The NFL got wind of a new poll that has numbers the anthem protesters won’t like

NFL players spent last season showing their hatred for the military and the symbols of America by kneeling or raising a racist black power fist during the national anthem.

Patriotic Americans were appalled by spoiled millionaires openly demonstrating their anti-American feelings.

But the NFL just got wind of a new poll that the America-hating protesters won’t like one bit.

Donald Trump emerged victorious in the public relations battle over kneeling during the national anthem.

The President led the pro-American backlash to the disgusting protests last September and the league was blindsided that a good portion of their fan base sided with the President.

Now a new poll shows just how deep a hole the NFL dug by embracing the anti-American protests.

Breitbart reports:

According to a Fox News poll released on Thursday, the NFL’s net favorability rating comes in at 42%. Only former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Rudy Giuliani, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Roseanne Barr, have lower favorability numbers.

The NFL’s lack of popularity stands out even more, when looking back at where the league was only five years ago. In October of 2013, the league had a 64% favorability rating. By October of 2017, those numbers had fallen to 46%, and now, to 42% Numbers which show a 22% decline in the league’s popularity in less than five years.

Even more disconcerting, is the fact that only 21% of men under 45 have a strongly favorable view of the league. While only 19% over the age of 45 have a strongly favorable view. Conversely, 24% of men over 45 had a strongly unfavorable view of the league. Given the NFL’s male dominated demographic, particularly among middle-aged and older males, these numbers do not bode well.

At 42%, the league hits an all-time low in unfavorability among registered voters.

Millions of Americans are fed up with NFL players disrespecting the memories of fallen veterans and smearing law enforcement officers.

Will NFL players get the message and cut out their disgusting displays during the national anthem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. “The NFL’s lack of popularity stands out even more, when looking back at where the league was only five years ago. In October of 2013, the league had a 64% favorability rating. By October of 2017, those numbers had fallen to 46%, and now, to 42% Numbers which show a 22% decline in the league’s popularity in less than five years.”

    Will Rogers had a saying most appropriate here:

    “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

  2. These narcissistic children are prime examples of what is wrong with. Every special interest group thinks that they should should have special consideration just because they are paid to play a football game & therefore are “SO SPECIAL” that they should not be expected to show respect for our flag, our Country, the Police who protect us, & on & on AD NAUSEUM. So once again the “TAIL WAGS the DOG”! I say firw them all & start over!!

  3. These players are nothing but wrong!!!. They were wrong to think they were so important!
    Making millions AND disrespecting the flag, military, the country, and all of us who are patriotic! Such brats!!!!!!!!!!.

      • Wow. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Get millions to work one out of the week, that’s what I call spoiled rotten! They have 6 other days they can protest!

    • Thanks to the spoiled millionaire babies trying to use a forum inappropriate which should be saved for off the field rhetoric if necessary! Because of this and other things we have gotten rid of the TV Wi-Fi dish and only use Twitter for news and communicating with the leaders of our country and the world! I have no idea if they ever look at what I sent but it makes me feel better anyway to know that I can share my feelings on the state of our country and the insanity of what’s going on with the radical left! The good news is I we now save over $300 a month which can go towards food and Medicine! God bless you and FL football players you would save the money and a whole bunch of boring games!MAGA!

    • I will not watch any NFL game. They have the courage to beat up women, but don’t have the courage to fight for our country. You are nothing!

  4. My friend chose to serve in the army in ‘NAM and came home in a flag draped
    coffin He enlisted to serve these dreadful players and I use the word players
    very loosely they suck There are no words to describe these lazy babies!!!

    • 58,000+ were killed…1,600+ still missing and these aholes have no respect. From a 4 yr nam vet. I stopped watching. Even golf now looks good. Semper Fi

    • None of our family watched a single game last year and don’t plan to thos year, we found family time better for us.

      • Same here Gretchen. For the first time our family didn’t even watch the super bowl last year. Never thought it would happen, occasionally we’d miss a game or two but never the super bowl. We’ve had enough of having to go down the road of mixed emotions to watch a game where it used to be a place to get away from all that. Not even thinking about it this year.

  5. I have watched quite a few World Cup Soccer Games, before the game the National Anthem of each country is played. The players that I’ve seen have all stood with hand over heart while their respective Anthem is played. I must say some of these countries have a long history of oppression, civil rights issues, and other issues, that our millionaire nfl players are supposedly protesting. Not a player have I seen disrespect the Flag or the country for which it stands. I’m giving soccer a great chance to be my sport of future viewing, even getting into watching some Golf these days also. Pretty sure my viewing schedule will not have anymore time for viewing the not for long league. Can we all say Thank-You Gutless Goodell for giving us our discretionary viewing time back to us.

    • AMEN! Done with the overpaid bunch of spoiled adults! Don’t plan to ever watch them again! In my opinion…..they committed suicide! Good by and good riddance from a very big fan that has kicked the habit!!

  6. I’m a Senior who watched many NFL games until our Balto. team disgraced the city that’s home of the origin of our Star Spangled Banner Anthem at Ft. McHenry, kneeling in front of World TV in London. Even once-respected Ray Lewis was kneeling & laughing during our Anthem at a game ! Most of my Friends with the Bot $$ Pass to Buy Season tickets say that Pass is now worthless, & they do NOT buy the expen$ive season tickets anymore. So I agree with the Comments above that say that they have quit watching the NFL ! My Father was 30 years Navy in WWII & I did 8 years in the Naval Reserve, so am insulted by these millionaires’ insulting disrespect. Dr. N, D.B.A.

    • In addition to all the truth that has been said against these obnoxiously overpaid, disrespectful,and unappreciative bonehead NFL players – have you noticed that despite their money and their alleged “skill”, that the reasons they loose games is because of the same mistakes that are made at the junior high and high school level?

  7. No sense cutting your nose off to save your face. I’ll continue to watch because it cost me nothing. But I won’t buy NFL sportswear or attend NFL games

    • If your watching the games it is most certainly costing you something. A large chunk of what you pay to cable and satellite providers goes to ESPN and thus to the NFL as well as other sports on their channels. That’s why so many people have cut the cord, to stop funding these people we no longer wish to pay.

  8. Football was my favorite sport. Couldn’t wait till it was here. I will never watch football anymore. I would feel like I was watching a bunch of traitors. You don’t like our countries anthem than leave. When people come here or live here they should obey OUR constitution, our laws our flag and speak our language. This is America. Theodore Roosevelt our 26th President said that.

  9. Until the NFL grows a pair and enforces behavioral rules at the very least while the players are on the field and gets rid of Goodell who is a POS who cares nothing about the NFL other than his paycheck and furthering the left’s agendas, I too have given up on pro football. College and high school is it for me now and I am not sure I will ever return to the NFL.

  10. Pat Tillman set a standard that the rest of the NFL players should aspire to attain. However, that will never happen because, except for a few members, the NFL is comprised of illiterate players, only some of whom actually graduated from college. The “protestors” should all be fired – PERIOD! Their contracts voided & their insurance cancelled – Then let them try to find a “real” job – One where they actually have to use their brains. Good luck with that!! I remember back in the 60’s I had a personal friend who, upon University graduation, was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. He was a linesman (Tackle, I think.) and went to the Superbowl twice during his pro-career. As a member of the losing team, he received a $5,700.oo “Bonus”, as did every member of his team just for making it to the Superbowl. He then used his bonus to buy his parents their first brand new car and they were all very proud. I was totally in awe of this man! I could tell all my friends that I actually, personally KNEW an NFL player! I believe his annual salary at that time was $28,000.oo. The NFL needs to go back to those pay scales, with $100,000.oo being the salary “cap”. Perhaps then the “Reality” of life would set in and they wouldn’t be so high & mighty as they are today. Yes, Michael Vick made a mistake & he paid for it. But chances are he would never have made that mistake if he had not had all that money to “play” with. The National Felon League needs to clean up its act. If you commit a felony while being a member of the NFL, you are THROUGH – PERIOD – DONE. NO SECOND CHANCES!! Playing in the NFL is a privilege, NOT a right! And there will be plenty of “replacements” waiting to step in if you screw up – NON-PROTESTING REPLACEMENTS AT THAT!!

