The NFL’s latest move is leaving many fans outraged

When the NFL refused to require players to stand for the national anthem, many fans were dismayed.

Then when it was announced the NFL struck a deal with protesting players to fund so-called “social justice” organizations, fans were furious.

And the NFL’s latest move will leave many questioning just where their ticket and merchandise money is going.

NFL owners are set to finalize the $89 million package to appease the coddled millionaire athletes who disrespected the flag and America’s men and women in uniform.

The Washington Times reports:

The package’s $25 million for former Obama administration figure Van Jones and his left-wing Dream Corps isn’t likely to sit well with conservatives already fed up with the league’s politics.

According to the NFL, the unprecedented $89 million package — the biggest topic on the agenda for the annual owners meetings that begin Sunday in Orlando, Florida, — includes no stipulation that players must stand before games for the national anthem.

“There will be discussion on social responsibility matters. As has been reported, the league already set aside funds for these issues,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. “It’s anticipated that there would be a vote next week for the clubs to provide funds from the team level.”

He added, “Separately, no vote is expected concerning game-day anthem protocols.”

In addition to the $25 million going to Van Jones, much of the other money is expected to go to “resistance” organizations with ties to George Soros.

Roger Goodell’s refusal to nip the anthem protests in the bud is costing the league dearly.

Many football fans have given up on the NFL altogether.

A number of Renewed Right’s readers have mentioned they prefer watching college football these days, given that players are in it for the love of the game, rather than just playing for a paycheck.

What are your thoughts about the NFL’s latest move?

Have you given up on the NFL altogether?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I say happy birthday to the NFL, only because I was raised to be polite. I will not write those words I wish to use in a public forum. For those who can’t guess, they start with the same letters as Fiscal Year.

  2. Called DirectV last week and cancelled the national fools league package. This is year #3 of this BS! Old baseball rule- “three strikes and your out” applies here also. Been a devoted fan from the days of Unitis, YA,Gifford, J. Brown, Robestelli, Huff, G. Sayers, Swann, but enough is enough from the TDU group (To Dumb to Understand). Actions dont create a positive image of the race that makes up 75% of the nfl players. To bad, the league + players had it made before this BS!

  3. Roger Goodell, the owners and these idiot players fail to understand it is more than just the flag. It is about respect for our Country and ALL those that have fought and those who died for our freedoms. All those players who refused to stand and respect for all our solders who gave their all so could play their game of football and thousands of them who because gave their all that did not get the chance of watching or playing the game of football.
    Roger Goodell shame on you.



  5. If they all HATE THIS COUNTRY. Why don’t they all go back to africa(hey it’s where they all claim to be from) and let them see how much FREEDOM and how money they’d make there I say don’t let the BORDER hit them in the ASS as they leave

    • I agree, I think it is discusting that football players have to bargain about their love e of country. Get rid of those who try to hold you up over their support of America, Believe me you won’t loose the amount of money you are going to loose paying those left wing institutions. You will make it up on the support you get for not giving in and loosing control .

    • These morons are digging themselves A BIG HOLE! And they all deserve it! Yeah jerks! Go back where you come from! And make it a 1 way trip!!

  6. Done,no more since they refused to stand-up football player and nam vet haven’t missed it yet and don’t care college is okay go wisconsin

  7. I haven’t watched an NFL game since Kaepernick started to kneel. No intention of watching another one either. I have no time for these selfrighteous, disrespectful, overpaid idiots.

  8. The NO FANS LEFT can go straight to HELL and take that jackass Roger Goodell with them. I have not watched a game since 2016 when Kaperdick started his stupid kneeling and BLATANT disrespect for OUR FLAG, COUNTRY ANTHEM and most of all OUR WONDERFUL TROOPS/VETERANS…I will NEVER watch another game as long as I live!!!!! GOD Bless America!!! GOD Bless our TROOPS!!! SCREW THE NFL may it R.I.P.

