to orient himself in the USA. After a while I understood the MSM situation hear, and I renamed the New York Times as the NY Pravda.

  14. David Hogg needs to be squashed like an irritating mosquito, he doesn’t even have enough meet to slaughter for bacon.

  15. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News!Communist Network News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News!The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, pls!

  16. These unsubstantiated stories and outright lies just continue from the MSM, or about 90 % of the Media, on a daily basis. Isn’t there any way for them to be held responsible for such deliberate political collusion ? It worries me that this continued pounding of political invective will eventually convince some of their evil “cause”. You know, the old adage – throw enough crap up on the wall….

  17. The Looney Liberals don’t have men, did’nt they tell you ? They’re gay, Pedophiles, Iranian slaves, Me Too p…Y whipped ! And I should know because I’m a American Republican Female

  18. Obama is going to be angry with you. Shhhhh this is a secret that only DEMOCRAPS, I mean LOONEY LIBERALS,oh crap you know the secrets you’re only suppose to tell when Fienstein tells it!

  19. Ezra Adamson, How very perceptive of you regarding the relevance of D! My feelings exactly! D is a useless sewer maggot. 🙂 🙂

  20. NYT doesn’t have to be caught red-handed or ANY-handed. Its brand of yellow journalism has been known since its inception. NY > liberal hotbed > DUH…

  21. Could not be better makes DumbAss Hogg look more Stupid then he already does. Thank David for showing the American people once again how BIG of ASS you really are. Nickname him Dem puppet Hogg.

  22. D represents all that should be hated and reviled on the alt-left. s/he has no redeeming qualities and the world would be a much better place were shim to assume room temperature. s/he cannot string together a cogent thought on anything it seems – just obscene epithets.

  23. Your dear Obama-rama approved of this expenditure. The decisions were made in 2016, before our President Trump was even elected!! Get a brain, Libturd!! Stop drinking the DemonRat Koolaide!!

  24. Steff, Good luck with weather! Unbelievable how much rain, and flooding with florence! Just awful, my heart hurts for the people.

  25. Steff, Amen to reading entire article. That’s a big problem with liberals, they have a huge problem with not being thorough. First couple lines of anything does not contain the “meat” of the topic. They are to peak interest so people will read. Now, if you know that and I know that, why don’t liberals know? Well, we ALL know the answer to the question!
    🙂 🙂

  26. Actually the drapes as well as the rental were done by Obama’s State Department approved by John Kerry. This information was in the article placed as the last paragraph. Nikki Haley and the Trump Administration had nothing to do with it. These drapes and rental of the condo were contracted during a “cutback” in funding also. I would advise you to check the accuracy of the information from FAKE NEWS at least to READ THE ARTICLE. So who is the real dummy!!!

  27. Diane needs a good horse f–king. She’s horny. She needs to go find herself a donkey. A man would probably puke at that thought.

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  30. President Trump has been right by calling out news-outlets, like CNN, MSNBC, and any other news-outlet that I can’t remember at this moment, they are always reporting facts that they don’t bother to verify before reporting them.

    For someone from the Obama administration to step-in and straighten this reporter on his or her facts, that goes to show how much these reporters don’t bother to check and verify the facts before reporting them to the public.

    Every fake news-outlets, only want to report what they want to put in the news, whether it is correct or not, because, they don’t care about anybody’s feelings except for their own.

    That’s why, I don’t watch any other news outlets, because , they don’t know how to report the facts correctly, to satisfy me.

  31. Dan T., You have seem me tell D. she is the most hated person on any blog anywhere. I guess you have seen, all day and still, these people she has so endeared herself to are chiming in to
    shred her. And, she is such a deserving sewer maggot!

  32. this failing fake news media outlet at some point has to be sued for libel and slander they cant continue spewing false accusations at people on the conservative side of the aisle, this has to stop and these fake communist non journalists must pay a high price fro there fraud, deceit and crimes. these

  33. Dan T., I hate like Hades to bring this up however, Diane keeps saying you and I are having a bromance, which is a really bad insult to two stud muffins like us but, she seems to be chasing you from one site to another, seems she may be jealous and wants a bromance with you herself. I know the thought gags a maggot but she is lonely and has no friends. Poor useless piece of human excrement.

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  35. Dan T., Glad everyone should be safe. The rain in the mountains is going to be awful! So glad the storm sort of fell apart, well, it’s bad enough with all the water but wind was a lot better than a cat 4 or 5 anyway.

  36. Dan, I would make sure the new search engine is not owned by the lefties…few recommendations for search engine n browsers: duckduckgo ; goodgopher for search engines and Brave for browser. I use Brave n love it as it is developed by patriot..

  37. Ugh. David Hogg again. When will he ever shut the f up? Why does he have to jump in this politics? He is a retard. He hardly know the facts. He even embarrassed Michael Moore on the stage with his illiteracy in international law.

    David Hogg and Ocasio-Cortez are in the same boat. Insufficient educated.

  38. Dan – Bring your sister on. If she’s as ignorant as you are, then she won’t be a problem! Just one more lunatic to sweep under the rug!

  39. We are inland close to the mountains. Getting wind and rain later. My sister( whom wants a piece of Diane) is in north Florida near Jacksonville. She shoul be ok. Thanks.

  40. I would like to know what that kid David Hogg does for living to support himself? No education and living off the suffering of his fellow students. He calls for our UN Ambassador to resign because Obama spent $52k on drapes. What a dumb s__t kid. Someone give him some good books to read, or at the least, stuff in his mouth.

  41. Dan T., Hey blog buddy, I may do that also. I keep thinking with all the heat these liberals-google, Twitter and Facebook, in particular will get better with the pressure beginning to be applied to them. We may all have to change to Bing. Dan T., do you have family the hurricane is effecting?

  42. I have just had another censored blog, by google operating system. Give conservatives our first amendment right to free speech in the same way you do liberals! FOUL PLAY!

    Nikki Haley’s curtains were ordered by the BHO administration. The liberals just tried to hand feed Americans another fake news story. There is no shame and no limit to MSM. How can they expect to be taken seriously and believed?

  43. As per the norm now, FAKE NEWS continues to spew their lies. The previous administration’s Secretary of State John Kerry, loves the lavish surroundings bought and paid for by his wife and family. He has no knowledge of what it is like to struggle to make ends meet and feed your family. He thinks that he deserves this life style, even though he NEVER EARNED a penny of it.

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