    And “Smartbiscuits”, I believe you have been in the “gravy” entirely too long – Your “brain” has obviously turned into sausage! (My apologies to all of you who love biscuits & gravy – Nothing personal.)

    • All I can say is well said!!!! And i don’t even look forward to football ???? Sunday’s anymore and there is something really wrong with that.

  11. I won’t watch the nfl anymore. The millionare crybabies have ruined it for me. Try going to another country and disrespect their National Anthem. You wouldn’t last long. Take your million dollars with You and see how long it lasts there. You should fall on your knees and thank God You was born in the USA>

  12. NFL: you are done in THIS house! Take your game and your players and head for Canada. Good riddance to ALL of you. You fail to recall that football is a game, not a way of life. You millionaire players who disrespect our flag and our country, shame on the bunch of you. I came from a father who served in the Marines as did my older brother, as I did, my younger brother did and my son did, ALL Marines and proud to this day having served. Today is Flag Day and mine is flying, can you say the same? I doubt it! Semper ‘Fi and God Bless this country.

    • I agree with you, my dad was a Marine, my brother was a Navy pilot. I know half these idiots can’t even write their names making millions. Should be a cap on what they can make, like $65,000 a yr.

    • I totally agree. It gets even worse when the owners back these MUTTS. The chairman of the N.Y. Jets came out and stated he would pay the fines for his players. Are you kidding me. A Jet football game will never be seen in my house again.

    • what a shame you nfl players have done to the loved game of football. selfish acting like brats as you make big bucks.

    • SEMPER FI! Brother I too am a Marine Veteran and haven’t watched a Game since Colin dummy took a knee and won’t piss off that my Eagles disgraced their team and fans by turning down the invite to the peoples house at least the fans that went to see them where welcomed by our President.

  13. After more than 40 years of being a fan, I am done with the nfl.
    Many members of my family have fought for that Flag and Anthem.
    And for you to sit by and watch this going on is a disgrace.

  14. I did not NFL last year, and as far as I know, nothing has changed that will entice me to watch this year. I am done with the NFL!

  15. As far as I’m concerned They slapped me in the face I am a Viet Nam Vet I lost a lot of good friends over there an I’m a Bill’s fan but there will be no NFL games shown on my TV as long as there are Kneelers. That’s all I got to say.

    • the only reason that they stopped kneeling is money , would love to see the financial hit that the diverse nfl took last year and once again this year , still will never watch , listen to or read about another game and the nba and mlb is starting to follow their path .

  16. I will never watch NFL Football again! No matter what they do it is way too little way too late! I have family in the military and I pray I never have to attend a funeral with a flag drapped coffin. The pampered multi-millionaire NFL players can never apologize enough for disrespecting the flag, the military and the police. As far as I am concerned, the NFL is no longer.

  17. I understand they are frustrated about issues of a race-specific character but none of us are totally happy with everything and we all feel at times that the world is crashing down on us. But those of us that are not pampered millionaire-athletes who rec’d free college educations find a way to deal with such issues and never think that not standing to respect the overwhelming positive history of the United States is one of those methods of dealing.

      • these people care less nothing but overpaid thugs .have no concern for anyone but them selves just a big show .if they are so concerned why do they make trouble instead of trying to be helpful and be roll modles ..the sh– head that started this is a trader and stupid jerk went to school learned nothing .get a life you bums .OLD VET

  18. I quit watching Fairyball long ago with the rule changes. Used to be that injuries were part of the game and why the players got so much money. Now they are just milking it and what they cannot get from all their deals, they suck out of the taxpayer by holding the hosting cities at hostage. I have seen my tax bills triple since a team moved here and the stadium rebuilt twice along with an expanded sports complex all subsidised and in reality paid for by the taxpayers. I am sick of it all. If these pussy teams cannot support themselves then goodbye. Screw all this too big to fail social programs for business. No one bails me out because I am too small. That is what this country was built on and not bailouts.

  19. I must have been to honest in my accessment of those over rated, over paid premadonnas who ruined football for me…thanks for not posting my comment…should I take a knee?

    • I was in the workplace for 52 years before I retired. Each place had its requirements for behavior while on the clock. Why should it be sand difference from these football players. Iam finished with Football.

    • I will not be wasting my time looking at these ungrateful a-holes disrespect my country, the military and the police, by kneeling for the National Anthem. I’m a veteran and it angers me to no end to see them disrespect my countrys’ anthem. I grew up standing with my hand or hat over my heart for the National Anthem, I served my country inn the military, and these cheesy simps ought be thrown out of the country.

  20. I agree 100% with President Trump. He called out the “SOB” of which most of us thought. I do not care about what anyone thinks or their opinions; however, I will not sit back and think kneeling for our flag is okay. IT IS NOT. That’s our flag, my flag, your flag, the American FLAG… NFL should be thanking President Trump for his support in taking the right action. He is a man of honor when it comes to the USA.

    • WE know one thing and that the owners do not have control of their players. They can protest all they want but they choose to display their anger at the American Flag that many have fought and died for in this country and if they do not want to stand up for that reason only they can go to hell!

    • Hey you rich athletes;if you take a knee, do that in church when you’re in the public’s eye (people who pay you big bucks) on the football field good advise , put your hand on your heart, stand erect and be damned glad you can earn that kind of money

    • You said it Barbara Jean. Who cares how fast they can run or catch or tackle. This whole episode has shown exactly what they are made of. It’s ironic to hear Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie and nowhere do you hear NFL included.

  21. Damn straight America is fed up!! I’ll never watch another game!! You don’t disrespect our America or the Flag!! Family died for this country and that flag!! You pansies throwing a football around haven’t done nothing for your country to be disrespectful!! So what if you give donations!! America are the reason you get your damn paycheck!! I give donations also!!! I don’t make nothing like you players make!!! So what!!!

      • Michelle Gardner wrote: “All the other pro sports players disrespect POTUS, US VETERANS, and USA.”

        ‘There’s no kneeling in baseball.’
        –paraphrasing Jimmy Duggan (Tom Hanks), ‘A League of Their Own’

    • The NFL committed suscide when Goodall moved them to LA so his wife could be closer too her liberal friends , Nancy Pelosi and Obama fueled the Colin 49er kneeling conspiracy regarding our NATIONAL ANTHEM AND OUR FLAG OBANA WASNT BORN IN AMERICA THUSLY he OPENED UP THE OLE RACIAL DIVIDE WOUNDS , the whole kneeling movement was designed too break down AMERICAN NATIONALISM AND UNITY THE NFL LOST AND LOST BIG TIME LOOSERS !!!!
      Joseph St.Clair

    • Way to go knellers protesting on your job while at work and on our dime. You want to protest, protest to these little IDIOTS Parents,they are the real oppressors,who have taught them zippo.What you knellers do on your job and on OUR DIME,i really believe BABOONS wouldn’t be that stupid! Move to California or anywhere for that matter…PLEASE!!!