  9. I think NFL stands for National Fools League. I willl never look at a A National Fools leagues game again time for it to end. Will not buy from any sponsor again that sponsors national foolsleague

  10. If the Negro Football League had a brain they would cancel the national anthem altogether. That way they can trick the fans into believing the NFL players are all true americans. And not just a bunch of crybabies.

  11. What is the NFL? Many if not most celebs would be just average citizens or gang bangers. So why should I care what they think or do? Because they make a lot of money? Their jobs are not necessary and they need to remember that. They don’t pick up the trash or build homes or cute the sick. We need to be more careful who we listen to.

  12. I’m fed up with the BS from the NFL’s stand on their players standing for the National Anthem, disrespecting our flag. We don’t this in other sports. If I weren’t such a fanatic Wash. Redskins fan, I would not ever watch a game again until this policy was changed. Screw the Commissioner and any Owner who backs this policy!

  13. I walked through Agent Orange jungles as young man defending our wonderful
    country and receiving much my time with awful health issues.
    Watching the beginning of last season watching the protesting going on was
    the end.
    The trips to Texas to watch Dallas is now gone because of the NFL and it’s

  14. The entire group of FAT CATS, the owners, players and especially that arrogant Roger Goddell will have a great deal of free time on Sunday afternoon’s, Monday’s, and Thursday’s in addition to the already eliminated Sunday night NFL football! These BOZOs just keep making matters worse for themselves. Say goodbye to the purchases of NFL paraphernalia (don’t grown men look stupid wearing a jersey with the name and number of some athlete they neither look nor perform like?) They can also say goodbye to the outrageous parking fees, prices of ballpark food and drink, all of which have lined their pockets.

    Its soooooo OVER!

  15. Make ’em play Rugby. All the violence, none of the pads or protection.😱😳

    Served ’78 to ’90 retired for disability. Would have stayed longer-M1 Abrams crew. Now Permanent and Total.

  16. It will be a cold day in HELL before I ever watch another football game…not even the super bowl….to hell with the players and the NFL

  17. I believe that within the next 5-7 years, the NFL will need to declare bankruptcy. Football is not like food…you need to buy food whereas attending football games is a luxury, and when deciding which to give up, people will give up luxury items instead of necessities. So the NFL had better think twice, because their commodity is not necessary for people’s survival!

    • Sue, I don’t think it will take 5-7 years. Bankruptcy will come sooner than that. When former fans don’t attend games, their revenues will go down the drain. And how then will they be able to pay those outrageous salaries to these arrogant, disrespectful players.

    • This upcoming season will be my third season not watching an NFL game. As much as I like football, I will not watch another game as long as the NFL does not require the players to stand and I mean stand for the National Anthem. I do not mean be on their feet and bouncing all around and looking everywhere except at the flag. No respect for our flag and National Anthem, then the NFL gets no respect from me and positively no viewership from me.

  18. I’m not un-American or anything like that, I just never cared much for football. I care for it even less nowadays. I also won’t watch movies with George Clooney, among many others, in them. I won’t listen to Cher, among many others, which is sad for I grew up with her. I won’t watch SNL any more, even though I was with them in the beginning. I am fed up with most of the entertainment industry numbskulls who disrespect our flag, our anthem, our morals, and our president. If you don’t think they are sad idiots, just watch what most of them do when out of the limelight, and the NFL is worse than all of these because they are seen every week.

  19. Van Jones is a known communist. We fought them since the end of WW2, if not before. They threatened us from Cuba, Russia and China have huge missiles aimed at us, and now, the NFL is going to give 25 million to one?
    The reds have sure come a long way since the leftwingers and various traitors have gotten control of the USA.

  20. I will never watch the NFL again. I have already had my Sunday Ticket turned off half way through last season. Season ticket holders should refuse to buy them until the NFL changes and start by getting rid of Roger GoodHELL.

  21. Left a long, personal post as a first responder. Not posted. I guess working the streets in EMS as a paramedic for 20 years, and becoming seriously handicapped and disables as a result isn’t politically correct enough for he admins of this site. Maybe too conservative. I guess only generic and liberal posts are accepted and posted. How sad.

