The one question this Democrat Senator refused to answer could end her career

Maxine Waters (D-CA) opened up Pandora’s box.

Roaming leftist mobs are now harassing U.S. Senators and sending them new death threats by the minute.

And this Democrat Senator sealed her fate when she went on CNN and refused to answer a simple question.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) was one of the most outspoken Democrats against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She appeared on CNN after his confirmation.

CNN’s Dana Bash lobbed her a softball question but Hirono totally whiffed.

Bash asked Hirono if the left is “going too far” by harassing U.S. Senators.

Hirono (a sitting U.S. Senator herself) excused her side’s harassment, saying “a lot of people are very very much motivated.”

You can watch the exchange below:

It wasn’t long ago that a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican Congressmen.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was brutally blindsided by his neighbor while mowing his lawn.

Now, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) has reported his wife has received harrowing text messages of videos depicting beheadings.

And a former staffer of Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was arrested for publicly posting the home addresses and phone numbers of Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

The left is totally unhinged.

There’s no telling what havoc one anti-Trump lunatic could wreak.

Democrats like Maxine Waters and Mazie Hirono lit the match and haven’t lifted a finger to stop the left’s dangerous antics.

Do you think Democrats should be held responsible for inciting violence and harassment of conservatives?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I am BORN AND RAISED in California, home of Ronald Reagan, and I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE!! I have watched Waters disgrace herself and the office she holds with her vapid ignorance. And all the others you mentioned hold a special place IN HELL for what they’ve done, to this country, to this state, and to the history of their family’s names. But, wait, there’s more… Nadler, Schumer, Booker, Scarborough, Buttigieg, Clinton(s), Obama, Kerry, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Page, Strzok, McCabe, my GOD, and there’s more… The hatred of Donald Trump is because of his role of the disruptor! God Bless his heart, did he know what he was in for? I doubt it, but with Devin Nunes (one of California’s good guys), and Meadows, Jordan, Barr, and a few others, we the people might see some swamp drainage. I can’t WAIT for IG Horowitz’s report to come out. Be brave. Be strong, Mr. President, see this through to the end, for the honor of our nation, the support of our military and for our liberty!

  2. aoc,the muzzie,and the other lefty! hang them high! the demoriods are spitting the face of the AMERICAN AND OUR SOLDIERS by allowing that moxie too dress the way of a birkah? kahsumelk schimultah! jussie another example of how the demoriods hate the American people.why didn’t anyone go too jail for the financial collapse during the later 2006,2007,2008,2009?!build the wall, send the pul-puuissie a brick!

  3. She is Japanese, and she’s not Lazy or Stupid as some folks here said.
    She obeys her master(s).
    If anyone thinks she and Democrats have « Love » for the US of A that’s a big mistake.
    Don’t have high hope that these wicked purely evil people like G. Soros will be prosecuted or dead soon, it’s going to be a very long ride to lock him up, unless all of you start to Repent, Fast & Pray for the sins of your nation and your people against The LORD GOD The Almighty.
    For those who don’t believe in GOD and Heaven, they will believe when WWIII arrives, because they will Repent and Cry out to HIM to save them.
    And if they don’t believe that SATAN and Hell exist, they will believe when they get to Hell,

    WIthout GOD, all of you will never be able to escape from the dark force of Evils.

  4. Correct Tommie. “By their fruits you shall know them. A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit nor does a good tree bring forth corrupt fruit. By their
    fruits we know who they follow (worship).

  5. The Dems are being totally irresponsible and should be charged and censored by the Senate. Lies and innuendo are going to cause them to pay dearly in November. Disgusting and unacceptable!

  6. Lazy Mazie – you are 100% Correct!! She is ignorant. She is EVIL. And she is ignorant – I am from Hawaii I should know!. In the 1990she was Lt Goveror. She stated and aviation program at a local community college. All of the female student filed harassment charges against the instructor – went to LAZY for help. Nothing ever happened. She dodged everything

  7. You are right = really don’t know why they just keep re-electing her. We call her “LAZY” HIRONO her. Has done nothing in her career for the State after all she is an IMMIGRANT. Only platform she runs on. This year her ads say “The Only Immigrant In the Senate”. How stupid!

  8. Yes, they need to be held responsible for their actions and since all the evidence is front and center they should all be issued arrest warrants and go before a Judge if possible before the Mid Terms it is time our country becomes as strong as our president. All the disgusting characters should be taken care of and maybe all the MOBS will become jailed for all their acts. This country is not built on MOB violence and its about time everyone pays a price for their part. I am for building the wall as fast as we can and let us as citizens get in to help with more than just votes. Our country has slipped into as place that I never thought we would see in our lifetime but it’s here and we need to get rid of all MS-13 and all other characters. Please God give our President the help he needs to break this force of violence. Also God we are a good and fair country and we need that back for one and all.

  9. Don’t worry, in the USA, if you own a home, it is all yours. I have owned 3 homes in New York and had no problem. And sold them each at a profit and had no problem. Except if, where you buy them, if there’s a problem. If you decide to move to New York, I am a Licensed Realtor and could help you out.

  10. Only problem is Hirano is from Hawaii. She should go back to the volcano and simmer there for awhile and “JUST SHUT UP”

  11. Thanks Charles, I’m from the liberal paradise of upstate NY,. I’d be glad to trade senators, but I wouldn’t wish the 2 we have on anyone.

  12. Please remember to pray for Maize. She is delusional! Her whole life is based on telling a lie. Then she has to tell another lie to cover up the first lie. And she is caught up in a circle of lies. You know who she is serving, the Bible says about her guide Satan, John 8:44, You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.Maize probably thinks she is a good Christian. Satan is a deceiver. 1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons,

  13. Mazie Hirono cannot figure out what “logic” is any better than she understands
    “deductive logic” or “allegations” v facts. She is an enabler and as such is responsible for the chaos and mayhem yet to come. Every enabler and chaos/mayhem encourager should be removed from office. It seems it is very difficult to remove a sitting Senator but it CAN be done and should be done to Maxine Waters, Lee, Hirono, and any others threatening our President, his staff and any others working to promote the President’s agenda which is working so well for Americans, ALL Americans. Geez, those women and men of the Senate that get Hirono’s type of notoriety make me ill. I can’t wait for saner men and women to sit in their chairs.