    • The problem with the new USA is the whole liberal left wing including most of Hollywood, entertainers, and pro football players do everything they can do to disrespect not only our flag but our whole way of life including how this country became so great to begin with. And please don’t say that’s why we need more illegals.
      Our government is in trouble not because of the very foolish left but because of the Rinos we have in Washington and the rest of the Republicans won’t stand up for our President, and most of the citizens that read this won’t either. THATS what wrong here in the America I fought for.
      If I ever get the chance to meet My President, Donald J. Trump I will surely shake his hand and thank him!
      God Bless America,

    • They whine about how their ancestors were treated and how they ??are?? singled out for police attention. Boo-Hoo, there just isn’t any justice for them. NUTS, they all have more justice and rights than most other people in the country do. There idea of justice is no law, especially those written by white people, should be held against them. Whatever they want to do, or not to do should be just fine for them. I can go along with that, on ONE provision, those same laws no longer protect them, in any way. These people want to be disrespectful to America, okay, don’t send them to Syria, send them back to Africa. There they can find out what it is that they have missed out on because their ancestors were sold by others of their race, to become slaves in America. What their handlers and agitators refuse to tell them is that blacks caught and sold blacks to the foreign traders. Since so many want reparations for their ancestors being slaves and all of that, they need to first find those that sold their ancestors into slavery to begin with. IF they have ANY concept of what it is to uphold truth. Don’t count on it, they tend to fail miserably in that area. Send them back to Africa, without their millions. They can live on a tiny stipend paid to them, from their millions. That would be about $2 a week, I think that is the going rate for most people in Africa, and they can see what life is like in Africa, and what they have missed out on. Other wise, shut up, spoiled brats. Play your games, entertain the masses, and fit in, or go back to where your ancestors came from.

    • If the reporting is coming from Fox news or from here, the view is slighted to the way Trump feels. But poll the majority of the citizens that did not vote for him and see if you get the same results. Of course you will receive a high vote from the Trump supports when you use their area where they are viewing. Try using a poll from all citizens and not just Trump supports for a true poll.

      • Where would that PLACE be that there are only those who are not with TRUMP the President of the country? Have we not honored Mr. Obama, although, some of us truly did not care for him at ALL with the UNSETTLED BACK GROUND OF HIS LIFE and HIS MARRIAGE, and the so called DAUGHTERS?

      • If you can consider just how such polls are taken, while political affiliation might be taken, as well, the poll takers do not care what your political persuasion is. They have questions to ask, and results to tally. That is where it begins, and generally ends. If you must go for a specific political preference, and disregard the numbers based on that, this is your prerogative. However, what you believe, and what the rest of the country feels may not be in a good alignment. I’d say that maybe you are one of those liberals that is still crying about President Trump’s win. You might prefer fewer freedoms, higher taxes, more daily danger from others that hate us and would like to over throw the country, more money spent to support free loaders who expect to live at your expense on welfare, and of course, more diseases from illegal immigrants. That is your choice. To gain this hell that you think all of should have, and you may desire, then by all means, give more to the IRS, they’ll take it, they do accept donations. You can also insist on having more illegals live next door to you, maybe even a few Islamic refugees that like to kill others that do things they do not like, invite them to live with you, or next door to you. That is something that you can do, to have the kind of life you may feel that Obama wanted us to have, and you may feel deprived that this is not yet the case. You can, make it a reality for yourself. That is your choice. I would advise you to pursue it.

      • Smarta- -s. It’s your kind of dummy that wants Amererica to go communist. Why don’t you ignorant demoncrats go live with the commies and see what that would be like. You don’t deserve to be an American.

    • I will not watch the NFL anymore if the hate this country and its flag they can go to the middle East with the rest of America haters

    • AMEN!!!!! No games at my house. No Super Bowl Parties. Did other things during Super Bowl. Haven’t missed the NFL at all. Used to really like football. Now other things are more fun…..


    • That is all they are, entertainers, and that is all they should focus on. Beyond entertaining us, as we choose to watch what you do, for the purpose of our entertainment, stay out of the political issues, we really do not desire your 2 cents worth. Your job, for which you are very well paid, is to entertain us, beyond that, don’t bother us with your opinions.

  22. Smartbisquit, have you ever thought it possible, that you are the one believing the lies. Trump is not perfect, but he stands for what’s right, most of the time.

  23. I won’t watch…if they stand now it’s only cause they want their checks, they don’t and won’t mean it. The damage is done and permanent. Disrespecting the flag is spitting in my and every other veterans face and defecating on the fallens grave

    • The NFL has already shown it colors. Unfortunately, it is not “Red Blooded American”. Don’t try to make my statement “Racist”, because it is all-inclusive. The NFL has made its stand and I take mine, “NO NFL” For Me”

    • Larry, “Love It or Leave It” tattoo on my left forearm. 1969. I came home with it, Navy. My Dad was U.S.A.A.C. Wanted me to go Air Force. But Dad was so proud of me, He took me down to his VFW to show off my tattoo and uniform. I’m 70 years old, now. God I still miss him, My very best friend.

  24. I was one of the biggest NFL fans you could find. Now I will never watch or go to another game again, unless they apologize for protesting our national anthem. Thousands of men and women, white and black have died to protect our country. Shame on our NFL


      • Sounds altruistic, but fails to mention “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION”; a Federal mandate that gives blacks and women preferential treatment when it comes to jobs, grants, contracts, college admissions, hiring/firing and a whole slew of other benefits not available to the white male population.

        Back when I was senior management at a major US airline; I had to hold back better qualified white males; in favor of less qualified blacks and females.

        None of these “kneelers” have a clue about this Federal mandate; that affords them these privileges.

        Maybe that’s because they all got into colleges on football scholarships and are dumb as straw when it comes to civics.

      • you are wrong, they get compensated. Micheal Brown’s parents got over 1,000,000. Also, at my job I can get fired for protesting anything at my workplace.

      • About a year ago two police officers were eating in a restaurant when two black people killed them both, then went across the street and killed two more people then killed them selves. So were is your justice in that? Black , White they all do it mostly black because they are in gangs selling their drugs to blacks and whites alike. NFL players make a lot of money they should be glad about that because they sure don’t deserve what they are paid. They need to stand on their own two feet and quit being babies.

      • They are disrespectful and hateful people. They make millions but have no respect for the Military and the lost lives and the hate for America and its people. Our Founding Fathers and ancestors fought hard and long for this country. The National Anthem and Flag are represent our country. We are a proud nation and if you don’t like it here LEAVE, WE DON’T WANT YOUR KIND OF HATRED HERE, WE HAVE ENOUGH OF IT.

      • San Francisco just elected the first Black women as Mayor. We also have a Black Police Chief. Tell me where the inequality is? We all make our own equality as we choose which roads to go down.

      • We are not against free speech, but we are against dis-respect. Kneel on your own time, not on the job. The American people are paying their salaries. they can kneel out in the middle of the street, on the sidewalk, in their own living rooms, where ever, we didn’t pay to watch them kneel, More blacks are killing blacks then anyone else. Read up on it. Do something to stop that, Thru out history Americans have stood for the Anthem, we do it with respect for our country and our military so who do you think is getting disrespected by someone kneeling. Now all of a sudden we are supposed to stop playing the National Anthem because of what a few police may or may not have done. Wake up, take your cause somewhere but not on the football field.

        • You have your opinion but this is not the place to state it. I came to watch a ballgame, not to listen to your opinion of other things. I thank it would be better for you to celebrate and honor the people that sacrificed their lives so you could give your opinion.

      • Yes, you have a right to protest, keep it up “Bro.” Oh by the way, I have a right to protest and I will by not watching the games, not subscribing to NFL Channel, and for sure not ever again walking into a NFL Stadium!! You might want to try “sitting instead of kneeling” because when the millionaire owners start loosing money, “You will be out on your ass!!

      • While I will support your decision to support players in the NFL who take a knee in the workplace, I do not agree with you.

        You see, my husband, grandfather, uncles, cousins, and an aunt have have fought, been imprisoned/wounded, and died so you and others like you can say and do the things you do. So when you and others like you take a knee it is like a slap in the face of my family and countless others like it who have sacrificed and endured so much to get so little in return. Yes, they are taking a knee, but if they knew even half of what a soldier, any soldier, and his/her family endures they would be thanking and saluting them in appreciation. They wouldn’t take a knee, raise a clenched fist, or disregard that which so many have sacrificed for.

        However, there is yet another front I disagree with you on. You claim young, black unarmed men are” endlessly killed or murdered by law enforcement officers.” First, I challenge you to experience a shooting simulation like the ones our law enforcement officers have to undergo on a regular basis. You have to make mere split-second decisions that could determine whether or not you go home to your family that day/night.