  22. I am done with the NFL I have been since last year hen the Steelers stayed in the locker room when the anthem was played. I’m all in for college ball now.

  23. LOVED football. Used to anyway. Watch hockey. Just spent the day jeepin in Arizona desert with an ex-navy vet, like me. On his jeep: If you don’t want to stand for the Flag, please feel free to leave this country.

  24. I am football ex-player, up to college. I love football. I am giving up watching all games where the players are direspecting my country and values. I have not watched for 2 years. AND it hurt! NO one person’s opinion is greater than the team! There is no football without it. Fire anyone that does not stand, hand over heart, toward the flag and anthem. It’s that simple. NOBODY is greater than that. Say what you want on your own time. I will not watch or spend money on disrespect! Bare none, any sport.

    • I agree with Dan
      My take on it is as follows:
      FOLLIES is what I call ABC’s version of “world news”
      According to those LIARS, 60 percent of the people agree with the NFL players and all that.
      I’d like to WRITE to the local RAG newspaper the Arizona REPUGNANT but I’m sure they’d EDIT my note to make 180 degrees opposite of what I mean or not publish it at all..

      Basically: To all the NFL players!
      you make what ?? 1 to 20 million and year and you are telling us how you are “deprived” ?
      TOO BAD. I’ve got news for you CLOWNS who play with LITTLE BALLS….. and are exorbitantly overpaid…
      The LOWEST PRIVATE in the US Military is much more of a PATRIOT that you PUNKS would ever be!
      TOO bad some of you PUNKS were not around in 1965 when you’d get DRAFTED when you were 18 and sent over seas and you made a whole $120 month (they had to promote you to PFC E-3 after a while to send you into the combat in Vietnam until I think maybe 1966 or 67. Before that you could go as a PVT E2 on your whole approx $90 a month plus $65 combat pay. An E1 was a Trainee in Basic Combat Training).
      TOO BAD you PUNKS never had to face the DRAFT!!
      FUNNY THING, even though I got sent into harms way twice (1965-66 to So Korea and 67-8 for Vietnam…. (BTW… I signed up for Armored Europe as I fancied myself drinking fine German Beers and chasing fine German Frauleins……imagine that….grin)
      Even though both tours were considered a “hardship tour”, I never considered myself as deprived!!!
      maybe hunted…..but not deprived!
      What a bunch of “SORRY PUNKS who PLAY with little BALLS”

      You can copy, cut and paste (NOT EDIT) as much as you want. SCREW the NFL and others who play with little BALLS!!


      Bob Schneider

  25. Disgusting and Disrespectful NFL players will see the day their protests are going to bring them DOWN. I HAVE NOT INTENTION OF EVER WATCHING ANOTHER NFL GAME…..PERIOD

  26. I agree with almost all of the comments. I do feel sorry for the majority of the players, of which a lot of them are true patriots. However, I don’t feel sorry enough to ever watch another game. I haven’t watched a single game since the beginning of the 2016 season. Maybe if and when the NFL goes under, the players who are true patriots (not New England) can play for the new league.

      • Nope, not kidding. The focus of this article was on anti American, anti police and anti military idiot players. In my mind they don’t deserve even $50 per game. I’m not against folks making lots of money ie: millions as long as they deserve it. I think back to guys like Dan Fouts and Steve Young who would never even had thought about this anti American shit. Those are the type of player I feel sorry for. I don’t see how anybody can blame these players for what the communists players do. As far as I’m concerned, these players don’t even have a right to live in this country as their attitudes are more in tuned with cuba et al. I for one will not blame the pro American players for what the anti’s do. Just that simple. Don’t like it, tough shit.

          • Yea, I know that. My point was there are great players who are American patriots, believe in the military, law enforcement our flag and our Anthem. They obviously don’t like what these commies are doing but have no say in the matter. Like I’ve said, I haven’t watched or listened to a single game since the beginning of the 2016 season. Until every idiot who took a knee or stayed off the field during the National Anthem, Goddell is fired and every single owner says this will never happen again, I’ll watch college football. However, I still feel sorry the good guys have to suffer because of the bad guys. Kind of like gun control. One asshole, and everybody is expected to give up their guns.