  14. This senator should be voted out of office and leave Washington. Being a demon crat maybe she should be impeached

  15. Mazie Hirono is just one more member of the progressive liberal leftist FREAK SHOW that California has given us! Feinstein, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Harris, Boxer, Swalwell!!! Are you kidding me? What is wrong with the people of California? Are these the best you have to offer? LIBERAL LIARS! LEFTIST LOSERS! REALLY SAD!

  16. Since HIRONO the moron likes to “LABEL” people I nominate her to wear the letter ‘S” for STUPID on her fore head >>> Not smart enough to be a banana picker never mind a US SENATOR

  17. Imagine if these were the actions and words of folks on the right instead of the nut fringe left. There would be arrests and charges. The celebrity bashing of President Trump, complete with threats of shooting him or blowing up the White House is a federal crime and has been since just after JFK was killed. Maxine Waters is inciting criminal behavior. And yes CNN those lefties are engaging in mob like behavior. Senator Rand is correct. This is out of hand. Way out of hand.

  18. I agree. Every single one of those responsible for harassing Republicans or Kavanaugh supporters should be arrested and charged for their actions. This is mob violence and should be stopped before it goes too far. If something is not done soon someone may end up being killed. Those who incited this violence, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, and the senator from Hawaii should be arrested, charged, and forced to resign their seats. They can no longer be trusted to represent the people.

  19. They SHOULD be held responsible for even suggesting violence. THIS IS A FORM OF BULLING, plain and simple. We try to stop it in the schools, it is time to shut these people down also. They are a very bad influence Thsy should not be aloud to run for office of any kind.

  20. Sherri, don’t forget “Doctor” Ford as they call her got a lot of money donated to her through the “Go Fund Me” donations. She could build a nice house with the tremendous amount she got from that. Another good payday for all the lies she made.

  21. You need to go home to Hawaii and know one thing you will not be missed and I’m sure of one thing you will be defeated next time. I pray that God will remove all those who find it their one lot in life is to tell others to ” shut up ” that is real grown up of you. And you think you are electable. I know God would not punish all of us for your ignorance.

  22. John, hope you are able to make the US of A your new home, we need more immigrants like you coming here.
    Have you decided on a region to live?
    Hint, stay out of the northeast, tax you to death and tend to lean very left.

  23. I do hope and pray that people get out there and vote. Life as we knew it before Obama is now dead and buried. Because of Obama we are in debit up to our eyeballs we have a country that’s run by cow towers, they hobnob to the Illegals we have lost our home land. Voting and prayer is our only chance think before you vote if you don’t then we are all at fault. Remember a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Hillary in 2020 and God know we can’t go through anymore of that.

  24. What goes around comes back to bite you. It is sad that the
    elected Democrats act this way. They are scared for sure. I am wondering what this teaches the very young??? Is it okay to tell some to hurt someone just because you don’t agree with them?

  25. You are right John…I would add one thing to your comments…as hard as it is we are return good for the evil these people are doing but Romans 12:17-21 tells me “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the Lord”.
    Hope you are able to make the USA your new home. May God. Bless you

  26. Tell all your friends that if they care about this great country of ours, to get out and vote this November. There is a lot at stake on this election cycle, and the democratic nut base are donating millions of dollars trying to buy up this election!

  27. CRAZY Mazie Hirono forgets to won the war. Yeah…THAT war! And now she wages war on every man in America…”¡SHUT UP!” ‘Nuf said…

  28. Guys, I am in South Africa and read everything you write. I agree with you, but would like to make just a little point. In the 1st century, Christianity thrived under persecution and martyrdom. If you acknowledge these idiots, you give them credibility. If you persecute them, they will get stronger, it is the nature of the beast. I am planning on making the USA my new home where if I own a home it will stay mine and the state will not come and take it from me without compensation.

  29. I still think that the illegals need to be gathered up put on a ship towed out to sea and then sunk. only problem we don’t have that many ships that we need to get rid of. Till them BUILD THE DAM WALL.

  30. They encourage more that the 24 million invading illegall aliens to encourage more invading illegal aliens. Maybe 48 million invading illegal aliens

  31. The scare tactics of the Liberals and their media have led to this horrific behavior… The past president did nothing to unite our country… and caused so much dissension that many of us decided enough was enough… I had high hopes that as the economy turned around, businesses came back to our country and life was better that open minds would prevail.. but the minds of a lot are closed – sealed shut in hopeless denial – this separation is what our enemies want and strive to spread…

  32. Yes Obama was the start of all this backed by his nut wife we are looking at more than a civil war or revolution we are looking at the end of the country do not let this happen.deport immigrants that is how the left Wil win. Look at how they push for open borders 2 billionaires are the cause . watch our backs or we are gone

  33. The Democrats all act like little kids why in the world would we have them trying to help run this country.They have nothing to ad to helping this country.They need to look in the mirror and they will see who is telling all the lies.

  34. There no better then anyone else. Anyone that excites a riot or instigates one should have to pay either in jail or a stiff fine or BOTH. These people in Govt think they are above the law. WELL YOUR NOT.

  35. Yes the Democrats should be held responsible for these two idiots. We should post their addresses and phone numbers so the public can harass them night and day.

  36. Maxine Waters and Mazie Hirono and any other person who incites riots, harassment and bodily hard to anyone else should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. they do not deserve to be senators or congressmen and the title and position should be taken from them. These are not Americans but disruptors and should be treated accordingly.

  37. By failing to condemn civil unrest or outright threats against people, simply for how they think, is complicity and should be subject to charges of at least disturbing the peace. These are unprovoked attacks, not only on individuals but upon the peace. Nobody on the conservative side is doing this…only communists do this. They’re trying to re-create the Bolshevik Revolution right here in America. Read Saul Alinskys book “Rules For Radicals”, so you know what they’re up to.