        You do not have time to ask “Does he/she have a gun and will he/she use it to hurt myself or others?” This is a luxury law enforcement officers do not have. You have to make a life or death decision in a matter of a split second. Will it be the correct decision? Who knows. This is where your training, instincts, and experience kick in. And then you have the element of human error. If you are ever involved in a shooting situation or a realistic shooting exercise, adrenaline will kick in and trick your mind to see things that may or may not be reflective of the situation at hand. If you experience this even once, I guarantee your perspective will change.

        You see, not only does my family have a rich, strong military history but one was even a cop who was killed in the line of duty. Brian did not go to work that day thinking that if he were to be involved in a shootout he was going to kill someone. He went to work that day as if it were any other day. When the situation arose and the bullets were flying, decisions had to be made instantaneously and without the luxury of weighing any of the options at hand. He did not wish to kill anyone that day. He just wanted to apprehend the suspect and return home to his family later that day. He did not see the suspect as black, white, yellow, red, purple, or polka dotted. He just saw a person who was shooting at him and his partner and was endangering public safety.

        You remember those split-second decisions I mentioned earlier? In this case, that split second is all it could have taken to save Brian’s life. Instead, Brian waited a split second too long before firing and it cost him his life. That split second cost him, his wife, his two young children, our family, the suspect, his family, and everyone in the department that day as well as countless others. I am not saying this is a typical situation, but to make it sound like cops just go to work to kill/shoot “innocent” men or women of any color is crazy. I am not saying there aren’t some bad apples in the barrel, but to say most law enforcement officers are looking to kill/shoot someone is ignorant at best. They go to work just as you and I do with one huge exception–they may not get to go home later. They have to make the best decision possible without all the facts, and without time to think things through. Yes, they put in countless hours of training, evaluations, etc. but when in a tense situation when the adrenaline is pumping the only thing those officers have are their instincts and their training. They are not seeing what color that person(s) is.

        So, again, when these players take a knee or raise a clenched fist it is an afront to our service men and women as well as law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our country and our communities. If they want to make a difference or to make a change, mentor some of these individuals in these neighborhoods, take some time out of their day to work with these people, bring programs/incentives into these neighborhoods and people’s lives which could truly make a difference.

      • That is your right, Stacey, but the question has to be asked, what is NOT being said about why so many blacks get themselves shot. Maybe there is a lot more to the story than what is told? Maybe the police have a very good reason to shoot, that is not being told to the public. As for justice, we can’t afford what they want as “justice”. We can’t afford to have our country torn apart and become one massive war zone, like much of Africa is. Their idea of justice is to be able to do as they please, without repercussions of any kind. America can’t afford that. We live in a laws based society. Violate those laws and yes, you take your life into your own hands. The final point is, what were they doing, that got them shot. Were they acting in complete compliance, or still posing a threat? Vastly more is done, and will continue to be done for blacks than any white person will ever have any hope of having. There is all the screaming for reparations. We have been doing that for decades, it is called welfare. Blacks and their agitators want something to weep over, I say turn it ALL off. Then they’ll weep for the way it was. Be satisfied with what you have, you could lose it all. The way the money systems of the world are going, and the incredible debt that exists, look for our monetary system to collapse, and then the whiners will really have some whining to do, as they all STARVE.

        • Why don’t you protesters get the hell out of this country? It is obvious that you are not wanted here if you can’t respect the flag of the United States of America and what it stands for.

  25. I have also stopped watching and supporting the NFL.10 percent of players have engaged in political expressions by taking a knee or raising a clenched fist. Failing to stand for the national anthem or raising a fist during the national anthem is their expression of social injustice. I cant the players express their views by taking steps to volunteer in the communities they grew up in. Why can’t I watch a football game for 2 hours without any political demonstrations? During this Kaepernick period, I noticed the spokesman for the NFL was Joe Lockart. Joe was previously the press secretary for Bill Clinton. His left-leaning views contributed to the league’s policies. He left at the end of the 2017 season but his contributions for policy added reinforcement to Roger Goodells views. Until the owners clean this mess up and take control of their business interests the league will continue to lose fans. I believe 90 percent of the players support the anthem, military, and veterans. I support freedom of speech but I believe a handful of malcontents have hijacked the game that provides their livelihood. Revenues from advertising and television are in a downward spiral. Michael Jordan stayed mostly out of politics during his playing career. Players protesting are selfishly using this platform for their own personal satisfaction. There are plenty of opportunities outside of game day to pursue the different injustices they find are being ignored. The GS Warriors have said they will not go to the White House. That’s their choice. However, they stand for the anthem and support the military. The previous generation of players handed over a game with plenty of fan support. What will this generation of players leave to the next generation of players? Owners if you want to save your league clean your mess up.

    • I agree. I only watched about 30 total minutes of football last season. I doubt that I will even watch that much this season.

      These players that earn their living off the working person should realize that they pay their salary.

      Too bad for them and the owners. More college games to watch anyways.

    • NFL is coreographed every season to boost ratings and income from normally losing teams communities. The once physical play has been reduced to almost flag football. What’s next, players wearing Michelin man suits to prevent bruises ?

    • Ever since the Phila Eagles as a team refused the invitation from the White House I’ve been angry at MY team! There was a glitch on someone giving the President pictures of the players kneeling during the Anthem. The kneeling was praying after or before practice and not during a game. Someone made a mistake with that fact. The problem is several of the players said they wouldn’t go even before being invited. That fact bothers me very much. We all must respect the office of the President! I haven’t watched or listened to any practice videos since this occurred. I don’t know when I’ll start watching, if I ever watch again. I’m very angry even today!

      • Football was the only pro team sport I used to (note past tense) watch, but no more — not while that gang of gutless wonders own or manage the teams, and NOBODY seems to have the nerve to tell the players to “stand with your right hand on your heart, buster, or drop your helmet off in the locker room and head for the BUS!”
        I’m actually thrilled to think of all the extra FREE TIME I’ll have on Sunday afternoons and Monday and Thursday nights!

    • This is a sad state of affairs, and to bad that these idiots feel that is important to disrespect the U.S. military and the National Anthem.
      I hope the resistance to theri negative behavior does them in.
      If one disrespects our Country and our way of life they need to get out now.

    • AS I HAVE WRITTEN B4,,,,,,When the League managers, and team owners, and even those that do NOT like football let the league know that they are bucking a headwind that will blow them off the road, and not to leave out the COPPERNECK KNEELERS, realize that they are KILLING THEIR FAN-BASE, THEREBY THEIR PAYCHECKS, possibly they will understand that the MAJORITY RULES,,,,MONEY!!!!!

  26. Never cared for football, basket ball or any other sport that required you to wear an expensive sneaker that was priced five hundred times what they are worth. If you want a sport that is exciting, interesting and doesn’t cost you any thing start watching the drag races. Never a dull moment and they even have some good looking women driving the cars.

    • Glenn, I agree with you! Unfortunately, back in the day, it was a very affordable motorsport before it became a corporate entity.

    • Also, after the amateurs in “major league baseball” went on strike, and I have be on strike ever since. The real talent played for the love of the game its fans. Now, only self serving mediocre players!

    • The best sports recently on TV was the ladies college softball tournament. It
      was very entertaining, they played great softball and truly was a great pleasure to watch.

  27. In the scheme of things, these millionaire players and billionaire owners are so unimportant. They can’t stand it that they aren’t the center of people’s universe. Fathers are spending more time with their families and people are spending less time in front of the BOOB tube. Hopefully some people are spending some of the money and time not spent on football donating to veterans in need. Freedom is not free.

    • To late! I am a big fan of NFL but I am done with them for good. Do what you want but my life is better without them. They committed suicide as far as I am concerne. I am not a slave to them and after 20 year military career I say good bye and good riddance!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree! I have watched football, since the first Super Bowl in 1965. My husband and I have been huge fans for 53 years………but that ended last year. We have not watched any games since the first kneeler and we are not going to support them this year either! We are done with the NFL!