  27. watch no more. NFL can rot on the vine. much more interesting programming on TV than watching dishonorable spoiled criminals.

  28. The NFL has let me down. I will no longer watch or buy any gear. The NFL’s lack of courage to defy these asshole players that are disrespecting our country!!

  29. Long time fan. I am done with NFL. Been watching since I was a kid in the days before the glory days of Green Bay. I am finished.

  30. Now they are going to PAY THESE TRAITORS TO COMMIT TREASON AGAINST AMERICA. And as Sick as this is, there are still some Anti-American “Liberals” who will KNEEL to them by continuing to watch them while they make FOOLS of Every American that watches as they Insult Every American, Our Country, Our Flag and Our Fallen and Active Hero’s who did not give their lives so Traitors could get Rich in America while claiming to be oppressed. NO TRUE AMERICAN SHOULD EVER WATCH ANOTHER NFL OR NBA GAME AGAIN UNTIL THE ARE ALL OUT OF IT.

    • I agree with you, Patriot. If they are not happ then let them leave our COUNTRY, Try to earn those big bucks somewhere else, then disrespect that Country’s flag and see what happens to your ass.

  31. As much as I LOVE football I will not be spending any money for the second season. The dumba@# in charge can not seem to get it right. The best way to hurt the NFL is cost them money. That is easy enough to do teams will run out of money and then they will be letting the high price BABY’s hit the street in search of a new job. It will not pay like the NFL so I hope they jerks got a good education so they can support themselves. Hope they do not need the men and women in uniform to take care of them because they might just tell them to got straight to H%LL.

  32. Left a comment but dont see it. Is it because I criticized tha OWNERS again? The owners are the problem due to their lack of leadership. I have attempted to post 3 × previously calling the owners out bot U never let them de seen. WHY?

  33. I just saved 11 grand. I did not renew my tickets I’ve had since 1983. I am getting tickets to college games this year.

    • I here ya. I gave up “pro” football long ago during the last strike. It was the when I realized how dumb I was for wasting my weekend (and sucky Monday mornings when my team lost) not to mention money on hats and other debris. I had a duh moment when I knew that no one in the nfl cared about me. No one would lend me a penny if I needed it or give me a lift if I needed it, etc. The only reason the strike ended was because the fans LOVED the replacements and no longer cared about the stikers. They saw precious dollers fading away so they came back, crawling. But it was too late for me. They will become the Detroit car industry of sports, pricing themselves out of the market, never to return. And I am glad to watch it happen.

  34. I have stopped watching on tv, radio and stop wearing in shirts, hats or any items that make mention of an nfl team. It is not nice to wish bad for anyone, but these guys have brought all this upon themselves. They turn their noses up to a country that protects their individual freedoms and those who provide that protection. I say, let them fall. Maybe when new college students rise into the ranks of the professional arena, they will have a different attitude. But what the organization ready needs is new leadership before that will happen.

  35. Ignore the NFL but more importantly, stop purchasing from the sponsors. That will get their attention when the revenue starts to dry up.

    Thanks to all who have and are servicing our great country in the military. Stand for the flag and be proud, I am.

    • so happy that companies cannot write off all those tickets that the ordinary family couldnt afford , half empty stadiums mean less money to give the sjw kneelers , time for big ,big pay cuts . Dick Butkus was paid 35,000 a year , today those felons wouldnt put on their helmet for one game for that .

      • Need to find a way to cut off all the money they get from the local municipalities to keep the teams in their city. let them move to Beijing if the Chinese can stomach their ilk.

  36. As for myself I have programed the nfl out of my life. I am an American and a Veteran of the Vietnam war and I do this of my own free will. The nfl and all those connected to it in my way of looking at them are NOT Americans and what they do is not acceptable to me. If I had the final say in what happens to them it would be that they were all inducted into the military and sent to a war zone for a taste of real life and what it means to be an American. As for the money spent on their merchandise I feel if you are really an American you will keep your money and not but merchandise or tickets to their games. I PLEDGE ALEGENCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS ONE NATIONAL UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. I do this of my own free will and no one can take it away from me. AMEN

  37. I refuse to watch the NFL any more. The superbowl this year was the first one that I did not watch since the beginning. That was the only game I watched last year. But now never again will I watch a NFL game. Just a bunch of overpaid bullies now.