  38. “There’s no telling what havoc one anti-Trump lunatic could wreak”.
    “There’s no telling what havoc one anti-demoncrap lunatic could wreak”. Just keep it up demoncraps and see if the mid terms Don’t WIPE YOU OUT.

  39. Mazie (Hawaii senator) & Ms. Fords attorney are good friends. Ms. Ford went to collage in Hawaii, guess she walked, said she can’t fly. Ms. Ford & her attorney led a rally together against Trump. On T.V. All corrupt. Ford was paid plenty for her lies & she’s buying a new home, with her democratic pay off, I’m sure. Remember, she can’t go home because of the evil threats.

  40. Thank you, Buckwheat. Sometimes one wonders if they are really “females”. They get into high positions and think they are men. You’re right, WE THE PEOPLE, have spoken and WE WANT TO “KEEP AMERICA GREAT”. The Dems want a different America, no laws, no Constitution, no borders, it’s the “NOTHING DEMS PARTY”. All they are able to offer is, VIOLENCE, RESISTANCE AND DESTRUCTION. GO TRUMP…VOTE REPUBLICAN

  41. You are right on target with this assessment. I would change one word in your post; these people are not just “Leftists”, they should be labeled “Marxists”.
    Joe McCarthy must be turning over in his grave over this turn of events.

  42. The democrats are full of hate and violence! They advocate harassment and violent confrontation with those that oppose their ideology. They attempt to should shout down or otherwise silence those that speak against them. They use the tactics of intimidation and terror. They have never denounced ANTIFA. Kamila Harris has said it all about power. They are furious that their power has been diminished. But they are determined to take it back, and more. They are going to remake the rest of us in their image weather we like it or not.

  43. This evil, vile, good for nothing female, I sincerely hope that she is voted out of office and replaced by a GOD fearing Republican who will appreciated that “WE THE PEOPLE” have spoken.

  44. We are undergoing cultural shifts into female hysteria. It’s not just a matter of “conservative vs. liberal.”

    By destabilizing our political system, the Leftists seek to control all of us with what they view as an all-encompassing Government power to take over our lives. Ultimately, they say it is to “protect females.”

    That is a lie. If you need any proof it is the deliberately leaked Ford letter on the eve of the Committee vote on Kavanaugh.

    Our democracy is under direct and inside threat by Leftists. Make no mistake, this is to control us all. It is couched under feminist rage, but that is just a method of control. It has nothing to do with feminism.

    If you or anyone you know votes for a Democrat, you are promulgating the destruction of America.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  45. Something has went very wrong with the left. I think when anyone in the Senate, or House calls for any type of violence or to “get in their faces” comments should be a felony and maybe immediate removal from their seat. Hiring, Pelosi, Waters, Booker, and others have no business in public office. Thank God the Conservatives aren’t taking the same approach or we would be in a civil war. Nobody, with the exception of Pelosi one time, has spoken out against Antifa. Soros should be jailed for trying to overthrow the US government. Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, CA mayors should be arrested for not providing police protection to all of its citizens. How is anything going to change if nobody is held accountable?


  47. If you do a little research, you will find that Mr. George Soros “Bought” his “European Union” thru the “Open Borders Foundation” he founded back in 1985. Obama was supposed to deliver Soros an “Americas Union”, but failed. Then Hillary picked up the torch, but you know how that worked out. Soros “Owns” the Dems, Unions, and Liberal media, and the Liberal professors that have turned our young people into liberals. Like Thomas Jefferson said, “Sometimes the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants”.

  48. This is a tragic & dangerous circumstance initiated by a few Congressman & Senators which must have severe consequences for their careers & legally. Insighting a riot & violence is a criminal offense & should be acted on by law enforcement. NO elected official is immune from prosecution & Congresmman Water or Senate Hirono are no different. Regardless of the political party of ideology the behavior demonstrated by these two elected officials this “must” be firmly addressed by the judicial body swiftly preventing reoccurrence of this type of behavior in the halls of congress.

  49. For sure; Mixed up Mazie and Motormouth Maxine are a pair, aren’t they? Why would either of them think they have something to offer our country?

  50. Absolutely! I’ve noticed that democrats don’t take their own advice, though. They only like to hand it out.

  51. Good morning Anglo America!!! This is exactly how I’ve been calling the demorats ever since Kennedy appeared in politicas and became president.
    Ever since then,I keep comparing the Democratic Communist Party of the USA to our own so-called Peronist Party who lately consider themselves “Popular and National” and have signed the worst agreements with criminals like Maduro and the like, which now we are desperately trying to “unsign” to no avail, since they meant we had to pay (and are still paying) for the tremendous debts that the so-called Peronists lead by the now senator Cristina Kirchner is “visiting” our Federal Courts most frequently where she has to answer all of the charges broughton her for having turned Argentina into the worst corrupt nation in all of S.America, as to this date she and gang have been found to put away somewhere in the off-shore banks an unbelieveable amount very much near to 36.000 billion u$s!!! And now all of us have to suffer for their corruption. COL will this year come to 45%; GPD is down in Hell!!! Housing completely halted, no sales, no building, etc. Tariffs have been increased by 400% in less than 2 years, etc.etc. That is only a small example of what present government inherited from these “national and popular” thieves!!! Same thing happened in Brazil!!!

  52. When you have people like Pelosi, Schumer, Water and Hirino leading the party and are so deranged that the other members probably are afraid to try to oppose them, you are going to have this kind of thing happening. If the Democrats could get rid of these “crazy” people and get people leading the party that are intelligent, you would see a different party, one that works for the people and this country.

  53. Absolutely; Mary! There is only one title for the Democrat party and that title is one that the so-called conservatives are too afraid to use as there is no better description for the Democrat party than that of the “Democrat Communist Party U.S.A.” Any American that follows the Democrat Party Doctrine is a Communist and most don’t even know it. I agree with your sentiments totally. Republican’s? I believe that most are in denial and represent the benign milk-toast profile.
    “Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. It’s the agenda of the Democratic Communist Party and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.”