        • Yeah all you idiots talk a good game,but as soon as football starts you morons will be watching.Its too bad Vladimir Trump has such a hold of you.You need to drink the koolaid. Vladimir Trump is a piece of crap ready to flush.

      • Iit’s College. Football for me. These spoiled players and their millionaire owners should be ashamed what has this world become? I’m a baby boomer and I’m not proud of my generation and the havoc it wreaked on America!!

  28. If it wasn’t for men and women who gave up there lives for those idiots, who does not stand for the playing of the National Anthem , there would not even be any football period. Those idiots who does not stand or not true American need to be deported to North Korea if you do not stand for there flag they will kill you on the spot.

    • I fully agree with you Frank, Living in North Korea would bring a halt to the kneeling
      nation that was supporting them. The little rockte man would have them shot on the spot!

    • AAAHHH good comment Gene , where is that 747 loading , at witch gate. Lets see , how many planes should we order Gene ?
      I will take a guess , make it a piper cub . Don’t want to waste fuel you know .

  29. So now they get to protest their contempt for the National Anthem and Flag by staying in the locker room until the patriotic opening is over. The few “fans” in the stands need to BOO their asses off long and hard when the high priced ingrates finally come running out onto the field. The best way to show them our contempt is still to not go to the games. No ticket revenue = no pay check. We don’t need them. It is only a game.

    • Love your comment are so true …staying in locker room is still a slap in the face ..I can go with out football or any sports that makes fun of the hand that feeds them

    • For the third (3rd) cosecutive season, I will not be watching any NFL games and will not watch another game until these highly overpaid, spoiled brats give up their anti-American practice of kneeling/clinched fist crap during the playing of the National Anthem.

      • Let’s see how many of these miscreants get into college without an NFL in their future? These fools today are ruining the chances of anybody to make millions play in football. Without an NFL, black athletic scholarships will disappear at least 25%. No football, no college degree = no job or life thanks to maybe 100 idiots in today’s league. Do the math and figure it out.

      • Remember when Beyonce did her “Anti-Cop” halftime show while bouncing around? Then she had the nerve to demand police escort when she was done. Then the next year all we heard for 3 months was “WHAT IS LADY GAGA GOING TO DO during her halftime show? Luckily, she was pretty decent but the KNEELING was in full swing.
        I was so glad when Trump brought up kneeling during a rally or speech. Finally, those T-bone steak eatin’ bloated buffoons got called out…

  30. While ‘the kneelers’ are so busy disrespecting our country, they are also taking time away from the owners who bought and paid for airtime, then using that airtime for their own benefit. They are taking from the fans who just wanted to see a good game, from the sponsors who paid for advertising and are now hurting because people don’t want to watch the games anymore. Disrespect is an awful thing. Speaking your opinion or cause is fine, just not at others expense.

  31. Let’s start with the truth: it is not NFL football players who have caused all the trouble; it is black football players who are typical negroes: always incensed about something, always wanting something given to them, always wanting a pass on their criminal persuasions, never satisfied to just act like those of us who are humans. Starting with the mulatto Knapersack, the other apes jumped on his bandwagon. They are pathetic losers: wasters, wanters, wailers to paraphrase President Ford.

  32. I never LIKED football but now I DESPISE it. I am and always will be an AVID ice hockey fan. It’s fast, hard, and growing in popularity by leaps and bounds every season. Ice hockey is a sport that is always moving, no 5 minute breaks after a 2 minute play so a bunch of overweight, extremely overpaid jokers who most of which probably couldn’t run the whole 100 yards without having to stop along the way to catch their breath.

  33. NFL fans are perhaps the dumbest people on the planet. They complain about the high cost of the games and yet they have the power to reduce the cost. Just stop going to the games and the cost will go down. The patriotic Americans know that real power is in numbers and that is why many of them stopped going to the games when they saw some of the players insult the very country that gives them the ability to make their millions. As we can see, it is having a real effect because the NFL is now suffering from supporting these players and not the country.


    • Right on! I want more kneeling to speed up the NFL’s demise. I used to be a fanatic fan of all major sports. But, I am now in recovery and don’t watch MLB, NBA and NFL. I also am a Vietnam combat vet who was called a baby killer for many years and this crap is more disrespect.

    • After not watching the games last year, I found it easier to watch other sporting events. I will not watch it this year either. Yes, I loved watching football but I am totally against our flag, veterans, and country being disrespected. It is time the American people stand up for our country. We do not have to give in to this type of disrespect.

  35. Now SEE! We need to stop being like the Romans, if not, we will fall from within. No one ever conquered the Romans.

  36. Roses are red..Violets are blue
    The protesters …their Salaries will fall..
    Just like the NFL ratings will continue to do…

    • What about all the American lives who fought and died so that these rich players can protest. They fought for our freedom. Where is the respect there? If these guys are so unhappy with this country, then they can go to Russia, China, or a country where to what they did is treason!

  37. Take President Trump out of the equation. To me this is about Flag draped coffins of veterans returning home after making the ultimate sacrifice. I’m sure many NFL players have concerns that need to be addressed. There is a time and place for everything. Kneeling on the field or any other type of protest during the National Anthem is just the wrong time and place!

    • President trump got this started and rightfully so the nfl needs to be shut down revamped and women put in to play mostly to show the pumpass players that we would and do respect the real people and sport players of USA. The sports went to women is the 40s because of the war maybe it’s time to do that again

    • We had quite a few flag drap coffins coming back from Korea, we just came back.
      WW2 were welcomed back as heroes.
      Us Korean vets just came back (USMC 50-53), no welcome home parties or any anything else.
      Vietnam vets were cursed, spit on, called vile names and cursed. This was caused by the democrats in California. I was Korean vet USMC
      51-52, Frozen Chosen reservoir 53. I wonder how the sweet things would cope now, probably cry and have someone change their diapers.
      These people want everything given to them, never have to work for their living

    • Not only NOT BUY A TICKET..
      Dont tune your TV into it.

  38. The only one I see trying to argue about how most of us feel…the NFL has disrespected the Military & the US,
    is “SMARTBISCUITS”. bet he has never been in the Military. Bashing the best President FOR AMERICA in. my
    life time..Donald Trump. If the far left and the other Democrats would work with the President, we could make
    America the greatest…but NOOOO, they would rather try to keep America down. they are only interested
    in trying to make the President look bad, rather that trying to make it better for all Americans.


    • While there is a Huge problem with police brutality, millionaires protesting is not an effective forum. Donating money towards police officer training with it being mandated is an idea.

  40. NFL players are mostly black, and feel that “police brutality” is something they need to raise awareness of. Unfortunately, they fail to consider the privileges THEY have, why is the NFL largely black when black is only 14% of the population? Why aren’t there quotas in the NFL like colleges have? Why are they bitching about police brutality when evidence shows there is NO racial bias, in fact whites are killed by police more often than blacks? And where do they get the right to protest IN THEIR WORKPLACE? I suggest police, fire, and medical personnel “take a knee” whenever an NFL player needs assistance.

    • That would be a good idea, however the Military, Fire, Police and EMS are much better than that. No matter what, they always answer the call. To us, it a matter of pride, duty and our commitment.

    • I 100% agree with you!!
      Everything you said!!
      NBA is 95% blacks too.
      Yah…. their treated so bad.
      Imagine if whites had their own NETWORK on TV like the BET channel where they’ve actually said they don’t want white ppl watching it.

  41. I’m 61 and used to love football Sundays…. Now I love golf Sundays,and the courses are somewhat empty, but I’m afraid that may change. Lifelong NFL fan until 2 years ago haven’t watched a game since, screw a millionaire, turn off the tv on Sundays.

    • I’m with you Tom….turning 63 in a couple of weeks and was a diehard Bears fan since I can remember. Started playing golf in earnest two years ago and became a board member in our men’s club. Now playing 3-4 days a week and couldn’t care less about the nfl or nba….I do record pro motocross and super cross and watch that if I’m relaxing.

