The one Democrat that predicted Trump’s win in 2016 has some bad news for Joe Biden

Back in 2016, the entire Democrat Party thought Hillary Clinton was on the verge of a massive landslide.

But one prominent Democrat was sounding alarm bells.

And now this Democrat that predicted Donald Trump’s win in 2016 has some bad news for Joe Biden.

Left-wing filmmaker and Michigan native Michael Moore caused a sensation in a viral video from 2016 predicting Donald Trump’s victory because he saw firsthand how working class voters in the Midwest were flocking to Trump’s campaign.

Few in the fake news media or Democrat Party listened to him then.

Now in 2020, Moore is raising the same alarms noting that a recent Trafalgar Group poll is showing Trump leading Biden in Michigan, just as they did back in 2016 when they were the only poll to correctly call Trump’s win in the Wolverine State.

“Someone needs to pull the fire alarm NOW,” Moore posted on social media. “Where are the stories about Trump gaining on Biden? Below’s a poll from Fri in Michigan. Last week Trump pulled within 4 pts of Biden. Now in one poll Trump is AHEAD of Biden in MI 47-45. Yet so many Dems convinced Trump’ll lose. DANGER!”

Moore also tweeted out polling data showing Donald Trump running better in the battleground states against Joe Biden than at the same point in time in the 2016 race against Hillary Clinton.

“Check this out—during the same week in August, but 4yrs apart,” Moore added. “In 2016, Hillary was way ahead of Trump. But this past week, in some swing states, Biden’s lead is less than what Hillary’s was. You can’t blame this one on the PO or Russia. This is on the candidate & party. WAKE UP!”

Once again so called “experts” are claiming the polls show a steady race heading towards a Democrat blowout over Trump.

But the people that called 2016 correctly are once again warning Democrats that their confidence is misplaced.

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