The NFL just got the really bad news it was dreading

The NFL capped off their controversial 2019 season with the Super Bowl.

League executives counted on the big game to distract from the league’s many scandals.

But the NFL just got the really bad news it was dreading.

The Super Bowl is traditionally the highest rated TV show of the year.

Over 100 million Americans usually tune in.

However, this year the Super Bowl matchup between the Rams and the Patriots saw ratings sink to a 10 year low.

Deadline reports:

However, when it comes to ratings, Super Bowl LIII is not one anyone’s going to want to brag about. Shown on CBS for the first time since 2016 and with ad spots going for around $5 million each, the Rams’ loss scored a 44.9/68 in metered market results.

To put that in the starkest light of day, that’s a dip of more than 5% from Super Bowl LII February 4, 2018 on NBC in the first round of ratings. On a larger playing field and amidst a call for a boycott of the game due to the league’s “racist” treatment of Colin Kaepernick, Sunday’s metered market result is the worst the Super Bowl has done in the early numbers since the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals on February 1, 2009.

A tight and seamlessly flowing offering from the network, yesterday’s Super Bowl also is down a bit more than 8% from the metered markets of the last time CBS had the game three years ago. That game, Super Bowl 50, saw the Denver Broncos top the Carolina Panthers 24-10 on February 7, 2016 in a gridiron clash that eventually resulted in 111.9 million viewers and the honor at the time of being the third most-watched show in U.S. TV history.

The low rating is no surprise.

Fans are turned off by America-hating players that protest the flag.

The league also turned the event into a festival for left-wing social justice issues.

On the pregame show they discussed income inequality and criminal justice reform.

The league invited radical socialist Congressman John Lewis to midfield for the coin toss.

And the commercials featured brands promoting kooky environmental issues, radical feminism, and the idea America is ruled a racist white elite that won’t give up power.

If you vote for the Democrat Party, then the game was made for you.

For everyone else living in real America, it was time to find something else to watch.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. While I agree with most comments here, I am also tire of watching the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. I do not care that they deserved to be there, I’m just tire of watching them……


    SHE THINKS SHE WAS ELECTED president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD SHE IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ruled by white elitist who do not want to give up power – WOW – what a thought !!

    You better look at Pelosi and Sanders skin color and their net worth – check the size of the walls around their properties.

    They seem to fit the definition perfectly!! I think their pictures are in the dictionary for “white elitist”

  4. Even with all of the left wing Jew backed propaganda (CBS-Owned by Sumner Redstone) the Baby Killing Party doesn’t have near the followers they would lead us to believe. They take an event such as the Super Bowl or Kids movies and insert plugs for queers, trannys, mixed race couples and the rest of the Baal agenda they so wish to follow for their deviant behaviors. If the libtard agenda was what America wants then why did over 100 million eligible voters, not vote in the 2016 Presidential election? Using that as a gauge take away all of the disgusting, non contributing, illegal Dem votes and they have no one except for a few mothers supporting their messed up kids. Then take away the left over hippies trying to clear their conscience from the 60’s and 70’s and who does the Dems have? The scourge of the earth! So is it really that big of a surprise that more and more America ate turning its back on what used to be an American game? Remember, affirmative (libtard invention) action allowed the NFL to become who they are today.

  5. i always watch the super bowl, i dont see anything political about it and by the way our constitution allows freedom of expression therefor players who kneel for the national anthem is no big deal!!

  6. This was the first game I have watched in over two years and now I find out that some Pats players will not be going to the White House. That also was the worst game I have watched As a former New Englander living in Georgia, I still have my Red Sox and Bruins to follow. MAGA RVN 68-69

  7. Very well said. I never understood why the players disrespect our great American culture and patriotism. Much of it was fueled by the vitriol the Obama’s had for America and anything white.

    To me, if you want to win people to your side, you don’t piss off half the country by your immature actions.