  54. I agree with you, Shecky they should be prosecuted to the degree that any other citizen would be. Enough is enough!!!!

  55. I’m pro-life and pro-family woman and mother of six children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. It’s the agenda of the Democratic Communist Party and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

  56. Well I would say whenever we see some of those dummies in a restaurant start chanting and get them out!No we ( Republicans) do not do that we are too polite,!
    Dems are just low life power hungry nuts!Schumer,Pelosi,Hirono,Waters,
    Go Get A Life instead of harassing people!

  57. Ya! It’s not fair prosses because it’s not a Democrat. These Democrats are a bunch of spoiled crybabies that did not get their way. The Democratic Party is the Party of criminals.

  58. The Democrats are making war and the Republicans are scolding them for being unpleasant.
    Tragically warriors win over scolders who don’t even know what is hitting them.

    News Flash: The Dems have changed the name of their party to the MOMs = Mob Of Morons.

  59. Maxine Waters wanted to trigger a civil war. She wanted us to move up to a new level of incivility that would probably unquestionably lead to a civil war. We are still waiting for a Democrat Senator to tell her to knock this s-hit off but … there is no one yet to rebuke her. What does that tell you?

    How could an incumbent as old as Feinstein remain silent after many violent protests? That’s strange. She don’t mind inciting a civil war? She wanted to see America burning down to the ground?

    What’s wrong with the Old Guard Democrats? Too old to step in?

  60. The left is afraid of losing the abortion right, but they are more worried about the fact that the United States is what is standing in the way of a One World Government which is what the elites has always wanted and they are using the Democrats to dumb us down with all the social programs created to make us rely too much on the government. When their “useful idiot” did not win the election they had to go to plan B, which in my opinion is a civil war. They have to make us hate each other in order to cause us to fight each other. In the end, Satan is the one responsible for all of this as he knows his time is short. These people are deceived and need prayer instead of condemnation.

  61. They are drunk with power. Just think, I can cause someone i don’t like to die! Look at me. I am so powerful! But let’s have them share the blame in equal parts with the MEDIA, who plays along and gives them and other mass murderers (shooters) the platform, the recognition, and the attention they want. Take that away, and their power is diminished by about 80%.

  62. In a recent speech, Mazie the Quack from Hawaai told white men they “should sit down and shut up” – -I strongly suggest she should practice what she preaches; she is ignorant, evil and insulting and does NOT belong in any political office, except to possibly sweep floors and wash windows!

  63. The problem with that is it doesn’t matter how much they would have to pay someone’s family for leaving their kids orphaned, or wives widowed, it can’t bring their family back. These nut job politicians need to be impeached, expelled, or bodily thrown out of Congress, so that those on the edge of sanity who listen to them won’t be further provoked into doing something permanent!

  64. Let’s put it another way….if anyone is hurt or killed because of this call for violence…it’s time to evicerate those that called for it.

  65. Judith I would only react if they put their hands on me. Also my phone would be on record mode. I know how sleazy the libs are. I would only meet force with force. But thanks for pointing that out.

  66. TJ no they have not been pushed. They are godless maniacs who will kill to keep people from voting You are a libral fool and maybe when you grow up you may understand. The violence was the same before hitler started throwing people in camps and commited mass murder.

  67. Hirono is just one more reason in a long, long list of reasons to never vote for another Dim-o-wit Dumb-o-crat. She actually thought that our existing immigration laws were all just made up and passed by President Trump when she was on a committee questioning members of DHS.

  68. I live in Hawaii, but NEVER voted for that liberal lo-lo (this means “dummy” in Hawaiian) Hirono! Many people I meet envy me because I live in Hawaii (visions of Diamond Head and sandy beaches come to mind), but this state is solidly under the control of the Democraps that I tell people: DON’T MOVE HERE! If I could afford to, I would move to the mainland! As for that Hirono, she’s always been a Democrap, but I don’t know what happened to her recently…she used to be more reserved and more moderate in her views, but looks like that woman must have started smoking pakalolo (that’s marijuana in Hawaiian)! Either that, or she’s hob-nobbing too much with the likes of Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and Feinstein! Hirono must have caught whatever virus they’re infected with!

  69. Certainly, anyone whose rhetoric endangers another persons life and safety should be held accountable when that other person is damaged physically, professionally or emotionally by another. As Americans, we are guaranteed life, liberty and any attainable happiness they can be gain. No one has the right to be rewarded for their own malice of forethought as concerns another person. When that bridge is socially crossed and violence results because of them, they are morally and legally obligated to pay recompense for their malice of intent and forethought!

  70. The Democraps (no, NOT a misspelling!) SHOULD be held accountable for making threatening comments that incite people to act on them! If any ordinary citizen did this, they would be IMMEDIATELY arrested, questioned, and prosecuted for making threats against a person. This country needs to be stricter about enforcing punishment on those who break the laws and take matters into their own hands. And public officials such as politicians should be held to an even HIGHER standard, esp. because they are in the public eye and have great influence over their constituents, often constituents who will follow them like mindless puppets!

  71. I for one would file a muti million dollar Law Suit against Waters and any other person or entity that has called for the direct violence against the Conservative Republican’s. They would be directly responsible for any violence that was committed because of the influence they have over the Liberal Dumbasses.

  72. Good questions, but you do not have to look to deep to see what is happening to the Democratic Party. They have nothing to offer the American people. Their policies are failed empty promises and full of deceit! And one way to look at what Democrats are actually good at is to look at what is happening to every large, democratic run major cities. They over tax anything that breathes in them, they pander to minority’s to keep the rulers in power! Look at the west coast for example. They have so many taxes and regulations that it it is almost impossible to start a small business! And then on top of all that, the liberals have this TDS ( Trump Derangement Syndrome)that they will never ever acknowledge anything President Trump does that’s good for the country! They are really poor losers that cannot get over the butt hurt from running a really bad candidate, with spending over a billion dollars on a election they just knew they had in the bag! Now they want revenge anyway they can get it, by opposing anything they don’t agree with, with any way possible! Now are these the people you want to be in control of this great nation? Kamala Harris, Cory ‘Spartacus ‘ Booker, Nancy Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, and the darling, Hillary Rotten Clinton??? God I hope never in my lifetime!!!