  42. My wife and I are totally disgusted with multi-millionaire people who make their money off their god given skills and high priced stadiums and ticket prices. We will not spend a dime watching them play nor will we ever spend a dime on their merchandise.

  43. President Trump didn’t start this BS protesting at the NFL. That is Kaeprick’s baby. I didn’t attend, watch or follow my former-favorite team, the Panthers, last season. Didn’t purchase any NFL swag for myself or my grandkids either. This season will be the same. But be careful Renewedright, don’t let this become about President Trump, like the players and MSM will be trying to do.

    • I did not care for sports but did root for my hometown team the New Orleans saints and not knocking the game but I felt like sheeple if a fan, but I appreciate football and their fans! As far as the anti-American agendas of liberals, medias and some of their sponsors, snowflakes, and the corrupt anti-American agendas of the democrats and those democrats disguised as republicans and Hollywood they are the parties and people for anti-American agendas and of Hate!

  44. Our license plate holder reads: “America – Love it or Leave it”. SAME FOR THE NFL AND THEIR PLAYERS: “AMERICA – LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT”!

    • I agree 100%. Let them go to another country and play and see how much they could make there. I have always been a huge sports fan (mostly bay area teams) and The Warriors are the same way. They cnnot not understand why their candidate for President (Hillary)
      didn;t win. If she had won they probably would not even be able to play. I am slowly becoming an EX sports fan.

    • That comment about them hating is wrong and misleading to create hate. It has nothing to do with hating the flag, military, US, or any other adjective that is reported.

      • Smartbiscuits, if they are not not showing disrespect for America then what are they trying to say? And, are they so small minded that they cannot find another time and place to say it other than during the National Anthem? They get interviewed all the time, why not use that time to make their statement?

        • I doubt very many of them could even give an intelligent answer as to why they do it. That would take some intelligence and there isn’t much there. Showboating doesn’t take intelligence.

      • Mr SB I resent people with all brawn and no brains can receive a large paycheck, who will be broke a few years after retirement and will want government payments to care for them. Most of them can’t add or subtract

    • That is a misleading lie also. There are plenty of fans. Only the prejudice ones will leave. THat is were the hatred is coming from and not the players. Starting with the lies of the president.

        • No, he never lied. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. If you feel I’m prejudiced you are right, I’m prejudiced against Namby Pamby gutless wonders that won’t stand for our flag, and the low life butt licks that support them. If this hurts your feelings, Tuff Sheite. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

      • Hey idiot, if the prejudice ones were the ones to leave, there would be only white people left. Blacks hate whites. They show it everywhere you look.

      • Do you think it is being prejudiced resenting being disrespected by a bunch of brain dead millionaires who think every one owes them because they can play a child’s game. If so, you are as brain dead as they are. I’ve had my fill of disrespect when I returned from Vietnam. I don’t need to see more of the same.

    • The NFL consist of approximately 1,700 players and the number of felons/abusers outnumber the number of veterans, that says alot about the organization.

  45. Hope the NFL collapses. Then all the whiners will have reason to whine. Nobody will listen to them, because these stupid don’t have enough sense to save and invest. All they will have is their mansions to sell. It will be their fault for this disaster,but they will pull a Hillary and blame everybody else.

    • Trump started the hatred. And you just following the example when you mention Hillary. He misquote, judge, speak, and just out right lie to get his point across, to his listening minority voters.

      • I don’t know where you get your news from pal, but you are really misinformed. Get you head out of the liberal garbage can and come up for some “truth air”.

      • OMG according to people like you it’s always Trump’s fault. Obama caused more racial division in his eight years than any other President! If you do not like the flag and our country then get the blazes out. It is so sad, it was fun watching the games on Sunday with family and oh yes they have a right to protest, but not on our dime. Do if on a street corner or somewhere else but not at the games when people are paying them to entertain us, not bash our military, our flag and our country. At look at the money they make for chasing a little football around and they think they are so important. Where else but in this country would they have the opportunity to make that kind of money. Disgusting!

      • In 2016 Kaepernick and a teammate kneeled for the Anthem. That was followed by a coupla other teams over the course of the 2016 season and it WAS publicized, buth during the 2016 season and the off-season. In 2017 President Trump (he didn’t become prez ’til Jan 2017) made a comment when early in the 2017 season the protesting continued. When he spoke SEVERAL teams and players protested the anthem for several reasons, BUT ONLY ‘CUZ TRUMP VOICED AN OPINION on the protestors, otherwise they’da been on their knees in the 2016 season, too. They are actually protesting Trump but do so at a very conspicuous time. They don’t appreciate the way our anthem affects the fans…..TRUMP 2020!

    • There is nothing the NFL can do for me to ever have any use for it or the advertisers. The Pig Cop socks were the end for me. The taking a knee was insult on top of injury.

  46. I don’t know whether they all do or not but I do know some of the cities that have football stadiums built the stadiums with taxpayers money.How many taxpayers are going to approve of building a new stadium costing billions for these teams anymore? Not very many. I think a lot of these places when the stadiums start falling down, the NFL will have to build their own or have no place to play

  47. We cannot get along with life very easily without the Trash men, firefighter’s, police, military, nurses, doctor’s, etc. But not watching the NFL, NBA, Baseball, or Hockey,for that matter will be a piece of cake. I can sure do a lot of more constructive things with the time I spend watching sports. I can quit them easier than coffee and Merlot. Go ahead, act stupid players and I’m gone as a fan.

  48. I agree. No respect. No viewers . I have stopped watching
    ALL NFL games. Shame on them for their sorry
    attitudes!! America the beautiful !!!

  49. I fly the “AMERICAN” from one of two pillars on my front porch that I use for displaying flags.. I used to display a steeler’s flag on the other one. I still fly the “AMERICAN” flag. I burned the steeler flag along with everything else that displayed the steeler logo. Oh! And I might mention I quit watching football.

      • Would someone please translate that comment for me. It makes no sense. And what is a “decission?””

        “Well I guess Trumps lies has made can impression to your decission.”


  50. I believe that most of the players have NO CLUE re the meaning of the national anthem, NO CLUE as to bravery and honor, NO CLUE as to the US and what it represents, NO CLUE as to the history of the US. I also believe the OWNERS MAY have a clue, but have more interest in keeping players than in honoring the US military and honor. I think every blasted one of them STINKS.

    • They created this mess by allowing the players to run the league. They act like spoiled brats throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want. The NFL management is to blame.

  51. I lost all respect for the Steeler organization when they let Villy stand alone outside in Chicago while the rest cowered in the locker room or tunnel. A vet and hero did the right and honorable thing. This comes from a former season ticket holder and Pittsburgh native.

    The pampered fools, ie players, are cutting their own throats with their idiotic display. They should, if they had any intelligence, understand social justice runs both ways. Justice for the citizen but also justice for the police hired to do that job. In my world the cop is always more right than wrong. The potential felon, not so much. Their protest appears to be more slanted toward racism in my view.

    When you don’t have and show respect for our flag I can’t have respect for you.

  52. I haven’t watched pro football sense the Steelers hired the dog fighter Vic. So the NFL can pound salt where the sun doesn’t shine! I don’t miss them one iota, They can stand on their collective heads for all I care.

    • The Eagles hired Michael Vick, not the Steelers. Right state but wrong side. In fairness to Vick he did two years in prison for his acts and worked in the off-season for agencies that assisted in animal care.

  53. Every single word above is justified by the despicable, disgusting, juvenile behavior of the NFL haters of America, beginning with Goodell down to whomever it is that squirts Gaterade into their disgusting mouths. Many years ago I was so excited about pro football I enrolled in a Kansas City Chiefs football class for wives to be able to understand the game and became a solid fan until last season when my tv was switched to other stations or turned off. What’s DONE is DONE in my mind and the NFL? Who and what is that?