  8. that’s why I don’t watch the NFL. I am an American and a Vet and retired Deputy Sheriff and Proud of it to hell with those over paid Players.And until they understand that this is America and the only reason they make that kind of money for what they do. If you don’t like America get out

  9. nfl no fuc_in league my dog can fetch a ball so whats the difference from football and a game of fetch with him, (git da bawl git da bawl)

  10. Crappy quarterbacks like Kaepernick? C’mon man and quit with the whitey KEEPIN’ me down. He keepin’ your.dumb butt down so much he pays you millions and puts up with your whiney b.s. Mebbe take a page outta your and Chjcken Little’s book and run around hollerin’ “black privilege, black privilege”! Ya know ya can only holler wolf so often and then nobody listens.

  11. At this time, the race having the most millionaires by percentage of population are black Americans. This is directly because of professional sports. FACT. I do not demean the work ethic nor abilities, but DAMN, quit biting the hand that feeds you. You make the big bucks by being a form of entertainment. A diversion from the hardships of everyday life. At that time.I don’t really give a crap about BLM or anyone’s personal agendas. YOU as professionals are paid the big bucks. Use YOUR own time to further your ideals. NOT my time. I, my family and many of my friends and associates have determined that if we see any more ridiculas displays especially those showing a lack of respect for either the flag or the country it represents by ANY person/persons of ANY major sport we will discontinue our participation. Keep on going and shooting your mouths off like a bunch of spoiled little prima donnas. Kaepernick was lucky enough to ride the wave early. The rest of you will NOT be that lucky. Think this is a joke? Maybe if not this year maybe the next, you will be using all that skill flipping burgers or at a carwash instead of a million dollar contract.
    Any one else out there go along with this view point?

  12. The true NFL are all but gone. It is used to be a non-political sports, a fun time of families and friends. Now they are zero to me.

  13. Julie, yours is an excellent point. Cities and the federal government give enormous sums of “tax” money to the NFL and the NBA to attract teams and Bowl games to their cities. WHY? Hotels, restaurants, and politicians may benefit some, so they should pay for it. I am very familiar with all that these teams get. People would be SHOCKED! To hell with these people and the politicians who facilitate them. I am writing to my congresspeople to weigh in against this nonsense and I am suggesting others do as well… although it will be difficult to bust up this marraige.

  14. What a life for the next 50 years. A one note samba SJW. He’s done as an NFL player, too. 3-5 years from now people hearing his name will respond, ‘oh ya, that guy. What’s he protesting now?” Then again, the race hustling circuit can be quite lucretive. JJ, Sharpie and Calypso Louie have done OK.

  15. Want to have some “REAL” fun? Get outside and play with family and friends. We never kept score, and picked teams by lining up and flipping a coin to see who got the “Odds or Evens” when everyone was lined up. Took turns at QB, and just had fun. NO TACKLING, just touch. Felt much better than being parked on the sofa for hours.

  16. When we stop being led around by the nose by Madison Ave hype, NFL “BS”, Media self promotion, tech control of our daily lives, and “PC CRAP”, there’s an outside chance we could return to a life of civility, self respect, mutual respect, and a general improved quality of life. “WE CAN ONLY HOPE AND PRAY”.

  17. you missed nothing! prey for our soldiers that are still stuck out there. prey for the president against all s these lefty’s, and vote for him in 2020. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Support Our Troops!

  18. thank you! the blacks in AMERICA did not watch the stupid bowl. this was and will be for ever a protest all things white in america. kooper-nikie is a fairy, and deserves not too play with anyone, anon is he another illegal,alien,non-citizen as was the Hez-abollah n hit tutu fatassed wife?! the effort was made many times.

  19. Huh, you mean that Stupid Bowl was already played? Oh, and I tend to think those advertisers got a real big bang for their buck….right in their foot (errr, I mean the shareholders’ foot). Screw you NFL.

  20. Great idea, why don’t we have high achievers leave the country so we can have more room for underperforming chumps who feed at the public trough. That is a great way to MAGA!

    You keep coming up with those great ideas.

  21. I would like to know how many fans booed when they started their Social justice crap. I didn’t watch. Our country is in real trouble with all these brainwashed idiots and ungrateful racists.

  22. Was there a game or was it a policial event! I know there was too much said about the doper that caught five passes! He shouldn’t be allowed on the field!

