The radical Left is boiling with rage after Ron DeSantis made this one epic move

As Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has been piling up victories for conservatives.

He’s turned into one of the Left’s biggest targets.

And the radical Left is boiling with rage after Ron DeSantis made this one epic move.

College swimming has become embroiled in one of sport’s biggest controversies.

An unremarked collegiate swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania named Will Thomas decided that he was a woman.

Now, going by Lia, he began competing on the women’s team at the University of Pennsylvania.

After an average career as a male swimmer, Lia became one of the top “women” in swimming.

At the recent NCAA women’s swimming championships, Lia won first place in the 500-yard freestyle event.

Lia beat out Emma Weyant, who earned a silver medal at last year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Thomas made a complete mockery of the event with his advantage over his female competitors.

The trans mob cheered Thomas as a hero, even dubbing him as the new Jackie Robinson for unfairly crushing his female competition.

Conservatives saw this for the farce that it was.

Since Ron DeSantis isn’t one to back down from a fight with the radical Left, he issued a resolution proclaiming Florida native Emma Weyant as the NCAA national champion.

“Now, the NCAA is basically taking efforts to destroy women’s athletics. They’re trying to undermine the integrity of the competition, and they’re crowning somebody else the woman’s champion and we think that’s wrong. And so in Florida, I’m going to because this is a Floridian who I think deserves to be recognized, you know, we’re going to be doing a proclamation saying that Emma is the best female swimmer in the 500-meter freestyle, because she earned that,” DeSantis stated.

“She trains, I mean, to compete at that level is very, very difficult. And you don’t just roll out of bed and do it. That takes grit, that takes determination, and she’s been an absolute superstar and she had the fastest time of any woman in college athletics,” he continued.

DeSantis destroyed the NCAA for aiding and abetting this charade.

“And we need to stop allowing organizations like the NCAA to perpetuate frauds on the public and that’s exactly what they’re doing. They are putting ideology ahead of opportunity for women athletes,” DeSantis remarked.

“And I think that there’s just some people that are afraid to speak out and say what they’re doing. But that is what they’re doing,” he concluded.

DeSantis has been one of the leaders in standing up to the trans mob.

Other Republican Governors have crumpled in the face of pressure from the radical Left on the issue.

Recently, Indiana’s Republican Governor caved and vetoed a bill that would have prevented men from participating in women’s sports.

Standing up to the radical Left is what propelled DeSantis to superstar status with conservatives.

After taking a hard line against the radical Left’s gender insanity, his stock will only keep rising.

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