  73. We as a nation need no more people in office as the ones that think that the most yelling and raising h–l will get the most done for the belief of their party. The elections need to be to choose those that are able to accomplish what is needed for this nation and to stay with our legal support of the Constitution. This is what our country is about, not riots and screaming and acting like bullies on the playground. Most voters are looking for adults to hold office and when you become to senile to make sense of what need done, for goodness sake, remove them from office before they become fools like in California. We have enough of them, do not vote more into office. Save our nation from Global control like Iran. God help us stay above water cause some can not see what is around them.

  74. Anyone that is encouraging violence against elected officials should be held responsible for the results of damage or attacks in an equal manner as the attackee is held responsible by law. People holding office should be held to a higher responsibility than regular citizens because they are the ones elected into office to represent the public. They are not there to encourage others to attack anyone as retaliation against that some may not like. This is not how our nation was to be run, and this drags our country down into the mud as far as intelligence is concerned. But it is true that like copies like so the many that are encouraging the violence are as ignorant as the ones that voted them into office. Wake up and be civilized if you are able. If not maybe go to a third world country where your ignorance is acceptable by the common people that know no better.Dee

  75. Any damned Democrat comes at me or ny family,I want them to heed my words
    Now let them figure out what that means.That is not a threat by the way just me using my 1st amendment rights.

  76. The Nutty Professor, Auntie Maxine, this Senator, San Fran Nan, along with the legions of screeching harpies in DC, and they want to be taken seriously? No thank you. The rational adults in the room will stay in control.

  77. Dont touch them. That is what they want and then they can put you in jail. The best you can do is shame them. That is what I do. Just keep saying,” Shame on you.” over and over again. I do that when I get the finger from someone. They move along fast. Stay calm Republicans. Dont give the any ammunition.

  78. Thanks, glad to know. It is a pity all those Shumers, Pellozies and many of democrats in senate and congress can’t be charged for not doing their job as people’s representative, but spending their time and our money for only sabotage President.

  79. What’s happening in our government(Democratic Party) is unbelievable. I’m an independent and vote on the individual. I have voted for Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle. Not sure, I will ever vote Democratic.
    This so ridiculous and embarrassing beyond words.I don’t like everything President Trump does or says, but he’s keeping his promises.
    I don’t understand why the Democrats are acting as bullies, harassing others (their colleagues, women who disagree with their beliefs. I’m a woman, I can’t begin to understand these mob like tactics. Fear someone is going to get hurt if this madness doesn’t stop.
    Again, the entire Democratic Party is unhinged,unethically,liars, disgusting along with (eating their own young).


  80. I couldn’t haven’t said it better Cinthiua. You are one intelligent and strong lady that I stand behind 100%. Thank you for your post.


  82. Unleashing rabid anarchists under your request & insistence qualifies for insindary insightment of mayhem and riots. Resulting loss of rights,life liberties etc. should warrant charges you can be sure.

  83. Very true James. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that because each time the liberal groups try another attack on conservatives they become ever more violent, that in self defense, some conservative is going to start a body count of liberals.

    The liberal media will of course use that as evidence about the violent prone integrity of conservatives, even though it will be justifiable homicide.

    As an example: My wife and I are senior citizens and nether of us is very spry anymore, but we are devout followers of the movement President Trump is leading. As I tell people: I’m too old to fight, too fat to run, but I’m still an excellent shot and my time in law enforcement taught me how to word the police report!If some liberals attempt to harm either of us, I will respond in the only manner which I am still capable of using.

    BTW: I also spent many years in uniform. (military with 3 combat tours in Vietnam and federal law enforcement as a Border Patrol Agent) I have had to use deadly force on numerous occasions (mostly in the army in combat, but 2 times in law enforcement as well, while dealing with border bandits) and so one or two more bodies will not bother my conscience very much.

  84. I totally believe this. Anyone. Actors. Senators, house reps, anyone who invites/incites riots, mob rule, especially violence; and that’s all liberals/so-called progressives should absolutely be put in jail. Should be kept there until the mind’s they have lost return to them.

  85. The Dems have been pushed? I would like the facts behind that statement please. If you don’t have facts that prove your statements than I suggest that you (as Hirano said) shut up. Saying that President Trump being elected was “pushing too hard” is ludicrous, but that is what has “upset” the Democrats. The fact that their control over the people of the U.S. and their agenda designed to turn us into a 3rd world nation because that way it is easier to stay in control is NOT grounds for this type of stupidity and ignorance by liberal followers. The “violence is courtesy of grioups like BLM and Antifa, both Soros funded liberal groups. The neo-nazis that are being called alt-right are not even part of the Republican Party. They just use that as an excuse to cause trouble just as Antifa members don’t really care about the Democrat party. All they want is an excuse to break the law!

    Of course any but a really uninformed person would already know those easily proven facts and not have to rely on spouting liberal rhetoric!

  86. I think Mazie Hirono and Maxine Waters should be charged with Domestic Terrorism and maybe Treason! Anyone following their instructions should be also arrested for Domestic Terrorism.

  87. Considering the behavior and tactics of the Party of the Left (POL), which revealed a callous disregard for all things American during the regime of the previous president as well as total disrespect for even pretending to observe the rule of law, it takes a total fool to vote for them, regardless of the area of the country and the office being contested.

    Fortunately, other than the sacrosanct SCOTUS justices, no POL political whore holds office higher than senator at this point. This empty-headed zombie Hawaiian (apparent) female reveals perfectly the elementary disregard for all things legal and civil. To equate mob violence and mayhem with being “very very much motivated” is incomprehensible dysfunctional delusion–She has ABSOLUTELY NO moral compass and probably should be locked in a sanitarium until she displays sane, rational judgment and values. In her current state of confusion, she likely could avoid criminal prosecution with an insanity defense.