    • spoil over sizes thugs I was a life long nfl fan but seized when these childish behavior started I just wanted to watch and relax with football no politics

    • Short and sweet and ‘o-so-true’ Owen. They will NEVER recover to what they once were.
      The pain in the hearts of red-blooded Americans over what they have done does not go away…ever. When they do ‘that’, I remember and think about my uncle who came home in a box from France(1945), My uncle who limped from shrapnel in his hip in Italy, my uncle who had an 8-mm hole in his right arm from Germany, etc…..Will I ever forget?

  54. I think a man with a helmet defending our country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football!


    • Anna nailed it. She has it correctly stated. Let’s pay the NFL players what the military men and women get paid and let’s give the NFL paycheck to the military!

  55. When are these fools going to understand. This is pretty simple to me I and I believe most people believe it is every persons right to protest and I never want to take that away from anyone whether I agree with the protestors or not. The problem is when they protest that is what is so disrespectful and having people stop going and turning the channel. What is it that they don’t get about this. They say they are not disrespecting anything well they are disrespecting the dead the injured the mamed and those who served and are serving. One more thing the idiots that own teams that say they will pay the fines I hope all the police refuse to do security for those games of those teams home and away games. God Bless America or better yet how about we try Bless God America!!!

    • I will never understand the disrespect for our FREEDOM and the people that have fought for that freedom and those working to to serve and protect us daily.
      There was a clause in the NFL contract about what the team was to do during the National Anthem. Players were fined for not following other against the contract. All the proteaters should have been fined each and every time the did not follow that rule. The expectation should not have been changed to allow the cowards to hide. A team should be a team. Allowing the COWARD’S to hide in the locker room is not being a team. They should not be allowed to play in the game if the are still allowed to be disrespectful. We can still see who go to hide. We stand for the flag and kneel for GOD.
      I will have nothing to do with professional football. There are much better things to do with my time.

  56. Me too, I’m done with the NFL and any other athlete that protests in a disrespectful manner against our America Nation. America First!

    • Have gone over, completely to NASCAR in this time zone. Fans are all patriots, stand for the national anthem, some singing. All, proudly Americans. Not trying to tear it down!

    • I invite these demanding NFL players to move to some other country where they believe they will have more opportunity and receive better treatment than they receive here in America. OH, yes. And do NOT expect to come back to the good old USA ever.

      • Amen, Marcia!!!! They would NOT make it in ANY OTHER COUNTRY!! I know as I grew up in Africa where Africans are killing Africans ALL over the continent. They would NOT survive on one meal daily, wearing clothes until they wear out, going barefoot daily, walking EVERYWHERE and MORE! I could EASILY go on, but hopefully you get the POINT!!!!!

  57. My husband has a Team flag he would fly along with the American flag on the flag pole in our yard during a game his team would be playing. Not anymore, trashed the team flag and don’t watch NFL period. He said their flag does not deserve to fly next to our American flag anymore. They are disgusting rich little brats. They say it’s not about the anthem or the American Flag, it’s about the police.?? Then do your protecting in the streets or somewhere when you are off duty. There are plenty of other ways you an get the word out than during our game time. Go up you big babies!

    • And just what would be the conditions if there were no police? Total anarchy! These overpaid prima donnas would be among the first hit by the mobs, and the first crying for police protection.

  58. I have no intentions of supporting a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who hate and disrespect for the one country on this planet that gave them the opportunity to become overpaid prima donnas. Since they find this nation so onerous, they should leave for some other country more to their liking. There is no Berlin Wall with armed guards keeping their sorry butts her! GO!!!!

  59. Fire all those NFL players who disrespect our country and our flag. Take away their pay and let them “protest” all they want to. If you love this beautiful country, show some respect for it, there is no other country like it in the world!

  60. Not a big fan of N FL. only watch a few games every year . But now will even turn off news every time they show someone associated with the N F L . Sad when high paid people think they are hollyer than thou. People don’t like you people trashing America. Shame on you

  61. If they cared what fans think they wouldn’t have continued with their so-called protests after the first reaction against them. Low polling won’t make a difference, only financial penalties by fans staying away from games and merchandise will.

    • Hit them where it will hurt. RIGHT IN THEIR POCKET BOOK! A persons Politics is a personal preference. I am not interested in anyone else. I will not watch another NFL game until Politics are not make a part of them.

  62. The off season has come and is fastly coming to a close. Has anyone heard of any players that have done anything during the off-season to support there’re so called cause, no they have all been on vacation spending there millions.

    • All the league did was, let the snowflakes stay in the locker room. That shows me that they have no respect for the Military, the Flag, and the Anthem. The Hell with the NFL.

    • Exactly why aren’t the dogooders protesting on their own time? Because its way more conveinant to do it in front of camaras on National tv when I’m working and getting paid. Hypocrites

  63. Oh my God – I’m so happy so many people feel the same as I do. I Kapernick (sp) would have been fined immediately for taking a knee and right there all the owner should have told them “you take a knee and you’ll be fined and can’t play 2-3 games it would have stopped right -who knows but I feel the same way all of you do – I cancelled my NFL ticket on Direct TV and won’t watch at all!

  64. Because of the disgraceful and disrespectful kneeling thug protesters I no longer pay for NFL package and I no longer watch NFL Football at all.

  65. I used to be a avid NFL ( Redskins )fan and so were my sons. Just this week my younger son said he was done with the NFL. I’ll watch once in while but could care less who wins. Capitals and Nationals are now #1. The NFL games are a after,after,after, thought…

    • AMEN! The NHL would never let their players kneel for the National Anthem! And, they treat our military men and women with the respect they deserve, unlike the NFL that throws them under the bus, and says they aren’t dissing our military. Say what you want, but no matter what excuse you use, kneeling for our National Anthem is NOT the way to show that you want change. This is your job site, not your political arena! CONGRATULATIONS CAPS!

  66. The nfl has put in place a chicken way of dealing with the problem. If the team elects to stay in the locker room if is OK. No that is even more disrespect for the military, flag and country. Get them all out on the field and standing. Anyone who wants to play in America can surely show respect for those who have and are serving in the military and stand out of respect… As ole Paul Harvey use to say “that’s the rest of the story.” Stand or leave, for me that is the END OF THE STORY.

    • What the NFL does to make themselves look good make no difference. I made my choice last year. Bye nfl hello reruns of Scooby Do.

  67. I am a 65yo Vietnam veteran and I don’t give a damn whether they get the message or not,I’m done with the nfl (lower case intended) forever.

    • I agree with you 100% Chuck, I was also a die hard fan of what is now the PFL (Pathetic Football League), I won’t waste one second of my time on those over paid primadonnas or their gutless, spineless owners that don’t have the balls to stand up to the moron’s that “work” for them, if any of us would act the way they do “on company time” we would be fire on the spot.

    • I will be 84 shortly a USMC 24 year retiree and Vietnam vet. and I am with you, I don’t care what the nfl does today as I am finished with them.

    • I agree with you Chuck. I am a 60 year old veteran, and I am finished as well. I cannot wait to say Good-Bye forever to the NFL. I pray they fade into obscurity without so much as a blip on the radar screen!

      • Agree w you Robin. Any attempt now to right their wring is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. They have shown over and over that the paying customer’s opinion was insignificant and meant nothing to them. So, we shall repay the same. We have no intention of EVER watching the NFL again. They could dress in military uniforms and salute – too little and we know whatever effort put forth is just for show, not heartfelt. Who needs that? With “friends” like that we don’t need enemies. There needs to be a new league formed of Patriots and paid about $40-$50K/yr vs millions. America needed to get their priorities straight regarding football players. 99% we’re thugs. If we’re that stupid, go to inner city jails and hand $2000 out to each inmate before you buy season Tix to watch them pass pigskin.

  68. I must include Hollywood stars and CAREER POLITICIANS along with NFL football players who have lost the favorably with middle Americans.

