The real crime Hillary Clinton committed against Trump is even worse than you think

Special Counsel John Durham exposed Hillary Clinton’s scheme to spy on Donald Trump.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

And the real crime Hillary Clinton committed against Trump is even worse than you think.

Former Democrat Congresswoman and 2020 Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, slammed Hillary Clinton for spying on Donald Trump and trying to frame him as a Russian spy.

Gabbard blasted Clinton for a fundamental attack on democracy.

In Gabbard’s telling, Clinton and the intelligence community manufactured the Russian collusion lie because elites opposed Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy.

“What’s being revealed here, Jesse, is the truth,” Gabbard told Fox News host Jesse Watters. “Hillary Clinton and the power elite in this country manufactured this Russian collusion lie, actively undermining our democracy and stoking the fires, moving us into this new cold war with Russia. The damage that they did to the American people, our democracy, and others around the world is immeasurable.”

Gabbard cited the fact that current Joe Biden National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, put out statements amplifying the Russian collusion lie that the Clinton campaign’s spying sought to fabricate as evidence of how deep the rot ran.

“It’s impossible to measure, and it leads us to this point where we sit today where we have people who were integral in making this happen, people like Jake Sullivan, now holding very influential positions of power in shaping our country’s foreign policy. And what they’re doing is telling the American people, they’re telling us saying, hey, you’ve got to be ready to go to war with Russia or other countries to spread democracy, to protect democracy. And yet they’re actively undermining our democracy here at home,” Gabbard added.

Gabbard argued the Russian collusion lie still affected American politics today, as many of the same voices who amplified that baseless conspiracy are pushing for conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

“This is their hypocrisy being exposed, and the American people deserve accountability,” Gabbard continued. “Hillary Clinton and her warmongers need to be held accountable. And Jake Sullivan, who’s in a very influential position now in the Biden administration’s White House, needs to resign immediately for his role in this.”

For all the talk of coups and insurrections in the corporate-controlled media, the real attempt to undermine democracy and overturn the result of a free and fair election came after Hillary Clinton lost and she and her allies in the Deep State perpetuated The Big Lie that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in an effort to delegitimize his victory and remove him from office.

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