  23. The owners were afraid to enforce any manners or rules on their million dollar, concussion prone, phony protesting, “DUH”machines because it might give competing teams some point advantage. So they let the weasels run the henhouse.
    The owners thought they had a bunch of addicts for an audience that couldn’t live without football. So they were left with a few addicts and a bunch of sports bookies.
    That, coupled with a game that was as interesting as watching milk spoil, shot their wad.
    Tough ! There can be only one boss, and if he or she doesn’t do their job, you get the NFL.
    Somebody has to tell these Monday Night gladiators that they are entertainers, not national heroes, and they may wear a uniform, but it is someone elses team, stadium, and paycheck signing hand. They can practice protesting all they want outside the stadium and out of uniform. Go kneel in traffic.
    Or may Craponit, or whatever his kitty whipped name is, will form his own league.

  24. The NFL is not doing enough for the sake of our patriotic viewers. These High paid pros can move to another country to play sports and see how much they will be paid.
    More respect for the country that is making these fools, who kneel, millionaires.
    God bless/and respect America idiots

  25. I usually tune in late in the game to see who is winning but this year i forgot about it all together. I didn’t watch it but i didn’t miss it either.

  26. The only true grin I got from the NFL these days is that AOC wants 70% of their paychecks. So they only take home $3M instead of $10M? This could be the end of the NFL. Or the NFLPA will start going after AOCs replacement. Do you really see Odell Beckham Jr taking a 70% pay cut for taxes? Either way, this is the Left eating its own. Watch AOC take 70% of CK’s Nike Millions… Now if she could get 70% from Pelosi and Schumer, that would be something to see…

  27. Why watch the NFL, politics has gotten to be enough entertainment for me, besides why watch a politically charged sports event when you can just watch the news? I popcorn up and watch the daily line up on Fox News!

  28. Haven’t watched a NFL game in 3 years and don’t plan on watching. They need to get rid of all the felons, Racist Players and the So Called Commissioner. It is not even a sport anymore

  29. I get sick and tired of those millionaire crybabies who can’t – or won’t recognize the fact that players and fans, all of us in fact, are better off here than anywhere else in the world. Trying those insane publicity stunts that mock the country that made them rich, BTW, would land in jail in most other countries.

  30. Saints fan & American Flag Supporter also. Saints were robbed when they should have been in the super Bowl just like the Chiefs. Instead the ref was either paid off to blow that non-call since the NFL & Goodell saw more dollar signs with the Rams vs. Cheating Patriots.

  31. NFL is now known as the National Felons League and for good reason – most of the players are clearly racists ie – Anti White – These gang banging thugs would be where if they couldn’t catch , run or hit another person hard? – In jail probably. Black Privilege is real and growing – Black History Month , Blacks only Colleges , Affirmative Action is still in play , Blacks can and do call whites – Cracker , Honkey etc but OMG if a White lets loose the N word.

    When these thugs started sh*tting on the American Flag and to all those who have sacrificed so much to protect that flag, the NFL was turned off here

  32. Watching the NFL “games” used to be fun and entertaining because it was a game. Since it has become a political and racial event, it has become a real turn off as a fun event. This same attitude has been washing over into Pro Basketball as well and that too has been losing peoples interest in it as a “Game” as well. Politics and Racism has a way of separating friends and people simply because of “Opinions” from people who have no bearing on your personal life at all. In the end of day and time, God will decide who was right and who was wrong. I think it’s a lot nicer to have relatives;Friends;Neighbors and co-workers as friends rather than the worry of them being enemies you don’t feel comfortable turning your back to. Electronic games are no competition to board games and a face to face win with friends, and they sure don’t cost $3K a seat to play.

  33. David Doris…my feelings exactly. Goodumbo should have addressed this from the very beginning and he didn’t.Loved my PATS, GRE S T WIN FOR #6!

  34. I haven’t watched a nfl game in over 4 years now and refuse to watch a nfl game any more can’t wait till xfl starts that’s where my hype is now no more nfl its dead.

  35. I didn’t watch the cheaters bowl because I am a Saints fan. I am also a supporter of the American flag and way of life.
    Love it, or leave it.
    P.S. Goodell is a clown????

  36. No wonder when the Rams said before the game if they won they hadn’t decided if they would go the the White House if they were invited. Then it was very disappointing to see a number of player that gig not put their hand over their heart during the National Anaheim.
    I hope the Rams never get another Super Boule.