    These idiots believe their echo chamber is where every American is but they are wrong. I believe before the next Presidential election they will realize how wrong they have been.

  69. I am a retired army vet who served in Vietnam only the rich kids got away with not being in the military due to their families wealth and influence may their fortunes fade away so that they must become like us, hard working americans

  70. These overpaid NFL snowflakes are not hero’s. Black and white American soldiers dwarf the accomplishments of these spoiled punks with their sacrifices and service. Turned of the T.V. a long time ago

  71. The NFL players seem to think their empty posturing is their right, and it is their right to protest all they want. I think they chose the wrong venue and any message got lost. It is also our right to not buy expensive tickets, cheesy merchandise, over priced sport packages, or watch any of their games. It’s a free country after all.

  72. Americans are speaking loud and clear against the anti american NFL. This pathetic excuse of a sports entity needs to be shut down until they repen.

  73. The NFL got wind of a new poll that has numbers the anthem protesters won’t like


    • This NFL crap is as un American when a Black President wouldn’t put his right hand over his heart when the Anthem was being played, as un-American when a Black President wouldn’t wear an American Flag Pin on his lapel. What is it with the Blacks, the Police wouldn’t be put in this situation if Blacks would become law abiding citizens. Black Police are not abusive to White crooks nor law abiding White people. Police have a job they want perform as we all do and go home safe to their families. Cut the crap

  74. My dad went to college. He was a giant of a farm kid who played football in high school and college. He had a contract with the (then) Chicago Cardinals in 1938-39. My son is a two-time All American. We stopped watching the NFL last season and won’t be watching this season.
    I have two grandsons in the Army. Two brothers who served in Vietnam and a husband who came home from ‘Nam and a few years later killed himself. For these unappreciative, undereducated, spoiled brats whose ability to catch or throw a ball is better than anyone else’s? Who know how to behave like charging bulls but can hardly put together a complete sentence?
    Yes, my family members served and continue to serve so all of us have free speech, but most of us know enough to not abuse the privilege.

    • Our Veterans and the active duty service men and women fought to give them the right to protest and they gave me the right to turn my TV off when they play. I didn’t watch one minute of football last year, including the Super Bowl, and I have NO intention to watch one minute this year. They neal when my National Anthem plays and I turn my back when their game starts.

    • Given a chance to grow up in the best country in the world and make as much money they have. Let them show how much they are supporting the poor community by being out there doing good things arranging to have kids taught. Help at 20 people to get their house is cleaned painted. Do good things

    • These overpaid, under educated. Lowlife, sponges need GONE.
      Two tour Viet Nam combat Marine.
      Entire family back to great grand dad
      Served in the United States Armed Forces.
      These useless individuals are a complete disgrace to our Great Country.
      Will not watch, purchase, or even acknowledge this trash riddled sport.

    • Well said, drcate4,

      I have also stopped watching the NFL. For those who stay in the locker room, they should be loudly booed when they come out. Maybe they will get the point. But I think they are too dumb to even know what that means.

  75. I am a vet along with a lot of my family members that have now deceased. I know that they would turn over in their graves if they witnessed what went on last season. I have watched the NFL since I was a young kid but I won’t watch this season. No one shoupld have to force anyone to stand for the playing of the anthem, they should want to stand on their own to support the people who enable them to still live in a free society. America may not be perfect but we are still the greatest country in the world,that’s why so many people still want to come here by any means. Be it legally or illegally. You people playing in the NFL should know it is a privilege to be able to play a game and earn millions while doing it. Be a patriot and stand up for your country and be happy that God blessed you with a special talent that only few people have.

  76. FU NFL!
    GOODELL is a whimp!
    They already had rules about the national anthem. Players had to stand not chew gum and be respectful. Now the Jet’s owner says he’ll pay their fine and several other owners said they didn’t agree with the new rule. Apparently it was never actually voted on and merely polled the owners.

    I’m certainly not watching these overpaid immature abusive morons. I stopped watching the NBA too, when my beloved Spur’s coach Pop decided he could use his position to take a swipe at President Trump.

    I watch for entertainment, if they want to protest they need to do it on their own time.

  77. Aw, the NFL losers know that the military soldiers/ law officers are naturally recognized for being more honorable for their unselfish service to protect the American society than the entire NFL organization especially the spoiled multi-millionaires. You know it’s true.

    The NFL players have to work up their contribution to the society. It has to be televised at times, however, it is nice to know their interest in helping the community needs. They will never ever be the equal of our soldiers/ law officers. Perhaps the liberals hate that.

    By the way, the liberals are extremely disgusting people. They keep pushing their agenda until they get it. They always do. Well, they are working on the transgendered issues that they want to see men coming in women restrooms. Stupid. Also it looked like the … pedophiles are now entering the political arena. Not kidding. We need to create new laws to end this sh-t.

    Trump 2020!

  78. I personally am tired of hearing about this BS. Now it seems that they are protesting something else. Why don’t these players get some intestinal fortitude and go on strike? They then can kneel, raise their fist, sit or carry a picket sign. Of course they may lose some money. The only one that I know of that had any character at all was C. Long who forfeited his pay even though I don’t agree with his politics.

  79. They are mostly non-college graduates. Who cares what they think. NONE have served their country in any way. I turned the off several years ago and also turned off the NBA fir the same reason. Speaking if who cares, who cares what Whoopi or zany other entertainer thinks. She is a high school drop out.

      • Creatures that bring up PRESIDENT TRUMPS military service have NEVER SERVED ANYTHING BUT THEMSELVES. They are liberal communists. Liberal communists ARE NOT AMERICANS. They have no clue of honor, service, or patriotism. ALL they can do is parrot the daily communist propaganda and lies being told over and over again.

    • What was Clintons excuse for dodging the draft? Whether you were a fan or not, everyone has their cross to bear.

      • Billybob clintoonish spent a good part of that time in( wait for it ) russia, the clintoonishes were collaborating with Russia back in the 70s and before.


  80. I don’t know what to say because I am a living vet who served my country and didn’t die and I do feel disrespected and was a big contributor to the NFL and feel what those players are doing is showing me as well as many other living vets their disrespect. Maybe like all good things must come to an end. I am no longer a supporter of the NFL and the sad part is that there is no way for them to reverse those feelings, what’s done is done!

    • These idiots are killing their way of making a living. Soon no one will watch them anymore. They owe America an apology.

      • May be a LITERACY test should be used when the NFL hires these Semi literate NUMB NUTS for mega BUCKS just to behave like MORONS
        unable to present a uniform idea for what they want to be discussed>>> and ignoring that who PAYS them IS the TICKET HOLDERS who totally disapprove their STUPID tactics!!!

      • May be a LITERACY test should be used when the NFL hires these Semi literate NUMB NUTS for mega BUCKS just to behave like MORONS
        unable to present a uniform idea for what they want to be discussed>>> and ignoring that who PAYS them IS the TICKET HOLDERS who totally disapprove their STUPID tactics!!!

  81. GOODELL FAILED IN LETTIG ONE PLAYER TAKE OVER THE NFL KO-PECKER-NICK NOW >>WHO AND WHAT WILL BE NEXT >>MOST MEN LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND HAVE SERVED HER WELL>>AS WE STILL LIVE FREE BECAUSE OF THIER LOVE OF FLAG AND ANTHEM THAT TEY SERVED UNDER >>KO-PECKER-NICK nd his lemmie friends have taken millions from the owners and goodell is still kissing thier behinds >>how much more do the owners lose <> protest on your own time or hide in the locker room while we honor those who now lie in arlington as theyy died so tp like you cry babies can make millions want to take a kneel / do it at arlington ,fort snelling etc.they died for you and deserve our respect

  82. The anti-American protesters live in AMERICA and earn millions, that are paid by the NFL Fans. They either must love AMERICA OR LEAVE IT.

    • They are not and never were anti-American. Trump lies has starting the hatred and you just believe his lies and come to the wrong conclusion as all of his minority count voters do.

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