  88. These same people use only the articles in The Constitution that support their agenda and condemn or ignore the others. They call President Trump a Nazi, but their actions parallel those of Nazis in pre WWII Germany. Can you say H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.?

  89. Absolutely, but as Soros’ and the Clinton’s money dries up, I think we should see a large number of these fanatics will just walk away. Unfortunately, mentally ill have always loved excitement. Some of them are sadists and if these folks don’t pay, they won’t care, as it is not the money that provides incentive, but the excitement is worth more. Maxine, you do realize they are next coming for you?

  90. ABSOLUTLEY!!! Totally getting out of control. Any party should be incarcerated if they threaten anyone and cause them to be hurt or property damaged in anyway!!! The Democrats have gone totally crazy and It did not start with Kavanaugh. They are sore losers and worse they have some deranged nuts on board: Peloski, Mad Max, FRANKINSTEIN????, HILLIARLEE, Hirono, Cory Booker, Chuck Shcummer, even ding dong Comey and then MUELLER!!! They are all half crazy. Something needs to stop it is getting out of hand. Trump is not going away anytime soon so they need to get hold of themselves and get with the program or go to jail. I had to tolerate 8 awful years with Obamma and that in its self was frightening. Republicans lived with it now it is our turn so get with the program and suck it up like we did when we were tortured with him!!!! Trumpet 2020 best Prez in years!!!! Half these Demos will never see, barely hear anything about Kavanaugh ever. How often do we hear that much on what goes on with these judges??? Just so happens 1 died and others are so old there are retiring or dying now. Otherwise we would not even know all of this unless you read it, google it, follow it. Most people don’t. Ford came out of no where to try to make a few $$$ off lies on Kavanaugh period. She is a devil herself. My gosh she could not remember anything because she lied and made this all up. FORD IS A LIAR PERIOD!!!! Get over it Kavanaugh is innocent and he had plenty of back up to prove it. Not one single friend of Fords supported her! Also in her perfession she knows how to lie and get around it – even pass a lie detector test!!! So sick of this made up story of hers. Let’s move on!!! Let Trump continue on doing the great job he is doing for the USA! About time we have a decent President and he comes with a smart and beautiful wife as well. Again: TRUMPET 2020 ???????????????????? GOD BLESS THE USA????????????????????????????????????????
    My God watch over our Country during these trying times.????????????????????????????????

  91. Right on. The First Amendment does not give anyone the right to protest on private property, peacefully or violently. When you block anyone from leaving a room, you can be charged w/ kidnapping in most states. The litmus test for self defense is your fear of being hurt, add in you are unable to walk away & you have a slam dunk legal defense for whatever you do.

    I am too old to see noses clearly so I just go for the throat. They most likely won’t be yelling for a while, maybe never, don’t really care if it stops the noise.

  92. Yes, every democrat who espouses or incites their followers to harass, intimidate, and/or threaten republican members and their families in any way should be made to face charges. Especially if their followers carry out these actions. These democrats (whether in politics or not) should the consequences of their actions. No one is above the law, I mean no one period.

  93. Leo Younglowe, I have to agree with you on this one! It’s a dangerous world out there at public Parks, and even on public sidewalks! I have a concealed carry permit, and I use it when I’m in unfamiliar territory! I’m not going to be a victim, I’d rather stand trial for shooting the weasel who tried to hurt me or my family, than just try and pacify some lunatic who already Hates me because I’m a US citizen!!

  94. That would include a concealed carry permit by Republicans and if their lives are in danger they should use it. If someone really fights back I think it may detre the Dems from acting this way.

  95. I still can’t get over the fact I’m paying these senators and they want people to get in face. What a. Shame for goodness sakes go to work that’s what you’re paid for.

  96. Obviously when you have nothing to say that would benefit your argurment you have to go to violence. Ask yourself, would any responsible man or women resort to verbally attacking someone you really don’t know or have never met with such an
    out burst of vicious language. You would obviously be of very low character and a great disapppointment to your parents.
    They are certainly ashamed of you and if not, they are what Hillary Clinton called the Deplorables along with you.


  98. The Democrats are not doing this on their own. They have big money behind these gatherings and protesting. Truth be known it is probably coming out of our hard earn money. The government gives money to a lot of these groups. Of course there is always Soro’s and other billionaires. I don’t mine peaceful protesting but all these death threats and in your face screaming. Violence is never acceptable protesting.

  99. The “elephant in the room” that I haven’t seen mentioned is the reason the Left have lost their minds. Roe vs. Wade. The Left is terrified that Kavanaugh is the guy who gives the Supreme Court a Conservative majority for the first time in decades. If Roe comes before the court again there is a good likelyhood that it could be struck down. If that happens, the Left will lose their reason for living. No more abortion on demand. I’m not sure I believe it, but I saw a claim that sixty million abortions have been done since 1973 when Roe was passed. That is almost one fifth of the current U.S. population. Can that be correct? And they sell the baby parts! For money! What ghoul buys baby parts? It can’t be for transplants, the pieces are too small. Is that what dog food is made from? I don’t know what Leftists are, but I know what they’re not, and that’s human beings. Even animals protect their young. The Left kills them. I don’t want to share my planet with them any more. Do you?

  100. Its people like you and your cronies are the ones who have pushed and pushed dems. Their n oh t taking it anymore. GOOD WORK DEMS

  101. Bill and Hillary, also known as the wicked witch of the south, the Clinton’s are what happened! Neither of them has been held accountable for their horrible behavior!

  102. Yes, anyone should be arrested for riots and violence. This type of behavior should not be tolerated in a civil society. Peaceful protest are protected under the constitution but violence is not protected. They have crossed the line.

  103. Most definitely and should be prosecuted. But will they??? These leftist liberal Congress bottom feeders HAVED to be stopped. These males and females are supposed to be professionals LOL.They are worse than criminal and terrorists. They truly are Swamp bottom feeders. And the swamp needs drained and bulldozed over!!?