  38. The only reason we bought a big screen TV was so my husband could watch NFL football. Now we read. I can’t remember the last time it was on. Football is so done at our house.

  39. I have no love what so ever for the NFL or the overpaid pampered idiots playing the game. These are grown men getting paid unbelievable amounts of money to play a kids game. Well they kiss can my big hairy redneck rear before I will allow the NFL on in my home ever again. I’ll watch MLS first and really if you want to see some action these are guys playing European style football {The Original Football} and they ain’t wearing any protective gear. But if the NFL keeps going down this path you’ll probably find some former millionaires in a few years when the money runs out at Mickie D’s asking if you want fries and a drink with that burger.

  40. As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. My father served in the Korean War (Marines). I served in the U.S. Army National Guard (1970s–first female in my unit). My son currently serves as a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S.Navy! I will never give the National Felon League a penny of my money or any of my time. To all who have served or are currently serving, thank you for your service and God bless you!

  41. Since these coddled NFL players are making Millions and tens of Millions of $, why don’t they pony up for their social justice causes. Any group associated with George Soros is already questionable!

  42. I’m done! I decided to give them a chance hoping they would wise up and change things and the direction they have chosen. but they will not! I only watch one pro game last year and found out that college football was not that bad and now I will be a college football fan! GOODBYE NFL!

  43. I am so disappointed in the football players that refuse to stand for the National Anthem that I will not watch or support them. Many wonderful men and women died defending our country and they do not deserve to be treated this way !!

  44. As for me, this is the last straw. Whereas I use to have season tickets and watched as much football as possible, I will no longer be watching what was a great sport and league go down the proverbial toilet.

  45. News flash

    Fox just dramatically bid up the price they are paying for Thursday night football.

    Can we trust anything these unpatriotic scum say or do?

    We have to take a stand against these heathen!!!

  46. I am through with Pro ball. I will never watch it again. A bunch of stupid idiots and do not respect anything. They are only in it for the big money. A bunch of stupid apes. If the trash doesn’t live by our American Standers why don’t the trash heads go to North Korea where they will be welcomed, I know they will love their ways. Probably in Prison of face the firing squad. We can live very comfortable without those pile of crap.

  47. Perhaps we elevated football into our own little god. Perhaps this is God’s way of telling to have no false gods before him.

  48. I Gave Six Years Of My Young Life In Active Army Service During the Nam Era For These Over Paid Scum To Play A Dam Ball Game If They Can’t Respect The Flag I served Under,Then They Can Kiss This Old Soldiers A**!!!

  49. I find it hard to believe the owners would fall for this crap! It’s RIDICULOUSLY

    • Well, I stopped watching NFL games last year and I won’t be watching or buying any NFL merchandise this year either. If you and your high paid sissys would like to do something constructive with your 89 million, why not give it to the veterans, I am sure they could find a use for it. What about the homeless, the hungry children and help single mothers who are having a tough time. Lots of good places to put you money. Let’s all hope that this coming season will be the worst you have ever had. Maybe the NFL should start building their own stadiums if they have that much money to throw away.

  50. I have been a cut and dry fan of the Oakland Raiders ever since I played on their taxi squad way back in 1964. I recorded their games when I can’t be home to watch them. BUT NOT ANYMORE!! NFL is a nasty word in my house. I spent 8 years in the USAF back in the 50’s and the last 20 years as an American Legionnaire. So when those dirt bags refuse to stand and honor the flag that some of my comrades came home with it draped over their coffin. It makes me want to have a squad of Veteran’s pay them a visit to remove their teeth!!

    • Ken, thank you soooooo much for your service. These NFL idiots are too stupid to understand, but I certainly do. Thanks again.