  38. Sports (in the past) have always been one way of socializing with family and friends all the time being free from the conflicts of political stands or outright arguing! Because the nfl has brought politics into that special day, we don’t get together anymore for the last 2 years. Those who don’t want to watch a game now go to flea markets, hikes, picnics, and entertaining events. Actually, for me and my family this turns out to be a great alternative. I doubt I will ever watch another nfl game. I’m still pulling for my Seminoles, but if they bring politics to the field, then I will ditch that as well.

  39. I have similar feelings. I didn’t watch because I can’t stand to watch CK get away with his political BS. CK can say what he wants on his own time and with his own agenda but not on my TV, while in the uniform of an NFL team and not in a stadium that was built for a sporting event not a stage for him to voice his personal beliefs. The NFL management doesn’f have the balls to tell him to play football during the game and take his personal beliefs outside of the stadium. I certainly don’t want to try to take his rights away from him but there is a time and a place. The same goes for our screen actors who try to bring their political agendas to the podium when given the spotlight.

  40. I haven’t watched an nfl game in over 2 years. I am only one but, as you know, I am not the only one. Coke didn’t advertise during this super bowl this year and hopefully others will follow as the number of viewers keep dropping. Our veterans fought to give them the right to kneel while the National Anthem is playing but they also gave me the right to turn my back when their game is playing.

  41. Let’s take away the issue the media and the players have created to get attention. No Invitation to the people’s house! Where does it say the winning team needs to be invited the people’s House?

  42. Let’s take away the issue the media and the players have created to get attention. No Invitation to the peoplke’s! Where does it say the winning team needs to be invited the people’s House?

  43. It’s simple … Fans do not watch the Super Bowl to hear political nonsense. Apparently, the NFL wants to pander to elements that want to “use” the game to further their political views. Ok. Let’s see how much that group cares about football and how much they will spend. Even the half time performers want to pander. Great! I speak only for myself but I am off the NFL and off their political crap. By the way, I notice that most players talk about the “needs” of people but, even though they are multi-millionaires … I do not see them stepping up and committing their dollars to help people they say are oppressed. I am done with the NFL and the NBA. The issue teams have created to get attention is the invitation to the White House .. Easily handled … No invitation!

  44. It was the only game I watched all year, but I watched only because there were news reports that had the LAR’s won, they were NOT going to the WH. So I watched to root, root, root for the Pats to save America from the 24/7 fake news cycle that would have been driving that news every minute of every day for the next two weeks! GREAT JOB PATS! MAGA!

  45. I wouldn’t spend a nickel on the NFL. They disrespect the flag, our police, and our military. I used to love professional football, but now I do not waste my time on it. Hope they fold, and they are on their way particularly after what I have been hearing about the 2019 super bowl. People are totally fed up with these buffoons!!

  46. I hope they lose all viewers. That way the league can fold completely and those poor, under appreciated athletes won’t have to be insulted with millions of United States dollars.

  47. I certainly don’t feel sorry for the League, Owners, coaches, etc. They have the power to stop the anti American, protesting, little pansy butted, spoiled and immature players! They are all overpaid and they don’t have any appreciation of how good this Country is to them. The needy and poor in this Country are better taken care of today than they have ever been and that includes the eight years BHO was in office! They at least have jobs out there if they will accept them. If they are physically able to work we have benefits to help them.
    I love football and these protester players have spit in their fans faces with these stupid, non descript protests. Half of them don’t know for what or why they are taking a knee. I don’t know why I am even bothering to write this comment, I have been done with pro football since this mess started. God bless America and it’s true patriots, the rest can go to hades!

  48. The NFL is headed into a stormy sea! The leadership team hides under their desks trying to avoid all of the serious questions that are being asked by an increasing number of individuals, along with many members of the Sports Media Groups. It is interesting to note that the NFL is perhaps the most aggressive Professional Sport anywhere is actually managed and led by a bunch of wimps and clowns that are afraid of the dark!

  49. I wonder how many didn’t watch because they no longer like or support the NFL and how many didn’t watch because they don’t like or support CBS. It will be interesting to see where they stand next year. The XFL is almost here. I remember when guys made $19,000 a year and were proud to represent “their” town. Now they make millions and whine about being slaves. Well they don’t have to be slaves they are certainly free enough to look for other work.

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