  104. Are you serious, Charles?! The only violence ever seen at Trump rallies was paid for by Soros and Killary, and perpetrated by their paid-for thugs. What rock did you just crawl out from under?!!

  105. Add Senator Booker to that list, also Senator Harris because they want people to riot. Both of these senators are a few bricks short of a load.

  106. You are absolutely right. They both should be ousted at the least. I prefercharged with inciting violence.

  107. This woman is totally out of control and obviously believes in violence from the left. Woe be the day when conservatives take enough of their BS and fight back. It is time we too stood up for our rights not to be harassed or intimidated.

  108. My patents and relatives were all Democrats but if they were still here they would disavow what has become of the Party they once believed in. They came here from countries that did not respect the rule of law and they would never vote for people who endorse mob rule. If there are any decent people left among Democrats they need to run, not walk to vote against candidates who claim to represent them.

  109. Yes they should be held responsible, because they have no remorse for their actions. If malice is done it should have a punishment and their voters should know just how far they will go even to hurt children. Maxine and the person from Hawaii should be fined for all their statement doing harm to others. The are representatives of EVIL and they only have a place with the DEVIL and live in the HOUSE of SATAN . Both have no relationship with God and so they will be left to wonder the DEAD EARTH. These are people you can’t talk with. We are a country of Faith in the Lord Jesus and we know what being kind and generous to others is all about. We respect others and raise no voice or hand to others. When we elected Donald Trump our President we had been left with no one in the WH for 8 years who cared about faith. We needed and received someone who worships GOD. I truly believe that the reason Justice Kavanaugh made it to the court was his faith in God and this country. Well Nov is not far away so we must do it again. Be sure to go out and vote your party of choice. May God bless us all.

  110. California Democrats should be required to take a sanity test before becoming eligible to hold office. They are a disgrace for America. Do California residents actually have any choice except to vote such idiots in? Have the sane ones given up hope, and no longer run nor vote? They don’t even seem to be embarrassed having Moonbeam as governor!

  111. I totally agree. The inciting of violence from Maxie-pad and Sparticus is well-televised. They can’t say they didn’t say what they said but they still continue. They’ve been untouchable for so long. I’m sure that there’s behind the camera plots happening also.

  112. All Democrats should be hwld responsible for what is now happening to Rwpublicans and their families,they need to be held responsible for inciting violence,stalking,aggrevated assault and more. They need to be held for the attacks on the children of these senators and congressmwn and women. Bet if the rolls were reversed things would be different, vut then REPUBLICANS DON’T go after children like the Democrats and their leftist thugs do

  113. Why is it I always hear and read about Demorats leaving their party to become Republican or conservative and not the other way around???

  114. Ron – Good one, but do you really think that those that fit in that category will recognize themselves?

  115. I believe all the Democrat harassment either stops, or, the Democrat party is going die by their own hand. People recognize that this attitude is like a child throwing a fit! Whatever happened to the statesmen who use to hold office? Now it’s like a bunch of uneduacted rufians, both women and men!

  116. Horrendous behavior shown by Democrats! Sad when
    Americans act like animals! Mad dogs ! God forgive
    Their foolish ways! Praying for our country!
    Vote the crazies out! Vote RED in November!

  117. It used to be unlawful to make threats and incite riots. Why is that not being enforced? All these nut cases in our government and everyone who carries them out absolutely should be arrested and prosecuted.

  118. My words exactly. How else could one word it? The looney left ARE inciting violence. They can word it any way they want, but the bottom line is they’re guilty. If anyone gets hurt, it’s the leftist haters’ fault, period. It can’t be downplayed. It’s been televised for the world to see on anything other than MSM. They can’t sweep it under the carpet like they normally do.

  119. What Maxine Waters and Mazie Hirono is nothing short of sedition and treason. Advocating (and paying for) violent acts to cause a change the government through other than constitutionally established procedures are the very definition of sedition. It is a a crime. Being a member of congress does not give them a free pass.

  120. I have said from the begining they should be impeached,and charged with inciting violence. Oh… I’m sorry. I forgot we have a double standard justice system in the U.S..

  121. Charles, you are terribly misinformed. Pres Trump never incited violence. Most of the violence was sponsored by George Soros.

  122. Watters is a loud mouthed money grubber. She lives like a queen while ignoring her constituents. This woman and the nut from Hi should be ridden out on s broom.

  123. Thank you. I could easily have copied your report re: my family and the fact that today my family is so sick of what their party has been up to, they too are voting republican as well. It’s really a shame that people with more than 1/2 a brain can not see this happening. But obviously,, they are like to old “CLASS BULLIES” with the attitude, I’m big, I’m bad and everyone is going to do what I want them to do. surprise surprise, the United States doesn’t run in that direction.

  124. They’ve declared verbal war on Conservatives, and we should fight back, with every legal means available to us.

  125. Can you imagine the reaction if republican conservatives were doing this to the left dems. These two need to be made an example of. Impose the maximum penalties on them. Something has to happen or it is just going to get worse.

  126. I fully agree. Democrats/Communists have been getting away with everything. Look at killery. It’s about time they start paying for their violations of the law. If the feds won’t do it, the states should run with it. All that crap violates state laws as well.

  127. I used to be a Democrat until they proved to be going crazy on everything and doing every thing that’s very bad for there party and the americanpeople. They need to be punished for there lies and threats. They need to be out of policy forever. They think they are above the law.

  128. Not everyone in Hawaii agrees with Mazie Hirono. I for one, do not!!!!!!!! She does not speak for all of us. She is an embarrassment for us, who do not agree with her.

  129. RWPhilippi: I think that your statement may have more value to it than you realize. However, I think you are providing it about THREE WEEKS TOO EARLY. Le’ts wait until November when the TRUTH WILL BE REACHED. The Liberals, will likely be sitting back chewing their nails and saying to each other, what did we do wrong??????