  51. The NFL will go away sooner than later, and won’t be an American past time any longer. Just like other sports that used to be big in America, but people lost interest. Same thing will happen to the NFL, which I am very glad about. I stopped watching NFL actually before the protesting whiners as the officials were not being true officials, they have been ‘paid off’ by the team owners to call penalties against teams that were not penalties at all…. It became way too political years again, and like the previous comment noted, this not-standing BS is the last straw for many once-fans of NFL. I also like college football better too.

    • The NFL doesn’t have a clue just how many diehard football fans will never watch the NFL again. Goodell should resign. He certainly is no leader. I’ll be glad when the NFL goes broke. The owners need to wise up. Dallas’s owner tried but caved. Maybe if they lose enough fans they will get it.

  52. Its not even football anymore with all the rule changes. First strike for me was when they were bidding to get a team here. First they wanted to sell enough club seats at $3,500 a pop for a non existent team. Strike #1. Then the city had to fork out millions. Not just for a stadium mind you but for an entire sports complex including baseball and coliseum and outdoor concert bandstand. In other words; hit the taxpayers. Strike #2. The local politicians said they would get it all back from concession sales since so many fans would come from out of town. Then the final straw, the third strike was when the team owner demanded the concession sales. I have seen my taxes skyrocket and I was through with it all 20 years ago. Then the rules changes and now this butt kissing of the little spoiled pampered sissies. Screw the entire sport is what I say!

  53. Late night comedy, NFL, NBA, MLB can all bow down to their new benefactor , George Soros and his clown parade of Leftist #Useful #Idiots. The blessing of all of this Cultural Degeneration is the rebirth of #TheReaganRevolution2.0, #Faith/Family/Freedom! ✡️✝️. College and high school sports!

  54. Well I see that the Obama Dem. Van Jones just shook the NFL down for 25 Million. He just did to the NFL what the Dems & Obama did to The United States. Everything they touch turns to crap. I love football but it has changed. Now it’s not just a game it’s a race thing. Can someone please tell what isn’t a race thing any more? I’m so sick of the PC. Fun is gone from everything and if it isn’t yet it soon will be. SO SAD!!!

    • Just like #The Ferguson Effect turned American inner cities into even more of a War Zone, #The #Obama #Effect has turned our Country into a non-communicative Left/Right Race War! #Pray for DJT and Country #God’sHealing#Conservatism

  55. If you are a ticket holder, do not find yourself on my doorstep. You won’t be welcome. I think even less of the people that patronize the nfl and buy a ticket to watch them. They are as sickening to me as the nfl is. My family stands for this Great Country and the Men and Women that serve for us. GOD Bless America and thank you so very much Heavenly Father for making Donald Trump our President.

    • What we need is to start another League with football players that respect the flag and our country. and shut the NFL down. The players that did not take a knee. that would give them a chance to play and start a new draft. But myself I will never watch another NFL game.

  56. I was a big Washington Redskins fan. I will no longer watch any NFL game! I’m through with the anti-American NFL!

    Also done with ESPN!

  57. I was a big Washington Redskins fan. I will no longer watch any NFL game! I’m through with the anti-American NFL!

  58. would like to see a list of sponsors to let them know why I will not patronize them. Need to affect the pocketbook for attention

    • One if our local chicken outlets had New Orleans saints, display all over their store. I Spoke to the manager and told him I would not by back if the displays stayed up. About a weak later there was just one little sign.
      Needless to say I still buy CAINS’ Chicken. It is the VERY BEST.

  59. I cannot believe they are giving 25 mil to a racist. All he did on Television was to
    bad mouth Trump and race-bait white people

  60. Just in case you don’t remember, our military fought and died so they would have the right to protest any legal way they choose,just like you do.

    • It is my money that pays their salary. They can say or do whatever they want to on their own time. When they are on the field of play, that is my time. Don’t come off with your anti-American rhetoric on my time.

      • Yea, it’s amazing how many folks have never actually read the Constitution. Obviously Jane hasn’t. She hasn’t got a clue.