  131. Thank you Time: that was a good reply. Doing what the Dems or Liberals have been doing or causing is actually just lowering themselves to their level of incompetence, ignorance and lack of consideration for others. We, at the GOP – in my opinion are far better than that. And, as you can see, Brett K. didn’t have to lower himself to their level; he told them things just as they are ad didn’t get ruffled up enough ti have to lower himself. I think that THIS BEHAVIOR on his part is actually a great part of what made him win the nomination and I think that with Donald’s ability to put up with all of the stupidity that is going on in the opposing party – it’s going to do a lot to this up and coming election to cause that RED TSUNAMI that we’ve been awaiting.

  132. I relate to your comments. Unfortunately most dimm leaders have less than half a brain and their followers believe them. The mainstream media are complicent because it sells stories.

  133. I was a Democrat once too and will never trust or vote for a democrat again. There’s a growing movement of fed up democrats called the Walk Away movement and will be assembling a big rally in Washington Oct. 27. The media is ignoring and talking this movement down but the numbers joining this group are exploding and I’m sure it’s scaring the hell out of Democrats.

  134. When ever the right is attacked with violence and the left does not denounce it they need to be called out in public as the enemy of the state time to seek God people He is the only answer or this will not end well because the right will only be pushed so far before retaliation and it will be swift


  136. They need to be held accountable for the violence they have brought into the forefront of politics. This is treasonous behavior and needs to be prosecuted as such.

  137. once again , where is the doj and law enforcement , we have laws against en sighting riots and violence , and stalking and herassment , until the law holds them accountable for their actions they will keep doing it , and for congress people to incurage it , they should also be held accountable , politicians should not be above the law ,

  138. Inciting violence against those representing the will of the people should be considered treason against the Constitution and treated as such!!! These people are paid protesters acting as if they are the majority attempting to influence the country through false actions, fake reporting and manipulating. They want us to think this is the will of the majority. How is this not treason against the Great American Idea? They should be held responsible and should pass a law making paid protesting illegal.

  139. As a general statement “all democrats are idiots who care nothing about America, just their party of fools.”

  140. the word scumbag is farr too lenient for this “woman’.

    As a male with 4 grandsons, I refuse to sit down and shut up while her ilk ruin this country.

    If I saw her hanging from a cliff, I would throw her a ROCK.

    Any man who votes for her is something less than a man.

  141. It is not only illegal to call for violence against another but highly unethical and anyone that follows through are just as guilty as the one calling for mob action!

  142. They should also be held accountable for all the corruption they’ve engaged in for the past 2+ years!

  143. Hell yes the Democrats should be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and the American voters should vote them out of office

  144. Crazie Mazie is an embarrassment to the Japanese people!
    Hawaiians pretty much resemble the likes of Hirono. They are extremely liberal and anti-constitutional.

  145. YES! Democrats should be held accountable for inciting violence and corruption!! They are bunch of lying hypocrites that want to write all the rules and re-write the ones that shouldn’t apply to them but to everyone else. They are the most dishonest and evil people in our country. I am sickened that they are even in a position of leadership!They are embarrassing!! It is disgusting! They should be held to the same standards anyone is!!! They think they are above the law and rules and they are NOT!!!

  146. All the Demorats should be treated the same way they want their thugs to treat the Republicans. Restaurants, gas stations anywhere they go get in their faces, make them wish they stayed home. Well, except for the threats they get at home. No beheadings please. Thank you

  147. I grew up in a Democratic home, voting the Democratic ticket was what my family and my siblings did. My parents were from the John Kennedy era, Irish Catholic heritage who believed in John and wherever his party was going that’s where they were casting their vote. This is not the same Democratic Party today, their corrupt and mischievous. My siblings and I are all voting Republican, it should be the obvious choice to anyone with half a brain!!

  148. Definitely, senators and congresspersons who incite riots and physical assault by those in their public audiences should have to accept the same consequences the voters who elect and listen to them do – when violence occurs.

    MAYBE they will be a little more careful about they say, maybe, but I would not count on it.

  149. The EXECUTIVE BRANCH must follow law as passed by CONGRESS. Innocent until proven guilty is the LAW OF THIS LAND.

  150. I think the left should be held accountable for anything and everything that happens to the right.
    They are not above the law. Waters,Pelosi,the woman from Hawaii, Booker,all of them, someone gets hurt or property damaged the group as a whole should be held accountable. Make them all pay.

  151. YES OF COURSE! The laws apply to us all. Even the dirty, evil & despicable!

  152. All the Democratic senators and congressmen should not be able to turn around without someone being in their face and giving them hell just like they’ve been talking it up to have it done to the Republicans . Particularly Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker to name a few

  153. Hirono is from Hawaii. If the ballot said Adolph Hitler (D) and Mother Teresa (R), the dummies here would vote Hitler. If you live here, you just have to accept that fact.

  154. Definitely people should be held responsible for what they say and what they do. Especially to purposely hurt people. Nobodies personal info should be published.

  155. A rhetorical question…obviously! Of course they should be held responsible. At the minimum, they should be formally censored by the Senate or the House, as applicable. And, ALL Dems running for election or re-election should face the wrath of the voters next month for the despicable behavior of Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

    (Actually, I think that Maxine Waters deserves to be expelled from the House for her despicable behavior. “Free speech rights do NOT include inciting people to carry out “uncivil disobedience”–like verbally and/or physically assaulting your political opponents–both of which have been perpetrated against Republicans lately.)

  156. The Democratic Party has always had a small fringe group of crazies and extremists. However, the previous administration managed to lift the big
    flat rock that covered them all. Now, we finally see that the Democratic
    Party of Truman, JFK and a few others has morphed into a bizarre group of
    dangerous and violent hysterics.

  157. They should all be charged, and ultimately convicted of their crimes and then sent to prison for their crimes.

  158. The demorats ARE TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for the VIOLENCE THEY HAVE brought on , WATERS & HIRONO are BRAIN DEAD & BELONG in the CESS POOL which is probably too good for them,take SLIMESTEIN along with them.

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