    • I have watched pro ball,NFL,MOST OF my adult life. (82yo) haveI love America, the flag and our former and current armed service men & women. Because of the stand the N F L PLAYERS & OWNERS have taken concerning the NATIONAL ANTHEM I will not watch it again,ever. I am not alone.

  61. Last season I watched The Canadian Football League and a bunch of college ball. Didn’t miss the NFL and at this rate I will go again get my football from those two sources. I love the game of football without all the drama.

  62. I dropped the NFL over two years ago as soon as this nonsense began, because it had already become the National Felon League full of thugs and gang members who don’t care about being a role model for kids.

    The whole league is corrupt and it was clear to me by 2015. Kapaernick didn’t start the trouble in the league, he is just a symptom of it. The cancer through the inner depths of the league has been spreading for years and finally one of the tumors known as Colin K came to the surface.

    Yes, I am GLAD TO BE RID of the NFL. I love college football way more.

  63. The disgust against the NFL and their lack of character, integrity and merit has now grown to a status that may affect this coming season significantly…We may witness the rise of a new league and the fall of the NFL and ESPN…I think they have tested the fans candor and resolve, the limit of tolerance has been reached…..Object lessons are invaluable in the shaping of known historical comment…

    • I agree with you.
      I stopped watching all NFL games last year after Kaeperdick make a mockery of patriotism.
      They can do what they want now, because they will never have another dime of mine.
      Not for tickets, not for merchandise, not for Television viewing, and not for paid sports channels.
      I will not pay for sports channels again, as they also help to fund the NFL.
      I will look for free, local sports channels, to watch college games, or other sporting venues.
      I will not support ANY organization, or ANY business, that supports the NFL.
      The fans can play this game too!

  64. The DFL, Democrat Football League.
    Soon, the object of the game will be to lose doing things for the other team. Or ideally, to play so well together that the most exciting games end in a tie.

  65. NFL has dug thier own GRAVE and they will be filling it very soon and it doesn’t make any difference as to what they do anymore….
    They have LOST my at tendency & interests in what they do simply cause they show the Disrespect, Dishonor and Disgrace they DISPLAY each and every time any of the Players kneel, sit, no shows, etc….. during the playing of Our National Anthem & Flag for what should be a HONOR for them to do this…. Many of Our Military at present and Our Veterns have fought and DIED for this HONOR to give us FREEDOM and for these players to show this is very, very Disgusting to say the least…. The sooner this NFL is gone, we will be GLAD and we’ll appreciate watching the NEW XFL or others….. Goodell had his chance, but is too weak minded to do anything and his new Contract is going to be VOID, Ha, Ha, LOL ! BYE, BYE NFL in the GRAVE you go, along with Goodell….

  66. The sponsors better wise up or they will go down with the NFL. Every one is tired of babying the rich spoiled brats of the NFL. NFL ownerships will be going down with the ship. Good riddance to all. The players don’t understand their paychecks are coming from the fans.

  67. The players and owners have apparently learned nothing. Owners you have given in to extortion. Hopefully the new football league coming in will be more consumer friendly.

  68. Since we funded our military and not the wall, Pres Trump should move all the military posts to the southern border where they can train in the type of terrain that they would be fighting and teach them to patrol the border. Let those illegals try to sneak by them!

    • Spot On Denise we have been fighting & NOT winning in the Middle-East for over 15 years…when we need our troops on our border with Orders: Shoot To Kill.
      They could also help deporting the criminal illegals and building the wall.

  69. I have no place in my schedule to watch the NFL and have lost my urge to watch college games (mini NFL players) either. I have better things to watch and do!
    Good Riddance

  70. No big loss. Can’t respect any sports that still refuse to respect men/women in uniform.

    NFL do not make sense … 🤦‍♂️

  71. Stopped watching NFL on TV and sold my PSL for the Carolina Panthers. No longer putting up with elites resistance. Was a PSL owner from the very beginning and was an avid football fan. Better to watch college. Do not stand for not standing. It is AMERICA. Don’t like PLEASE LIVE.

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